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Naruto is gone!

A story of what happens when you let a crappy writer like me, have some fun with crossovers and SasuNaru emotions.

Naruto raced through the trees, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sai tailing him as they hurried off to find Sasuke.

"Naruto! His team will defend him, you split up and go after him away from us. We'll handle the rest." Naruto nodded at Kakashi and came to a halt.

"Take care dickless, bring back your special bond." Naruto snorted at Sai and smacked his head.

"Shut up Sai!" Sakura sighed and broke the two apart, hugging Naruto in the process. "Good luck Naruto. And bring him back to us, to me." Naruto sighed and looked away, nodding.

"Naruto … good luck." Naruto nodded at Kakashi and left just as Karin cleared the clearing and glared at them.

"You can't take Sasuke-kun! We won't let you!" Juugo and Suigetsu came in soon after and began to charge at the Konoha nin.

Naruto sighed as the sound of battle began to fade. "I'm sorry guys, but I'm not bringing Sasuke back … and I'm not coming back. Take care." Naruto boosted his chakra to his legs and began to propel himself into a large clearing, sensing a large ominous chakra that he has come to recognize as …

"Sasuke." Sasuke looked up from his bandages and smirked at Naruto.

"Hn, Dobe." Naruto growled low in his throat, but otherwise kept calm. Sasuke stood up and began to pace, analyzing his target.

"I'm not here to fight teme. I'm here to talk." Sasuke raised an eyebrow and nodded his head to Naruto.

Naruto sighed and looked up at the sky, finding peace and tranquility in it. He snapped his head up and glared coldly at Sasuke, his stress clearly visible in his unworldly blue eyes. Sasuke could see the stress, the longing, the … tiredness in them. Naruto sighed one more time and walked closer to Sasuke, keeping his movements slow so as to not set off the Uchiha.

"Look Sasuke I'm … I'm … I fucking quit!" Sasuke stared at Naruto with shock as Naruto sighed once more and stared at the clouds. "I quit. I'm not doing this anymore. I won't chase you, I won't try anymore, I won't even think of you. You're free of me, but I don't know about the others." Sasuke stared as Naruto began to descend to the ground and stare at the clouds, laying on his back like Shikamaru would do.

"I … I just want … I just want you to leave Konoha alone. Leave them alone and extract your revenge on the elders." Sasuke stared in disbelief, not knowing how Naruto knew of his new plan. "I know because Itachi came to me and told me about his past and how Madara would fool you into thinking he himself is a victim, but he isn't. Now please, leave them alone." Sasuke glared daggers at Naruto and slowly approached him.

"Listen dobe, I will never leave them alone, they all must die and you will go with them." Naruto sighed and looked up at the sky, trying desperately to find peace in it.

"Fine … kill me now." Sasuke palled as Naruto stared him dead in the eye with all the seriousness in the world. "When I say I quit Sasuke, I mean I QUIT. I'm not going back to Konoha after this, I'm not going to face all the pain any longer and … I won't bug you anymore." Sasuke was speechless as Naruto looked at the sky once more.

Sasuke sank down beside Naruto and stared in disbelief. "Sasuke … its over. I'm done. We're through." Naruto made to get up, but was pinned down by Sasuke himself.

"Let go teme, I'm leaving." Sasuke shook his head and looked into Naruto's big blue eyes. "Naruto … you can't leave. I … I need you." Now it was Naruto's turn to stare in disbelief and become speechless as Sasuke neared his face even closer.

"wh ... what? I don't even see you anymore! And you want to kill me, so how can you need me?" Sasuke took on a pensive look which quickly turned into a perverted sneer that even Jiraya would be proud of. "Easy … because all that time I was running away from you. I lusted after you Na-ru-to." With that said, Sasuke moved quickly in to capture Naruto's lips, making said blonde freeze.

Sasuke pressed his lips harder onto Naruto's, trying to get him to cooperate, but Naruto stayed still, processing all that was happening in his mind. Sasuke soon grew tired and forcefully bit Naruto's bottom lip, making Naruto gasp and giving Sasuke the perfect opportunity. Sasuke plunged his tongue into Naruto's warm cavern, tasting the sweetness that was Naruto. He moaned and began to roam all over Naruto's mouth, invading and conquering everything in his reach. Sasuke's tongue soon reached Naruto's and tried to coax it to play with him, but the tongue stayed still, Naruto being to nervous and still stunned to do anything.

Sasuke pulled away from Naruto and stared at the blushing, stunned blonde as he opened his eyes and stared at Sasuke. "Sasuke … I … Just kill me already! Its too late for this shit! I've eliminated Pein, made friends with Konan, lost Erro-sennin, and almost lost Kakashi-sensei and Shizune-nii! I don't want to feel anymore pain. Those villagers see me as a hero, but …" Sasuke stayed still as Naruto started to sob. Something in his heart started to break as Naruto's tears began to flow freely. He reached for Naruto, comforting him with gentle touches and strokes.

"But after that incident on that mission, they all criticize me, they all hate me. And I've grown to forget about hatred, but when it comes even from my makeshift family … how can it not hurt? So please, just don't do anything to Konoha, and … don't come after me, or just kill me now." Sasuke's heart lurched at the thought of loosing his precious blonde, the object of his desires, the light to his dark world, and the key to his heart. He hugged the blonde close, not letting him go even when he began to struggle, and a miracle happened.

Sasuke was crying. He cried into Naruto's neck, he held the blonde closer, not wanting him to see the tears. Naruto could feel Sasuke's silent weeps, could feel the riverlets of tears, could smell the salty scent of tears. He hugged Sasuke back, comforting Sasuke as he comforted him.

"Sasuke …?" Sasuke stilled and looked up into Naruto's eyes.

"Naruto … I'm sorry. I … love you and I can't let you go!" Naruto's heart stopped beating and he smiled at Sasuke.

"Good, then I'm not the only one in love. I love you Sasuke, but if you kill all those innocent people, you won't see me again." Sasuke nodded, smirking at how Naruto managed to ruin a love filled moment.

Naruto kissed Sasuke, his mouth opening and offering his essence to Sasuke who took the opportunity and roamed Naruto's mouth once again. Naruto submitted immediately to Sasuke and enjoyed the moment of bliss brought to him by Sasuke. The kiss lasted a long time, leaving Naruto in a daze and Sasuke smirking at a panting, blushing, adorable Naruto.

Naruto thrusted his hips up against Sasuke's, making him groan out in pleasure. He began to move his hips in a circular motion against Sasuke's, every once in a while thrusting them harder. Sasuke began to groan and mark Naruto's neck as he kept pace with the blonde kitsune's thrusts. Naruto began to pant even more as the speed of the thrusts began to quicken, holding onto Sasuke for dear life as he felt a burning sensation deep in the pit of his stomach. Sasuke hugged the blonde closer as they both climaxed together, riding out their orgasms with each other and laying together.

"Sasuke … I … I'm sorry …" Sasuke raised an eye brow at Naruto, but soon his vision began to fade into black and the last thing he saw was Naruto kissing him good bye. "… I'm so sorry, but I have to leave … go to Tsunade … go to Konoha … I love you …"

'I love you … Naruto …' Sasuke thought as his vision finally faded into black.

Naruto watched as Sasuke's eyes finally closed. He watched with teary eyes as Sasuke's face turned into a relaxed expression. He turned away, reaching into his kunai pouch and pulling out a storage scroll that had the kanji of HOKAGE SEAL. He placed it beside Sasuke and kissed him one more time, before leaving the clearing, casting a rain jutsu that Nagato gave him to wash away his tracks.

Naruto sprinted through the trees, the rain following after him, splitting up in random directions every time he thrusted his arm out.

'Erro-sennin, I am your legacy, but I'm tired, please forgive me.' Naruto stopped in his tracks once the ocean of the new world came into view. He stepped on the water, the waves under his feet relaxing him as he took off in a run, away from the hidden lands, and away from home.

He ran for hours on end, day and night he didn't stop until he could see land once again. 'Ok, so Erro-sennin said he had come to the new lands once long ago. Now where do I … wait! Erro-sennin left me a scroll to find my way!' Naruto stopped on a tree and took out a green scroll. He opened it and the first thing he saw was … a white mist?

The mist sprang out and covered him, making him feel a tingling on his body. Just as suddenly as the mist had came, it was gone, but Naruto felt something about himself change.

"What the hell happened?" Naruto looked at the scroll once again and opened it up even further, feeling as if something happened.

If you're reading this, which you are, it means either something has happened to me and I'm not there to help you, or you are tired of the village and ran away for a while and I'm dead. I'm gonna go with the ladder. But anyway, I'll help you out in hiding from the ninjas for your journey to find yourself, but first you have to do one last mission for me. But before you go, I want you to go to a special place where there will be more for you to behold. Go there and the next step will be there.

Naruto stared at the scroll, determined to go and do this one last mission for his master. "I'll do it Erro-sennin, for you." Naruto took off once again, heading due north towards a large clearing in the dense forest. Once there Naruto placed the scroll on the ground as the instructions said and then suddenly, a large mansion appeared in the clearing.

Naruto took a step into the mansion and stared in amazement at the spectacular display before him.

"Oi Gaki! Over here!" Naruto turned, startled at the voice of the one person he knew shouldn't be there, but there he was. Sitting on a chair in the middle of the large living room was Jiraya himself, grinning at the stunned expression on Naruto's face.

Jiraya waved sheepishly at Naruto as he neared Jiraya and poked him, "Uhh … Hey Gaki. Seems the jutsu worked, you're here … hello? Can you hear me?"

Naruto stared at his late master and shook his head, trying to clear away frustrating thoughts. "Yeah, I can hear you! But …" Jiraya rolled his eyes and pointed to the scroll in Naruto's hands. "Told you there was more to behold." Jiraya chuckled as Naruto sweat dropped and rolled his eyes.

"Hey … what was the mist for, and how are you here?" Jiraya stopped his chuckling and smiled, motioning Naruto closer to him.

"The mist was a jutsu that makes you speak other languages and Shinigami made a deal with me, he also made one with every hokage … check this out." Jiraya walked out of the room, only to reappear with every hokage to ever live.

"Naruto … meet the Hokages of the leaf's past. Leaf's Hokages … this is Naruto, the one I told you would be Hokage." Jiraya grinned to the Hokages as he presented his proud pupil, but Naruto stayed still and quiet.

"Erro-sennin … I -"Naruto was cut off by a loud guffaw coming from the man at the end, laughing at Jiraya. "Hahahaha Shihou! That's the perfect name for you." Sarutobi chuckled and nodded in agreement as Jiraya retreated to the corner and a dark aura appeared above him.

Sarutobi stared curiously at Naruto as he looked at the ground with shame. "Naruto … what were you about to say before Minato interrupted?" Naruto looked up, meeting the eyes of Sarutobi as he began.

"Erro-sennin I … I quit. I will not go back to Konoha, not even after I find myself. I've left them all behind, all the hatred, all the fights, all the assassinations. I've even made Sasuke not attack the villagers." Jiraya gasped in astonishment and looked at his pupil with remorse.

"Look, after I defeated all the bodies of Pein, and made friends with Konan … I realized that there will always be hatred for me. And after that, we had to go on a top secret mission and … I failed. I failed, but what hurt me most was not the hatred from the villagers, no I'm used to that, what hurt me most was … that my makeshift family all hated me."

Naruto looked down to the floor and sighed, trying to find a way to help them understand. "Look Erro-sennin, I love the leaf so, I went after Sasuke and told him to not kill the villagers, but to go after the elders. He should be awake and at the village by now, I convinced him to go back home." Jiraya stared in astonishment as Naruto told them of Sasuke's return home.

"Wait a minute! You … defeated … PEIN?" Naruto chuckled at his sensei's antics and nodded, his eyes brightening right on the spot. "Yeah … you wanna see how?" Jiraya nodded in absolute excitement and Naruto began to draw in chakra.

He could feel the natural chakra in the air and absorbed it. He could hear the gasp from Jiraya and smirked as he opened his eyes to reveal his sage mode. "Impressed? I heard you looked like a toad mix when you were in sage mode." Jiraya retreated to a corner to sulk about how his pupil really did surpass him.

Sarutobi rolled his eyes at Jiraya and motioned Naruto closer, "Listen Naruto, I know how much you hate the looks, ever since you were a kid, but that is no reason to drop your dreams and leave the village." Naruto nodded and smiled at him in a kind and gentle way.

"I know old man, I know. Maybe after this mission, I will go back. Either way, I'll let you know." Sarutobi smiled at Naruto as he made his way over to the middle of the hall.

"Oi Erro-sennin! Check this out!" Naruto called out his clones and began to form a small rasengan, which turned into a slightly bigger rasengan which in turn began to have wind properties. Jiraya stared at the awesomeness that was Naruto as he began to form his Fuin: Rasen-shriken.

They all stared at the shear power that was projected from the powerful rasengan and once more their jaws dropped as he threw the Fuin: Rasen-shuriken out the window and hit a 2-ton tree which fell to the ground, groaning on impact.

"Pretty good, eh? That is the work of a modified rasengan." Naruto grinned at their astonished expressions as he sat on the floor.

"B-But … I never … finished developing … the rasengan." Naruto looked up at Minato as he stuttered about the rasengan. "Oh I know that Dad but me, Erro-sennin, Kakashi-sensei, and Yamato-taicho worked hard on it." Minato's jaw dropped at the thought of his son working with his ex-student, smirking when Naruto smiled genuinely at the thought of his sensei.

Jiraya rolled his eyes at all three of them and turned to look at Naruto, "He learned the rasengan in one week, he developed his own style of rasengan in one and a half weeks, and made the Fuin: Rasen-shuriken in one week as well." Naruto smirked and looked at Jiraya, "AND I mastered the sage mode in FOUR days. After which I had use to go defeat the great Pein and his six bodies." Minato stared in astonishment as everything became clear in his head while Jiraya ran to his corner to sulk one more time. "That … is … SO DAMN GREAT!" Soon after his outburst, Minato was gone.

"Well … that was unexpected. Anyways, I should really get on that mission yo-" "Wait." Naruto turned his attention to the Shoidai and Hidaime Hokages, who were both quiet the whole time. Naruto bowed towards them and kept quiet as they spoke.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you are a special person. You've surpassed both your senseis and even your own father. Now tell us, why is it that a little trouble comes, and you quit like a coward and leave." Once the Shoidai finished Naruto stood straight and stared at the floor. "I am no coward. And I'm not running away, I need to find myself and take care of a few things. No one knows the future, even I don't know what will happen after this mission, but I will say this. I AM NO COWARD. I am the son of the Yondaime, the last Uzumaki, the last jinchuuriki, and the last person to hold hope for peace in the land of ninjas."

The Shoidai and Hidaime nodded at him and shared a smile. "Well that's great, but why did it take people hating you, for you to leave?" Naruto sighed and stared out the window at the clouds. "I shall tell you a story of a boy. There was once a boy in a village that was orphaned since the day he was born. Many people ignored him, many hated him, but what everyone did was hurt him. At the time, the boy didn't know that he housed a demon inside him, but he went on living. During his child hood, many attempted to assassinate him, rape him, even humiliate and sell him into slavery. But the boy escaped even when all odds were against him."

Naruto didn't notice that his father came back with his mother, who was already at tears at the news that his son was here. They listened to the rest of the story as Naruto shed tears.

"He would find a way to get attention, and usually it was bad, but he did it anyway. He met a teacher who at first ignored him, hated him, humiliated him. It didn't take but a single assassination attempt to the young boy's life, for the teacher to realize that he did wrong. Years passed and he made friends with other kids. He even made friends with another who housed a demon and even managed to change that other boy's opinion about love and friends. He had many friends soon after, but his best friend left. The boy went after him, but he lost in the great battle between them, where the entire village hated the boy for not bringing him back and even accused him for trying to kill his best friend. More years passed and his master, the man he almost felt was his real family, died. It left him devastated, but he moved on. Most in the village still hated him, but didn't push him. Then came they day when the village was attacked and completely destroyed. That day, the boy saved them all, but his happiness was short lived for one day, in a mission, he messed up and even his friends hated him.

"Now put yourself in that boy's shoes and tell me, wouldn't you hurt in the inside? To live a life without your parents, to loose your best friend and future love?" Naruto became silent and looked off to the left as they all processed the information.

"Oh my baby! We didn't know you would have to endure that!" Naruto looked up to see a red head crying into his father's chest and breaking away to hug him. He smiled at her and shook his head. "No need to be sorry mother, it's alright I lived through it and that's what counts. Anyway, that is why all it took was people hating me to make me leave, but I will be back." The Shoidai and Hidaime nodded and smiled a little at Naruto in sympathy.

"Oh that reminds me! Old man! Konohamaru wants to tell you something." Sarutobi looked up from his pondering and nodded at Naruto to go on. "Well he says …" Naruto formed a transformation jutsu and turned into Konohamaru, then transformed again using his orioke-no-jutsu and, "… I finally beat you!" In Naruto's place where Konohamaru stood, a sexy girl with black hair stood there sending kisses at Sarutobi who fell back with a huge nosebleed and fainted. A flash could be seen as Sarutobi fell with his nosebleed and a puff of smoke appeared.

"YOSH! I did it! This will be Konohamaru's birthday present! I just need a signature of the old man, and it will be perfect!" Everyone stood gaping at a happy dancing Naruto and an unconscious Sarutobi. "I knew sensei was a pervert, but I didn't know that it was closer to my level," pondered Jiraya as he poked Sarutobi's leg.

"Hey Naruto … where did that hickey come from?" Jiraya raised his eyebrow suggestively and poked Naruto in the ribs, making the blonde blush and splutter.

"Was it from … Sasukeeeee?" Naruto's blush grew in intensity and he fell down anime style, making everyone laugh and his mother take a picture. "Aw! My little boy is all grown up and belongs to some Sasuke character!" Naruto sweat dropped and growled.

"I DO NOT!" Everyone laughed once again as the blonde stood up and pouted.

"Alright! lets get on with this mission! So tell me what it's about!" Naruto yelled, pumping his hands into the air as Kushina smiled and cried some more, proud that her son turned out to be so good.


Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and the old team 8, along with Iruka were in front of Tsunade as she paced and stared out the window behind her desk, waiting her orders. "Alright look, I'll come clean with this … Naruto ran away."

Sakura and Kakashi stared at her in bewilderment as the old team 8 let their jaws drop. "Naruto … did … WHAT? That BAKA! And right after Sasuke-kun came back for us, what the hell was he thinking? Just wait till I get my hands on tha—" Sakura was cut off by a deep growl coming from Sasuke.

"YOU will not lay a single finger on my dobe! Or do you forget that it was because of NARUTO that I came back? Because Naruto is the only one I came back for, the rest can die in a cave and rot for all I care, but since the dobe likes you, I won't kill you." Sakura remained silent as the Uchiha brooded over not having his dobe near him.

"Second announcement, Naruto requested that Uchiha not be executed or put in jail, and since Naruto asked for it, you won't, but hear this right now, you will be monitored at all times!" Sasuke nodded and held his hand up.

"Wait, why does he get to say if the Uchiha gets put in jail or not?" Kiba asked, honestly curious.

"Because … He is the son of Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage, and he holds more power than the council, and now me since he will be the new Hokage when he gets back." Everyone nodded, making an "Oh" as Tsunade smirked at their facial expressions.

"Wait, one condition," Tsunade nodded for Sasuke to state his condition, "SAKURA doesn't get anywhere near me and would someone PLEASE crack open her damn delusional head and tell her I'm gay and I'll never like her." Tsunade stood gaping like a fish as Sasuke smirked and glanced out the window.

Tsunade sighed and nodded, throwing Sakura a glance that meant business. "Alright, you all have a mission, this mission was left behind by Jiraya, so its very important. Jiraya found some lands out of the Elemental Countries and thought we should investigate. Your mission is to travel to that place, gather information, and … find out if they are enemies of friends." They all nodded and made their way out, but were stopped when Tsunade coughed.

"Be at the gates in 4 hours tops, any later and you will be left behind." They all nodded and scattered, leaving Tsunade to think about the meeting. 'Naruto … where are you? I need you here to control the Uchiha.' She sighed and sat down, for once not drinking sake and starting her work early.


"Wow, that's a great mission! Alright considering the information you've given me, my prior knowledge, and listening to you guys talk in a group huddle about the mission I'd say … I need clothes to fit in, a "phone" that can let me communicate with you guys using chakra, a map of the city I'll be staying in, a car, an insider's guide to find the enemies and figure out if they know of the Elemental Countries or not, and a pet." Jiraya and Sarutobi were stunned that Naruto, THE most knuckle-headed, tackle-the-mission-without-thinking, ninja of the village, could come up with such an exact answer without even being told little more than a mission outline.

"Wait … why a pet?" Naruto smirked and turned towards them, his smirk only growing at the sight of Jiraya's curious expression. "Because I really want one!"

"What the fuck? You seriously are one unpredictable ninja Naruto."Naruto smirked and suddenly vanished into thin air, only to reappear outside, visible to everyone through a window.

"What was that? He was faster than me!" Everyone turned to see a stunned Minato staring at his son meditating and glowing in a blue-red chakra mix.

"I believe I know what it is … him being himself, his true self, the one he hid all his life." Everyone threw Jiraya a questioning look as he smiled towards his pupil.

"Look, back when I took him on our 2-year training trip, he told me that his life was a lie, that he could never be himself for fear of the villagers. I never understood and so, I brushed it off, but now I do. In the village, everyone thinks Naruto was an idiot, but in reality, he was - no IS an exceptional ninja, surpassing even the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans. But if the villagers would have known that, they would have believed that Kyuubi was behind it and ordered him killed. Now that he doesn't need to worry about it anymore, he can finally be himself.

Jiraya heard a small sniffling sound from Minato's direction and turned to spot Kushina in Minato's embrace. "Oh my dear son! He had to go through all of that alone!" Kushina turned towards the window to see Naruto making various hand signs and muttering under his breath.

"But he sure is an exceptional boy, I'm happy he grew up well." Minato smiled and hugged his wife as they watched Naruto cast his jutsu on a cellphone that was in front of him. Naruto jumped up and down with joy and suddenly vanished, only to reappear half a second later in front of them, smiling excitedly and holding up a beautifully painted cellphone with a nine tailed fox as its design job. The design of the phone was exquisite, depicting a peaceful fox with beautiful fur.

Everyone stared in awe as Naruto beamed happily over his work. "Like it? I made it especially for me, so only I can use it since its fused with my chakra." The Hokages whistled in amazement at Naruto's advanced craftsmanship and Jiraya and Kushina both smiled happily at him.

"Alright gaki, you still need your supplies, your clothes, that car you wanted, and a pet if you want to fit in." Naruto smirked knowingly at Jiraya, which had him puzzled as to why Naruto was smirking. "Erro-sennin, I already have that." Naruto whistled and 20 clones all gathered around, presenting him his tools, clothes and one clone outside inside a black Lamborghini Murcielago with a nine tails painted on the hood, sides, and back, showing off a beautiful mural of running foxes all around. "I even found a pet! Its a small nine tailed fox and his name will be Kyuubi." Everyone palled at the new information, readying themselves to attack the fox if it tried anything, thinking that it was the real Kyuubi somehow free of his prison and here to kill Naruto.

However, they all stared in amazement as another clone entered the hall carrying a very small fox with beautiful orange fur and black tail ends and paws. It had beautiful unusual blue eyes and yellow streaks over its head and back, making it seem as if it were Naruto himself in fox form. Naruto smiled sheepishly as he picked the fox up from his clone's arms and nuzzled it close. "If I can't keep him, then I wont go!" Jiraya chuckled at Naruto's antics and swatted his hand at him.

"It's alright Gaki, just say that he is a rare Japanese fox cat and everything will be alright, after all … those have been extinct for quite some time now." Naruto chuckled and began to walk over to Minato and Kushina, hugging them close and smiling as they almost suffocated him. "We're not going anywhere Naruto, Shinigami made us a promise! And if that bastard decides to go back on his word … well lets just say he won't have a reputation anymore." Naruto chuckled, feeling like he would rather not know what his mother would do to the Shinigami.

"Well, get going! Oh and before you leave … grab some money from the money room and buy 17 acres of land, then lay the scroll in the center and step back. Because you are taking this house with you." Naruto sighed and nodded, walking out to the door and turning back around. "Wait … aren't you guys coming as well?" Sadly they looked away, knowing full and well that the intensity of Naruto's uke-eyes would be too much for them.

"Sorry Naruto, but … Shinigami only lets us come here once a week, and we're let out for about 2 days, you came just when we were about to leave." Naruto sighed, hugging everyone one by one and sniffling when he got to his parents.

"Listen here Naruto, we don't care who it is you love, as long as you love them. We just wanted to say that because … we've missed so much! Have a good time and next time we come back … it'll be on Friday and some time on Saturday, so take care." Naruto chuckled and nodded, hugging his mother tighter as she let go.

"Son, take good care and … I know about your merge with Kyuubi, be careful with that power." Naruto nodded and laughed, letting go of his old man and watching as they all left. "Naruto! The money room is right behind you!" Naruto rolled his eyes, "Just like Erro-sennin to think I'm still an idiot." Naruto sighed as he began to walk, Kyuubi waking from his nap in his arms. Kyuubi leaped onto his shoulder and hid inside his jacket as he began to walk.

"Alright, so we're going to … go to Tokyo? Well … that's good I guess." Kyuubi looked up at Naruto and mewled, purring and rubbing himself into Naruto's neck.

"Geez Kyuubi, are you a cat or a dog?" Kyuubi just stared at him innocently and mewled once more as Naruto rolled his eyes and opened the door to the money room.

"Money room? More like a treasure room! Damn, there is so much paper, copper, iron, and gold in here to buy the whole damn world if I wanted to!" Kyuubi yipped and jumped off, running over to a wall opposite from Naruto where there was a wall of mirrors. Kyuubi jumped and growled at his reflection, trying to scare away the strange fox there.

"Kyuubi! That's you you silly fox!" Naruto yelled with an arm full of gold in his hands. "Lets go Kyuubi before you hurt yourself." Kyuubi huffed and followed after a giggling blonde as he stuffed the gold into his pockets and walked out of the mansion, picking up the scroll and walking away.

"Alright Kyuubi, lets go to Tokyo and buy some land." Naruto sighed as Kyuubi yipped and ran off in front of him, making him walk faster. 'I hope I don't have to run into anything bad, I'll just use Gamakichi to send the information over to Tsunade.'


Tsunade huffed as everyone assembled in front of her. "There's going to be a change in the line up. Neji is going with you, that way you have three pairs of eyes." Everyone nodded, Neji making his way over to Hinata and smiling at her. "Kakashi and Iruka are to be the leaders in this, which means you follow their orders to the fullest, got that Uchiha?" Sasuke scoffed and nodded, wanting to be out hunting his blonde than doing the stupid mission with them.

"Sakura and Hinata, tend to anyone you may, even if they're not in battle, we need to know what they're sicknesses are." They nodded and bowed deeply to her, making her smile at them.

"The mission is simple, get in, get out, don't get caught. If even one of you is caught, try to get them out and leave at once." They nodded and waited for her orders.

"You are to go across the Elemental Countries and over to the oceans of the new lands, that is where you will find these lands that Jiraya was speaking about. There will be no communication with me what so ever, and most of all … you're all on your own. Take care and do this right, for the sake of us all." They nodded once more before taking to the trees, leaving Tsunade looking after them.

"So … Uchiha, why did you come back?" Sasuke looked over at Neji and Kiba, wondering how the hell they managed to synchronize their words at the same time perfectly.

"Naruto came to me, he said he was tired of all the hate, that no matter what he did, it would always come back to him. He told me about the defeat of Pein, how after that there was a mission and he messed up. Now tell me … what did he do to make you all hate him so much and harm him that way? He trusted you, and you all let him down!" Everything went quiet, the guilt of their actions finally hitting them all full power.

"I should have defended him, yet I didn't. I didn't know he hurt so much, he was always smiling that smile and telling me he was alright." Sasuke sighed and looked over to Iruka, nodding for him to continue.

"He … he was the commanding officer on a mission, and he messed up on his plan, which made everyone in his squad die, everyone except him. When he came back and tried to explain, they didn't listen and thought he was only saving himself and didn't care about the rest. I should have been there for him!" Kakashi sighed and placed a comforting hand on Iruka's shoulder, making everyone stop as Iruka tried to gather himself up.

"So that's it? Because of one single mistake … you condemn him to life? What about all of you? Huh? You all thought he was "The Kyuubi" You all mistreated him, hated him, and even tried to get rid of him! Yet he was innocent of it all! All the damn accusations you placed on him, yet he forgave you all. What he did … it was nothing to what everyone in this whole damn shit hole of a village did! And time after time, he went out, risked HIS life, and saved you all even though he didn't have to do a single thing for all of you assholes! What were you all thinking? Tell me now damn it!" Sasuke was seething by the end of his speech, everyone's eyes downcast and trembling with guilt.

"This is why I left the damn village, why I didn't want to come back! Yet he, my dobe, my blonde, my Naruto, he came after me time, after time, after time! He didn't give up hope, and he ESPECIALLY did not say he loved me and then stay in the god damn village the whole time missions were given out to come find me!" Sakura flinched, the harshness of the words getting to her because they were the truth, she didn't do a single thing to go after Sasuke, yet Naruto did.

"What's the matter Sakura? You finally opening your god damn eyes? Time after time, all you were was a liability, Naruto and I got hurt during every single fight we had together as a team just because you got in the way! Because of you, he would get trapped trying to save you! Because of you, I was bitten by that damn pedophile snake bastard! Because of YOU I left! I had a better chance of staying if you would have told Naruto to come with you that night to stop me! Yet you didn't did you?" Sakura cried, slightly pained that Sasuke was attacking her, but more happy that he was telling her what she did wrong.

"And the rest of you … was it really necessary to act that way towards him?" Kakashi snapped and lashed out, pushing Sasuke away from them all. "What about you? What reasons did you have to do that to Naruto?" Sasuke smirked, chuckling an evil chuckle and looking at them like a predator would to his prey.

"My reasons? Well Kakashi, my reasons are simple enough … I lusted after the idiot, every single thing that he did, whether it was eating his prized ramen, or that training with the trees you gave us. I was always holding back from raping his ass and claiming him as mine. Finally I couldn't stop myself and had to go. I thought that if I left the temptation, that it would be better, but each and every time that we met, he would always tempt me with his delicious body. Each and every time, he would always make me wish I could just rape him and keep him locked up In a closet, but I couldn't. So you see, I had my reasons, now tell me yours." Everyone gaped at Sasuke as he drooled over the thought of Naruto.

"Whoa! I knew you were … unusual, but I never would have thought on a rapist level!" Everyone stared at Kiba as he fell laughing, making Sasuke smirk and Neji chuckle. "Well you see Uchiha, we didn't do anything, the one who did is a certain banshee that wouldn't stop saying he was an idiot." Sasuke growled and turned away from them, jumping into the nearby tree and slashing a branch off of it with pure, raw, power.

"Let's go, we've wasted enough time here already." They nodded, following after Sasuke and his weird mood swings.

"No but really Uchiha … what was the last thing you and Naruto did." Kiba yelled out, trying to learn more of his knuckle headed buddy and the moody Uchiha. "We rubbed on each other until we came and he left, saying to go back to Konoha and Tsunade. He also asked me not to kill you all or he would never speak, listen, or even let me taste him ever again and well … that would just be a tragedy! I NEED my damn blonde damn it!" Everyone sweat dropped as Sasuke began to mutter something about blonde asses that will be his and then proceeded to drool.

~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~...Somewhere in Tokyo...~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

Naruto stood in the middle of a field, thinking about how big it was just as a man walked up behind him. "Excuse me sir, but this field is 18 acres, and I'm sure it will be enough, so have you made your decision?" Naruto smiled and nodded, handing over a small black case with the money he exchanged the gold for inside. "Yes, but I would like to go to the middle of it if it's alright with you, then you may leave. I'm planning on building my house here and would like to see it from the middle." The man nodded, glad that he didn't have to stay another minute, before leading Naruto to a small golf cart and driving to the middle, behind a bunch of huge trees and leaving him there.

"Take care young man! And I hope you're construction will be successful!" Naruto nodded, smiling as the man disappeared behind the trees then left. Naruto made 20 clones, each one going off with some money in their pockets and a mission to buy supplies.

20 minutes later the place was filled with many things and talking clones. "Alright guys Today we—what the hell? Why did you guys buy flowers?" The clones all grinned and looked sheepishly at the ground. "Boss … we want to plant!" Naruto sighed and nodded, going to the middle of the clearing and placing the scroll there.

"HIT THE DECK! It's going to burst!" Naruto yelled as he jumped out of the way of a newly formed mansion. Everyone stared in awe as it made a perfect shadow over them. "Alright, we're going to make a drive way, then you guys can plant shit and all of that." Everyone nodded and began working, digging the hole for the cement and moving the gardening supplies over near the mansion.

Once everything was finished, they nodded and walked over to Naruto, who was putting some finishing touches on the sides of the driveway. "We're done boss … can we work on it now?" Naruto sighed as Kyuubi yipped, nodding to them as Naruto did the same. The clones all squealed and giggled, making Naruto sweat drop as they ran over to the hundreds of roses, tulips and other flowers there. Some even carried in large willow trees and laid them over on the sides as Naruto picked up the iron gates and began to work on the perimeter of the house.

"Geez Kyuubi, they sure are a funny bunch, and they're me!" Kyuubi smiled and yipped, running along and helping Naruto with his tails.

"Lets just hurry up and finish the yard so we can start the real mission tomorrow, I really want to get around this city, it seems lively, but the real city is still two miles away from me, but it'll be worth it since it's peaceful here." Kyuubi purred as Naruto set up the last of the iron gates, some clones appearing with paints to paint them.

"Please boss?" The clones used Naruto's uke-eyes against him, making him glare at them and blush.

"F-Fine … my own attack used against me, how shameful!" Naruto sighed dramatically as the clones chuckled and began to paint the gates.

"Alright guys, I'll make some more of you guys and go to sleep, you guys finish up here."

"HAI!" Naruto sighed as he created more clones, going inside and then taking on a puzzled look. "Which room is mine?"

~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~...Somewhere in the middle of Tokyo...~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

[From here on … 'Japanese' … 'English', got it? Good xD]
"Where the hell are we?" a raven haired guy seethed, tired of the chase he was a part of.

"Looks like we're back in Tokyo … sweet!" The green boy yelled out, making everyone sweat drop.

"Alright, lets scout out and go see if we can find a place to stay, we won't be able to leave until we find Red X again and put a stop to him. Titans, Go!" They spread out, asking anyone they could find for a place to stay.

"RAVEN! WAIT UP!" Raven sighed and turned around, seeing Starfire behind her smiling as she caught up. "Tonight is a wonderful night for the scouting of homes, don't you think?" Raven sighed and kept going forward as Starfire began to chat animatedly behind her.

"Look Starfire, it's Tokyo, I don't think we'll find a place without them asking for money in return, and after Robin's foolishness … they might ask for a large sum to cover his 'activities'. So I say we go find the others and find a way to get out of this mess." Starfire sighed and nodded, feeling like it was futile to argue, since she thought the same too.

"Lets just get this over with and get back to Jump City." Raven said as she flew away from her and towards the center of the city, looking of her other team mates and asking people along the way for a place to stay.

"Come on BB, hurry up and lets get going!" Beast boy groaned in annoyance as he walked further, his old fangirls stalking him from behind. Raven sighed as she and Starfire landed behind them, startling Beast Boy into jumping ten feet in the air, also causing the fangirls to squeal because of that.

"Geez! Don't do that! I almost crapped my pants because of you!" Beast boy yelled as he pointed his finger into Raven's face. "Uh … yeah." Cyborg shook his head and rolled his eyes, walking ahead and asking a random passer by for a place to stay.

"I say we find Robin and find a way to get back to Jump City, these people won't help us without asking for money, and last time I checked, we don't chase villains with money on us, now do we?" Everyone stared at Beast Boy as if he grew two heads.

"I was just about to say that … how did you..." Beast boy rolled his eyes and scoffed at Raven.

"I'm not just some idiot! If you would take the time to get to know me, you'll find out that I am quiet smart, I just don't use it much." They all nodded, sighing as a familiar cloned—head of blonde approached them lugging a bunch of plants and soils with him.

"Excuse me, but … do you have some room for us to stay at your place? We have no money and our team leader needs a place to stay for us." The Naruto clone raised an eyebrow at Cyborg, contemplating on what he said.

"Great, another one who doesn't know English!" The Naruto clone smirked and nodded, motioning for them to follow him.

"Sorry, you're just the first person to ask me is all. And yeah, I have plenty of room, let me just call up home and say I'm bringing some people over … some weird people." The Naruto clone chuckled as he pulled out a cloned copy of the real Naruto's phone, calling up the real Naruto and explaining the situation.

"He says its alright for you guys to come, but for me to hurry on up because he needs me." They all nodded, Cyborg calling up Robin through his communicator and nodding.

"Robin says he is on his way." Just as he said that, Robin appeared in front of them, startling everyone except the Naruto clone. "Hello, I'm Robin, the team leader." The Naruto clone nodded and smiled, motioning for them to follow as he lugged the small cart filled to over it's capacity of gardening supplies.

"I'm just someone, the real one you will meet at home, now come along. He said I have to get there soon with the stuff." They all watched as the Naruto clone pulled the cart along as if it only carried a feather. They walked and walked, making good progress as the Naruto clone walked faster than them, surprising them even more.

"Hey, what did you mean by, the real one you will meet at home?" Raven asked, the question bugging her ever since he had said it.

"I meant what I meant. We're here." They all lifted their gazes to a giant mansion hidden behind giant trees and a gate, painted with golden nine tailed foxes. "Hey 12! Good work on the outside!" Another man, identical to the man guiding them appeared and nodded, smiling as he opened the gates.

"Thanks 1, but you should see inside!" They walked in, turning around to see the gates on the inside, they were decorated in a scenery of a large village with mountains as far as the eye can see and a maintain face with faces carved into them. "You think Boss will like it?" The clone, now named 1, nodded and smiled, bringing in the Titans and the cart as 12 shut the gates.

"Alright guys, 1 came back with more flowers!" there were squeals of all kinds as the clone was bombarded with more clones, each one smiling and taking some supplies.

Naruto walked out of the mansion, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and Kyuubi jumped up on his head and curled up. He watched as the clones jumped on the first clone, rolling his eyes and walking down. "ALRIGHT! Geez, I leave to go to sleep for a moment and you guys are all over each other!" Everyone's head snapped up, nodding and bowing down to Naruto as he rolled his eyes and motioned for them to finish up.

Naruto scanned the clones, his eyes catching on the new comers and a sheepish looking clone standing before them. He sighed as he walked over, staring expectantly at the clone. "Erm … these are the people I was telling you about Boss." Naruto glared sternly at his clone, turning his glare at the cowering Titans as they waited for the judgment.

Naruto stared for a second more before falling on his ass and laughing at the Titans. "Geez, your faces are priceless!" Naruto yelled out as he held onto his sides and Kyuubi jumped down to his shoulders, yipping in his own type of laughter.

"What ..." Robin and Raven began, sweat dropping as Naruto howled in laughter even more.

"The ..." Cyborg and Beast boy began as well, leaving a confused looking Starfire staring at them all.

"HELL?" They all yelled together, Starfire still confused as hell.

Naruto stood up, scratching Kyuubi's head as Kyuubi purred and rubbed himself on Naruto's cheek. "Sorry, but you guys were scared of me and I found that hilarious." They all sweat dropped once again as Naruto turned around to the now, surprisingly, done yard. He smiled at his clones as they grinned and poof-ed away, scarring the crap out of the Titans.

"Whoa! How'd you do that!" Naruto smirked and turned to Beast Boy, smirking even more as the Titans all migrated in, trying to hear his explanation. "Do what, this? … Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Naruto said as he made the hand signs, making four clones appear and take a fighting stance. They looked around and poofed away, rolling their eyes at the Titans as they did so.

"WOW! How did you do that!" Naruto chuckled and walked away, the Titans following close behind and admiring the work of the clones on the yard. "Its something my people have done for years, they're called Jutsus and there are many types, but they're all used using chakra." Robin raised an eyebrow, wondering where he'd heard about chakra before.

"In other cultures, chakra is spiritual energy, and yes it is, but in mine, we can actually harness it and convert it into power." Robin nodded, finally understanding where he'd heard it before.

"Yeah, one must be in one with ones chakra to be able to function correctly." Naruto smirked, nodding to Robin in acknowledgment as he stopped on his door step. "Well, you're all welcome to my home for as long as you like, I'm actually here for a mission and I just brought my house here today, so please excuse any mess you may find." The Titans nodded as Naruto opened the door, revealing the most luxurious house they had ever seen.

"Kyuubi, down now boy." Kyuubi mewled before reluctantly jumping off, making Raven raise an eyebrow. "That wouldn't happen to be Kyuubi no Yoko, would it? He is the most ruthless of the demons known to anyone in the history of existence!" Naruto raised an eyebrow at Raven and giggled, moving over to the living room and sitting down.

"No, that old fox is long gone, I've merged with him long ago." Raven's eyes widened comically as Naruto explained the Kyuubi's whereabouts. "You mean … you housed it?" Naruto chuckled and nodded, holding his hand out and letting some of the demonic chakra he obtained though Kyuubi to accumulate in the palm, showing Raven the power of the Kyuubi.

"Oh, so you have the powers Raven and Star have." Beast Boy said, wondering why Raven and Star couldn't do what Naruto does. "Wait, if you do have Raven and Star's powers, why can't they do what you do!" Raven sighed and held out her palm, letting some of her powers show too as Starfire did the same. Naruto chuckled and let the demonic chakra go as he collected his original chakra.

"No, no little green one, I use chakra, they use other substances, besides, they aren't trained in the arts, while I am. And also … Green eyes here, her power has explosive properties, while amethyst eyes has a dark tint to its properties, making it only grab things, teleport, and mold its self into things." Everyone stared wide eyed as Naruto practically told them what exactly they used their powers for.

"While my chakra can be used to hurt, heal, and to cause deadly internal injuries to your foes. But I'm not cocky with my chakra, I'm also a very well trained man, as are most other ninjas in my culture." Robin perked up at the ninja part, him being well trained as one and all.

"In fact, I have to go train, so please … erm, I'm sorry but I didn't catch your names." Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, making the Titans chuckle at him.

"Yeah, sorry that was rude of us. We're the Teen Titans, I'm Robin, the metal guy there is Cyborg, the little green man as you called him is Beast Boy, the green eyed girl is Starfire, and the amethyst eyed one is Raven." Naruto smiled and nodded, receiving a few weird looks from the Titans.

"Well I'm Naruto Uzumaki! I'm a ninja of Konohagakure and I'm here on a mission …. well I was a Konoha ninja, but I left them." Everyone stared at Naruto for a long time, Robin breaking his stupor to speak.

"You don't … know who we are?" Naruto sighed and pace palmed.

"Of course not! I told you I'm a ninja from a village, do you not listen?" the Titans sighed and blushed in embarrassment and sweat dropped, receiving an amused smirk from the blonde.

"Well, I have to go train, please make yourselves at home and your rooms should be down the left hall, on the right side." They nodded as Naruto got up to leave, Robin following close after him.

"Can I watch you train?" Naruto smiled and nodded, walking up to two double doors and turning to Robin. "Well Robin, you're more than welcome to participate on my training. I always enjoy sparing with others." Robin smirked cockily and nodded, walking behind the blonde as he opened the doors.

"Wow … this is one nice training room!" Naruto smirked as they entered the dojo's observatory and Robin practically drooled over the large windows. The dojo was bigger than it seemed, housing every type of terrain from snowy mountainous to dune filled desserts and even to bamboo fields. Naruto smirked as Robin went all over the windows, checking out each and every terrain.

"Damn, this room is even better than the T-tower!" Robin and Naruto turned around to see Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire all drooling at the same time, well more like Beast Boy and Cyborg drooling, Starfire smiling with stars in her eyes, and Raven smirking. "Well thanks, my mom and dad made it for me I guess. Well I'll just get started on my training then." Naruto said as he opened the door leading to the dojo and jumped down to the bamboo terrain.

Robin smirked as he watched Naruto run along the tops, not once looking like he would fall or even touching it as it seems. Naruto jumped in the air, whistling as Kyuubi sprinted into the room with swords and jumping in just in time for Naruto to grab the swords, go down with a spin, cut down a small clearing within the bamboo forest, and catch Kyuubi all in the same minute.

"Damn! This guy is good!" Everyone nodded absent mindedly as Beast Boy jumped around in excitement. Naruto smirked as he heard Beast Boy, creating a small group of clones to fight off.

"Come at me guys, its time for some fun!" The clones nodded and smirked, liking the idea of fun as they unsheathed their swords and attacked Naruto. One clone jumped in the air with an axle-kick before round housing and slamming the sword down, hitting air as Naruto used his speed to dodge the on coming assault. The clone smirked as he went back, muttering, "Rasen swing!" Then a huge air wave appeared, surrounding the clone's sword as it came back in, slashing at Naruto with all its might as the other clones dispelled themselves and left Naruto and the other clone alone.

Naruto smirked, knowing that the clone meant business now, and he liked business. Naruto began to jump up, dodging the deadly blows as he made his way to the tops of the bamboo stalks. "Fuin: dance of the wind!" the clone's eyes bugged out as Naruto slashed his sword at him making small silver pieces fly at him, the attack catching the clone as it dodged, but not enough to make it poof away.

The clone jumped away as Naruto came back, sword and attack at the ready, and did a series of flips, "Rasen kick!" The clone yelled, sending many small rasengans towards Naruto as he flipped in the air.

Naruto smirked as he stood in place, waiting for the precise moment to attack. "Fuin: Rasen-shuriken!" Naruto yelled, his rasengan already been made since before the other clones left. The clone's eyes widened as it got him, poofing away as it made contact.

Naruto smirked, getting out of his position and straightening up. "WHOA! That … Was … AWESOMENESS! You my man are pure awesome sauce!" Naruto chuckled as Beast Boy's outburst reached his ears and the green guy was jumping down to meet him.

Naruto watched amused as Beast Boy tried to walk on the tops, but utterly failed and fell on his face. He watched as Robin tried, him being more interesting to Naruto since he seemed more trained in the ninja arts, but the bamboo proved to be a worthy opponent as Robin, too, failed and landed on his feet beside Beast Boy. Naruto jumped down, landing on a smaller, cut down bamboo and watched as the Titans gathered around him in awe.

"Dude! That was amazing! You were all like Kacha! Fuuuum! Bam! Kapow!" Naruto chuckled as Beast Boy tried to imitate his moves.

"Thank you, I'm honestly flattered, but I'm not here to train on things already perfected, I'm here to train Kyuubi to fight along my side. Because next time … I'd rather he didn't run off and hide while I fight!" Naruto chuckled as Kyuubi came running out and jumped on his head, mewling once more and nodding his own head.

"Alright Kyuubi, first thing we're going to work on is Taijutsu, then genjutsu, ninjutsu, and your reflexes on them all. Then … just train on them until you've got them all!" Kyuubi yipped and nodded, jumping off of Naruto and waiting for his cue on when to start. Naruto smirked and walked away, leading Kyuubi and the Titans over to a grassland terrain.

"Well, we'll start the old fashion way … train until you get quick!" Naruto stepped back, motioning of a demonstration as he looked at Kyuubi. "Because when you get fast, you get to do this ..." Suddenly Naruto was gone, somehow up in the air and disappearing once more as he reappeared else where and finally returning to where he was.

"Ok, so we'll build up muscles and start from there! And if we can't do it, we'll do 500 laps around the dojo on our hands, and if we can't do that, 1000 push ups for us! And if we still can't do it … then we'll be quitters because I am not Gai-sensei!" Everyone sweat dropped but nodded, the Titans getting into position with Kyuubi.

"We'll join you, cause we seriously need to build muscles!" Cyborg said, making everyone sweat drop and sigh while Naruto chuckled and nodded. "Sure!"

~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~...Back at the middle of Tokyo...~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

Red X stayed in the shadows, smirking as he watched and listened to what Robin hears and sees. "So little Bird man, you're training with this new person? Well no matter because you will be mine!" Red X smirked under his mask at the thought of having his one true prize.

You see, Red X doesn't steel just for the adrenalin, although it is one of the reasons. He doesn't steel because he has an addiction to it, he's weird but not that weird. He also doesn't steel just to see Starfire or Raven, since he doesn't like them … weird, I know right? He also doesn't steel because he needs the money, if he needed money he would go to the bank, duh! He steels because Robin would always be there to stop him, and that my little children, is why Red X enjoys to steel.

Red X jumped from building to building, trying to find the best place to stay at, hey if his little birdie is going to stay there, then so is he! Red X smirked as he watched Robin, the small robotic tracer having detached himself from Robin when he entered the strange training room, work on his muscles. He watched as those ass muscles flex with the strain, how his back would tense as he put himself to the test, and he also watched as Robin would make the cutest faces ever as he concentrated. "Oh my dear Robin, how you will be mine, that I'm certain of!" Red X smirked as he found an open window to a pent house, the owner leaving a note for maintenance that he would be gone for one month.

"Well this place will do for now, but I need a shower!" Red X yawned as he walked into the bathroom, taking off his suit and showing off the muscle he had underneath it all. the same place Naruto landed...~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

Sasuke growled as he made it to the land, laying on his back and catching his breath as he thought of his dobe. "Sasuke-kun! Do you want to share a tent with me?" Sakura yelled as she made her way over to him. 'God! Did she not listen to me the first god damn time I said I wasn't interested!' Before Sasuke could say a word, Kakashi cut int.

"Sakura, you are ordered by Lady Tsunade to stay away from Sasuke and are not to be near him for any reason what so ever." Sakura growled and glared at Kakashi as if he were Naruto.

"Any why the hell is that?" But before Kakashi could answer, Sasuke took his revenge for the interruption.

"Because you bitch, I will kill you. Its as simple as that. I wasn't kidding when I said that I was gay." Sakura tensed as Sasuke walked away, glaring at her over his shoulder as he sat next to Neji.

"Sasuke, was it necessary to say you would kill her?" Sasuke gave Neji a 'I was fucking serious' look that shut the Hyuuga up and made Hinata smirk.

"Holy shit! I've never seen you smirk before!" Neji busted out, holding his heart in his hands for when he looked up from his bag, Hinata's face was right in his face and her smirk scared him.

"I know, but back then I didn't have a backbone, now I do. And Sasuke … I wouldn't mind if you killed her, it would actually solve all the problems in this world!" Sasuke smirked and chuckled, liking Hinata's evil, confident side.

"Yeah, but I promised my blonde heaven that I wouldn't harm a fly, so I'll keep that promise thank you because … I was serious when I said it would be a tragedy if Naruto never gave up to me. It would be like the devil hanging out with Kami-sama himself!" Hinata giggled as Neji sweat dropped and placed a comforting hand on Sasuke's shoulders, comforting the dramatic Uchiha.

"Alright Sasuke, we get it, now stop with the faces already!" It was true to the Hyuuga, a world without Naruto was just not right … Sasuke was proof of that. Sasuke chuckled and nodded, smirking as Hinata whispered to him, "Just do it, you can always make him submit to you and rape him, eventually during the middle of said rape, he will come around and want it. So just do it!" Sasuke's smirk grew even bigger at the thought of making the blonde submit to him, but when he looked up with all the evil intentions in the world, just one look from Iruka and he was whimpering for his life in a corner.

"Yeah … Iruka is too scary, I know." Neji and Hinata said at the same time, making the Uchiha raise a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. "We used to use our Byakugans for … things, but Neji used it on Iruka-sensei, then got me to do it too … and lets just say Iruka doesn't like it when you use your jutsu for perverted reasons." Sasuke chuckled at the thought of Iruka bashing Neji and Hinata's head in, but then thought about what Iruka would do to him and … it wasn't pretty.

"Alright, lets just get this over with and get over to this Tokyo and do our mission quickly so I can start the search for my blonde!" Neji sweat dropped as Hinata nodded and giggled, entering the tent she was going to share with Neji and Sasuke as Neji and Sasuke stayed behind and helped with the camp fire.

"Naruto … where could you be?" Sasuke sighed as he entered the tent, falling asleep to the thought of his dobe and not once noticing both Hyuugas with drool forming at the corner of their mouths and blushes on their cheeks as they stared at Sasuke.

"HYUUGA, go to sleep now or forever go though Amaterasu for life!" Neji and Hinata whimpered in fear and nodded, turning to the tent walls and drooling once again.

"I meant it!" They sighed and grumbled something about bastard Uchihas.

[.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.]~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.END OF THIS CHAPTER~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.[.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.]

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Naruto: Well … small SasuNaru … NICE!

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Neji: What the hell on the Byakugan thing?

Hinata: Oh my … Neji-niisan!

Neji: What?

Hinata: … you know!

Neji: oh … we'll be right back! -gets a perverted glint in eye-

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Naruto: We all know that they want SasuNaru!

Robin: Uh … hello? .. is this thing on?

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Red X: Yeah! I want my Birdie NOW! -tries to grab-


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