Hi everyone this is a story that came up to my mind a few days ago. As I was thinking up ideas for my DRC series and well it was an idea that I could not let go or even brush off. So yeah this is a Naruto/Rurouni Kenshin crossover fic. But it will be mainly in the Naruto world. Anyways enjoy this story.

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Chapter 1: Crimson River

A long blond haired boy that he has it tied in a high pony-tail as he looked over the small boat he is currently ride on. He was not alone on the small row boat as he with a few black dressed black swordsmen witha symbol of Kiri on their shoulders. However some of these people were not just men as 3 of the people were women.

These people looked back to the blond haired boy who looked to be the age of 14 in their eyes. He wore a black Konoha sleeveless shirt that went up to his neck and a matching color hakam. The boy also wore a pair of long fingerless gloves that went up half his arm. Along with a black face mask that covered his face with the exception of his cold ocean blue eye. This blond had on an ash-black haori that hung off his shoulders.

(A/n: On his feet, think of what Soi Fon wears on her feet in Bleach.)

Just then a red haired 18 year old woman made her way to the blond as she took a seat to him and smiled at him kindly. "I never would have guessed that Hitokiri Battousai would be fighting along side of me."

"I am merely fighting along side you. Because I have no other use than being a assassin." Replied the blond teen as he looked over the dark waters of the night as he saw similar boats like theirs. However he did not see the looked the woman gave him as it looked like one of pity. "If we are successful in this raid on the enemy supply lines. Then within a few weeks the shinobis that are loyal to the Mizukage will be in poor health to continue the war, Terumi-dono."

"You know you can call me Mei, Naruto-kun" Said the woman who is now named as Terumi Mei, leader of the rebel faction of Kiri shinobi. "Besides we have been fighting together for a little over a year."

"If it that is your wish then." Replied Naruto as he held a strange looking pendant that he wore. It was a clear looking orb with a deep blue crystal within the orb. While some metal that spiraled down from the orb was in some sense a very beautiful silver. "What will be the next course of action after destroying their supply line Mei-dono?"

Mei then looked out to her men who then turned their attention to their leader as she stood up on the boat. "Once the supply lines have been destroyed in this night raid. We will be switch our tactics from offensive to a defensive battles for at least a few days. Once the troops learn the news of their supplies being cut off from them. I am sure that they will most likely go into a defensive actions for our troops. This is where the battle gets tricky because the village will be covered by mist as the jounins will most likely use this as cover to take down out numbers. While at the same time makes us confused and we might be killing our people with that jutsu."

Everyone on the boat had a look of confidence on their faces after hearing their leaders plan. One however had an impassive look as he saw they were nearing the supply ships as he placed his swords under his belt.

After rebel forces had successfully completed their mission in raiding the supply ships. As they had taken all the provisions that were being stored inside the ships before burning them down. They had a few ninjas who would be recognized their traits in battle or jutsu's they had used. However one person had stood out from the ninja who are part of Terumi mei's faction and he was not seen as a ninjas like most in the elemental countries. But he was seen as teen who left a path of blood before him with his sword as he charged into the heart of his enemies. As he fought with battle after battle without the fear of dying seen on his face or if there was even a fear to begin with. For those who had lived through a battle with the blond swordsman by some miracle would have told others that he fought like a demon or the a war god. As the blond was capable of taking out multiple groups of nins with a single strike of his sword.



2 months later (Bridge in Kiri)

Naruto had dashed forward unto the bridge that leads to the remaining forces of loyal Kiri ninjas has started throwing every projectile weapon they had. At the blond swordsman who charged forward as he struck down every weapon that flew towards him with his sword. Until finally he had broken through and with the mastery of his sword had begun to cut through his enemies without mercy. Limbs were sent flying away from the bodies that they were originally attached too. As screams of pain could be heard whenever the blond had slashed through the flesh of the Kiri ninjas. Blood had spilled into the river below the bridge from the dead bodies that had either fell into the water or flowed down from the supports that held the bridge in place.

The blond swordsman did not stop his path of blood as he kept pressing his advance through his enemines. However just when a few of the Kiri nins seemed to have gotten the strength to get back on their feet to join the battle. The found themselves to be cut down from behind or burned alive.

"Man what they said about the kid in Japan is true." Said Choujuurou as he looked at the dead bodies that littered the ground on the other side of the bridge. "I don't even think that we of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu could be near that kids level of swordsmenship."

"Don't say such things Choujuurou." Said Mei as she came from behind one of the members of the Seven swordsmen. "I know your always putting yourself down by compairing yourself to others. But look at this way... you have your own strengths that Naruto-kun does not have and the same could be said for him." Says Mei as she saw her loyal companion smile at her for the kind words.

"Mei-sama we better catch up to Naruto." Said Choujuurou as he saw his leader nod her head in agreement as they ran forward.

With Naruto

Naruto found himself nearing the top of the Kiri's Kage Tower as he left a trail of blood along with limbs. He then walked to the doors that lead to the Mizukages office being guarded by two of their anbu as they were sweating in fear. At seeing the famed Hiktokiri Battousai himself walking up to them with his sword covered in red liquid of his enemies.

"Move aside...or die." Said the Battousai in a monotone voice that sounded devoid of any human life as he raised his sword.

"We are not going to let you kill the Mizukage!" Said the Kiri anbu to on the left as his voice still had pride at the teenager in front of him. "We both are prepared to die to defend our-Aaah!" The anbu was cut off before the guard on the right had stabbed him through the heart with his tanto.

"T-The Mi-izu-k-kage is u-up a-ahead." Stuttered the anbu guard who is in fear for his life. "J-Just p-please s-spare m-my-..." Was the last words before Naruto had cut the mans head off.

Naruto had looked at the body of the man he had just killed a few seconds ago before turning his back. "I can not stand traitors more than anything in life."

"Watch it kit." Said the soothing voice of the blond's prisoner. ""I can sense that annoyingly know-it-all Sanbi in that room and it will take one of your stronger attacks to defeat his vessal. So you know what will happen if he dies."

"I understand." Replied Naruto as he pushed the doors open to see a bow with dirty blond hair with pink eyes looking back at him with a impassive glare. The boy looked about the same age as himself (in looks) as he carried a very long sword on his back. "Something is different about this person. Do you have any ideas Kyuubi-dono?" Though the blond as he waited for a moment for his answer which was a gasp.

"Blasted that gaki is being controlled by another." Said Kyuubi as she saw three faint black marks around his pupil. "Rrrr... Damn Uchihas using this stupid mind control of theirs. However I can smell that bastards scent on him... Uchiha Madara.!"

"Then I must use that to break the genjutsu?" Asked Naruto as the nine-tailed queen gave a defeated sigh of annoyance.

"We got no choice in the matter, Kit. Though it annoys the hell out of me that you posses it in gene by a shard." Said Kyuubi as she watched the even take place through her vessals eyes. After watching the blond break the genjutsu off the Sanbi jinchuuriki before using one of his strongest kenjutsu skills to knock the dirty blond out. She then saw a few bubbles enter the room of the scene as her eye-brow twitched. "Late as usual Rokubi..."

"Oh its already over and here I made an effort to help you." Said a sarcastic voice from the bubble that floating in the room. As it had burst once it landed on the ground to reveal a man with shoulder length black hair. Wearing a blue kimono that had an light orange sash around the waist. "So is he dead?"

"No... just knocked out." Replied Naruto as he sheathed his sword. "This one here is not a normal nin by any standards Ukataka. Just like the both of us."

From this the man named Ukataka had his eyes widen at the blond's words as he looked from the two. "So you mean he's..."

"A Jinchuuriki." Said Mei as she came into the office with Choujuurou. "I had my suspicions about Yagura and it looks like you proved it Naruto-kun."

"So what will you do now?" Asked Naruto as he saw Mei went into a thinking pose.

"Well the first thing to do is to call of the bloodline purge is a must." Said Mei as everyone agreed with her. "After that we are going to have to build up Kiri's forces back to normal once again. Which could take quiet a while after this civial war is finally. But for now... I am going to give the troops a few days to rest before we set things in motion. But tomorrow I will hold the ceremony of my being the new Mizukage."

Choujuurou then looked to the blond swordsman who turned his back to the group. "So what will you do Naruto?"

The blond did not give a reply to the man as he just left the room.

Next Day

Naruto stood among the crowd of people that were looking up at the top of the balcony of the Mizukages tower. He had listened to Terumi Mei's speech on how to fix their lands back to their former glory. Along with the immediate stop of the bloodline purge once as she had showed evidence that Yagura was being controlled and had no sense of his actions in his rule. He saw people were looking a bit unsure of the words that Mei had said about the former kage. However it was then that Yagura who spoke personally about how monstrous his crimes were to the people loved more than his own life. Some of the shinobi looked at the jinchuuriki as they saw the Yagura they had known before the bloodline purge. Yagura then told everyone that he would work hard to gain the people trust once more again. Naruto then heard a few people saying that it would be a hard thing to do when it was he who ordered the deaths of good people. But decided to give him Yagura the benefit of the doubt on gaining their trust.

"I know that through all the hard work of our people in this war." Said Mei as she looked at her people. "Tomorrow I will hold a funeral to our fallen ninjas in both paying respects and giving our thanks for their hard work."

This had gotten nods of approval on the people of Kirigakure no sato as they understood what their new Kage meant.

"But I would like to give a special thanks for one person in general." Mei said as she looked into the crowd looking for the blond swordsman. "Because it if were not for him along with those who fought along side me. Then we would not have won this war and peace would still only be just a dream. So thank you Uzumaki Naruto."

Everyone had looked around to see where this person that their kage was talking about. But found that no one made any sort of movement of recognition. From this Mei had figured that the blond did not want to be troubled for any kind of reward or anything that would that of glory. Because she had come to think that Naruto was being modest about such things as fame or riches that most shinobi look for in their villages. However Naruto was more of a samurai than a ninja as he was in fact the legendary Hitokiri Battousai.

Naruto was walking down the dirt road to the one of many ports that are leaving to the main land or somewhere away from Kirigakure. Once the war was finally over in the village. He found himself in a place where he did not truly belong with as he was a person who lived by the sword. Than any ninja in the elemental countries who carried a sword for the means of protecting their village and loved ones. He was a person who either fought on the front lines of battle or stalked his targets from the shadows. However he had stopped walking when heard a few mixed voices saying "Naruto!" Hearing his name being called made the blond turn around to find the people he fought with catch up to him are none other than Terumi Mei the new Mizukage, Choujuurou of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nannin Shu, Utakata Kiri Jinchuuriki of the Rokubi no Namekuji, and Yagura Jinchuuriki of the Sanbi no Kame stop in front of him.

"Were you planning on leaving without saying goodbye?" Said Mei as she looked at the blond in front of her as he still had a impassive look on his face.

"There is no reason for me to remain in Kiri since the war has finally ended Mei-dono." Naruto said in his cold and monotone voice as he looked at the ninjas of Kirigakure.

"Geeze even when all the fighting is over your still the same." Utakata said as he then gave a friendly smirk to his friend or thought of as a friend at the time. "Still a cold hearted teme. Even when you got someone as hot as our new leader coming out here to see you-oof!"

Utakata was cut off by Choujuurou who hit the man on the top of his head with his fist. "Can't you ever be serious for once in your life?" Said the Kiri swordsmen as he let out a sigh. "So I take it your not going to change your mind on staying Naruto."

"I have never once stayed in one place for long during the battles in Japan." Said Naruto as he told because the times of war did not seem to end there. "I would only bring more bloodshed if I were to stay in your village once the other nations found out that Hitokiri Battousai was a ninja here and the same could be said for anywhere I would go too."

"I would like to thank you for setting me free Naruto-san." Yagura said as he stepped forward with a kind hearted smile on his face.

"You do not have to thank me Yagura-san." Replied the blond swordsmen. "I do not wish to see others being used as puppets as it is a cruel means for the person who cannot break free."

Just as Naruto had turned his attention to the red haired Mizukage. He found himself being pressed between her breasts as the Utakata had just snickered at the blonds misfortune. While the other members of the group, minus Mei herself. Just watched as the woman began to press him even more son into her bust. While the male Kiri anbu had muttered out something along the lines of "Lucky teme." Only for the three males to save Naruto from being smothered to death by the kage.

Mei then took a few moments to gather her train of thought before smilling at the blond. "If it means anything at all Naruto-kun. I want you to keep the Kiri Hita-ate with you and know that you will always have a home to return to. Whenever you feel like coming back to us alright."

To this Naruto had closed his eyes for a few moments before opening them to the Kiri ninjas. As he did something they thought they would never see from the blond swordsman.

He pulled his face mask down and smiled.

"Thank you..." He said before he went back on his path again.



A Week and a half Later

Naruto had been let off the ship from Kiri on a patch of land in the south that was not apart of Hi no kuni. However it seemed that he had stumbled on or the outskirts of Takumi no sato. A place where people had forged their own weapons with any kind of attribute of any element. Though the blond had found this to be a very interesting at the time in thinking that he to can have a weapon made for himself. However that thought soon to an end as he found that word had spread about his part in the Kiri rebellion and had a bounty on his head for more than 99,000,000,000 yen. He had came to the conclusion that many of the shinobi nations with the exception for Kirigakure. Would rather want his person dead than be their enemy in the future. Naruto found himself with a feeling of uncertainty as he seemed to be the most wanted man in all the Elemental Nations now. So he had decided to avoid large villages for the time being as he did not want to attract unwanted attention to himself.

However just as he was about to cross into the lands of Hi no kuni. Naruto found himself confronted by a woman with green shoulder length hair with a few yellow bangs in the front. She wore a full battle dress with the skirt stopping at a few inches below her thighs. With a pair of matching black long knee high ninja boots and a match color gloves. She also had on some fishnet arm warmers that went passed her elbows and a sleeveless cloak. That had a fur trimming on the high collar. But what caught the blonds eye was the dual swords she carried in her hands as the blades were light blue. From the first slashes of her swords that produced a deadly gust of winds for the opponent. Naruto had guessed that she is from Takumi no sato.

The woman had introduced herself as Kujaku of Takumi no sato as she wanted to test her weapon the Soushouken in battle. However what the one thing she had not realized one thing. As she was face to face with Hitokiri Battousai until it was too late. After being defeated by the blond she had asked the reasons why she had lost to him with her newly made swords and he answered with.

"Though your swords display power. But it is the person who wields the sword who must be one with their weapon."

From that point Kujaku found herself to be confused on why she made such a weapon that was powerful. But was not strong enough to bring down the legendary Hitokiri Batousai. So she had decided to follow the blond to know what the meaning of his words meant about the sword.



Days later

Naruto with Kujaku had traveld into Hi no kuni as she had her sword holstered on both her hips as they say stopped in a poor looking town. The two had went to the inn so that they could rest for the night before moving on. However they head some news that some bandits nearby had been taking women along with the kids to make slaves for money. Kujaku had listened in on the conversation with her blond companion as she then became angered. When they said that Konoha would only send a few ninjas to defeat the bandits had been captured by their numbers and would send another team to retrieve the team. After finishing their drinks the blond had walked up to the people who were talking about the Konoha ninjas being captured.

"Excuse me..." Said Naruto to one man at the table. "But could you tell me the details of the location to where these bandits have taken both your people and the Konoha ninjas?"

"Why?" Answered the man gruffly as he did not even look up from his drink. "You want to go getting yourself killed of captured too?"

"No I am going there to end the lives of those people." Replied Naruto

"Pfft!... Kid you must have some death wish you want to go ther-" The man was about to answer when he finally looked up from his drink to see cold blue eyes. Long sun-kissed blond hair that is tied up in a pony-tail along with a face mask, that obscure anyone's sight. The man had never felt more fear than the bandits could ever do to their town. "Y-Your him, aren't you?" Asked the man who stuttered out his words in making everyone in the bar look to see why he was so frightened. "Hitokiri B-B-Battousai."

"...(sighs)... that damn bingo book." Kujaku said in an annoyed voice. "I think traveling will be more difficult now that you are on the list Naruto."

Naruto had turned his attention to Kujaku who stood beside him for the moment. As he felt someone grasp the legs of his hakama in a very tight grip and when he looked around. The blond swordsman saw that the man he was talking to is now on his knees. "Please I beg of you! But please save our town from these bandits. It had taken us at least 5 years to raise the money to hire the ninjas from Konoha. But they only sent a group consisting of children to help us rescue our people and by now they too have been captured. However I fear that these bastards may have either sold our children and women to other nations by now. Please I beg of you to help us!"

"Do you have the location of their hideout?" Asked Naruto.

"So we're going to help them out." Said Kujaku as she placed her hand on her sword holsters. "Looks like our first battle together against some weaklings."

"It will be a battle of numbers I assume." Asked the blond who looked at the man who was on the floor.

"Yes." Replied the man. "You two are going against at least over 200 bandits and I pray that you will save us."



Bandit Hideout (night)

Kurenai had mentally berate herself in thinking that her team was strong enough to accept a C-class mission. That it now turned into a S-class mission because these bandits had talked about selling her student to Kumo and she knew that Kumogakure would do anything to get their hands on the Byakugan. However her only hope was that the messenger bird made it to the Hokage in time to send back up. The she could do a single handed genjutsu to make herself to have escaped from their cells as a guard would walk into the cell to see how she escaped. So when she found the right opportunity, she would strike the guard down. However in doing that it would giver her team the impression that she abandoned them to save her own life. Along with the fact, that even if they had to free themselves. They would be up against 200 bandits to escape and even if they manage to make it through to safety. The people that hired them would suffer the most because the mission would be a failure.

Kurenai then heard foot steps coming down to the cells where they along with the people of the nearby town is being held. As three people came into the her sights, two being men and one being a woman as they had grins on their faces. "Good news." Says the lady on the right side of their leader. "It looks like one of you won't be staying for long as Kumo is will to free one of you." She said as wide grin appeared on her face as she was looking at Hinata. "However I think that Choukichi here wants to give them an early present. Before we take you to the borders of Kaminari no Kuni."

The members of team 8 did not need a second to know what the woman meant as they began to struggle through their binds to save their teammate. However a voice had cut in from the shadows as the man known as Choukicihi stepped forward into Hinata's cell. "You are Hisoka Choukichi the leader of the bandits that have been terrorizing the nearby town...aren't you." Said the voice who came out of the shadows to reveal long blond sun-kissed hair in a pony-tail. A face mask that hid everything but his cold blue eyes that had the look of a killer. He wore a all back on his body with a ash black haori that hung off his shoulders.

"And just who the hell are you?" Demanded the female bandit as she shind a light at the blond teen to get a better look.

"Now you will pay for your crimes." Replied Naruto in his monotone voice.

Choukichi snorted at the teen arrogantly. "It's just a brat playing hero."

"Stand back boss." Yelled the man on the left of Choukichi as he pulled out a small sickle s he began to charge the blond teen. "NOW DIIIIEE" He yelled as he brought down his weapon. Only for the blond to raise his sheathed sword and blocked the attack with the hand guard of his sword. Before using the sheaths lower end to hit the man in his left eye to stop a following attack. Then faster than the eye could even blink, the blond had drew the sword from the sheath and cut his opponent in half as blood splattered on the ground before screaming in untold pain.

"You damn brat!" Said the bandit woman as she drew her own weapon. Before Choukichi pushed her to the side saying. "It's me he wants!" As he was about to bring out his own weapon.

Only for the prisioners to see the blond swordsman to stab the man name Choukichi under his mouth to the top of his head. Then to forcibly to pull out his sword through the bandit leaders face. Before going on the attack to female bandit that is still alive as she watched the horror of her leader death.

The blond then raised his sword up to his face before turning the blade to show the blood of her friend dripping down. "Drop your weapon." the blond said as the blade glowed a little.

"NEVER!" She yelled as she charged forward to the blond only for him to side step her as she ran past him. Before cutting her in the right shoulder as her own blood spilled out on to the ground. However she moved to strike the blond from the side in hopes to wound him somehow. However he moved faster than she as he did what she intended to do at her.

The leaf ninjas watch the horror of the woman who was being killed slowly at the hands of a blond teenager. Kuernai had watched the female bandit began to charge at the blond once more. Only the swordsman to vanish from her sight and to reappear behind the bandit before more blood shot out from the woman's chest area as she fell to the ground still being alive barely. The masked blond then walked over the barely alive bandit before stabbing her through the neck and twisting his blade to make sure she was dead. After cleaning blood that is covering the sword another person had walked into the prison. To see a woman holding dual sky blue double edged swords as she walked next to the blond to whisper something into his ear.

"It can't be?" Kurenai said to herself but got the attention of everyone in the prison as she went over his looks. "Its Hitokiri Battousai himself." Hearing this made her students go pale at the blond swordsman. Because they too heard the stories of the blond swordsman who fought in the state of war called Bakamatsu in a island known as Japan and from what they had just witnessed this one night. The stories did more than just prove their knowledge of him.

Naruto had then taken the keys off the body of Hisoka Choukichi who lay dead on a puddle of blood. He then walked over to the prisoners who were from the nearby town who were frightened at him. "Kazuma Akiyoshi had sent us to save you." Said Naruto as he saw a 12 year old boy walk forward from the crowd.

"My tou-san sent you?" Asked the boy who got a nod from the two sword wielders.

"Yes, I had told him that I would help with the promise of staying in your town for a few days." Answered Naruto as he looked at Kujaku for a moment. "Nothing more, nothing less. Now we must leave this area before more bandits come back or if any survivors are still able to fight." Said the blond as he look to his companion. "Go free the Konoha ninjas Kujaku and meet with me at the entrance of the prision."

"Yeah I know." Said Kujaku before taking the keys as she watched Naruto leave. "Be careful alright."

"Understood." Was Naruto's only reply.

"I really wish that guy would lighten up sometimes." Kujaku said as she free the Leaf ninjas. "You guys not hurt, are you?"

"No we are fine." Said Kurenai as she looked over her team.

"Yeah I'm good." Said Kiba as he looked to Akamaru who replied with. "Arf!"

"I too am in good condition." Answered Shino before adjusting his shades.

"M-me t-too, s-sensei." Stuttered Hinata.

Kurenai had smiled at her team one more time before looking at one of their saviors. "So what are you planning to do?"

"First we need to get to Naruto at the entrance. Before we can plan anything else." Answered Kujaku before turning her back as she did not see the stunned look on the Genjutsu Mistress face.

"Naruto... She can't possibly mean Uzumaki Naruto who vanished from the village 8 years ago." Thought Yuuhi Kurenai as she was among those who knew of boy's status among the village.

"A-Ano Kurenai-sensei?' Hinata asked as she brought the jounin out of her thoughts. "I-Is s-something wrong?"

"Oh nothing is wrong." Kurenai lied as she looked forward. "Come on everyone. We must get out of this place as soon as we can."

Team 8 had finally caught up with the rescued towns people as they were a bit backed up against the wall before the jounin walked up to the sword wielders. "Is something wrong?" Asked Kurenai.

"Yeah it seems like there are more bandits than what we were told of." Answered Kujaku as looked at the numbers of bandits. "Looks to be about over 100 this time. So whats the plan this time Naruto?"

Naruto did not answer her at that moment as he was looking over the bandits as he was trying to figure out how to take them out. "If we had a powerful genjutsu user with us. Then we could place the genjutsu over these people as carefully walk past them. However that will even if had someone to do this. Then the only problem would be not being noticed as there are bodies on the grounds and the blood would give away our chances of escape." He then turned his attention to Team 8 for a moment before shaking his head. "Your team has never spilled the blood of their enemies have they kunoichi-san."

It was more of a statement than a question to Kurenai as she knew he was right. "No my team are just genin and they do not have the expirence that you two have along with myself."

"I see..." Said Naruto before looking back to the people. "I hope it would not be trouble to ask your genin to defend the civilians while the three of us fight the remaining bandits kunoichi-san?"

"I believe they can handly that Naruto-san." Answered the Genjutsu Mistress before adding. "And my name is Yuuhi Kurenai."

"Very well Yuuhi-dono." Said Naruto as he looked back to the three genin. "I want you three to guard these people with your life while Kujaku, Yuuhi-dono and I take care of the remaining bandits."

With that said the three had went out into the battle with the bandits as Naruto jumped on to a platform above the left group of bandits. he then jumped down from the plat form cutting through one man with his sword. Before kicking the body away to dash forward stabbing another person through the heart. As he drew his sword back from the dead bandit before swinging his sword to his left killing another one.

Kujaku had just dashed forward into her group of enemies before giving a wide slash with her Soushouken as she killed fiver men in the strike. However with her weapons added affect of wind, attack blew forward cutting through some of the enemies in her area. Before blocking an incoming attack from the right side of herself. Kujaku then gave knee kick into the bandits stomach which resulted in knocking the wind out of him. Before she crossed her sword in a scissored like fashion and cut the mans head off. Kujaku then reversed the handles of the swords in her hands as she ducked her body to stab another bandits in the gut. She the did a sweeping low kick to make the two bodies of her dead enemies fall to the ground on their backs. As she saw a few more people running towards her as she grabbed her dual swords while doing a forward flip and threw the Soushouken into two of the head of her charging enemies before rushing at them herself.

Yuuhi Kurenai had taken the option of allowing herself to be surrounded by her enemies as she went through a quick chain of hand seals. As she prepared her genjutsu that made her body vanish in the wind. However the group of bandits did not get the chance to figure out what had happened. As everyone of them found themselves to be pulled into ground by dead rotting hands from the ground which resulted them in dying of fright. Once she had finished with her group of bandits, she turned around to see Naruto body appear and disappear within the group of enemies he had as flashed of light could be seen among the group. Within a few more seconds the blond had reappeared behind the group with his sword had been mostly sheathed. But not fully until the group of bandits had fell to the ground into pieces of missing limbs on the ground with blood spilling out.

Once that was done Naruto had finally sheathed his sword completely with a click. Before he walked back to the civilians they were protecting in the battle. The adults looked on in utter amazement at the level of skill the blond had used in defeating his enemies. Kujaku also was to be recognized as a woman with beauty flows with the deadliest winds. Kureani was also among the two to be seen as a savior to the people with her skill of genjutsu.



The Next Morning

The Naruto with Kujaku along with the Konoha ninjas had made it back to the small town with the captured civilians in tow. They were spotted by a man who was standing guard outside the small gates of the town. When he yelled for everyone to see that their loved ones had been saved from the bandits. The rescued people had rushed to the people they were taken away from with some much joy. That group of saviors could literary feel the peoples happiness venting out in the air. Team 8 along with Kujaku watched the scene with smiles on their faces, only for one to look on at the display of affection with an impassive gaze. He then walked forward with the others following him to see the man that had asked him for help standing in front of the people, Kazuma Akiyoshi.

"On behalf of our small town we owe a debt of thanks." Akiyoshi said as he bowed his head down in respect to the group.

"With it were not with the aid of the Konoha ninjas." Naruto started to say as he still had a cold gaze in his eyes. "I believe that we would not have been able to achieve this victory." To this Akiyoshi had widen his eyes as he looked to Team 8 before smilling at them too.

"Thank you so much for helping the Battousai in saving our loved ones." Said Akiyoshi.

"You are welcome Kazuma-san." Kurenai said as she looked to be a bit tired from the battle to the journey back to town. "I would it be okay if my team could rest for the day in town?"

Akiyoshi smiled as he saw the woman look tired. "Not at all. Please follow me."

Naruto then leaned to Kujaku for a momen as he whispered something into her ear as she nod her head. "I am very sorry Kazuma-dono. But Kujaku and I must leave now."

"Oh that is a shame as I feel that our village could honor you along with Kujaku-san with a feast." Said Akiyoshi who sighed in defeat when he saw the two sword wielders shake their heads no. "Well your welcome back anytime you wish to return both of you."

With that Naruto along with Kujaku had left the town quietly.

A Few Hours Later (Team 8)

Kurenai had gotten out of bed when she heard a light knock on her window of her room at the Inn her team is staying at. To see a long purple haired anbu with a cat mask on her face. She then walked over to the window to let the anbu into her room for the night. Only to have her entire team inside her room with her friend before giving off a annoyed sigh.

"I thought you and your team were being held captive in a bandit hideout Kurenai." Asked the neko masked anbu.

"We were." Answered Kurenai before preparing herself for the annoying part she was going to say as this was going to make her anbu friend a bit of a fangirl. "Until we were saved by a very unlikely ally."

"Who?" Asked a crow masked anbu. "Was it Suna?"

"No." Replied the Genjutsu Mistress. "It was... Hitokiri Battousai."

Silence had filled the entire room before Neko looked to her team before saying. "I want you guys out of the room so I can talk to Kurenai myself."

When the rest of her team left the room out the window from which they entered. Neko then closed all of the curtain shut before putting up a silence jutsu in the room as she took her mask off and charged her friend. "You met the Battousai! What was he like? Did you see his swordmanship? Was he better than Hayate? What kind of sword did he have?"

"Yup, it is definitely not my night, tonight." Thought Kurenai as Uzuki Yuugao kept badgering her with questions as it was no real secret that the anbu kunoichi was woman who admired swords and a fan of Hitokiri Battousai.



Days Later (Hokage Tower)

Sarutobi Hiruzen was looking over the members of Team 8 as they were recounting the day with their encounter with the legendary Hitokiri Battousai. To say that Sandaime was shocked to know that Battousai had helped a small town in their country was an understatement. As he was well informed about the war in Japan and the rise of Hitokiri Battousai from the shadows. Along with mysteriously vanishing at the ending chaos of Bakamatsu which lead to others seeing him as dead. However rumors had traveled from Mizu no Kuni to the rest of the Elemental Nations. That the Battousai was seen fighting with the rebel forces of Kiri ninjas with their leader Terumi Mei. This left with so many questions in wanting to be answered by Konoha's own council along with other villages. As each one of them had sent spies to the Kirigakure no sato to get any information regarding the swordsman. However it did not work out as any one of them as planned since the Battousai had left Mizu no Kuni.

Now stood in front of him were the members of Team 8 giving their impression on their thoughts about the Battousai. As each one of them were very impressed by the swordsman levels of skill in combat. Even the elder Kage himself to be seeing the swordsman in a better light then what they stories told of him. As he was also impressed with the woman he is said to be traveling with by the name of Kujaku as her skills were just as impressive. However what stood out to Sarutobi was the discription of Hitokiri Battousai had the kage in deep thought.

Just then a knock on the door had interrupted the elder kage's thoughts as he told the people to enter. As Team 7 lead by Hatake Kakashi had come into the room with his three genin being Shimura Sai, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke as the top team. In what the civilian councils own thoughts actually as they seemed to worship Sasuke. "Ah your right on time Kakashi." Said Sarutobi as he looked at Team 7. "I believe that your squad has earned the right to do a C-rank mission this time."

"Sir." Kakashi started. "I am not entirely sure that my team is not ready for C-rank missions just yet."

"Oh?" Said Sandaime who looked curious for the moment as he was about to ask why.

Only for Sasuke to interrupt his sensei by saying. "Hn, such weak mission are not enough to make me stronger and I need to fight stronger people."

Sandaime had sighed at the last loyal Uchiha's behavior and disrespect for everyone around him. "Alright then, I will let Team 7 & 8 to do this one as a joint mission."

Timeskip (Kakashi vs Zabuza)

Kakashi had found himself to be trapped by the Demon of the Mists Suirou no jutsu (Water Prison jutsu) as he found himself to be struggling for air. While Kurenai was busy fighting a Mizu bushin by Zabuza to keep her from helping Kakahi.

The members of both team found themselves unable to help their jounin senseis as their were facing off against a member of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu (Seven swordsmen of the Mist).

"Damn!" Said Kiba. "We need to think up a plan to save them?"

"And just how are we going to save them from a elite jounin?" Asked Sakura as she was getting scared. While Shino looked at the scene happening before them with a calculating eyes.

"I have a plan." Said Shino. "But I will need help from Sasuke for it to be successful."

"I don't need anyones help to defeat a weakling like him." Said Sasuke as he arrogantly pulled out a fuma shuriken out from his bag and threw it at the former Kiri jounin. Only for the man to jump over the projectile while maintaining his jutsu.

"There went our chances of saving them." Said Shino calmly.

"What do you mean?" Asked Sakura

"I had seen Sasuke's fuma shuriken earlier before the attack by Momichi Zabuza." Said Shino as he kept looking on the battle. "While in the time frame we have moments before Sasuke threw the shuriken. I had came up with a plan to henge myself as extra fuma shuriken to ensnare the nuke-nin. By changing back once he would dodge the incoming attack and from there I would use that moment to trap him with my own bugs by freeing Kakashi-sensei. However our window of opportunity has left us now."

"So your saying its my fault that our weak jounin sensei are going to die." Demaned Sasuke as Shino made no further comment to the Uchiha.

"B-B-But t-there must b-be s-s-something we c-can do t-to h-help." Said Hinata as Sai kept silent.

With Kurenai and Zabuza clone

"Damnit!" She cursed as she was feeling the effect of a long drawn fight. "At this rate I am going to dead in no time."

"You not kidding there." Said the clone as he used the mist to come out from behind the Genjutsu Mistress as it had a kunai in his hand as it was coming down to stab her in the skull.

"KURENAI-SENSE!" yelled the genins minus Sasuke and Sai as they watched the battle.

However the clone was then cut in half by a gust of wind come from the right side of the clone as it dissipated into water. Kurenai looked around to see what caused the wind to cancel out the clone as it saved her life. She then looked to the right side to see a figure walking toward herself until she recognized the person along with her team. "Your!" She said.

"Kujaku-san!" Exclaimed the members of Team 8 in excitment as the green haire and blond banged woman smiled at the team.

"T-T-Then t-that w-w-would m-mean." Hinata said as the rest of the genin looked off to where Kakashi is.

With Kakashi, Zabuza and clone

"It looks like it is time for you to finally die Sharingan no Kakashi!" said Zabuza with much excitment in his voice. However he was brought out of his excitment when his Mizu bushin (Water clone) Dissipated back into water. He then looked around to see a blond teen holding a sword in his hands before he charged at him. Seeing no way around his current situation, he had let Kakashi out of his jutsu as he brought his own sword around and clashed with the blond. Zabuza found himself to be pushed back by the masked swordsman as it was not small feat to do. "Oho your good kid."

"I can say the same to you." Said the blond as he found himself in a battle of strength with the Demon of the Mist. "You are able to wield a massive sword with swiftness is proof of that."

"Heh, thanks for the words." Said Zabuza as he grinned at fighting such a man with skill. "Tell me your name, I must know."

Back With Kurenai, Team 7 & 8

"Naruto-san/kun!" exclaimed the members of Team 8.

"Thats is the Battousai." Thought Sakura as she looked at the blond swordsman. "Damn that blond is fucking HOT!" Said her inner self.

"Hn, I don't see what is so special about him." Thought Sasuke.

While Sai looked at the blond like the others. "So he is the legendary Hitokiri Battousai." He thought.

With Naruto, Kakashi and Zabuza

Zabuza took a moment to look at the blond swordsman appearence while he had the chance before jumping back. Then his eyes had widen on looking at his opponent even more so. Before letting out a hearty laugh at the realization of who stood before him. "Never in my life. Would I have thought that I would be facing off against Hitokiri Battousai himself."




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Chapter 2: A Chance meeting, Battousai vs Demon of the Mist!