Moonlight Heist

The moon hung in the sky behind him. He heard the sound of foot steps before he saw the small figure of Conan Edogawa.

"Why hello Tantei-kun." Kaito said making sure his hat shadowed his features. His monocle flashed and he smirked. Conan stopped and stared at him. Kaito noticed his eyes were blood shot and he didn't look well. "Tantei-kun?" Kaito asked.

"Don't call me that!" Conan yelled. His voice was hoarse and looked lost.

"What's wrong?" Kaito asked. Conan's hand went to his pocket. And pulled out a hospital form. Kaito tilted his head and snatched the paper.

'Test results. Subject is a match. The two subjects are related. Most likely brothers, twins.' Kaito looked up at Conan.

"Who were the subjects?" Kaito asked.

"Hakuba did it. I found it. It was a test of my blood with a hair from Kaitou Kid." Conan said. Kaito's Poker face broke. He frowned in a state of shock.

"I..I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what to do. But don't call me Tantei-kun. I can't be that anymore. Not when your family. Possibly my only family." Conan said.

"So what are you going to do?" Kaito asked.

"Haibara created the antidote. I stole it. I'll leave it to you what you want to do with me. We are family after all." Conan said. Kaito smiled.

"We can work together onii-san." Kaito said. Conan smiled. Kaito and Conan disappeared from the rooftop. Hakuba came up a deeply confused look on his face. Having heard the conversation…

Hakuba had heard a lot of strange things and seen even stranger when dealing with Kaito Kuroba aka Kaitou Kid. But this took the cake. He knew about the test he preformed. But he thought it was crazy impossible even.

Conan Edogawa's blood test said he was seventeen and Kaito's twin. Just hearing the conversation he knew it was true.

Conan Edogawa was somehow a teen. And was now working with Kuroba. Add to the fact Kuroba had yet to show up at school today. Why was he getting a really bad feeling. Maybe it was the fact Koizumi was watching him.

There was something odd about her…

Shinichi once normal was pretty easy to teach what his body already seemed to know. Kaito had smiled his brother was a natural at the thieving game.

He was also very good at magic seeming to know a lot already which surprised Kaito.

"So we are going to talk with um.. Our mom?" Shinichi asked glancing at the door to the Kuroba household.

"Yes." Kaito said. "Then we are going to make you a thieving outfit." He continued happily.

Shinichi sighed. Kaito opened the door. His mother.. Their mother was surprised to see them for a split second then hugged Shinichi.

"I'm sorry." Chikage said. Shinichi was shocked before returning the hug gently. Kaito smiled.

"Why?" Shinichi asked. Chikage released him and motioned to the couch. The twin boys sat down.

"Shinichi, Kaito, I met your father as his night persona . The Kaitou Kid. He never hid it from me. I was the only one to know who he was besides Jii. Soon we got married and settled down. When I learned I was having you we were happy. Then Toichi got a message from a man called Snakebite or Snake. We were terrified that he knew who Toichi was. I settled with myself that we couldn't keep you together. So Toichi contacted his most trusted student Yukiko Kudou and her husband Yusaku Kudou. And they took you in shortly after you were born. Toichi asked her to watch you and make sure this Black Organization never got to you. And now you both are together again. Your father would be proud of you both. After all only a Kuroba can corner a Kuroba." Chikage said. Both boys smiled brightly.

"We're going to get Onii-san ready for his appearance." Kaito said.

"Don't stay up to late planning boys. And Shinichi you'll be heading to Kaito's school tomorrow." Chikage said.

"Yes Oka-san." Shinichi said sadly.

"Don't worry so much. You can meet Aoko and the prick Hakuba." Kaito said.

"Hakuba.. Saguru Hakuba from England?" Shinichi asked.

"Yea." Kaito said confused.

"I've met him as Conan before." Shinichi explained.

"Ah.. Here we are." Kaito said motioning to a picture of a man that looked a lot like them.

"Tou-san." Shinichi said. Kaito nodded pressing the picture with his hand. The picture opened to reveal a room. All the Kid's gadgets lying around.

"So my doppelganger what shall your name be?" Kaito asked a smile on his face.

" Well since I'm more of a Shadow to the great Kaito Kid you think that will fit?" Shinichi said a smile on his face.

" A Shadow huh? Well I'm a Phantom thief. You must be a Ghost. Yurei Shadow. You'll need a reddish Black Kid outfit and a gold monocle. Along with a charm." Kaito said happily getting the supplies. Shinichi blinked as Kaito quickly had him in said outfit. Shinichi looked into the mirror. It actually looked quite nice.

It would stand out at night with whatever things Kaito put in it to make it shine like that. Kaito was beside him in his Kid outfit grinning. Shinichi grinned as well. They were happy to notice their grins matched.

" Now on to the heist notes." Kaito said happily. Shinichi smiled and followed him…

Hakuba didn't like this one bit. First off there were two notices in the paper. Second they were getting a new student and Kaito was extremely happy about this fact.

It seemed he was going to meet Conan Edogawa as who he truly was. But he was also interested why there were two notices. Aoko was angry and Koizumi seemed very interested in watching both Kaito and the door.

Hakuba sighed and watched the door as well.

The teacher came in a few seconds later. Pale and kept glancing from Kaito to whoever was waiting in the hall.

"Well students you might find this as a bit of a shock, but our new student is Shinichi Kuroba. Shinichi come in." The teacher said. Most of the students looked at the very happy Kaito to the figure coming in the door. Most of the jaws in the classroom dropped all at once.

Standing there was a Kaito look a like. His hair was messed up slightly and seemed a bit more tamed then Kaito's, and was darker more black then brown. Both Kuroba's had deep blue eyes. The way he smiled suggested he was going to do something and soon.

But Shinichi just sat down next to his twin. Kaito started talking to him.

Hakuba raised an eyebrow when he realized it was French. Hakuba froze suddenly. He'd heard of a Shinichi before. Shinichi Kudou. He had disappeared roughly a year ago. When Conan suddenly appeared.

Now he was here. He was Conan Edogawa the Kaitou Kid's brother. It was pretty obvious when you looked at the two of them.

Who were now conversing in Chinese, much to the confusion of the teacher and the classmates.

Hakuba finally got fed up and went over to the twins.

"Kuroba mind telling me what's going on." Hakuba stated. Aoko came over and nodded as well a mop on her shoulder.

"Well our mom told me about Shinichi. I found him told him about it. He came home. Mom explained to both of us. Now he's taken up his family name and is staying with us. Mom already contacted Oba-san and Oji-san. They were quite surprised that um.. Shin-chan discovered this. But then again he is a detective." Kaito said happily.

"Don't call me Shin-chan." Shinichi said.

"S-H-I-N-C-H-A-N." Kaito said.

Shinichi tackled the other boy. Kaito yelped unable to get away. Hakuba and Aoko watched sweatdropping.

Shinichi had managed to have both Kaito's hands behind his back while sitting on top of him.

He was taking something out of his other pocket with his free hand.

Kaito started shivering once said object was put in front of him.

"Shinichi put it away. Put it away." Kaito said. Shinichi smiled. Hakuba and Aoko stared at the stuffed fish Shinichi had place in front of Kaito.

"Not until you swear never to call me Shin-chan again otouto-san." Shinichi said.

" I swear. I swear on Tsukiyomi. Just put it away." Kaito whimpered.

"Good." Shinichi said releasing Kaito who bolted to the other side of the room. Shinichi calmly picked up the small stuffed fish and put it in his pocket.

" What was that all about?" Hakuba asked.

"Kaito has ichthyophobia or the fear of fish." Shinichi stated as Kaito slowly came back over.

"That's unfair Shinichi." Kaito said.

"No it's perfectly fair. You never stated it was against the rules." Shinichi said. Kaito began complaining in French and Shinichi responded. Hakuba just sighed and went back to his desk to read the heist notes.

'When the star does come down,

Hope shall fall around.

This magician of Moonlight,

Will shine all around.

I shall come in when you are unaware,

So make hast to prepare.

The cat named jewel shall be mine,

Kaitou Kid.'

Hakuba blinked a couple times. He knew The Star of Bombay was being shown in a museum near there. So Kaito was after it this time. Hakuba read the second note.

'You can compare the Sapphire jewel,

To a little game of tag.

I the Shadowed Magician,

Shall take the Star.

Before my opposite can take her,

Yurei Shadow.'

Hakuba made sure he read those right. Both had small identical doodles at the bottom. Yet one was white while the other black. Hakuba looked at the two twins.

He didn't really need to think about it to much. Kaito was Kid and Shinichi was Shadow. Hakuba rubbed his temples he was getting a headache and the two thieves hadn't even stolen anything yet.

The Star of Bombay was going to be shown in a few days and knowing Kid he's want to strike on the opening day.

It was more dramatic. So he's have to alert Nakamouri-keibu. Then he's have to keep an eye out for both Kaito and Shinichi.

They were sure to do something horrible to him. Hakuba sighed once again grabbing his watch. Well he had 24 minutes and 15 seconds before class got out. He'd have to hold out until then.

Hakuba looked at the window then hit his head on the desk. His hair was neon green.

What on earth did he do to seek two thieves who were in his class. He would never know.


Alright this is my first Fanfiction. Sadly it is the ones my friends found. I finally put it up. Hope you guys enjoy it.

By the way Yurei means ghost.

Second chapter will be out soon k.


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