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'Cause when I'm kissing you
My senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece
I've been trying to find
Falls right into place
You're all that it takes
My doubts fade away
When I'm kissing you

- Kissing U, Miranda Cosgrove

Kaoru's bout of pneumonia was the scariest thing young Hikaru had faced in his life so far. Never in his short life had he felt his heart pound, his hands shake, his eyes tear up as much as they did than when he looked at his twin's fevered little body.

His raspy, wheezy coughs made Hikaru jump in worry and run to catch the phlegm that dislodged from Kaoru's lungs with a tissue.

His whimpers as he slept made Hikaru snuggle into his brother's back and whisper soft nonsense words of comfort.

His fever made Hikaru press a kiss to his forehead regularly to both check his temperature and sooth his brother, and tell him without words he would be just fine.

"Hikaru, for the last bloody time, the plural form is Beine. Not beans!" Kaoru scolded. He gestured in frustration toward the picture of legs in the German textbook and the lettering underneath it.

"Like it makes a difference! All German sounds like its being coughed up. Like bile." Hikaru crossed his arms and pouted.

"It does not!" Kaoru defended, before muttering, "Well…it sort of does," then continued with, "but you don't have to be so disgusting, Hika! And you could pay attention. We have the test on body parts tomorrow!" Kaoru cried in exhaustion.

Hikaru buried his face in his hands. "Can't we take a break? I'm tired. I'm going to die at this rate."

"You are not going to die you big baby. Besides, I have an idea I think you'll enjoy." Kaoru's eyelids shuttered half way over his amber orbs. His gaze became heated and intense, and Hikaru felt his loins tighten in response.

"I'm going to kiss every part of your body you name in German correctly." Kaoru trailed his fingers across Hikaru's chest as he sucked in a shuttering breath. "If you get the plural form right, I'll lick and suck it to your heart's content. How's that sound?"

Kaoru pressed his body tight against his twin's flushed and heated identical form. He rubbed Hikaru's shoulders as he breathed out on his neck, "Sound like fun?"

Hikaru grabbed for the textbook desperately.

"Where's the word for 'dick' in this stupid book?"

"Hikaru?" Hikaru lifted his head from its relaxed position on the bed to see his adorable twin climbing into their shared bed. Kaoru swung a leg over Hikaru's hips and settled on top of his brother's form.

"Yes?" Hikaru answered breathily. His twin's proximity always managed to take his breath and higher cognitive function away.

Kaoru leaned in and pressed his lips to Hikaru's neck gently. Hikaru placed his hands on his brother's cheeks and pulled him up for a proper kiss.

Their lips connected in blissful cohesion that could only exist between an identical pair of lips. The kiss was chaste and short, and left Hikaru wanting more.

"What's this about?" Hikaru chuckled. "Not that I'm complaining."

"Nothing really. I was just thinking that I love you. I thought kissing you is a good way to show that." Kaoru smiled sweetly and Hikaru's heart fluttered.

"I don't think the message got through. You're going to have to try again." Hikaru grinned.

Kaoru giggled. "With pleasure."

The distance between them closed.

Hikaru stared at the sight of Kaoru snuggling with that stupid, damnable cat. He was hugging and kissing the bloody creature to death and he could swear it smirked at him between every smooch.

Those lips are mine, dammit, mine!

"Hikaru, stop glaring at Hika. It's ridiculous to be jealous of a cat."

"I'm not jealous, but I'm not making out with you until you wash your mouth out. It's probably full of cat germs."

Kaoru sighed and shook his head in resignation and made for the bathroom. Kissing Hikaru was a lot more fun than kissing Hika.

But watching Hikaru fume in jealousy over a cat was the most fun of all.

"Hey Kaoru?"


"I love you."

"I-hrm! Where'd that come from?"

"Kisses are a good way to say it, remember?"

"True. C'mere and let me show you just how much I adore you."