Frowning, Malik unsuccessfully protested against another kiss that was brushed against his lips. "Stop—he fainted because he saw, damn it."


The other blankly looked at the unconscious body on the floor.

"Kadar is going to kill me when he wakes up later."


Malik sees Ezio.

Ezio sees Malik.

Malik prepares to leave.

Ezio says nothing.

Malik arches a brow.

Ezio trudges onwards.

Malik is confused.

Ezio keeps walking.

Malik goes to Altair.

Ezio goes to his room.

Malik threatens to castrate Altair.

Altair presses a plate to his crotch.

Malik asks what the problem is.

Altair does not know.

Malik throws a knife at Altair.

Altair hisses at the small item lodged in his butt.

Malik roars.

Altair backs away.

Malik glares.

Altair finally says what he thinks.

Malik blinks.

Altair nurses his bloody buttocks.

Malik goes to Ezio's chambers.

Ezio opens the door.

Malik stands in silence.

And brings his hands forward from behind his back.

To present a tiny baby eagle.

Ezio smiles.

Malik bites his cheek.

And thinks that Altair's birdcages were his, anyway.

Not that the latter had any say in the Grand Theft Eagle.


"You missed me, did you not?"

Surely, Ezio planted a small kiss to Malik's lips, his complacence igniting a devious grin as well as an arched brow from the other. "You missed me."

A tick. "Your overconfidence will do you no good, novice."

"You missed me." The younger male brushed a chaste embrace against his companion's cheek in amusement, smiling once more at the slight flush that swept across said being's face—perhaps, it was indubitable that he expected such a spout of denial to clash with warm hands that settled near the curve of his spine. "You missed me as much as I have missed you."

"You would not know."

The curve of his mouth was infectious.

"I beg to differ."