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"McGee!" Tim recognized the voice calling his name behind him.

He usually would have just kept on walking. Or told Tony to go away, just hold that thought until tomorrow. He really would have. He really wanted to. If it weren't for the fact that Tim was so tired and damn full – why did Ducky have to make them so much food? – he would have. Honestly.

But he didn't. Maybe it was just because he was feeling in a strangely good mood; the holidays did that to people, filled them with joy before the winter blues set in.

Whatever caused it, it was a good enough reason to keep him from going home as soon as he could when it was at midnight on Thanksgiving just to listen to what he assumed would be some pointless statement made by his co-worker. He turned from his open car door to find Tony jogging toward him.

"Wha-?" He didn't get to even finish the first word of his sentence, because as soon as Tony had reached Tim, he had pressed his lips against the younger man's, slipping his hand into Tim's to ensure he at least got to say what he wanted to say, and if that meant that he had to hold on to Tim with a vice's grip to be heard, so be it.

He didn't really have to worry though, because Tim wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon. Not with Tony kissing him.

He had to pull away eventually, Tony knew, because he was starting to get a little lightheaded from lack of oxygen and just being this fucking close to Tim. But he really didn't want to, and he had to muster up all of his willpower to move only a few inches away from Tim.

When he did, he smiled shyly at Tim – surprising even himself that he had the emotional capacity to be shy. "Love you, man."

Tim couldn't do anything but stand there, dumbfounded, watching as Tony walked toward his own car, very confidently for a guy who had just kissed another guy with no pretense and confessed his love for him, Tim thought. He found his voice as Tony was unlocking his car door.

"Tony," Tim called after him. "Love you, too," he said once the other man turned toward him. Tony grinned back, then got in his car and drove away, while Tim couldn't bring himself to move from the spot until after Tony was gone. He restrained himself from jumping into the air like a teenager after a first date, and finally climbed into his car, which was freezing after the door being open for so long. As he started the engine, he glanced toward Ducky's house and saw the curtain in a front window hastily being closed. He realized that Ducky had probably been watching to make sure everybody got to their cars safely, and while he and Tony were the last to leave, the house hadn't been empty, and they hadn't been the only two people in the world, despite how much it had felt like it to Tim. He knew that he should feel some amount of embarrassment, or shame, even, and he did feel his face heat up a little, but as he drove home, he couldn't help but grin to himself. Tonight was definitely slotted somewhere in the top ten best moments of his life.

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