Title: Odds Against You, Naruto!

Author: Luna Knyte

Genre: Romance/Family/Drama/Suspense

Rating: Beginning is PG13-ish, Later chapters are M for mature themes.

Summary: When everyone is against you. When no one, not even your family, believes in you. When demons are out to get you. Then you must be Naruto Uzumaki. Black sheep of the Namikaze-Uzumaki family, shadow of his rival and almost, but unofficial adopted brother, Sasuke Uchiha, and outcast to all of Konoha.

Hello, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I live in the village of Konoha where my father is the leader, or as we call him, the Hokage. That means that he's the most powerful ninja of us all. He's tall, tan, and one of the only males in the whole entire elemental continent to have blonde hair. My mother is named Kushina and she is very energetic, and enthusiastic and loves to be happy. My father, like I said, is really powerful, he's also got money and looks. They are adored by everyone because they have almost nothing to be ashamed about...almost. They are like two love struck teenagers and their marriage almost never leaves the honeymoon stage. They are really perfect for each other and they almost had the perfect life...almost.

Almost being that they had me.

Fourteen years ago I ruined everything. At least, that's how the village treats me. As far as I can figure out a powerful and dangerous demon attacked my village all those years back...on the day of my birth. Way to be welcomed to the world, right?

Being the only way to assure the village's safety, the former Hokage sacrificed himself and sealed the beast within me.

My mother reminds me whenever she see's me down that I am a hero. That I am the only thing keeping the demon from hurting anyone ever again.

But that's not the same attitude I receive from everyone else. They all talk behind my back, they whisper as I walk by, and they always have this angry and murderous look in their eyes when they look at me. Some wish to really hurt me, I know they do, but they restrain themselves because of my father. Others who are bold, or drunk, dared lay a finger on me and they hurt me in many different ways.

My father didn't do much about it, except keep it from my mother. I know it'd hurt her so I don't tell her either. Of course that caught wind and soon more and more people dared to hurt the Hokages son. Because that's what I am. I am not Naruto. I am The Honorable son of the Hokage.

When I looked at my father in the eyes the first time it happened I didn't know what they were saying. Mother always said that it didn't matter what people said, what did matter was what their eyes portrayed. I couldn't read them and that is when my insecurities truly began. I questioned my fathers actions and his decisions down to the point of his leadership skills, especially when I became a ninja.

My biggest insecurity was by the fact that I didn't possess his last name. I was his son, but he is the last Namikaze. So I have to wonder...Why am I not worthy to continue his lineage?

He was careful not show favoritism to me, to the point of complete opposite. He treated my as cold as he would a rogue when I am in his presence with my team. No one cares though, in fact they seem to deem it fair and right.

Except for Iruka and Sasuke...and Kakashi.

Sasuke Uchiha is my unofficial adopted brother, rival, and best friend. After his family was assassinated my father took him in and we treated him like part of the family. At first we were extra nice to him because that was what you were supposed to do when someone just lost everything. But Sasuke got annoyed quickly because he wasn't a charity case. So I treated him like a regular kid. He liked that...my father didn't. My father lectured me about being nicer and to show some respect.

Sasuke, being the perfect soldier that he was raised to be, didn't dare go against the Hokages actions and let him do whatever he wanted, even if he didn't like it. Then later would apologize to me for getting lectured because of him but I reminded him that it was alright. Sasuke didn't like to show outward emotions to people because he needed to be strong, but when it was just the two of us...well it was just the two of us. No mask, no secrets, just two boys who were the best of friends in their own little world.

Then there was Iruka. My sensei who cared greatly for me. Unlike my dad who could never make time for me, Iruka sensei always found at least an hour a day. He trained me and helped me understand material I was having trouble with. And not just that. He takes me out to eat and gives me advice and I can talk to him about my problems and insecurities. Sometimes I don't even have to tell him anything and he gives me the perfect advice anyway. Iruka was the one who told me about girls and explained what was happening to me when I hit puberty. I spend my free time with Iruka because my father spent all his free time with Sasuke. Training him to be a great warrior. To be a true Shinobi...

"Ma ma Naruto...you shouldn't think too seriously."

I was currently sitting on one of the Hokage head monuments overlooking the village and looked back to see Kakashi sensei standing these with a blue Popsicle for me.

"Did you get a brain freeze eating the other one so quickly?" I asked as he sits next to me. I looked away quickly to hide my blush. Kakashi is just really cool and I've known him since I was little because he was my father's student. He was always there and I've developed a bit of a crush on him...

"Not one of my best ideas," Kakashi replied.

I chuckled. I remember the dumb plan I came up with to get to see his face. Me and my team did a lot and came out empty every time.

"Ne sensei?" I asked in a low tone.

I closed my eyes. I could smell the grass underneath us, I would feel the cool breeze that flows through the trees, and the warm rays of the sun. I could hear the people down in the village, I could feel Kakashi sensei next to me, and there was something else. Something...ominous.

"Yes?" Kakashi voiced.

"You taught us that sometimes you have to try tactics that people don't expect. That sometimes the simplest answer is the best...over thinking isn't always the way to go, right? To look beneath the underneath..."

"Yes. Sometimes having an elaborate plan is needed but it all depends on the situation," Kakashi said.

"May I see your face, sensei?" I asked.

"Not today," Kakashi replied.

"Someday?" I asked as I opened my eyes to look at him. He was on his back staring at the sky with his one eye.

"Someday..." He answered.

I laid back too and watched the clouds go by. It was weird having these conversations with someone other than Iruka.

"Why?" Kakashi asked.

"Why what?" I asked.

"Is it weird for you to talk seriously with anyone other than Iruka?" Kakashi said.

"I said that out loud?" I asked.

"Yup," Kakashi replied.

I turned my attention from him back to the sky. "I guess because besides him...everyone else hates me."

Kakashi sat up and immediately said, "That is not true."

I sighed, "I know. But a majority do. And my own family...my mother wants to be oblivious but she can't always turn the other cheek. She just loves my father more than me and does look away."


"I know he doesn't do it one purpose. I know the council doesn't make it easy for him. They don't want him to train me, they don't want me to become powerful. They're scared. That's why they have me and Sasuke in the same team. So you can concentrate more on the only Sharingan user left to this village, and why my father treats him more like a son than me. Because no one will look down upon it, and actually embrace it."

Kakashi didn't say anything but continued to watch me, I would still feel his eye on me even though had reclosed my eyes. He wanted to protest, to say that his sensei wasn't like that, but he couldn't. On his way there he in fact saw his sensei laughing heartily with a smiling Sasuke. They seemed to have been training and were now heading to Minato's (and Naruto's) favorite noodle stand.

Kakashi also noticed the coldness and indifference the his sensei showed the younger blonde when they were in his presence. Like a switch he goes from the caring sensei he knew to the politician the council members approve of. Is he so scared of them that he finds this treatment of his own son alright? No! His sensei isn't like that...there has to be a reason. There had to be.

Movement from me caused him to sit up and asked where I was going. I looked up at the setting sun, "I want to be alone for awhile."

"Be careful," Kakashi said. I knew he worried about me. He was always like an older brother who was forced to act like a parent. I felt bad the he felt inclined to protect me when he didn't want to. I want him to be worried about me because...because...because if I wanted someone to love me I want it to be him. But someday he won't have to feel forced to care for me. Someday my family will be freed from the imperfection that is me. Someday everything will work out.

"Someday..." I whispered.

"Yes Naruto...someday," Kakashi repeated.

I doubt we were thinking the same thing but Kakashi isn't normal. He might be thinking something similar, but I might not find out.

I leave and walk towards the training grounds. I walk deep into the forest until I am positive that there is no one around and that I am not being watched.

"What's happening?" I asked.

"Demons," Kyuubi answered from the inner chambers of my mind. I established a relationship with him after one of the attacks. After deciding that I needed to be stronger in order to survive I allowed him to give me advice and train me. If the elders, the council members, or my father ever found out what I can really do...it wouldn't be good... for me.

"What are they doing so close to Konoha? They aren't here for you are they?" I asked.

"Hard to say. They are far away enough for me not to tell their exact power. Though I doubt they are. Only demons who are interactive with humans know of my whereabouts. And they have to be involved with specific humans at that. And like I've told you demons despise humans," Kyuubi said.

"Then what are they doing here? There has been a lot of activity here Kyuubi," I mentioned as a cold unnatural gust chills my bones.

"I haven't the slightest clue..." Kyuubi answered honestly and irritated. He hated not knowing about possible threats that could endanger him.

I didn't ask anymore questions and Kyuubi didn't voice anything else either. There was something nearby though. I could sense it. It was masking its presence but was letting out just enough power so I could sense it. I didn't know what to do. I could attempt to fight it, but if I wasn't strong enough it would kill me and then head towards the village. But I couldn't just ignore it, it could be avoiding me because it might know I am the Kyuubi vessel!

Then a killing intent so powerful was emitted that an entire flock of birds soared out of their nest as fast as possible. I noticed that they were the only animals around. Whatever this was, it was on the ground. The ground became frosted, like when ice in an ice trey are beginning to freeze, and the temperature dropped like ten degrees.

Quickly making a shadow clone, I sent it to get my dad. I needed help. The thing launched at me and I crashed to the ground hard and hit my head. I could feel the blood trickling down my neck. When it touched me its touch was so cold that it burned my skin. I saw horrible images of fire and blood. Screams of agony echoed in my mind and I could feel claw marks on me...

And just as quick as it came it was gone. I gasped as the temperature returned to normal and the killing intent disappeared. Allowing me to breathe without feeling like I was suffocating. Just then my father arrived with a handful of shinobi. All of them ready for a fight and braced to see something honestly horrible. When they didn't they all turned to look at me then at my father, waiting for further instructions.

My father looked displeased and embarrassed. His stare became a glare towards me as I stood up. He raised his arm and the shinobi disappeared from the sight. My father looked at me in the eyes and turned around and began to walk away. It was obvious I was meant to follow. I gulped and looked at the sky...the sun wasn't out anymore. I felt so cold already and without the sun's heat it only felt colder.

The walk home was silent until we arrived home. Once there I wasn't allowed to move until I explained what had happened.

"There was a demon!" I exclaimed.

"Then where was it? I didn't sense anyone but you there, Naruto," My father said.

"It left, but I swear it was there dad!" I cried.

"Minato? What's going on?" Kushina asked from the kitchen doorway, with Sasuke behind her.

"Your son, thinks its funny to recreate the story about the boy who cried wolf. Perhaps tonight you should retell him that story and remind him what happens at the end," Minato answered with his anger apparent in his voice.

"Naruto, is this true?" Kushina asked sternly.

"I saw it mom! I did, I swear," I said.

"Naru-chan, you know how dangerous it is to say stuff like that just for pretend," Kushina said. I desperately tried to hold back the tears. I was telling the truth and not even my own mom believed me. It isn't a surprise but it still hurts.

"Don't you think out of all people I know? Don't you think as the damned demon boy I know how stupid it is to go yelling "demon demon!" is? I don't need to be anymore different," I yelled in frustration.

"Naruto!" Kushina exclaimed.

"Then why did you lie?" Minato demanded with his arms crossed.

"Minato!" Kushina yelled.

"I didn't!" I insisted.

"Then why was that place empty when we got there Naruto?" Minato asked.

"I don't know." I answered.

"Do you have any idea of what I am going to have to face with tomorrow? The council is already up my ass with a whole bunch of unnecessary complaints. I don't need them adding more shit about you!" Minato yelled but quickly regretted it, most likely because I could feel the tear the fell from my eye. I swallowed a lump in my throat and headed upstairs without another word.

I heard rustling noised downstairs and hushed voices. Great, now my parents are arguing because of me. Like I needed more guilt...

"You okay?"

I jumped as Sasuke's voice woke me from my thoughts. I turned to look at him. Great, he was worried.

"Super," I deadpanned.

He scouted me over so he could lie down next to me. We both just laid there on my bed looking at my ceiling. It wasn't until a few minutes later did Sasuke sit up and look at me. I closed my eyes. I didn't want him seeing me in this pathetic state.

"You're hurt," He whispered.

I sit up and then I realized what he meant. My left side hurt at the movement. I lifted my shirt and then I saw a horrible bloody bruise on my side.

"Holy shit! What the hell happened?" Sasuke demanded as he rushed to the bathroom for the emergency kit.

I didn't answer. When I tried using Kyuubi's chakra to heal it, it burned like acid but it felt unnaturally cold...

I hadn't imagined it. The demon had been real. The demon had touched me...

I barely noticed as Sasuke mended the wound. I was thinking of all that Kyuubi has told me about demons. If that demon had been a weak one then they wouldn't have been able to hide themselves like that. They also wouldn't have fled. Weak demons are stupid. Mostly all brawn and no brain. They would have stayed to fight because they move on bloodlust and instincts. This demon was way smarter...this was part of a plan. But what was the plan? Were they after the Kyuubi? What else could they be here for? But, then why did they need to involve his father and the village? If all they wanted was the Kyuubi then why not take the chance and nab him there. The demon was already more powerful than he was, so why stop and not finish him there?


I looked up to see that Sasuke had gotten way too close for comfort.

"Uh...Mind moving a bit? Your making me uncomfortable," I said.

He didn't. In fact the opposite, he straddled me, "What happened?"

"You're making me really uncomfortable," I repeated.

"I had to spend the entire day listening to those stupid girls from the academy...you owe me," Sasuke said. "Its really hard for the 'ice prince' to act civil to those nitwits when 'Mr. sunshine' isn't with me."

"I wasn't lying," I said as I traced my fingers over the bandaged wound.

"Then why didn't you tell him about this? This is proof!" Sasuke exclaimed.

"No...he has enough problems."

"I'm worried about you..."

"I know," I said.

"Keep your promise to me alright?" Sasuke whispered.

I didn't answer. I couldn't...that attack let me see and hear things that don't make sense or make me comfortable. I can feel something...something dark and malevolent.

"Naruto...promise me," Sasuke repeated.

I couldn't promise it, all I could say was, "Someday..."

So...Sasuke has a bit of a crush on Naruto that will bloom later on. Naruto has a little crush on Kakashi. But its one of those innocent idol crushes, which will be used later to make Sasuke jealous. This is one of those fics where Naruto and Minato have a lot of problems, so please excuse the OOC Minato. I do not like making him out to be a villain...okay, I might a little, but some people enjoy the angst of their on edge relationship.

Please excuse any errors in grammar and spelling. Thank you for reading

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