The king's hammer missed his torso by a fraction, making a small whoosh as it hit the corner of the ring. He grunted as he pulled it up again and swung the mallet around him, trying desperately to hit his agile foe. The puffball hopped backwards awkwardly, barely avoiding the top like motion of the penguin. Out in the crowd, dozens of dreamland citizens (commonly referred to as "dreamlanders") edged him on, hunger and resentment towards their "sire" fueling their shouts.

And as the hammer made contact and sent him hurtling across the arena, Kirby wonders how he got himself in this situation. Don't get him wrong; he didn't mind assisting the cause. But when Dee said he and everyone else would be unable to help him, he wasn't kidding. The penguin loomed over him once more, and quickly brought the mallet down, only for the alien to dodge that strike as well. Kirby delivered a swift punch to his gut, causing him to stumble back. Outraged, he tumbled over the puffball, successfully pinning him under his weight.

He tried to squirm from under him, but to no avail. Snarling, he changed tactics by rolling onto his back and kicking him instead. Dedede hadn't lifted up completely, but his wince gave his foe the chance to slip from under him.

They stood for a moment, glaring heatedly at each other, and ignoring the crowd's protesting of their pause. As far as either was concerned, no one else was in that stadium but them.

And neither of them were leaving until the other was down.

The puffball readied his fists; the penguin, his hammer. And with a mighty yell-

Oh wait. Pardon me; I seem to have gotten ahead of myself. You don't seem to understand the situation here do you? Perhaps I should start earlier that day. It doesn't start with our pink friend here, though. No, it starts far outside the walls of Castle Dedede, with one peculiar member of this stadium's crowd. Trust me- this story is easy fun. And simple enough for new play-err… readers to enjoy. Let's begin, shall we?

Author's Note-

Hi guys! For those of you who've already read this story, you might be wondering why I've changed the intro. Truth is- I wasn't too happy with it anyway. For those of you who haven't read this story, welcome aboard!

Fun Facts-

-This story is named after the Japanese title of Spring Breeze.