One Hell of a Surprise

A/N I own nothing twilight its completely one hundred percent Stephanie Meyers work I just toy with them. I am redoing this whole story because it's not flowing right it feels really choppy so I'm going to take it down and rewrite it using much of the same body as before just adding more details here and there so please read review and tell me what you think.

Bella's POV

"Bella you're no good for me. I'm tired of pretending to be human something I fail because I am a monster however there is one thing you can give me before I go..." I woke with a start shooting straight up in my bed. God that was a fucked up dream oh well time to start the day go to a party come home and wallow in self misery of being older than my boyfriend oh joy.

I crawl out of bed rubbing my eyes and yawning hmmm Edward isn't here odd. Oh well I guess I'll just meet him at school. I slowly go over to my closet and look for an outfit that feels like me. Damn Alice has been after my clothes again. I sigh and grab a black tank top that says "BITE ME" across my tits and a denim mini skirt with black faux leather thigh high boots. After I set my outfit out on my bed along with my blood red thong and matching bra I grab a towel take a quick shower change then go down stairs and head out. I climb into my rust bucket of a truck and slowly pull out of the drive. I've driven the same way so many times that I don't even pay much attention any more. When I get to school the pixie is jumping up and down with excitement smiling and shaking my head at her I slide out the truck and head in her direction all the while catching the attention of everyone including Emmet. He took the opportunity to make me blush and slip all at once by simply wolf whistling at my outfit then rushing over to swoop me up into his bone crushing bear hug as the rest of the family gathers around us. Everyone smirking and smiling as I start to change color in my face.

"Em h-human can't breathe." I gasp out

"Sorry Bells, happy birthday."

"Shh I don't want people to know I just want today to b over with."

"Aww but Darlin' birthdays are special and you never know how many u have till it's ripped away. Oh and nice shirt." said Jasper as he chuckled, Fuck he looks hot today cowboy boots denim jeans with an unbuttoned over a white wife beater. If only you were single cowboy, I'd so be saving a horse today. If I angled my head just right I could have sworn I saw a scar. I shook my head and chalked it up to imagining things and simply stated, "Well I don't intend to have them ripped away I intend to give them up so as to spend an eternity with the ones I love." Cue Edward in three, two, one.

"Bella, my love how long are you going to put up this argument I will not damn your soul period."

"It's not cursing my fucking soul if for one I choose this life and for another we're going to keeping having this mother fucking argument until you start listening to me."

"Watch your language that is not how a lady should talk perhaps you have been spending too much time with those mutts you call friends down in La Push."

"That does it. I am eighteen mother fucking years old and I will be treated as such you pussy ass son of a bitch. You know what Edward screw you Jacob is my best friend and if you can't deal with that then go fuck yourself all you ever do is try to control me, and I tired of it I am not a god damn pet or play thing for you to control. So until you get that through your pretty little thick head of yours don't bother coming over to my house any more now I will come over for the party tonight because I don't want to disappoint every one you on the other hand can go blow yourself."

I stormed away but not before I heard Rose say, "Damn she's got some balls I'm so proud."

"Thanks Rose." Low enough for them to hear but no one else. Wow I feel amazing who knew that I had that much rage and frustration inside me Jasper probably and most likely Alice hmmm oh well time for school maybe I can stop by La Push for a little while and say high to the pack before I head over to the Cullen's place. I take a look back and everyone has vacated the parking lot except for one very sexy Texan throwing me a panty dropping grin and wink just as I am hit suddenly with a wave of lust strong enough to soak my thong and make my knees buckle. Just as quick as I felt it, it was gone and so was my Texan leaving me wondering was that my lust or his. I head off to my first class in such a euphoric daze from both telling Edward off and Jasper pulling that stunt in the parking lot that completely forgot to take notes in it hopefully Alice can help me later.

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