A/N: So, I've noticed that there is a serious lack of stories about the twins that does not revolve around craploads of angst. Don't get me wrong, I love angst just as much as the next guy, but I can only take so much. So, I have decided to write a cutesy-give-you-diabetes-type series of oneshots. No angst here!

"The coordinates for the polar equation can be solved from the rectangular equation by taking the square root of a and b…"

It was at this point Kaoru tuned his mathematics teacher and all her polar equations out. He would never understand it, so why waste his time listening when he could use it for more productive means, like playing footsie with his twin?

The students' desks were shoved together into pairs, with two students sitting across from each other. Most eyes were on the sheets of paper on their desks staring at the bolded title, "Polar Equation Starship." Supposedly, it was a partner activity that would "broaden their understanding of the lesson," or some such bullshit. Kaoru just found it immature and stupid, and not helpful in the least. He did very much enjoy Hikaru's foot rubbing up and down his leg though, so the situation wasn't a total loss.

Kaoru was snapped out of his lazy pleasure by the obnoxious ringing of the bell, the shuffling of books being shut and desks being rearranged. Hikaru's voice came to him then in a gently taunting tone.

"Planning on moving anytime soon, Kaoru? Or do you want me to let the driver know you'll be staying here over night?"

Kaoru rolled his eyes skyward and hauled his lethargic body out of his desk. He clasped hands with his twin and walked out of the classroom, leaving his desk in its sideways position.

Later, after more lazy rubbing and cuddling in the limousine, Hikaru and Kaoru settled onto their shared bed and made unenthusiastic attempts at completing their homework.

Kaoru stared mournfully and uncomprehendingly at his math homework. The target-like polar graphs' interconnected circles were making him dizzy and slightly nauseous. His cry of sorrow alerted his twin to Kaoru's distress. Hikaru moved next to his twin and copied his position, lied flat on his stomach, and pressed their bodies side-by-side together from shoulder to knee.

"What are you groaning about?" Hikaru asked, rubbing his face into Kaoru's neck, nibbling gently.

"Math, and you aren't helping!" Kaoru exclaimed as Hikaru began sucking on his skin. Hikaru grinned, unashamed.

"Lemme…" Hikaru trailed off, pulling Kaoru's workbook towards him. "Weren't you paying attention in class today?"

"No, and you weren't helping then either, Hikaru." Kaoru's voice was chiding, but his face was stretched into a wicked grin. Hikaru matched his grin, still absolutely unremorseful. He trailed his hand down Kaoru's back, rubbed his ass slowly, and then trailed his hand back up his twin's spine. Kaoru released a soft sigh and pushed Hikaru's hand away.

"I need to understand this crap or else I'm gonna fail math. I've already got a D Hikaru, so no distractions, please." Hikaru pouted at Kaoru's resistance, but nodded and turned back to the workbook.

"Alright, see how each of these lines represent 15 degrees? Well, convert the radians here into degrees and find…"

The lesson continued into the evening (it would have been shorter if Kaoru hadn't needed to push his twin's advances away, "I'm tracing polar graphs on your back!" "Sure Hikaru,") until Kaoru was beaming with happiness at his understanding of the lesson. Hikaru proceeded to take full advantage of his twin's glee and tackled him to the bed, no longer able to restrain his libido.

An undetermined amount of time later, the twins snuggled next to each other on their absurdly large bed, exchanging kisses and petting each other languidly.

"Thanks for the help, Hikaru." Koaru sighed, feeling happy and lethargic from his twin's gentle stroking of his exposed hipbones.

"No problem, little brother," Hikaru planted a kiss on the Kaoru's temple, "anything to see you happy like that." Kaoru smiled at his twin gratefully. Hikaru pressed his lips to Kaoru's, allowing their tongues to rub against one another pleasantly.

Gently pushing his twin away so he could reach the bedside lamp, Hikaru switched the light off, plunging the room into darkness. The twins pressed against each other again, happily drifting into sleep's, and each other's, gentle embrace.

A/N: I wasn't joking about the Polar Equations Starship. That's an actual activity my Pre-Calculus teacher gave my class. Needless to say, I didn't finish it. It was, as Kaoru stated, utter bullshit.