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Chapter 1: Rhia


The sun beat down upon the busy market place on Whale Island. People from all over were there, going about their buisiness, but there was one young girl in particular. Her long dark blonde hair was made up into one neat braid that reached her waist. Her eyes were deep sapphire blue and at her waist was a sacbbard and sword. Around her neck was a black cord, and whatever was on the end was hidden beneath her shirt. Over her shoulder was a dark green sling pack. She looked around nervously. She obviously didn't like being in crowds.

This girl's name was Rhia Wolf.

She was headed for a specific ship, one that would take her to the Hunter Exam. Despite the fact that Rhia didn't really know what a Hunter was, she was determined to be one. She had heard about the dangers that came with taking the Exam, and how many people died, but she didn't care. She wasn't positive that she'd pass, she just knew that if something happened to her, no one would cry about it. Rhia didn't have any family or friends, and usually kept to herself. But she was always looking for a challenge, and this was the perfect one.

As she was walking by an outdoor restaurant, she heard a commotion.

'What's going on?' she thought, pausing. Then, something suddenly flew past her head, and embedded itself into a wooden support beam. Rhia looked at the object.

A fork.

She whirled around, searching for the culprit, failing to notice the large brown spider hanging limply from the fork.

'Who the heck had the audacity to throw a fork at my head?'

Then Rhia spotted him. A boy about her age with blonde hair and a blue poncho-like-thing was sitting not far from where she stood. Rhia marched over, hands balled into angry fists at her sides.

"Hey Blondie!" she said angrily. He looked up with deep emerald green eyes.

"Are you adressing me?" he asked.

"Yes I am!" Rhia said. "Don't you know it's rude to throw things?"

"Don't you know it's rude to yell?" he countered.

An A.A.S sign appeared on Rhia's temple. (A/N: A.A.S stands for Anime Anger Sign by the way.)

"What? Listen here Blondie! Why'd you throw a fork at me?"

"Two things." The boy said, holding up two fingers. "One, I wans't aiming at you. two, it isn't my fault you were in the way."

"Why you little jerk!" Rhia yelled.

"Please stop yelling." The boy asked calmly. "You're beginning to attract a crowd."

"Fine!" Rhia yelled, storming away. "What a jerk!"

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