A/N: This is just a short like one-shot prequel to the movie A Perfect Getaway. My friend, Heather Unscripted, gave me the prompt Angels by Within Temptation and this is the result. Song lyrics are in Italics.

Important Note: The story is a bit of a spoiler for the movie A Perfect Getaway so if you haven't seen it continue at your own risk.

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Faux Lives

The black Pontiac Firebird traveled down the barren desert road; the music blaring from the stereo drowning out the muffled cries coming from the trunk. The dark haired female passenger glanced back at the trunk with uncertainty. "Don't," her male companion's voice was as rough as the hand he used to turn her face back toward the windshield. Returning his hand to the gun in his lap, Steve laced his finger around the trigger. Milla shrunk away from him; fully aware that he could snap at any moment and she had the bruises to prove it. But it wasn't always like this; Steve use to be so charming and charismatic. Unfortunately, good things never last long.

You took my heart, deceived me right from the start.

Steve popped the trunk to reveal a man and woman who were both bound and gagged glaring up at him in fear. The man began to yell and thrash about trying to attack Steve but failing miserably. Steve laughed cruelly at the man before raising the gun and firing a single shot into the man's head. His thrashing stopped while the woman's frantic screaming started. Steve was originally going to wait until the victims were out of the car before he killed them to make it easier on Milla and himself; because there's nothing worse than trying to haul two dead bodies out of a trunk. Milla throw up her hands in frustration when Steve sent a bullet straight through the tied up woman's skull, "Great, now we have to carry them-" Milla quickly fell silent as Steve turned the gun on her.

There's no escape now, no mercy, no more.

Milla took a shaky breath as she stared down the barrel. After a few tense moments, Steve lowered the gun and embraced Milla, "You know that I love you and that I would never hurt you, right?" Milla remained stiff in her psychotic lover's arms but nodded her head all the same. "Good. Now let's bury our past." Milla's life was quickly turning into something she had never planned for it to be.

You broke a promise and made me realize: It was all just a lie.

The hole was dug, the bodies buried. Steve and Milla stood side-by-side staring down at the lifeless bodies of the real Steve and Milla; two people whose lives had been stolen only to be lived by impostors. The faux Steve gave a wicked grin as he began to shovel dirt back into the hole. Faux Milla's stomach is in knots as she wonders what she has gotten herself into.

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