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Chapter 4
Who the hell are you, and why are you familiar?!

"Mizuki! Where are they now." A woman with long raven black hair said, her face covered by an orange mask, and her body clad in a tight black revealing shirt with tight pants and designer boots.

"They're heading into the heart of Tokyo, Ravager is with them." Mizuki said, a smirk appearing on his face as their enemies made their way towards them.

"That's good, ready the clubs, tonight we'll have fun!" She said as she turned away from the dead ninja and headed deeper into the hideout. "Naruto, tonight you shall be mine!"

"Tami-sama!" White-Zetsu said, walking over to her with an urgency in his step.

"What is it Zetsu? Where is your black half?" Tami asked, wondering what was happening in the ninja world that black Zetsu had to stay behind.

"Tobi is moving out on the plan. He said he won't wait for a woman to make up her mind." White-Zetsu said, his golden eyes traveling the expanse of her body, taking in the big perky breasts and the smooth curve of her ass.

"Quit eye-raping me you pervert." Tami said with a glare as he kept on eying her. "And tell Tobi that when I get back, I'll kick his ass. It's as I expected; Naruto is here and now Sasuke, he won't find either of them in Konoha."

"Yes Tami-sama … I'll tell Tobi what you said." Zetsu said, licking his lips and pressing Tami against the wall. "In exchange for a little, something." He said, pressing his hard member against her, trying to look into the mask and see her bite her lip.

Tami rolled her eyes, inwardly trying hard not to moan loudly. She thrust her hand upward, snapping Zetsu's nose to the side and making him stagger back. He stared at her with a smirk, walking away as he reset his nose and chuckled.

"I know you are eccentric, but wearing that while here? My, my Tami, aren't you a horny little pervert?" Zetsu said as he molded himself to the wooden wall, leaving Tami behind trying to calming herself.

"Damn pervert, always pushing me against walls … damn Tobi for making me wear that." Tami said as she walked away, heading to her room to remove said that from her body.

With Team Byakugan-1

"PEIN!" Sakura whisper-yelled at him from inside the dressing room. "I will NOT wear this in public!"

"Oh-ho, so you'll wear it for me in private? How bout a strip tease then, I'll come in there." Pein said with a smirk, hearing her outraged gasp.

"Come on out Pinky, I already have." Raven said with a smirk, showing off her assets with a black and purple bodice and skirt ending just two inches before her knee with long sleeves that covered her hands. Her hair was left down as usual, but she had a black hairband with a decorative black and purple rose on the side, and the ends were curled slightly. Konan used a forbidden growth jutsu on her hair, making it longer and ending just at her shoulders.

"I will not wear this! You're wearing something that isn't as revealing … and don't you dare fucking call me pinky, Moody!" Sakura roared, coming out of the dressing room to glare murder at Raven and inadvertently showing off her outfit. She wore a light green and pink bodice and skirt, her skirt much shorter than Raven's, ending just six inches before the knee with the bodice not covering the top of her large breasts nor having any sleeves. Her hair was left down, styled to look like she just had a wild night and was ready for more with soft curls at the tips which ended at the small of her back. Her emerald green eyes were decorated with a soft peach color, and her lips with a cherry red; overall, she looked like sex on legs in Raven's opinion.

"Well look at the sex-on-legs now." Raven said, her black shield coming up to protect her from Sakura's punch. She let her emotions run, letting a sliver of her black shield to reach out and pull up Sakura's skirt to reveal and lacy red pantie to her viewing pleasure.

"STOP THAT, YOU PERVERT!" Sakura yelled, catching Konan's attention while Pein smirked in amusement at the entertaining sight.

"Sakura, Raven. Calm yourselves down! We're here for one reason, and one reason only; infiltrate. If you both are going to get close enough to find a clue, you'll need to act like … a couple. Neji's found us a club to check out, Naruto sent us coordinates from Team Accretion's findings. Our first club is a famous gay and lesbian bar. Neji and I shall infiltrate as a bartender and waitress, while you two shall go in as an important lesbian couple and Pein is your bodyguard. You'll have three hours to go in behind the red velvet rope, trick the manager of the bar, and get the documents." Konan said, pushing Raven and Sakura's incredulous forms out the store and towards a limo.

"What the fuck?!" Raven finally got out, her amethyst eyes bugging out of her head as she saw Pein in a limo; they really were serious about this.

"B-but … why can't I do it with Ino?" Sakura stated with a blush, making Raven glare; she was saying Raven wasn't good enough for her!

"Because she's with team Accretion trying to sniff out more hotspots. Turns out Tami's been all over Tokyo, to each and every one of these bars … she bought all of them." Konan said, walking away as the two dumbfounded girls entered the limo and were driven off.

"But—I … Ino w-works better with me." Sakura said as the window was rolled down and Pein glared at her through the front window.

"Look Sakura, you can't always get what you want, can you work with Raven or not?" Pein asked through clenched teeth; they were getting close to the bar.


"Yes, yes she can." Raven said with a smirk as she pulled Sakura close and stared into her eyes just as the door was opened and the cameras started flashing. Sakura blushed, clenching her thighs together as Raven took her hand in hers and pulled her out of the limo.

"Miss Raven! Miss Raven! Are you not together with the Starfire woman? Who is this?" One reporter asked with a bad English accent.

"Can we have the details on how you both got together?" Another asked.

"Could we get a shot of you both kissing? Is the sex good, Hey Mystery woman, what's your name? Are you a natural pinkette?" one asked.

"This is a fake! You're not going out with that woman, give us the scoop! Starfire and you are fighting and you want to make her jealous … is Robin fucking her now?" Another asked, making Raven blush and glare.

They were surrounded with flashing lights and reporters trying to get the scoop. It was almost as if they were lost in a sea of angry reporters calling them liars and trying to know about their sexual life.

"Is she another alien like yourself, perhaps from Azarath, Tameran, some other planet we don't know about? Do you use your powers to fuck her lights out?" One reporter asked, making Raven blush, Sakura glare, and Raven's power flare with pleasure at the thought.

"Is she a screamer? How is she as a uke? Would you recommend her?" a really intrusive reporter started to ask. Suddenly, the wall of reporters was broken, and in stepped Pein, glaring murderously at each of them and making way for Sakura and Raven.

"How dare they think I am uke?! What do I look like, a feeble little girl?" Sakura seethed as they made it to the door, the bouncer letting them in and staring interestedly towards Pein, the hot son of a bitch blushing and batting his eyes at him. (LOL xD)

"Because I am a seme, and if we weren't enemies, I'd have you screaming for more. Now stop complaining, latch onto me, and if you don't want someone to pinch your ass, act like you want to be fucked by me and only me, glare at anything that tries to touch you." Raven whispered as they walked down a long black hallway with Pein behind them chuckling at their banter.

"Like Hel—omigoshiwanttoleave." Sakura said, her large emerald green eyes widening at the sheer sex the place generated as she clutched at the taller girl's arm for dear life. There were men and women all over the place, some kissing, some touching, and—in the case of the back bar where Neji was at—some were already trying to take off their clothes. Some people turned towards them, the women showing an interest in Sakura and Raven, the men licking their lips at Pein's sexiness.

"Pein, tune it down. Stop radiating sex please." Raven said loudly with a smirk, making Pein blush and glare at the men staring at him, making them look to the side biting their lips, a way to stop from cumming no doubt.

"Alright, just do as I say and you won't be picked." Raven said, her eyes wandering about the room as the clients turned towards her, her Gothic beauty calling many women towards her, but for tonight Sakura got all her attention.

"Keep on your toes, Konan already got upstairs as a waitress to the VIP, Neji's working to get in." Pein said as he disappeared from behind them, wandering off to get a drunk guy to tell him where the goods are at, and I mean that in both ways.

"How is it people know you, Raven?" Sakura wondered, clutching at her as a few of the more male looking women began to eye her ass.

"Starfire and I would come here from time to time back when we got bored at the tower. In our planets, it's okay to be with the same gender, it's something that we celebrate since not many homosexuals come from our species. It means that your power cannot be watered down to your offspring, and you are as powerful as a god. When the monks of Azarath found out I could not get aroused by the male organ, they delighted and taught me the forbidden arts, for they knew that I couldn't harm myself if I was as powerful as a god." Raven said thoughtlessly, not caring about the conversation and watching as a woman entered the back rooms as if she owned the place.


"I know, I saw." Sakura said, pointedly giving Neji a look. Neji nodded, pulling out his phone and calling Naruto. "Let's go, we don't know if she's the one we want." Sakura said, staring at the hand on her shoulder as Raven narrowed her eyes.

"Wait, it's a trap." Raven said, watching as two bouncers walked out and stared at the men and women dancing to the song, "Loves Me Not" by Tatu. (lol, that's what I think they'd all like anyway … lolz! xD)

"What do you me—"

"LOOK." Raven said, her eyes trained on the two women walking towards the back rooms. They smiled at the bouncers, looking sort of confused that they were new bouncers, but stating their names none the less. Raven's unusually good hearing caught the jest of the conversation, smirking as the guards looked slightly embarrassed, but let them in.

"They switched out the bouncers … they're expecting us." Sakura said, pulling out her phone and whispering into it. Raven nodded, walking towards the back bar and sitting down while Sakura glared at the phone.

"Let's wait a bit, we can't be sure that it's her, nor that those two that just went in weren't attacked once they entered. Neji, use your Byakugan towards the back rooms and tell me if you can see the women." Raven said, her own powers slowly making their way towards the door to help her listen into the conversations in the back rooms, a trick Naruto taught her.

"They're in there and safe. They went in for some … alone time." Neji said with a blush as he pulled out his phone again and scrolled down to Hinata's name. "Hina … TOTAL JACKPOT!"

Sakura and Raven raised their eyebrows, watching as Neji began to blush and stare in the direction of the two women. Pein sighed as he walked over, smacking Neji behind the head and telling Hinata to focus.

"Listen, something is fishy. They've sealed the exits … as in they placed bouncers at every door; we're locked in and can't get out without them noticing. Neji, get yourself into the back rooms along with Konan; Sakura, Raven, I need you both to get into the very same room the suspected Tami is in, talk to her, get information out of her, and when you're done … get out." Pein said, his rinnegan filled eyes roving the entire club.

"But what about you, what about the files?" Sakura asked, her own emerald eyes roving towards the back and the red velvet rope.

"Abort the files mission, we'll hand it off to Kakashi, just get back there, do some questioning, and get out. Pein can get himself out of here easily, but we have to get ourselves put back there." Neji said, smirking when he saw the perfect opportunity. "Go, we'll be fine."

Raven and Sakura nodded, gracefully getting up and walking towards the back door. "Act drunk." Raven whispered, her breath causing Sakura to shiver.

"W-What?" Sakura asked, conscious of where Raven was and where her hands were; Raven was pressing into her back.

"Act drunk and horny, it'll get us in." Raven said just as they got passed a group heading towards the back rooms too. Sakura nodded, blushing and holding Raven's arms close, grinding herself back into Raven and whimpering.

"Raaaaaaaven … ngh, please!" Sakura panted just as they got to the guards, both of them raising an eyebrow at Sakura but smirking with perverted leers once they saw her attire.

"Shhh, it's alright Rah, we're almost there." Raven said as she nibbled Sakura's ear and looked up with a glare at the perverted leers the guards were throwing them. "What are you looking at? Where are Ricko and Shiro? Did they not tell you that when Sakura gets like this, you're supposed to open the damn doors and give us our usual without any fucking questions?!" Raven growled, inwardly smirking at them as they looked embarrassed; she was glad she decided to use her hearing on the two women from earlier.

"Uh, we're sorry ma'am, Ricko and Shiro left in a big hurry, but come right this way." one of them said, his golden eyes catching Raven's interests, but she stored it away for further reference. They were weird, one of them was as white as paper, and the other was as black as coal, but they both had golden eyes.

"Ray! … Kami-sama please! I … I need you Raven, see?" Sakura moaned, her hands guiding Raven's own under her skirt to show her how much she really needed her. Raven's hold on Sakura's waist tightened; Sakura was doing good, a little too good. The guards gulped, ushering the two of them in and leading them to a room. They all stood in front of a door labeled Azure, the black bouncer leaving the other alone with the two women.

"This isn't our room. Sakura enjoys emerald, not azure!" Raven growled, scaring the crap out of the golden eyed white man who was showing her to the rooms.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but this is the only room left. The others are being renovated." he said, his eyes calculating his chances of pushing both women in and locking it and running away before she got to him; they must have been very slim since he gave up soon after and looked at her.

"Raaaaaven!" Sakura moaned, pulling Raven's head down and surprising her with a kiss, shoving her tongue into Raven's mouth and tasting the unique flavor of Raven; horchata. (tropical juice made of rice, cinnamon, and vanilla; very good)

Raven pulled away, staring at Sakura before jumping back in and kissing her with more hunger than was needed to be shown. "Soon Sakura, but you have to calm down or else I won't get this settled." Raven said, pushing her away and looking up at the surprised bouncer. "Alright, we'll take the damn room … you're lucky my little emerald needs to be taken cared of, or else I'd have your ass!"

"R-Right." he said, opening the door and gasping at the sight of the two earlier women going at it like bunnies.

"What the fuck! Get the fuck out!" one of them yelled, throwing a shoe at the door as the bounder quickly closed the door and blushed at the pissed off glare Raven threw at him.

"Well? What now?" Sakura asked, a little sober at the sight she'd saw.

"I'll take care of them Zet, go out and stay with Tsu now." a woman from behind them said, making them all turn to stare at a raven haired woman with porcelain skin and an orange mask just like Slade's. "Hello, I'm Thalia Dales. I'm the new supervisor for this club, I'm afraid we're changing it up but the renovations are a little slow."

"It's okay but … what's with the mask?" Sakura asked, trying to figure out why it was familiar.

"Oh, this old thing? It's a mask I give to the crew. It appears that there is a lot of black mold in most of the rooms, so we're wearing masks. This is just the model we bought from a company in America." Thalia said with what sounded like a smile. "Again, I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

"That's alright, we're just a little pissed that Ricko and Shiro dared leave without giving specific instructions. It takes me a long time to get Sakura in the mood." Raven said with a roll of the eyes, inwardly watching her opponent for any weapons or false moves.

"I'm deeply sorry, but perhaps I may be able to help. Come to my private suit." she said, turning and going down the hall to the elevators. They rode up in silence, Sakura clutching Raven and whimpering, Raven glaring death at the floor, and Thalia humming happily until finally they arrived at the top floor, the elevators opening to a penthouse with a view of Tokyo's night life.

"Wow! Ray look at this, it's so beautiful!" Sakura said, running to the window while cataloging where each item in the room was in her mind. "It's so beautiful!"

"Thank you, I take pride in having this penthouse, now please sit down. I'll get us some drinks." Thalia said, standing up and walking to the kitchen. Raven glared at Sakura, her eyes conveying a message of, don't push your luck, you're too obvious. Sakura nodded, settling down next to Raven and looking around the penthouse.

It was huge, with most of it's walls being windows with views of the night life. It was decorated with blacks, reds, oranges, and blues in a balanced tasteful mix of the three. Thalia came back, sitting on the other couch with three drinks. Two of them pink, the other yellow.

"Here you are. These are pink lemonade Margaritas, mine is a banana cocktail." she said, smiling as she took a good drink of hers and watched them both.

"I have a medical condition, alcohol is poison to me." Raven said, not bothering to even look at the drink while Sakura picked it up and smiled. Fuck! You can't be serious, did she not hear Naruto when he said not to drink?! She thought as Sakura stared at the glass in her hand.

"I'm sorry, but I don't drink, and I've already had my fill of it … right Ray?" Sakura asked with a blush as she turned to Raven and asked for help using eye contact.

"Oh but I insist on taking a sip! It really is delicious, and I put so much work into it." Thalia said, smiling as she pulled off her mask to reveal a sweet face, almost like a female Sasuke back when he was a little five year old. "Unless … you don't think it safe?" she said, not one facial feature betraying her to be of evil intentions or of suspecting, except the slight twitch in her left eyebrow. She suspects! Sakura thought, smiling and nodding.

"I don't think a sip will hurt then." Sakura said with a smile as she lifted up the glass and tipped it back, surprised at the sweetness of the drink. "Wow! It really is great!"

Raven tensed her hold on Sakura's waist, staring at Sakura as she drank up her drink and grabbed the one meant for her. No! Don't do it, Sakura! Raven thought frantically as Sakura downed her drink and started to pant.

"Ngh … Ray, I'm hooooot!" Sakura said softly, looking up at Raven with a tremendous blush, the look of a woman ready to fuck overcoming her features.

"Rah? Are you alright, do you need to take a breath of air outside? Do you need to go home?" Raven asked, standing up and pulling Sakura's limp form, gasping when she saw the red lacy panties soaked in her juices. "What did you do to her?!"

"I simply solved your problem. Didn't you say it was difficult for you to get her in the mood? I just made it easier." Thalia said, smiling and crossing her legs as Sakura's legs gave out and she fell back on the couch, legs open, and a moan escaping her tantalizing lips.

"Thank you but that wasn't necessary! Open the elevators, we're going home." Raven said, picking up the pinkette and walking towards the doors.

"I think not, Raven. I know who you are, and I don't believe that you and this pinky are together." Thalia said with a scowl, watching Raven turn around and glare at her.

"The hell! Sakura and I are together, and I'd prefer you don't call her pinky!" Raven said, inwardly freaking out about what to do.

"Really? … prove it." Thalia ordered, sipping her cocktail and smirking at Raven. "See, you can't prove it because you don't want her."

"I can't do it because that wouldn't be right to my little emerald! Sakura isn't some tramp or porn star, she's my little emerald and I'm not letting some perverted woman see her in the throws of passion! Now let us go." Raven growled, settling Sakura down and glaring at her.

"Hahaha, nice argument, but I have the control. Do it, or else I'll rape this wild flower here." she said, pressing a button to reveal Konan. Raven's eyes widened in shock as Konan looked up and began to yell through her gag. Her hands were tied over here head, and most of her clothes were gone, only her bra and black skirt was left, and Raven hoped to god that her panties were too.

"You monster!" Raven roared, her black shields rising from the shadows of the room.

"Maybe, but I am entitled. See she signed a contract and she didn't read the fine print; I own her now. But if you prove to me that you and Sakura are together, or tell me the truth and that you are both really here to spy on me, the Tami you're looking for, then I will let her go." Tami said, smirking evilly at Raven's shocked look.

"What are you talking about?!" Raven yelled, noticing that Konan was smirking her way; she had a plan.

"Tick-tock Raven." Tami said, pressing another button and watching a tazer come out of the wall and get near Konan. Raven glared and sank down to the floor next to Sakura, who was now panting and moaning as her fingers did most of the work.

"Sakura." Raven said, watching her tears fall silently as she tried to battle the heat.

"It hurts Raven, it hurts so much! … it hurts here!" Sakura cried, pulling Raven's hands to the correct places. Raven sighed and prayed that she won't get killed when Sakura comes to her right mind.

"I know Sakura, I know." Raven said as she plunged in and kissed Sakura, pulling down the frontal zipper of her bodice situated in between her two large breasts, slowly revealing creamy, tantalizingly, pale-tanned skin to her. Raven groaned, moving her mouth down and kissing the sweet skin of her neck and chest.

"Raven!" Sakura groaned as an alarm rang within the building, making Raven look up and stare at Konan, who was out of her prison and using her paper jutsus to get Tami away from them.

"Run Raven! Take Sakura and Run!" she yelled, throwing paper bombs at Tami at random intervals, making her curse and jump away.

"You got better, Konan. But not good enough." she whispered, jumping away from the bombs. Raven glared, she having heard Tami whisper it out, but stowing that information away for future reference. She let her black shield go wild, making her way towards Sakura and looking at her.

"Sakura, look at me. What I'm about to do is sacred, don't tell anyone about it." Raven said clearly, watching Sakura nod and pant. She sighed, she thought she'd never use this spell for anyone other than herself, not even the Titans knew about her ability, but the aphrodisiac Tami used on Sakura was consumed in dangerous amounts, and Sakura could die.

"Azarath Sana Zinthos." Raven said, her eyes taking on the black of her shields as her magic worked it's wonders. Slowly, she lowered herself down, kissing Sakura's sweet lips once more as her magic passed through their conjoined lips and cleansed Sakura of the aphrodisiac overdose.

"Raven!" Konan yelled, watching Raven kiss Sakura in disbelief; this isn't the time for fucking the crap out of our enemies, it was take and leave time!

"I know!" Raven said, her shields picking up an unconscious Sakura as she levitated and swiped her hand across the window. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she said, watching the window vanish, and a sliver of her magic wrap around Konan's waist, pulling her with her as she made her fast getaway.

"What the fuck are you doing?! I had her!" Konan yelled as they spotted Neji and Pein down in the alley below.

"She had a strategy that had you beat Konan. Fight today and you may loose your life, fight another day and you may win a life." Raven said as they landed, immediately rushing towards Sakura.

"What happened?" Neji asked, using his Byakugan to check Sakura's internal structure.

"She'll be fine, I cured her, but we need to find Naruto and fast. She knew Konan." Raven said, picking Sakura up and walking towards their Prius and getting in.

"She knew Konan?!" Pein asked, not believing that Konan knew Tami and never told.

"No she didn't, I've never seen that woman in my life." Konan said with a glare. "And if Raven wouldn't have butted in, I would have added an 'and I never will,' to the end of my sentence." Konan added.

"This is serious. Raven was right to pull you out. Don't you see that if she already knew you, she might have known your weaknesses and was just toying with you." Neji said, getting into the car as Konan and Pein followed.

"How do you know she knew Konan anyway?" Pein asked, looking at Raven as she brushed Sakura's hair.

"She said, 'You got better, Konan. But not good enough.'" Raven said thoughtlessly, staring at Sakura's restful face. "She gave Sakura a double lethal dose of a strong and very rare aphrodisiac-truth potion mix. She knew we came to find her, she knew we were faking it, she fucking knew everything!" Raven growled.

"But how?" Konan asked, letting go the topic of the interruption to the fight for the moment.

"There are many reasons, but we should let Naruto check it out." Neji said, turning on the GPS navigator and checking who was in and out.

"Neji, what's wrong? You're way to early to be out of the club! It's only eleven." Kiba's voice came in through the car's speakers.

"We had a situation. Send some clones to go to the bar we were assigned, stake it out and don't let any detail miss you; she knew we were coming. As for Naruto … tell him to get everyone to the meeting point quickly." Neji said, turning down the GPS and speeding down the relatively empty lanes.

"What I don't understand is … if she's targeting Naruto and Robin, why attack us?" Pein asked, staring at the road ahead. "That means she knows we're coming, but she doesn't know who is coming or where we're targeting." he said, staring at Sakura's unconscious form.

"You said she knew me right …" Konan asked, receiving a confirming nod from Raven. "Then I should have recognized her chakra signature. But the thing is … she had no signature, just like everyone here. She was a civilian, and as far as I know, there are no boats from here to the Elemental Countries, and no civilian messed with me and lived …" Konan said … realizing another important piece of information.

"And she was able to fend you off without breaking a sweat." Raven said, finishing off her thought as they got out of the car in a deserted parking lot. "I know for a fact that she isn't an alien creature like me and star … she'd have a large amount of chakra."

"You mean that we don't have any information on Tami, not even about her abilities?" Neji asked outraged, pissed that his abilities wouldn't be of any help. There was a soft roar of a car engine as Naruto's car rounded the corner and suddenly turned off in front of them.

"That's right. Tami is a threat that no one knows anything about." Naruto said, stepping out of his car silently as various breaks were heard and suddenly the other teams came into view.

"What do you mean no one knows anything about her?" Cyborg asked, walking closer to Naruto and team Byakugan-1. "Someone in this damn city has to have some dirt on her, not even the narcs in places all over the world are unknown."

"Cyborg, until further notice, we don't know shit. If you believe that someone in the city knows about her, then go ahead and search them out." Robin said, calming down his friend with a look to the eye.

"Cyborg is right. She couldn't have gotten as far as owning every club in Tokyo without working with someone. And someone has to know that someone." Red-X said, stepping up and taking charge of the conversation.

"But where do we start the search for the partner?" Starfire asked, not getting that part of the problem.

"Simple really: the political part of the city. In order to buy all the clubs, she has to have connections. We're going to have to go even deeper underground for that." Red-X said, inwardly smirking at their clueless expressions. "We're going to have to go through the illegal side of the city."

"What?! And what we're doing right now ISN'T illegal?" Beast boy asked, getting an agreeing nod from Kiba.

"It is, but compared to the big stuff, we're not even good enough to get a scolding, only a roll of the eyes." Hinata said, watching Red-X walk to the middle of the group.

"Correct Hinata. We need to get into the really illegal stuff. You know, get the police after us, get the gangs on our tails, that sort of stuff. We need to be the criminals." Red-X said, his suit's built in computers tracking down the big guys.

"He's right, in order to find out who Tami is working with, we need to get chummy with the big boys; the narcs. Nothing in the city happens without them knowing it, and our best bet is going to them." Yahiko said, smirking towards Red-X.

"Wait a minute, I'm lost. Why do we need to get even deeper into this, and what exactly can we do to get noticed by the 'narcs'?" Ino asked, looking towards Sakura with a worried look; if this happens when they barely scratch the surface of illegal, what will happen when they get into the really illegal business?

"We'll need to immerse ourselves in the underground. Act like we don't know one another, and snoop around. And that's just to get noticed." Red-X said, watching the various street fight videos the narc daddies held, the art heists, the prostitution; everything.

"And we need to know who Tami is working with." Raven said, speaking up from her care of Sakura.

"S-She's w-working with … T-T-Tobi." Sakura said suddenly, startling Raven as she sat up and stared at the group gathered.

"What do you mean she's working with Tobi? How do you know that?" Iruka asked, Kakashi nodding beside him and trying not to go on a rampage; they hurt his student, and when you do that, you mess with Kakashi himself.

"Tobi aka Madara Uchiha. I realized that when I drank the drink … she slipped a special potion only a medic nin knows how to make. Also … Zet and Tsu aren't really good names to give to Zetsu's black and white half." Sakura said slowly, standing up and walking over to Naruto as if she wasn't just in a life altering mini coma a few moments ago.

"Okay, so basically … we need to plan again, make new teams, and go in deeper, un?" Deidara asked, walking closer to the group.

"No brat. Basically, we need to work solo, get ourselves noticed by the big narcs, and be criminals." Sasori said, standing next to said artist as they all went into a silence.

"Wow, I didn't even get to say five sentences and already you all cracked the idea. I give you all A pluses." Naruto said with a smirk as he and Robin both nodded to the groups.

"Here's what's going to happen, the Anaconda plan sucked balls, so we're going by Red-X's idea; we need to turn into criminals." Robin said, blushing when his team raised an eyebrow at the ball sucking part.

"Robin has a major point. We must assimilate and redo the anaconda plan all over, this time … we'll be going at it alone." Sasuke said with a nod. "If I'm right, we'll have to go at this from a different approach. We'll have to split off to different areas, tackle them down and get noticed, but we have to go alone. We CAN stay in contact with our groups, but other than that, we cannot be seen together."

"Correct little brother, but there is a problem … may I suggest something?" Itachi asked, watching Robin and Naruto nod for him to go on. "Well …"

Next day

"RED-X! We've got you surrounded!" Cyborg yelled, opening up his cannon to blast the suit clad man from the sky. A bright light flashed, many bystanders watching as the blue material shot Red-X down and made him fall twenty stories to his death. "BOO-YAH!"

Suddenly, Robin shot out from the shadows, saving Red-X from his demise and gently lowering him down in the middle of a street in the heart of Tokyo.

"Robin! What do you think you're doin man? We so totally have him!" Beast boy yelled as he tried to pick up Red-X, but was kicked back by Robin.

"No! Don't touch him!" Robin yelled, kneeling down next to the masked man and tried to check his vitals. Raven's black magic slithered out around Robin, trying to pick up the body to hand off to the authorities, making Robin growl and throw a weapon towards her. "LEAVE HIM!"

"Robin! What are you doing? Why are you protecting the enemy, the criminal?!" Starfire asked, hurt that Robin would try to hurt her friend for the criminal's safety. Robin growled, looking up at her and glaring.

"Shut up you orange bitch! I told you NOT to attack him! He isn't a criminal, and you have no right to question me!" Robin roared, picking up Red-X's body and letting the tears fall; there was a pulse, but it was faint and barely there. Starfire sniffled, never realizing that Robin cared more for the criminal than her feelings.

"Cool down man! He's only a criminal, no need to get all angry at us. Let the authorities have him and he'll get medical attention by them." Cyborg said, stepping slowly closer to the upset raven before him.

"SHUT UP! Don't you guys get it?! Red-X wasn't a fucking criminal! He always gave back the things he stole! He never got anyone hurt, he never even let a bug be squashed! Don't you see?!" Robin yelled, everyone watching as he pressed the button on the back of Red-X's head to reveal a beautiful, long raven haired man.

"Robin … it shall be fine." Raven tried, saddened by Robin's tears.

"NO IT WON'T! You had Starfire, and now you have that Sakura bitch, you don't understand what I'm going through! Red-X … he did all of those things because he wanted to see me … don't you get it? He was trying to 'court' me as you would put it. He just had a weird way of doing it." Robin said softly, smiling warmly as Red-X opened his eyes and smiled faintly at him.

"Don't … explain … yourself birdie. They'll … never … understand … until it … happens to them." Red-X said faintly, but loud enough for them to hear. Robin sniffled, lowering down and kissing his colding lips.

" … Robin." Raven and Starfire said softly; Robin was right, they didn't know, but they had an idea what he was going through. The crowd of bystanders surrounding them was silent, watching Robin cry into the arms of the almost dead man in his grasp.

"Red … I'm so sorry! Please … tell me you'll live." Robin cried softly, sobbing into his arms. Why did that have to happen? They had just left Naruto's place with Red-X leading them towards their next hot spot, when Red-X suddenly disappeared, only to reappear later with some jewels in his arms and an alarm ringing near by. The Titans never even waited to hear his orders, choosing to take care of Red-X themselves, not getting why Robin wanted to keep him safe; now they knew.

"Don't sweat it … ki…d." Red-X said as his eyes closed and his heart stopped completely; Red-X was gone. Robin roared, his sobs going throughout the silent city as everyone watched him die before their eyes.

"Robin … we're sorry." Cyborg said, slowly nearing his friend and placing a hand on his shoulder. Robin sobbed lightly, shaking off the hand and caving in on himself.

"Robin … come on dude, let's take him to the hospital … maybe they can cure him?" Beast boy said, trying to be of some kind of help to his burning friend. Robin just stayed silent, his eyes watching his love for any signs of life.

"Robin … let us go to the hotel. You can sleep for a while then we shall go back to Jump City." Starfire said slightly cheerfully, trying to make Robin feel a little better, but her cheerful nature only made Robin enrage.

"Robin, come on. You're blocking traffic … let's get the body and go somewhere to bury him." Raven said, lifting Red-X's lifeless hand and using her magic to lift him up; Robin snapped. He lunged forward, making Raven stagger back and drop the body in her grasp.

"DON'T TOUCH HIM YOU FREAK!" Robin roared, pulling out his staff and scaring off his friends. "NEVER TOUCH HIM! You may have that Sakura bitch … but until you loose her the way I lost Red, you can never touch him! You don't know what I'm going through, you don't even have an idea!"

"Robin calm down! We're your friends!" Cyborg yelled, jumping out of the way as Robin found new inhuman strength and swung his staff towards him, hitting the street and leaving a giant gaping hole where he landed. "Dude, Robin!"

"You MONSTERS! You wouldn't listen to me! I TOLD you that he wasn't a threat to us! I TOLD you not to touch him! Now you will pay the price for destroying my LIFE!" Robin yelled, swinging his weapon at them all and going out of control; he'd lost his mind in the grief.

"Raven, behind you!" Beast Boy yelled, rolling away from Robin and tackling Raven down as another of his weapons tried to take her down. True they all bested Robin with powers he didn't have, he was human after all, but Robin was skilled in all arts and he was the best of them all, even if he was human. He stood up and tried to pin Robin down, but was kicked away in time.

"ARGHHH!" Robin roared, kicking Starfire out of the air and making her land face first into the street twenty feet away as Beast Boy struggled to get up from his own kick.

"Robin calm down! Let's talk about it first!" Cyborg said from behind a big sign, his eyes roving around his surroundings, trying to catalog how many innocent people were around.

Robin growled, walking closer to Cyborg. He grabbed Beast Boy as he stood up with a daze, kicking him through the air to hit Cyborg and knock them both out, leaving only Raven conscious and alone.

"Starfire?!" Raven yelled, running towards her as Robin rained his attacks on her shields surrounding the people in the crowds, her unconscious teammates and her.

"R-Raven … ngh." Starfire said softly, falling unconscious and making Raven herself roar in grief.

"Starfire! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to leave you alone … god if only I had listened to Beast Boy and left Sakura alone, maybe you would have fought more!" Raven said as she cradled Starfire's head in her arms. She turned towards Robin, getting ready to attack him herself when the tears in Robin's eyes and the hesitation in his movements caught her eye. She watched him tremble and cave into himself again, his loud sobs of grief making even her want to cry, and suddenly she understood that this was a betrayal Robin just couldn't forgive, not even of his best friends.

"God! WHY?!" Robin roared loudly, throwing his head back as the drizzling rains of heaven began to fall, almost as if to cry over this unjust death along with Robin, or maybe it was Red-X, trying to at least comfort his love at least once, covering him with the soft spray of the rain.

"Robin … I'm so sorry." Raven said softly, her words being carried over to him with a soft breeze the spray made. Robin looked at her, his eyes hollow and unseeing as he stood up and picked up his dead love, walking away without a last look; the Titans were over, that much was clear through his last eye contact.

Everyone stared at the scene in silence, Tami unbelieving that the Titans ended just like that, but even she could see that Red-X and Robin were in an ancient celestial love that was older than the universe itself. Tami watched as Raven stared in horror after her teammate.

Tami didn't believe Raven when she and Sakura went into the club, but if what Robin was yelling was true … then she attacked Raven and Sakura without real cause; they were innocent. If that was the case … then maybe they still didn't know about her being there, or her interfering with Red-X and them to get them there. Tami watched as Raven silently let her powers go wild, letting them fix the damages Robin caused and picking up her friends as she made her getaway, leaving behind a silent city to grieve for them all.

Robin cried as he jumped across buildings and alleys, trying to get away from them all as he stared into the cold face of his beloved. Soon he was far from the city, in a forested part of Japan and only ten miles away from civilization, he lowered Red-X's corpse down and smiled as it poofed away and there was applause all around him.

"That was brilliant!" Deidara said, congratulating Robin on his artistic acting, it was like an explosion and it was big.

"Thanks, couldn't have done it without the gang." Robin said with a smirk as he looked over to Raven as she carried their smirking teammates in her power's grasp.

"Okay, all things aside … I think we fooled everyone … especially with the waterworks. Good job dobe." Sasuke said, smirking at Naruto as he walked out of the shadows and bowed deeply.

"Awe, thanks teme. I was thinking of you when I did it." Naruto said with a smirk as the Titans all gathered around Naruto for the next phase.

"Well … we made it pretty clear that Raven and I are together with Robin yelling it out … thanks for adding the bitch part Robin." Sakura said with a roll of the eyes as Robin winked at her. "Now all we have to do is go on with the next phase of this plan and we'll be home free."

"Yeah … home free." Ino grumbled, glaring at Raven as she celebrated with Naruto and the others. "Stupid purple bitch."

"Stupid pink bitch." Starfire said at the same time, looking at Ino as she looked at her with a startled look. "What? I can't say curses but you all can? Is it because I'm the 'innocent' one?" Starfire asked, startling Ino with her declaration.

"No … it's just that … are you jealous of Sakura?" Ino asked, unbelieving that anyone would be jealous of her. She was beautiful, extroverted, and all around good to be around. Sakura had the people around her happy, and that was the main reason she liked her.

"Of course. Are you jealous of Raven?" Starfire asked, unbelieving that anyone would be jealous of her mysterious Gothic friend. She may look Gothic and introverted, but Raven was the life of any party in Starfire's mind. She had the group relaxed and calm, and on those few occasions where she let her emotions run wild, she could be a blast to be around.

"Maybe … okay yes." Ino said with a sigh as both she and Starefire watched their special people wander around the groups. It wasn't as if they were in love, it was just that they only wanted them to be with them … if you get it.

"I know what you mean." Shino said suddenly, startling the girls with his sudden apparition. He watched Kiba and Beast boy laugh and goof off, and he had to admit … he never made Kiba do any of that, and it hurt him that he might never will.

"What do you think will happen … in the underground I mean. What do you think will happen with us?" Hidan asked, popping up and speaking for the first time in this chapter … what? I forget some of my used-characters sometimes!

"Good question Hidan! And we'll decide that now. There are many different areas to tackle, but what you get is what you decide." Red-X said, scaring the crap out of Hidan as he appeared behind him whispering into his ear.

"Stop that you mother fucking hedonist! No one can do that shit!" Hidan began to rant, oblivious to Kakuzu as he neared his back and breathed down his neck.

"You were saying?" Kakuzu asked, chuckling darkly as Hidan started to whimper in submission.

"Hidan! Kakuzu! What did you find out? Where is Ravager and her team?" Naruto asked, bringing the group back together to plan as Itachi tried to talk to him privately, only to get a hand to the face from the blonde.

"There is a big fight tonight at the Kage-Kage building just south of the famous Lezzie-Gay bar Sakura got her ass handed to her at." Hidan said, smirking as Sakura growled and glared at him.

"Art Heist at the big Artsy building just around the same time." Kakuzu said with a bored look as he turned to the shadows behind him.

"Ravager is right here." Ravager said with a chuckle as her team assembled behind her. "And a big prostitution raid is happening on the east side of the building at the harbors."

"Cocain sale is being made in the abandoned subway." Yamato said with a sigh as Sai drew up another random drawing of a dick.

"I got us a connection to sale some big guns off to some Narc daddies. All we have to do is get the guns … and we'll have our first narc daddy down pact." Sai said, getting a really astonished look from Naruto. "I figured if this is where the dead go to relive life, then my brother had to be here. He's willing to bargain with us if we are willing to negotiate with him on the price."

"People trafficking down in the northern harbor. We could probably get some clones to disguise themselves as citizens and get there before some of the narc daddies. If they watch us move quickly and efficiently, then we could maybe get some of them to want us to work for them." Chouji said as Naruto nodded to him.

"Good. Now all we have to do is get down there before those people, and we'll probably have a fifty-fifty shot at getting them on our side." Naruto said as he began to form a strategic plan.

"Good plan but there is still one slight problem and one better idea." Itachi said, making Naruto groan at the slip of information.

"What is it?" Shino asked, getting interested in this plan.

"In order to fight, you need a narc daddy there to sponsor, protect, and claim you. I have one connection to a narc daddy … which I tried to tell you in the beginning." Itachi said with a roll of the eyes at Naruto's sheepish look. "The slightly better idea is to get some of us into the police, the FBI, the DEA, all that good stuff."

"So you mean to tell us that you know a narc!" Nagato asked, unbelieving that Itachi knew a person like that and didn't tell.

"Yes. He actually found me on one of those days when Sasori, Deidara, and I had our three hour breaks." Itachi said, catching Sasori and Deidara's eyes.

"You mean—" Deidara began, getting cut off by Itachi himself.

"Shisui Uchiha." Itachi confirmed, getting a gasp from Sasuke. "He saw me walking around at that mall and he made his thugs stop me … he didn't know me from the elemental countries, but he wanted to know why I looked so much like his family … and if I could date him." Itachi said with a blush as Sasuke turned green and the rest of them raised an eyebrow. Shisui Uchiha wanting Itachi Uchiha in his bed? It wasn't that hard to imagine, since Itachi was desired by everyone, but maybe they could use it to their advantage.

"Right. Well with this new information … I think we can manage. Shino, take the girls and go to the prostitution raid. Get a clone to drive the girls over on a boat and hoard them into a van with you. If you are asked to service … use a genjutsu, please!" Naruto said, receiving a nod from Shino as he rushed the girls off to a car.

"Raven, Sakura, don't go. Starfire you go with them, if asked, say you lost your powers. Shino, here!" Naruto said, throwing him an elaborate collar with a beautiful design. "Tell them that you control her using that. Ravager, I want you to go with them."

"But, I don't want to go! I want to go undercover in the police forces!" Ravager said, wanting really badly to look into those files.

"No, you won't be let in, you are too young. Go with Shino and sneak into a narc daddy's house." Naruto said, getting a sigh and a nod from her.

"Raven, Sakura. Stay out in public. Go out on dates, and tell everyone that the Titans are over with." Robin said, watching Raven cringe away from the words. "Do it Raven, the faster we get Tami, the faster we go home and get away from this madness."

Raven nodded and took Sakura's hand in hers as she flew off to do as her leader told her to. It would hurt, but that could be used to make everyone believe this giant lie they were about to weave. Pein and Konan watched them float away, the team they were once proud of was now being destroyed after just one mission.

"Pein. Take Cyborg, Kakuzu and Hidan to the abandoned subways. Use clones and genjutsu to make cocain and a crew." Naruto said as they nodded and began to head off to their car. If he was right, the Drug lords would probably find Cyborg's technology genius about as useful as a gun saving their lives.

"Beast boy, you, Kiba, Neji and Sai head on over to make use of Sai's connection. Neji is in charge, Sai is decoy-leader, and if you need to do something to get your information, anything … then do it without hesitation." Robin said, throwing them a gun and motioning towards the crate with a smirk. "I pulled some strings as well."

"Sasuke, Red-X, Itachi and Sasori will be the fighters. Any problems at all and you consult with Sasuke." Naruto said, shooing away Sasuke's horrified look in favor of looking towards the rest of the group not yet assigned. "Kakashi, Yamato, and Iruka will be infiltrating the police forces, hopefully they'll get more information than we do."

"Chouji, Shikamaru, Yahiko and Pein will be in charge of the trafficking. Do whatever you need to do to get them on your side." Robin said with a nod towards Yahiko as he nodded and turned towards his team.

"Nagato, take Deidara and go to the art heist. Robin and I will go in as upcoming fighters trying to make a living in the streets. We'll battle in the streets and try to save a few main leaders in the narc world. Whatever you do, do not give away your position nor your teammate's position." Naruto said, nodding to the group as a rustling in the foliage alerted to the presence of someone coming.

Robin had his weapons ready, Naruto had a clone already making his rasengan, and the entire team was ready to go into action in case anything should happen. Suddenly, Tenten walked out with a huge smile and a fire of determination ready to burst.

"Hey Naruto-kun!" Tenten said happily, smiling warmly at Naruto while the leaves above her moved and out came Temari.

"Tenten? Temari? What's wrong?" Naruto asked, looking towards Kakashi for confirmation on a call from Tsunade; a shake of the head dismissed the idea.

"We're here to take the place of Chouji and Shikamaru. There has been a situation with Kiri and Tsunade needs them back to handle it. Gaara thought that you might need some help, so he sent me here to help." Temari said as she walked closer to the blonde and smirked towards Shikamaru.

"Right … Shika, Chō, get to moving. Tema, Ten, get into Shino's group; he'll fill you in on the mission. I think Yahiko and Pein can work alone, don't you guys think?" Naruto said, smirking at the surprised look the orangettes threw at him.

"Oh em gee! … SLEEP OVER! [insert girly shriek here]!" They yelled together, jumping around smiling and laughing while the rest of them took two steps away from them and tried hard not to vomit in surprise.

"Um okay … Move out everyone … after today, you will no longer see the others here, so take a few minutes to say goodbye." Naruto said, turning towards his old team of one mission with a sad look in his eyes.

"Guys … it was great working together, and even if we did nothing but mingle with a bunch of flaming gay guys, and Sasuke and Red-X beat some perverted ass, it was a great team." Robin said, blushing when he remembered the way the random guy pushed him up against a wall and claimed him so violently, until Red-X pushed him off and took his place.

"Sasuke … I never got the chance to say sorry … sorry for leaving you, sorry for making you suffer." Naruto said sadly, hugging his raven haired teme tightly. Sasuke smiled gently and lowered his head down until his lips met with Naruto's sunshine hair, it didn't matter because of what he had there in his arms; Naruto made everything better.

"It's alright dobe, as long as I know that you are as much sorry as I am for leaving you, I will be alright." Sasuke said, turning to watch Red-X and Robin stare them both down. "What? Can't a man hug his uke without being watched? I mean geez, I know we're both sexy together, but sometimes a little privacy is needed! That's how it all starts, first they watch from a distance, then they stalk you down, and soon you'll see me and Naruto on some fan fiction site fucking like crazy in some crazy story about rainbows, bunnies, and super horny uke-dobes riding me like no tomorrow … wait the riding me like no tomorrow is actually good."

"Shut up Teme!" Naruto yelled, blushing and smacking the ranting raven on the arm harshly.

"Hey Red … was that really how you look?" Beast Boy asked, bounding over with Kiba on his tail to ask the question of the year. Red-X sighed and nodded, pushing the hidden button in the back of his head to reveal … a hot looking son of a female dog. ((Lol, remember, he looks like Night Wing in that one episode!))

"Wow! Robin you are so damn lucky!" Kiba said as he stared into the eyes of Red-X, the light onyx of his eyes slightly hypnotizing the brunette.

"Is there no other name for which we may call you?" Starfire asked, reverting back to her innocent self as she gazed into the handsome face of Red-X

"Red is fine, or X, or maybe even … Red-X. I have no other name to give you." Red-X said truthfully, not really wanting to tell them of his true identity. Robin blushed as those light onyx eyes turned towards him, burning him with the intense desire hidden deep inside them.

"Well … it's time to leave. After today, when you see each other … you don't know each other, and you don't even know each other's names. Good luck, and please … stay safe. I might attack you after this mission is over, but I still care about you all." Naruto said with a sad smile as he and Robin both nodded to each other and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Bye guys … I'll miss you all." Beast Boy said as he gave Cyborg one last pat on the back. Slowly one by one each group, each member; everyone, said goodbye in their own way until at last, only the fighting team stayed and Sasuke stared longingly towards where Naruto's chakra signature last flared until it disappeared completely.

"He's gone again … he left me, and this time I'm not sure I might ever see him again." Sasuke whispered softly towards Itachi as they walked towards Itachi's car. "What am I going to do without him Itachi? I could barely handle the last time and that was because I KNEW I was going to see him again."

"Sasuke … just hold on and keep your head in the game, we'll see him again because … Naruto's coming with us." Itachi said. He knew what Naruto and Robin were actually going to do, because he himself suggested it to him, but if Sasuke knew the moment when Naruto handed out the assignments, he would have objected in that split second Naruto's mouth opened.

"What? What do you mean he's coming with us? Isn't he going to go into a small gang with Robin?" Sasuke asked, confused as to this turn of events, actually he'd been slightly confused ever since Neji called them all into the parking lot yesterday.

"Sasuke … he and Robin are going to try to be Shisui's Mistress' at the same time we go and fight for him … he's going to sacrifice himself for the mission." Itachi said, cringing way from Red-X and Sasuke's wrath.

"WHAAAAAAAAT?!" Naruto and Robin both shivered in fear as they heard their semes yell with the anger of a god.

"Naruto … I thought you said Itachi wouldn't rat us out!" Robin yelled, running faster and faster as the killer intent followed and gained after them both.

"So did I!" Naruto said frantically, as they jumped over obstacles and ran passed animals in the middle of hunting other animals.

"Sasuke, Red! Calm the fuck down! It's not that much of a big deal!" Sasori yelled, rolling his eyes when the struggling males ceased in their fight to get out of Itachi's grasp and turned to glare murderously towards him.

"Not that much of a BIG DEAL?!" Sasuke yelled, Red-X adding to his comment with a double burning glare using his light onyx eyes and promising death in Sasori's near future.

"That's my birdie you're talking about! If that Shisui touches his virginity, I will neuter him, burn the remains of said neuter, feed that ashes to a pig, take the shit, and feed it back to him!" Red-X said with the intent to kill that had Sasori questioning whether Red was actually a civilian or a ninja.

"Look, Sasori, we don't know what you've been smoking, or who you've been talking to, but to Sasuke and Red this is a life or death situation." Itachi said with an amused look in his eyes, watching as Sasori tried not to shit himself as he confronted the wrath of two overprotective semes.

"Yes it isn't a big deal because, Itachi … you said Shisui wanted you in his bed." Sasori said with a smirk, liking how the odds were now back in his favor and Sasuke and Red both shared a look. "Remember Itachi? You said that Shisui wanted you in bed … if we get there before Robin and Naruto, and you give yourself to him … all he'd have to do is just take them both in and wait until he tires of you before they're both actually in danger."

"Sasori is right!" Red said, sharing another look with Sasuke before suddenly they were both flying through the trees with Itachi in their grasp and Sasori hot on their heels. "If we give him Itachi …"

"He wont take our ukes! It's the perfect plan!" Sasuke said happily, smirking at his struggling brother as they passed the tired ukes and headed straight towards … "Hey Itachi … where exactly do we go for Shisui's place?"

End of Chapter

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