"Grah!" Dee roared in frustration, practically ripping their map in two. Kirby watched on nervously, wondering if he should try to reassure his friend.

The sun had long since set its path across the sky, but no less than an hour after the duo had set off, they already gotten themselves off track. According to Dee, they'd taken a left in the fork in the road when the map had specifically pointed out to take the right (both of them too tired already by the day's events to notice). The left turn had taken them to a grassy cliff overlooking a gargling river. To their side, Kirby could see the dark green foliage of the forest the other path led to. It was a beautiful view, but Dee seemed too angry to notice.

"Well…" the puffball started unsurely, "maybe if we head back-"

"It's no good." Dee said simply, "We're already off schedule; if we turn back…" He left that sentence unfinished, the alien understanding the message.

The dreamlander grabbed his head in frustration and Kirby, feeling he was going to go off again, gulped nervously-

And felt something.

The puffball's eyes widened in surprise. He reached into his mouth (which he discovered was a lot wider than it appeared) with a stubby pink hand. After fishing around a minute, his hand brushed past some sort of pocket, and a quick investigation of that led to the discovery of something that felt much like velvet.

Kirby pulled out his find, and discovered it wasn't the slightest bit damp. The heck…?

Tilting the box curiously, the lid fell of revealing some sort of… star? Was this a pin or something? He mused making a grab for it. No sooner than his hand was an inch away from it, the star began to glow. It shot out from its case, stopping Dee's cursing as they both watched in bewilderment. It grew, and grew until finally it was twice the round creatures' size and hovered upright over the cliff's edge in front of Kirby expectantly.


Kirby gave it an experimental tap. It went still, then lied down in midair, waiting.


Kirby blinked. Dee blinked.




"…What is that thing?"


"…Don't know…"


Kirby leapt onto it, the star not descending even slightly under his weight. He looked back to Dee, whom blinked again.


"Would you get on this thing already!" Kirby barked. Dee winced and followed his lead, looking down nervously at the hungry waters hundreds of feet below.

Kirby looked down, searching fruitlessly for any sort of switch or button. When that failed him, he sat down and pondered.

His hands unconsciously applied weight to the star's front.

And just like that, the star shot downward, it's "nose" directed at the river. Dee screeched in Kirby's ear and held him in a death grip as the puffball struggled to wrap his stubby feet around the top most corner of the star, as it continued it's deadly decent. Seconds before it dived, Kirby hugged said corner up sharply.

Then it stopped, hovering gently over the would-be deathly waters.


"Okay…" Kirby said aloud for Dee to hear, "I think I get how this thing works."

"Wait," Dee panted suddenly, watching the puffball stand unsteadily upright on the vehicle, "Kirby, maybe we should-"

Kirby stamped his foot forward on the star.

Once again, it sped forward, skidding across the waves surfboard style. Kirby whooped in the air and Dee, who didn't have anything to hold this time, just managed to grasp the two furthest points of the star. His screams were barely audible over the non-existent motor of the star-board.

Kirby took the liberty of looking around him; As far as he could see, the forest ahead was a brilliant jade green, the sky above was cloudless, and the water beneath them, which he let his hand slide through, was crystal clear.

Dreamland isn't a half bad place. He decided, sighing as he took in the far off scent of some foreign plant. Maybe I should stick around a while after this. I don't know where I'm from anyway, so why not? Kirby smiled to himself, eyes closed.

And that's when the rocks on the shore decided to meet up with them.


Author's Note-

Hey Guess What Guys! I'm not dead! Sorry to keep everyone waiting only to present this piece of crap here… But this time I don't have an excuse.

Really, I don't.

Thanks again to my wonderful reviewers: ChaoCream and new reviewer ThePersonofAwesomeness.

Oh, right! In case you guys haven't noticed, I changed the prologue completely; I just... really wasn't happy with the original… Sorry.

Fun Facts-

-Though in "Kirby's Dreamland" and "Kirby Super Star" (And Ultra) Kirby rides the Warpstar upright, In this story he'll ride it "Kirby's Air Ride" style, or horizontally.