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At first glance, Becky Rosen was no different from any of her neighbors. She was a young, intelligent woman who lived on her own. She had long sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She liked cheesy pulp novels.

But once you scratched the surface, she was radically different from other girls her age.

She knew about the supernatural, the monsters that hid in the dark. She knew they weren't just stories. The reason she knew this was because of her ex-boyfriend. He had been a prophet who wrote his visions down as a series of novels. A few months earlier, Chuck had disappeared without a trace. He had left everything to Becky. Now, she lived in Chuck's old house. She had gotten all of his unpublished manuscripts as well, and had taken it upon herself to publish them. After reading them nonstop for a week to finish the story herself, of course.

Becky was busy fixing her breakfast- bacon and eggs, the best breakfast ever- when she heard the door to her house open. She froze and listened intently. Footsteps were coming down the hall, through the living room. Next was the kitchen. She grabbed the handle of the frying pan to arm herself.

"Becky?" Becky gasped. She knew that voice. That was Chuck's voice. Her grip on the frying pan tightened.

A young man slowly walked into the kitchen. He had messy hair and a scruffy beard that were both a dark brown. It was very obviously Chuck- or at least something that looked like him.

"Becky! Oh, thank God! Do you have any idea what's-" Becky cut Not-Chuck off with a well-aimed frying pan to the face. She heard a crunch as it hit his nose. "Ow! What was that for?" He cried, clutching his bloody broken nose. Becky dropped the pan on his foot and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She slumped down and leaned against the door, breathing heavily.

She fumbled for the phone in her pocket and scrolled through her contact list. Sam Winchester. That was who she needed to call. She pressed the button to call him. The phone rang one-two-three times before she got an answer.



"Who is- Becky? How did you get this number?"

"Chuck's emergency contact list. Sam, I need your help."

"What's wrong?" Sam's hunter instincts were taking over. That was his business voice.

"I'm at Chuck's old house, it's mine now since he died, and-"

"Chuck died?"


"Sorry, you were saying?"

"Well, something just came in that looked and sounded exactly like him. I hit it in the face with a frying pan, but it didn't knock it out and I don't think I could take it in a fight so I locked myself in the bathroom. I think it wants me for something," She said without stopping for breath. There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.

"You hit a shape shifter in the face with a frying pan?" She heard several voices in the background on Sam's end.

('Who hit a shape shifter in the face with a frying pan?' That sounded like Dean. "Becky," Sam told him. 'Ask her if she's interested in joining my Hunters,' A female voice Becky didn't recognize said.)

"Everybody shut up! Okay, Becky, we're going to figure something out to help you. Don't let it in the bathroom." She rolled her eyes. Honestly, Sam may be the perfect man, but he could be so obvious sometimes!

"Alright Sam," she said. There was a loud pounding on the door.

"Becky! Come on, let me in! It's really me, Chuck, I swear!" Not-Chuck shouted from the other side. "And I think you broke my nose…" It muttered more quietly.

"Alright. We're sending someone there now," Sam said. "Cas, Gabriel, can one of you get me-" There was a fluttering sound.

"There…" She looked up from the floor to see Sam and a short, red headed man standing there. Sam stumbled slightly.

"Sam!" She launched herself up and wrapped her arms around him in a fierce bear hug.

"Sam? What's going on in there, Becky?" Not-Chuck shouted through the door again. The three of them exchanged a long glance. The short man rolled his eyes.

"You owe me so much, Sasquatch." There was another fluttering sound and suddenly he was gone. Not-Chuck let out a loud shriek outside the door.

"Let's see, what are you?" There was a long pause. "He's not a monster. That's definitely the real Chuck." Becky jumped and turned to see him standing right behind her. "Nice job on the nose, Sweetheart." He smirked at her.

"The real…? But then that means… Oh my God! Chuck, I am so sorry!" She quickly unlocked and opened the door before flinging herself on the prophet. He slowly hugged her back.

"Aw, isn't that sweet?" The short man was standing there smirking at them, a lollipop dangling out of his mouth. Becky was hit with a sudden realization.

"Oh my God! You're him! The Trickster, Gabriel!" She shouted. She quickly flung herself onto him in a bear hug as well. "I thought it was so brave how you sacrificed yourself like that for humans! And you were going up against your own brother, too. I can't even imagine what that must have been like." He raised an eyebrow at her manic fangirl rant. "You were my second favorite character. After Sam," She finished, her eyes wide with excitement. Gabriel turned back to Sam.

"I like her," He said with a huge grin. Sam groaned and rubbed a hand over his face.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" Chuck asked. His voice sounded slightly panicky.

"You're the prophet, shouldn't you know?" Sam shot back.

"I just came back to life! Last thing I remember, I was in Heaven, with Ash and everyone else who's died for you guys, at the Roadhouse duplicate he has up there, and then next thing I know, I'm waking up on my porch!" His voice jumped up an octave as he shouted.

"Well, I'm in pretty much the same situation. Maybe Gabriel brought you back, too?" Sam looked at Gabriel for an answer. The angel shook his head.

"Not my work. Damned if I know who did it. Do I smell bacon?" Sam groaned again.

"We just ate," he said exasperatedly. Gabriel shrugged.

"I'm hungry again." Sam looked like he wanted to strangle the Trickster.

"We need to get back to Lisa's. Dean's probably freaking out," he muttered.

"Wait! Can I come with you?" Becky looked up at Sam with the best puppy dog eyes she could manage which, while not as good as Sam's, were still quite impressive.

"No! You don't know a lot about hunting in real life, just from the books, and I don't want anyone to get hurt." She scowled at him.

Chuck suddenly gave a loud gasp of pain and doubled over, clutching his head. "Chuck? Honey, what's wrong?" He stood up again and breathed deeply.

"Prophet powers still work," he said. "I need a freaking drink."

"Wait!" Sam stopped him on his way to the liquor cabinet. "What did you see?"

"Other than something involving the two of us going with you? Nothing I could process." Becky's face lit up.

"So we do get to come with?" She asked excitedly, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"No. Absolutely not."

"Sam, if the prophet says they do…" Gabriel said. He smirked at the taller man. He clearly knew how much he annoyed him, and was enjoying every second of it. Sam rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Fine. They can come with. I give up." Sam threw his hands up in exasperation. Gabriel cracked his knuckles.

"Everybody hold on tight," he said. They all placed a hand on his shoulders and a second later the three of them were stumbling in someone else's living room.

"Sam! What the hell?" Dean shouted, rounding on the group almost immediately. He froze when he saw the new arrivals. "Becky. Chuck. Awesome." He ran a hand through his hair and walked over to the couch before flopping down beside Lisa. She looked up at them and attempted a smile.

"Hello," she said in a strained voice. She turned to three people Becky didn't recognize from the Supernatural books. "Please tell me no one else is still coming." The boy gave her an apologetic smile.

"Sorry. Hey, I'm Apollo." He walked up to Becky and Chuck and shook both of their hands. "I'm a huge fan of the Supernatural books," he told Chuck excitedly, a huge, dorky grin on his face. Chuck nodded at him awkwardly.

Lisa stood up. "Does anyone want anything to drink? I feel like I'm being a bad host." The beautiful woman sitting next to Castiel smiled at her broadly.

"Thank you. That's very sweet. Can I have a water?" Lisa nodded and turned to everyone else in the room. They all shook their heads.

"So, umm... What exactly is going on?" Chuck asked. Apollo was about to answer when a loud scream and a crash came from the kitchen. Dean was on his feet and running before anyone else even realized there was something wrong.

"Lis?" A very shaken Lisa came out of the kitchen and pointed a shaky finger at Gabriel.

"If one more person pops into my house out of thin air, I'm going to- Uggh!" She threw her arms up in the air and walked back to the couch before throwing herself on it dramatically. Everyone exchanged confused looks. Gabriel looked into the kitchen and smiled.

"You're a brat," he said fondly to someone they couldn't see. A tall man with dark spiky hair and big blue eyes walked into the room.

"Yeah, well. I learned from the best," he said with a smirk, playfully punching Gabriel's shoulder.

"No, you were a brat long before he showed up," The dark haired girl next to Apollo said. The newcomer shrugged.


"Anyone else coming, Hermes?" Apollo asked.

"Athena's coming for sure. As for everyone else: Cloacina is exploring a sewer somewhere and I couldn't find her, Persephone said she'd probably help once she can actually get up here, Hera's... Hera, and Thor just threw a hammer at my head." The gods and Gabriel all winced. "I hear Illyria's back in play; want me to go talk to her? She's in Los Angeles or something."

"No, she said next time she saw me she was going to, and I quote, "Rip my face off, and use my skull as a novelty mug."" Gabriel said. Lisa gave him a terrified look.

"There is something seriously wrong with your friends, Dean, " She said.

"Gabriel is not my friend!" Dean shouted.

"Aw, Dean-o, if you keep acting like this, I'm gonna start thinking you don't like me or something," he said sarcastically. Dean glared at him. Lisa sighed.

"You know what? As long as they don't randomly pop into my house anymore, I don't care." As soon as she finished speaking, a cute red headed woman in glasses appeared in the middle of the living room. She threw her arms up into the air. "I give up! I'm just going back to bed!" She stalked up the stairs. The woman looked around for a second, confused.

"Was that my fault?" She asked, confusion showing clearly on her face. Dean gave her a pointed look.

Apollo stood up to introduce her. "Everyone, this is-"

"Athena," Sam said quietly. Her eyes lit up.

"Sammy! I haven't seen you in years!" She ran up to him and gave him a giant bear hug. Becky glared at the back of her head.

"Do you two know each other?" Gabriel asked.

"Uh... Yeah. We were at Stanford together. She was Jess' roommate before we moved in together," Sam said quietly. He looked down at the tiny woman. "I never thought she was actually the Athena, I just thought it was her name."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't want to say anything and screw up your college life and make you go all crazy hunter on me."

"Why were you at Stanford?" Gabriel asked. She shrugged.

"I wanted to go to law school."

"So, not to interrupt the reunion, but can you please tell me what's going on now?" Chuck asked, a slight whine to his voice. Sam sighed and sat back down on the couch.

"Yeah. If you guys are going to be sticking around, I guess you should know."

Kali looked around her at the ragtag bunch of gods who she had managed to gather. Hardly anyone on her team was of any worth, but she hoped that the few who were would be able to make up for that. She turned to Ares.

"Is this everyone you could find?" She asked impatiently.

"I'm not Hermes. I like to fight people, not talk to them," he grumbled back. Phobus walked up to the two of them.

"Dad? You'll never guess who just showed up." Ares turned towards the door. When he saw who was standing there, a large grin grew on his face. It was rather unpleasant, looking less like a smile and more like when a chimp will bare it's teeth to show you it's dangerous.

"This could be fun," he said softly.

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