Moonlight Heist

Lights bright and the Task Force members were in full. Every member was on full alert. Hakuba was also on full alert but for a different reason.

Akako had wanted to tag along. For the first time he saw Akako as a normal girl. She was pale and shaking. Glancing every once and a while to the black Porsche 356A in front of the building.

There was something odd about the car. And Hakuba sighed and gave into an impulse.

He placed his arm around Akako. She froze stiff.

"Koizumi-chan it will be okay." Hakuba said. Akako looked at him with her red eyes. Hakuba smiled. She was truely beautiful. Not for any natural beauty, but for an inner strength.

"It will be fine Akako-chan." Hakuba said trying to be there for her.

"No Ha.. Saguru-kun.. It won't be okay." Akako said giving into the sighed and hugged her tighter.

"Then I'll make it okay." Hakuba promised to himself and to her. He never once failed to keep a promise...

Kaito dressed as Nakamouri this time. Had yet to see Shinichi or any sign of his brother. But he had seen signs of Snake. The man looked nervous when he caught a glimze of him.

Kaito looked back towards the Hope Diamond. Everything tonight would rid on the gem. Kaito hoped Shinichi was ready. Cause he started. Showtime.

What he didn't expect was an explosion from up above.

"Everyone out. Fire." Someone yelled from above.

The Task Force members quickly began left the building. Kaito shed his dequise knowing Nakamouri was safe. An officer cam to his side. And shed his dequise to show Shinichi as Shadow.

"About time." Kaito said.

"Yeah, I got the diamond." Shinichi said showing the gem.

"Good."Kaito said. There was a shot as Hakuba fell into the room. Letting moonlight into the room. The hope Diamond flashed red.

Then all hell broke loose...

Hakuba had gotten Akako out of the building. Then charged right back in. Only to come face to face with a man in black. He ran away and fell back into the door to dogege a shot.

Beyond the door was Shadow and Kid.

"Snake." Kid sneered. The man smiled and brought the gun up. Another shot echoed down the halls. Snake looked down at the red blossoming on his chest. He sneered and lifted the gun up at Hakuba. The gun fired before Sanke fell.

Kid jumped and hit Hakuba. The shot going through his leg. Shadow was frozen.

"Snakebite had been a bug. For a long while now. Now I have three more bugs to expose of." Gin said a crazy smile on his face. Shadow growled.

"Kid , Tantei, get out." Shadow growled. THe room was plunged into darkness. Hakuba helped the injured Kid stand. AS the went back downstairs away from the glow of the fire that was spreading...

Shinichi fled through the darkness. Gin hot on his heels. Shinichi got his card gun out. A shot fired past him. Shinichi fired back The metal cards flashing in the barely lited hallway. He could feel the heat of the fire close by.

He looked at the supplies he had. The flash bombs and a couple other things that could be useful. He ducked as a bullet went through his hat.

Time to stop Gin once and for all.

The next room was a dead end. Flames licking through the roof. Smoke wrapping around him like an old friend. Gin stood in the doorway A smile that said plainly. I win.

Shinichi smiled his Detective smirk. His hat and monocle disappearing.

"Hello Gin." Shinichi said.

The fires bright. A shot rang out and the building began to fall...

Akako watched the building fall upon itself.

"The Knife will fall." Akako whispered. Tears in her eyes that finally fell. Lucfer cried out for his lost servent...

Kaito sat numby watching the officers search the remains for his lost sibling. He dimly noted Hakuba put handcuffs on him.

"Kid." Nakamouri said. Kaito looked up. Unable to move his hands. His suit still white a few tears running down his face.

"Go ahead Keibu-san. You've waited twenty years. I'm not going anywhere." Kaito said.

Nakamouri was visibly shocked. But did what he'd been waiting twenty years for. To know who Kid was. The hat and monocle fell from his hands at Kaito Kuroba.

"Kaito?" Nakamouri said shocked.

"Yes." Kaito said his eyes on the ground.

"But.." Nakamouri said.

"My father was Kid before me. I did this to find out who killed him. And for this." Kaito said the handcuffs on the ground the Hope diamond in his hands.

It stilled glowed red. A hammer appeared in one hand and in a fit of anger and viloence Kaito smashed the Hope Diamond.

"There. Snake is gone and Pandora is in peices, and my brother and father are avenged." Kaito said.

"Brother.. Shinichi wa Shadow." Nakamouri said in understanding looking at the remains of the burned building. No one could have survived that.

"Kaito I'll see about getting you a pardon for you and your brothers crimes." Nakamouri said. Kaito nodded gazing blankly at the building once again...

Ran refused to believe it. Kaito stood with Nakamouri at the Detective Agency.

"No. He can't be." Ran said. Nakamouri noddded sadly and gave the irl a black hat with red triming. It was torn a little bit and had a hole through it. It smelled like smoke. It had been all they found of Shinichi Kuroba.

Kaito had desided she desevered it more then he did. Ran hugged it in disbelieve tears springing forth from her eyes.

"No." Ran said...

Vermouth hugged her little girl. With Gin found dead in the rumble. She was able to take down the Organization form within. Now she had her little girl back.

Chris Koizumi was back for her little girl. But sad for the loss of one silver bullet...

Akako happy and no longer plagued with the hardship of magic looked at the sky. She heard something behind her. Lucfer stood a meer shadow.

I have one last thing for you. Before I am cast away from you. The Dove is safe , but may trails await. The Raven of death awaits the Dove for magic truely is real. Light magic.

Lucfer faded away. What did that mean. Akako frowned. She'd talk to Saguru tommorrow about it. Something more intersting was coming their way...

Beneath the rumble a white light grew...


It's done. Hahaha it's done.

Look for next one. Moonlit Shadows.


KKS-Kaitou Kid San