Here I was, sitting next to my brother's side in a goddamn hospital. I never wanted him to join the police force much less SWAT because I feared something might happen to him.

And I'll be damned if something didn't. Mike got shot in the neck by some guy while escorting that millionaire Montel to SWAT headquarters.

The rest of Mike's team is here with me standing around the bed. Well, maybe not all of them. Jim isn't here yet. From what I hear he's upstairs visiting another team member-what was his name? Oh, yeah! Chris was the guy's name.

I can't wait to see Jim. I mean, I know I broke up with him, but the truth is I still love him. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him ever since and I just know he's been the same way.

I look at the door real quick and then turn back to my brother. He's joking around with Hondo and Deke when I hear Deke say, "Hey, Street, Sanchez! Glad you could make finally make it down to join the rest of us!"

I turn excitedly towards the door, ready to welcome Jim back into my waiting arms. But the sight I was greeted with, was definitely one I wasn't expecting. Quite the opposite in fact. I had been ready to see a broken, moping Jim Street who's eyes would light up at the sight of me. Instead, I see him come walking through the door, carrying a little girl on his right hip with his left arm around some Latino woman's shoulders.

Who the hell did this woman think she was getting so friendly with my Jim? The little girl must've been hers because even a blind man could see the resemblance.

I'd never seen Jim as happy as he was right now, standing with that woman. There was this look he got in his eyes every time he even so much as glanced her way. What was it?

I felt my heart start to sink as I realized exactly what that look was. It was a look of love. He had never looked at me that way and from what could see right now, he never would.

Finally, he seemed to notice I was there and he cleared his throat to speak. "Hi."

"Hi," I said back. Jeez that sounded stupid.

"Um…Lara there's someone I'd like you to meet." He the turned to the woman and said, "Chris this is Lara, Boxer's sister. Lara, I'd like you to meet my partner, Chris Sanchez.

Wait…did he just say "Chris?" So that Chris dude Hondo and Deke were talking about wasn't a guy after all. She was a girl and their partner. JIM'S partner.

Chris studied me for a moment and then extended her uninjured arm, hand waiting for mine to shake. I stared at her outstretched hand for a second and then placed mine into hers. "It's nice to meet you, Chris," I lied.

"Nice to meet you too, Lara," she replied.

Jim, noting the awkwardness of the situation apparently, then said, "Ok, well, um…we just wanted to stop by real quick to see how you were doing, Boxer."

"Oh, besides the fact that I got shot in the neck, am laying in a hospital bed, and can't come back to work for about 6 weeks, I'm doing just fine," Mike said sarcastically.

I heard Jim give out a short laugh and then say, "Well, that's good, buddy. Glad to see you're alright." He looked at the little girl who was now asleep in his arms and told us, "Anyway, we should really go. Eliza's been here nearly all day and as you can see, she needs to go to bed. And preferably not in my arms for the whole night."

He and Chris said their goodbyes to us and headed for the door. On his way out, though, Jim caught my gaze and his expression told me everything I needed to know just then. My chance with him was done and long gone by now and he had a new girl to worry about. Two to be correct. But it also told me that he was sorry and that I should move on.

I guess Jim's right. I'm gonna have to get over him. He knows that I will find someone worth my time and effort one day. But that doesn't ease the fact that I still love him. But he loves her.