Everyone was shocked by what appeared to be a UFO approaching them. The more shocking thing was that apparently no one else could see it.

"Jacob! Chris! Here!" Gabriel said, with three shotguns in hand. As he began passing them around to the other guys, he added matter-of-factly "They're already loaded."

"Gabe, where did you get those?" asked Jennifer.

"One was my dad's, the other two are Nathan's," He explained shortly, while the three armed young men cocked the guns.

"What good do you think those things are going to do?" asked Rachel.

"Hey, just because they have interstellar travel doesn't mean they have advanced weapons systems. Maybe if we make a good show of force they'll leave."

"That may be…"

"Oh, Yeah, Jen! Catch!" He suddenly exclaimed as he tossed her his cell phone, "If we can't stop them use it to call the authorities."

"HOLD ON!" Jennifer exclaimed, "What about Nathan and Renee!"

"Oh, Yeah They went out about twenty minutes ago to grab some food so the wont be back for a long time." Replied Gabriel.


"You're joking, right?" said Kelly, pointing at the incoming vessel. "You don't see anything there in the sky?!?"

"NO. I. DON'T. Now tell me what the hell you guys are talking about and why the fuck those three are holding loaded shotguns!" Screamed Chelsey.

"Language Chels." Replied Jennifer Calmly, "We're talking about this spaceship, which is approaching us. These three idiots think they can be macho heroes and save the world."

"Um Jen, I hate to burst your rant but it looks like the ship might crush most of the house. I think we need to lure it away from the neighborhood. Gabriel and Rachel come with me everyone else in Jen's van. Gabe I want you to stand in the back with two emergency flares and guide it in, you know, kind of like an air support crewmember. All right people; Let's Do This!

Interesting," mused Galie, "that long-haired male appears to be the leader. This simplifies things, if I can convince him the rest must also follow. It's odd though that they rely on such primitive technology, and yet these five can see through the cloaking field. And that young yellow-haired girl appears to be unable I wonder…"