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Chapter 3: Meeting the new generation, Naruto Returns?

Naruto found himself standing between the ninjas of Konoha to whom he was very familiar with in his early childhood. Though it was a childhood he would not let anyone experience as he did and the ninjas of Kiri. Who he helped liberate in their civil war.

"Our village of Konoha would like to give him a mission pay." Said Kakashi as he hope the boy would side with him on money. "Because the man named Hisoka Choukichi has a bounty on his head to anyone who kills him and it would greatly benefit you, Naruto-san. But you must come to our village to claim your reward."

"What I did back then." Said Naruto as he looked at the masked jounin. "I done on my own free will and not out of personal gain. I am not a ninja who answers to a single person or a body of government like most do, in the Elemental Nations. What I do is slay any person who abuse innocent lives along with those that create chaos." The blond then turned his back on the Konoha ninjas for a moment before adding. "I was the one who called for the two members of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu to aid me in this battle. As I also had a secondary mission from the Godaime Mizukage."

"Hn, they do not look that strong along with you dobe." Said Sasuke as he hoped to get some kind of reaction from the blond. Only to get angrier when Naruto did not even register his words. "I am talking to you weakling."

"I don't think it is wise to call the Kiri-nins weak." Said Sai as he finally spoke out as he smiled at Sasuke. "I am pretty sure that do not want to be around a dick chaser like you, Sasuke-kun."

"But I thought that Kirigakure was in a civil war." Said Sakura as she got the ninjas of Kiri attention.

To this Haihane leaned herself against one wooden rail of the bridge as she crossed her legs. "Sorry flat chest." Said the grey haired woman in a bored tone as she gave a smirk. When she saw the pink haired girl's eye brow began to twitch. "But the fun, that was the rebellion of Kiri ended a little over a month ago."

Kurenai then looked at the clawed woman after her eyes widen. "Your the Shiruba- Tsume Akuma (Silver Clawed Devil) Haihane!" Said the Genjutsu Mistress who saw the woman grin at her.

"Ahha, so Konoha even knows of me." Said Haihane as she lightly tapped her chin with her bladded finger. "But I cannot be surprised by that since I am the only female of Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu."

"They are nothing compared to an Uchiha." Sneered Sasuke as he closed his eyes for a moment. "From a village filled with weaklings and most likely clanless nobodies."

"Is that so little boy." Said Haihane as he has Sasuke's in the palm of her clawed hand. "And I heard that the Uchiha clan was the elite of Konoha. But to be killed off in one night truly speaks volumes of their strength along with one of their own doing it with no one knowing the wiser too." She said as she leaned in the Uchiha ear and spoke in a very errie seductive tone. "Maybe I should pluck out those, oh-so precious eyes of yours slowly."

"Haihane that is enough." Said Choujuurou as he looked at everyone for a moment before his eyes rested on Zabuza. "It's been awhile Zabuza."

"Heh, if it isn't Mr. Confidence himself." Said the Demon of the Bloody Mist as he saw his fellow swordsmen member sigh at the name. "Are you here for my head?"

To this Haku stood herself between the Kiri nins and her master in hopes to protect him. Until Choujuurou spoke once more. "No, we have come to hopefully enlist you back into the village."

This made Zabuza raise look at the swordsmen with a glare for a moment. "What about Haku?"

"..(sighs)... The bloodline purge ended already no-brows." Said Utakata as he sounded very annoyed at the moment. "Besides our new Mizukage has a bloodline of her own."

"Oh really...Wait a sec. Did you just say." Zabuza said as the information that has finally settled into him.

"I think we should talk on this in a private matter." Spoke Choujuurou as he noticed that the jounins among the Konoha ninjas were listening in on them. Then looked to the female member of the Seven Swords for a moment. "Haihane... I'm going to talk to Zabuza else where. So do what you want and no killing anyone."

"Spoil sport." Replied Haihane as she saw Haku's body give off a few nervous shakes. "What about her?"

"I will keep her company." Spoke Naruto as he the Hyouton user relax herself. "If that it is with Momichi Zabuza's approval."

Zabuza then looked over to see that Sasuke was looking over the girl with eyes filled with greed. "I'll leave her in your hands then." He said before he left with Choujuurou.

4 Hours Later

Haku found her self looking at the ground under her feet as she could not bring herself to look at the blond in the face. She honestly did not think like her normal self when she found herself in his presence. Because he was not like any other person in the world because he was a complete enigma. One she could not fully understand because every times she looked in his eyes. She felt that within his narrowed gaze of death slept another part of Naruto. One who could be more than just Hitokiri Battousai, but a man who could truly smile at the world.

"Why did you not kill me?" Asked Haku as she saw the blond along with his partner stop in their walk. "When you first saw me without my mask."

"I do not know that answer for that myself." Replied Naruto as he did not look at Haku. "For reasons unknown to me. I find myself not wanting to take your life for reasons I do not understand. Under normal circumstances I would have killed you in our second encounter as a means to weaken Zabuza. However I found that I could not take your life as if doing such an act seemed wrong to do such an act."

Hearing this made both Kujaku and Haku look at the blond with a knowing gaze in their eyes. But could not tell the blond in their presence what those feelings were. Because they both knew that he needed to figure things out for himself. But could help in guiding him on the answer of his confusions.

The trio came to a stop when they stood on the part of the bridge where Gatou's corpse used to be laying. To this Naruto looked at the spot as he looked at the very spot with his eyes glazed over for a moment. "I do not regret my actions for killing Gatou. Because he was a man that was too corrupt down to his very core. Should he be allowed to live another day, then I suspect that he will just repeat his crimes. Such a man does not deserve to live and should I be faced with the same option. I would still kill him."

"Is that how you truly feel?" Asked Haku as she looked into the blond's eyes to which he answered with a nod. "No one, can live their entire life killing others. Maybe some day you will come to an understanding of these words."

"There are people who are better left no knowing such things." Replied Naruto coldly.

To this Kujaku looked at the blond for a moment as she was going to say something. When she felt a pair of eyes watching them from the distance. "And now enter the ever so great Uchiha."

"If this is about your earlier demands in having me train you, than I am afraid that you are wasting your breath." Said Naruto as he did not give Sasuke on glance.

"No, I want that girl." Said Sasuke as he saw that unmasked blond still did not look at him.

"Why?" Naruto asked.

"Because she will be the future mother to the nost powerful clan, that's why." Sasuke said as he looked at Naruto who then turned his attention on him. "Will you hand her over or will I just have to take her from you?"

The blond samurai then took a step forward at Sasuke who then activated his newly acquired Sharingan at his person, while smirking. "You would also use people for personal gain as well?" Said Naruto as he placed a hand on his sword.

"I am an elite and my eyes are proof of that." Said Sasuke.

Naruto then was about to take another step at the Uchiha, only to be stopped by Haku herself. "Naruto-kun don't listen to him. He is not worth taking his life over." She pleaded with the blond as he did not even turn his gaze to her. "Please... Don't make your life all about taking people's lives."

To this Naruto then finally looked at the Hyouton user as he saw genuine care in her chocolate eyes. As it made him calm down, only for a bit as it took his hand away from his sword. "Your life has been spared for now."

"From you, yeah..." Said Haihane as she came then shunshined past Sasuke as she appeared behind him. With her left arm extended from her body as she let out a manic grin. "...But not from me." She finished as she watched Sasuke's raised hairs fall to the ground. "Good now one has to look at you duck-ass hair cut any more."

"Why you crazy-" Sasuke was about to say, if he had not notice that his pants were cut along with his hair. As they were now looking more like bikini underwear for men.

Everyone minus Naruto started to laugh at Sasuke's new look that was given to him by Haihane. The said Uchiha then ran back to Tazuna's house, while coving up the back area of his new shorts. "I guess their oh-so-precious eyes makes up for the lack of other areas." Commented the Shiruba- Tsume Akuma as she saw the blond continue his walk. "Heh, cold as the highest top of Kuni no Yuki (Land of Snow)." She then followed the three people again as she had nothing else to do.



With Zabuza

"So how did she get the kid to join her?" Asked the Demon of the Mist as he was trying to get every amount of information on his homelands. "I mean sure, Mei did have supporters from within Kiri, like the bitchy nut-case Haihane. But how in the world did she persuade Hitokiri Battousai to join her?" He finished as he was very curious on Naruto as also heard that the blond took part in the Kiri Rebellion. "No offense or anything, but I can't see that guy doing anything for free."

Choujuurou just looked at his former seven sword member with a neutral look on his face. "Believe me or not, but Naruto-san just joined us because he told us "my only purpose in life is best in the battlefield or in the shadows" is all he said. We knew who he was from his looks that our contacts in Japan had described him. So when he asked that he could join our forces, Mei-san allowed him to do so and fought any battle that had the least amount of chance of survival." He said as he looked at Zabuza dead in the eyes.

"The kid really does live by the sword." Said Zabuza as he smiled. "I'm starting to like this kid more and more." He then looked out in the direction to the direction of Kiri. "So the war is really is over."

"Yeah..." replied Choujuurou as he lowered his head. "But not without its costs and discovered something not known to anyone else. Only for those on a need to know basis."

"And that is." Zabuza said.

The seven swordsman the raised his head to the fellow swordsman. "Is that Yagura was placed under a genjutsu the entire time of the bloodline purge and my guess is that Kisame knew it during or found out about it. When the last coup as he "failed" to kill Yagura in the first place, remember."

Hearing this made the former Kiri anbu clench his teeth as he remembered the shark man saying that Yagura was too powerful to defeat. "So that fish fucker knew all the time then!" Zabuza asked as he saw Choujuurou nod his head, which made him more angered than ever. But decided to calm himself down by cutting a tree in half with one strike from his sword. Once that was done he then took a few deep breaths to get back to normal. "So what happens to Me and Haku?"

"Well that depends on you really." Answered Choujuurou. "Mei wants you to come back with us to Kiri and talk about what you want to do. From there along with that girl you have been traveling with, Haku right or we can kill you now." He finished in a very friendly tone of voice which made Zabuza's eye twitch.

"I wish he would stop doing that, it really creeps me out." Thought the Mist Demon before nodding his head. "Fine we'll go with you. But what about the kid?"

Hearing this made Seven swordman raised his brow. "What about him?" He asked.

"You said that Mei wanted to see him for something important." Zabuza said as he was curious why she wanted to see Naruto.

"Oh that..." Said Choujuurou in his friendly voice again. "Well... you will just have to come back to Kiri to find out."

"Your such an asshole." grumbled Zabuza.

That night

Naruto along with Kujaku had decided to stay with the Kiri ninjas outdoors in their camp for the night. Though everyone had already eaten for the night as they were going to take guarding shifts for the night. Naruto was sitting against the tree as he watched the moon that is lighting up the night above them. Started to have a few vivid memory come back to his mind.


"I never seen hair like yours." Said a child like Naruto to a faceless girl. "It reminds me of xxxxxxxx and its pretty."

"R-Really...?" The girl said in a timid voice. "So you don't mind xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx?"

This made the child blond give the faceless girl a fox grin as he cheeks turned red. "Nope its xxxx enough for this."

End Flashback

The blond samurai then took his gaze away from the moon as his memories fadded away from him again. But for reasons that he could not understand, was that he is more active when the moon is full. Though he never really thought too much on the matter of this because he did not think it was important.

"Hey its my turn to take watch." Said Zabuza as he got Naruto's attention.

"Very well..." Naruto said as he got up from his seat and placed his swords against his left side.

"Now what are you doing gaki?" Asked Zabuza as the blond looked at him from the corner of his eye.

"I am going to take a walk." Replied Naruto as he did not break eye contact. "I do not very tired when the moon is full. I shall return by sun rise, so be ready to make our journey to Kirigakure no sato." With that said Naruto walked out of sight.

With Naruto

Naruto had stopped walking when he came to the newly built bridge that Tazuna was nearly finished with. He then looked down to the water that mirrored the moons refection above him. Most would say that it was very beautiful sight to see or one would call it a romantic night for lovers of sorts. But Naruto did not see as he gazed on the dark water below the bridge. Because all he could really see was the blood that was mixed into the waters below from killing the people who cared more about money than their lives. It sickened the blond to no end at the notion of the thought. Though it did not show on the outside, it was something he could not truly understand in his life. He was then brought ou of his thought as he heard foot steps approach him from behind.

"Haruno Sakura..." He said as he remembered that is what Kakashi called the girl. When he along with Kujaku were staying in the bridge builders home with Team 7 and Team 8. "It is not very wise to sneak up on a armed person."

"I-I- gomen. "Sakura stuttered as she was very afriad of the blond haired samura before her. "I was looking for you."

This made Naruto raise a brow as he was curious to know why the pink haired girl's reason for searching. "Why were you searching for me?" He asked as he looked around. "By yourself for that matter."

"Oh um well you see..." Sakura said as she felt very nervous at being in the presence of Hitokiri Battousai. As she remembered the reasons why she was out in the middle of the night. "I wanted to return your face mask to you." She said as she held the black clothing in front of her as it was very done with great care. Naruto then looked at the cloth for a moment to inspect the black cloth.

"Shanoo, tell him that it is laced with one of Shino's scent bugs!" Said Inner self as she watched the blond. "But if I do that, then we'll get in trouble with Kurenai-sensei and she is not the Ice Queen for nothing."

"Is there something that is troubling you Haruno-san?" Asked Naruto as he saw the pink haire girl cringed a few seconds.

"...Mmm." She replied as she looked away from the blond before taking his face mask back from his hands. "I was instructed by Kurenai-sensei to give that back to you. But it has one of Shino's tracking bugs scent in it, for reasons I do not know of."

Naruto then looked at the retaken face mask in the pinkette's hands as she was shaking a bit and it was out of fear. The blond seen this on numerous occasions when he faced off against someone weaker than himself. But for reasons unknown to himself, he decided to change the subject for her. "I mean no disrespect or ruddness of any type. But what made you join the ranks of a Ninjas for your village?"

Sakura then looked at the blond for a moment as she blinked a couple of times. "Well... at first it was to get Sasuke-kun's attention to notice me." She admitted honestly as she leaned then climed on the wooden rail and sat down with her legs dangling. "But now after we had a joint mission with Team 10 before coming here to Nami. I think everything began to change for me then. That I started to see my life was my own to take care should I be captured by the enemy." From there Sakura did not say anything further as she looked off to the distance. "My mother tried to warn me in what I was getting into. But I was too much a naive little girl to listen to her and now learning what Gatou said a after the battle on the bridge. I think it woke me up even more so than I thought."

"That would be a wise decsion." Said Naruto as he looked at the moon. "There are things that you will not find yourself not agreeing with. But in time you will learn that there can be things far worse than you can even imgaine. Things that you wish that you never want to see again, but they remain with us. However we must not let go of such things as these memories will make grow stronger in time." Sakura then turned her attention to Naruto as she saw his eyes looked a little pained at his own words. She was going to say more, only look at her for a moment. "I will escort you back to Tazuna-dono's home." With that said Naruto began to escort her back to the bridge builder's home in a comfortable silence. While in their walk back to Tazuna's home, Saukra then took the scent bug that is hidden in the mask and crushed the insect between her fingers. She then gave the bacl face mask back to Naruto who took it back without question as he saw what she did.

The next morning (Konoha Team)

Yuuhi Kurenai looked at the only female member of Team 7 with a disapproving look on her face as Sakura told her that she killed the scent bug. "Sakura I am very disappointed in you for disobeying a direct order from a higher rank ninja." Said Kurenai as she watched the girl look down at her feet. "But I am going to have to punish you for not-."

"I believe that punishing her lies with me Kurenai." Said a voice that came from the side to reveal Hatake Kakashi. "I agree with you on placing a tracking scent on Naruto. But he is actually not in our jurisdiction right now and I think you are over stepping your boundaries in punishing one of MY students."

Kurenai wanted to argue at the Copy-nin, but knew that he was in all accounts right about everything he said. So she then turned around to face her team and told them to get ready to leave. Kakashi however looked at his student and gave her an eye smile to show that he was not mad with her.

"Did I do the right thing, sensei?" Sakura asked as she did not look up at him.

"What Kurenai said about you, disobeying her orders are true." Said the silver haired jounin. "But that is only if you were on her team, however you are on my team and I really don't see a problem in what you did. You should get ready to leave too."



4 days later (Kirigakure)

Naruto along with Kujaku were making their way to the Mizukages office after entering through the gates. The blond then noticed that Kujaku was really enjoying her conversation with Zabuza. Much to the annoyance of Haihane who just give any remarks that took the former Kiri anbu down a peg or two. Deciding to ignore the older sword wielders, he then found himself looking to the side of a small open air restaurant. He then made an objective for himself to visit the place for lunch as he required to have a meal when he needed it. The trip to the Mizukage's office was anything but uneventful for Naruto. As ninjas along with a few villagers wanted to shake his hand or ask him questions about his personal life. Though he was saved by Choujuurou when he mentioned that Naruto was there on the Mizukages order as this saved them a lot of trouble of being stopped by more people.

Terumi Mei sat at her desk as she was looking over a few papers that were of great importance to the village. As it could hopefully get things started in the recovery work that they very much needed. Then a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts on the future of Kirigakure. "Enter." Said Mei as she watched the team that she dispatched a few days ago come into her office. She then saw Zabuza enter the office with a young woman following behind him and lastly Uzumaki Naruto came in with his face being once again hidden under his face mask.

Mei then smiled at everyone as she got up from her chair. "I trust that there were no problems on your way here." Said Mei as she saw Haihane and Zabuza glare at each other for a moment. While Kujaku smiled nervously while seat dropping on the back of her head and finally noticed that Mei had just now notice her presence. "And who might this be?"

"My name is Kujaku and I am from Takumi no Sato. " Kujaku introduced herself as she saw the Mizukages eyes widen.

"You don't mean the village that makes special type weapons on the lands outside of Hi no kuni." Said Mei as she saw the yellow banged woman nod her head.

"The very same one." Replied the dual sword wielder. "I have been traveling with Naruto for days now, after my defeat to him. I thought I made a prefect sword in Soushouken. But Naruto just defeated me with no effort on his part."

Mei gave a small laugh to Kujaku's story. "Sorry for being rude Kujaku, its that I can't really see Naruto losing to anyone."

"Hey, I thought you wanted to talk to me?" Yelled Zabuza as he was getting annoyed by the new Mizukage.

"What's wrong, I'm not enough for you now?" Spoke Haihane as she placed her bare had on the left side of her cheek. "I thought I meant something to you before you left Kiri. I mean the way you kept screaming in the night and saying-"

"I do not need to hear this, so I will wait outside." Naruto said as he was followed by Haku who had a blush on her face.

"Hmhmhmhm... the gaki could kill 3 squads of anbu." Said Haihane with a grin on her face at the mention of killing. "But he can't handle one story of a night of steamy wet hot sex."

"More like a night of S&M to be precise." Commented Zabuza.

"You weren't complaining then, so whats got you all bothered now." Asked Haihane as she did not get a reply back from the man. "Tch, your so fucking annoying, I'm out of here." With that said the female seven swordswoman left.

With Naruto

Naruto along with Haku were walking down the streets of the village as they took in the sights Well Haku did as Naruto did not seem to show any interest in the things around him. Because he had pretty much killed people in different sections of the village and so he remembered the layout of the area. Haku then lead the blond around the village so that she could hopefully get used to her new home, if Zabuza decided to stay. After a few minutes of walking around the village, the two of them came to a training area of Kiri ninjas.

But just as they were about to leave the said area Naruto pushed the Hyouton user out of the way as a fork like weapon zoomed past the blond. As he moved his head to left to avoid another weapon that is a blue fan that had blades on it when opened. He then heard foot step approaching him fast as he drew his sword out and clashes with a metal staff with two golden ends on either side.

In front of the 14 year old blond samurai was a girl looking to be at 16 or 17 years of age. She has dark skin on her as well as black hair that is tied up into two thick braided pigtails. She also wore a green face mask with a matching outfit that had black outlines. Naruto for his case pushed her staff back away from his sword as he kicked the girl in the stomach to knock the wind out of her. However just as he was going to make a killing blow to the girl, another blue fan shot past him and made take a few steps back. He then block a small sword that was inches from his face that came in from his left side with his wakizashi. He then saw another girl who looked the same age as the dark skinned girl that he kicked moments ago. However then one was wearing a similar clothing to the previous girl, only her was blue instead of green. This girl had a pale complexion compared to the dark skinned girl as she had brown hair. Naruto could not really say anything at the moment as he saw this girl makes the sword into a fan made up of blades. it was he Naruto nearly found himself off guard as the girl brought out another fan as it too opened up. This made the blond move his katana down to his lower left as a means to block the second weapon. Which he did with success on his part, he then moved his body in a forward motion to use the girls on strength against her. The fan wielder then stumbled forward from her own momentum as she saw the blond spin his body in a complete circle. Just as he sword was going to strike the girl in blue at the back of her neck. A pair of fork looking weapons stopped the blow from reaching the girl in blue. Naruto then saw another girl in a very revealing outfit of pink and black on this one. However this girl's eyes was yellow with black slits for pupils.

"Thats enough!" Yelled a person from the behind the fighters as it was Haihane with an amused look on her face as she had one of her guantletes on. "What is the big idea for you three to attack out guest in the village?"

The one dressed in blue along with the two other females hastily walked over to Haihane and kneeled at her presence. "Please accept our apologies, Haihane-sama." Said the girl in blue. "But we mistook him for an intruder in the village, as we have never seen him before."

Haihane sighed at hearing the girl's reason for attacking the blond as it sounded fair. "...(sigh)... You three should be thanking me is more like it." She said as she got puzzled looks from the three girls. "Because if I had not arrived to stop this little bitch slapping. I might have had to call the clean up crew for you three and you would have been among the people that has fallen to the blade of Hitokiri Battousai. Besides it is a pain in the ass to even call the clean up crew for you three." Finishes the Shiruba- Tsume Akuma as she then smirked at the girls whose eyes were widen at what they heard. "And I bet some freak would love to get apart of you three dead or alive"

The girl in green then walked over to Naruto as she bowed her head down. "I am truly sorry for attacking you without reasons."

Haihane then walked beside the girl in pink as she had on the most revealing outfit of the three. "Naruto, these girls are my team." She said as she then looked over each girl. "The one in green is named Jade as the one in blue is Kitana and lastly is my very proud member of the team, Mileena." Haihane introduced as each of them bowed once more to the blond as he just nod his head. "Well girls, I know you don't know an introduction. But well you already know who he is."

"You have no need to explain your actions against me." Said Naruto as he looked at each girl with his cold blue eyes. "You homeland was in constant civil war that ended not too long ago and your actions to protect your home from invaders are well just."

"This boy... there is something different about him." Thought Kitana as she looked at the blond swordsman full form. "He showed no fear of death when we were attacking him. But showed a determination to survive with his life."

Naruto saw that the girl in front of him was in deep thought about something in his person. But decided not to question on her thoughts as it was not important to him as he looked at the female swordswoman. "I thought that your presence was required to be at the meeting to decide Zabuza's future?"

"Wait did he just say that Momichi Zabuza is in the village." Said Mileena with her black slit eyes widen in surprise. Only for Jade and Kitana to cover the girl's mouth with their hands as they were sweat dropping.

"Mileena, you know how Haihane-sama gets whenever someone mentions his name around her." Said Jade to her teammate as she had seemed to forget something important. However it proved to be too late as the girls turned around to see their team leader giving them a crazed grin on her face.

"What...Did...You...Just...Say...Mileena?" Asked Haihane as she lifted her head to look at the team.

"N-Nothing, Haihane-sama" Mileena said with fear before she along with Kitana and Jade ran from the area. However just before they left the area, Mileena winked at Naruto who blinked a few times in response. Just then a anbu had appeared on the left side of Naruto as he only gave the masked ninja his attention with his eyes only.

"Uzumaki Naruto, our Mizukage would like to speak with you as it is urgent." Said the anbu before he vanished.

Else were in the village

"Do you have some sort of death wish?" Asked Jade as she looked at the pink masked teammate. "Remember the last time someone mentioned Zabuza in front of Haihane-sama?"

"No, because there are men who are getting nutured everyday in Kiri." Mileena said sarcastically. "Of course I remember what happened! So I forgot about it back there, big deal. Because it is not everyday you meet someone as deadly as the blond cutie back there."

Jade then looked at Kitana with worried expressions on their faces. "Mileena... please try not to get your hopes up again." Said Jade. "Remember the last time you were with someone and everything was really going good, until..."

"I KNOW THAT ALREADY!" Yelled Mileena as she looked at her friends. "I-I know..."

Kitana then walked up to the pink clothed girl as she place her hands on Mileena's shoulders. "We're just trying to look out for you Mileena." Said Kitana as she really cared for her friends. "We want you to be happy. Besides at least the last guy that you dated is not looking pretty anymore, not after what you did to him."

Mileena then gave a smirk to her friends. "Well he should not have dumped me like that." She told her teammates when an anbu appeared in front of them.

"The Mizukage is requesting your presence for an urgent matter." Said the anbu before he vanished.

1hr. later (Mizukages Office)

Naruto stood in front of Terumi Mei as she had a very pleased smile on her face. "So Kujaku has become one of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu." Said Naruto in his monotone voice as it did not sound very surprised at the information. "Did she give any reasons why she decided to join their ranks?"

"Oh I can think of one reason." Said Mei as she sipped her tea. "But it is best not to gossip about other women. But I can tell you that Zabuza requested that Haku is to be placed in the medic ninja program. So that she would not have to see or do the things that he did at her age."

Naruto did not give any sort of response to what she meant as he really did not care for the matter(the first part that is). "May I ask why you have requested my presence?" Asked the blond when he saw the red haired woman sip her tea once more. "Is there a threat to your office that must be eliminated?"

"The reason why I summoned you here is nothing of that sort Naruto." Said Mei as she gave him a serious expression on her face. "But it is a mission that I would only trust to you along with hopefully a future secondary faction of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu. This mission might just determine the future of Kirigakure."

"Am I to be a guard for your ninjas?" Asked Naruto.

Mei then shook her head in response to the blonds question. "No, I want you to be the team leader for the mission." Said Mei as she rested her head on her hands. "If the team manages to complete the mission with successful results. Then I will give you a place here in Kirigakure and I know you refused the last time to join. But you have to understand that our village is desperate for allies and help from anywhere we can get it. I am willing to give you anything that you might request, so that you will join our ranks."

Naruto did not say anything to the Mizukage as he knew she was right about her country. Because it was very much in a state of recovery at the moment and could be taken over by a stronger opposition or rebellion. "What is the mission that you would have me do Mei-dono?" Asked Naruto.

The Mizukage's face then brightened up a little bit as the blond wanted to know what the mission was. "We should wait for the rest of the members of the team that will be under your command to arrive." Said Mei before there was a knock on the door to her office. "Come in." She called over the blond as the door opened behind the Battousai. "Prefect timing, Naruto I would like you to meet your teammates for this mission."

Naruto then turned to the door to see the three girls that attacked him earlier that day arrive. "They do have impressive skills for combat as I have faced them earlier. When they thought that I was an intruder to the village and I will not argue further on your choice Mei-dono." Naruto said as he looked at each girl before looking back to Mei. "Now may you tell us the mission details?"

The Mizukage then got up from her chair with a scroll in her hand before giving it to Naruto. "I want you to give this to the Raikage." Said Mei in her business mode. "It is a scroll for an alliance with Kumogakure no sato. Once he reads the scroll, I'm sure he will agree to our alliance. But if he does not accept it, then send a messenger hawk with the news and I will send another scroll with a better deal for him. Is that clear?"

"Hai" Replied Naruto/Kitana/Mileena and Jade before they walked out the door.




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A new dawn as risen from the mists of Kiri as Naruto along with his team head to Kumo. Only to encounter the new trio generation from the falling leaves. As this encounter with the fresh leaves becomes more tense than the first two encounters. While one member of the newly formed team of Kiri, secret is revealed.

Chapter:3 Clashing leaves against the Raging Waters, Team Tenken vs Ino-Shika-Chou!