I know this isn't my other story, but the idea just hit me tonight so I decided a oneshot is okay. I hope.

I do promise that my other story will be updated soon though. I switched around a few things and decided a big part was going to be saved for the next chapter. Well in the meantime I hope you enjoy the story. Even if it is a little angsty.

Hinata's not stupid.

She's not niave. She's not weak. She's not timid, and she's certainly isn't stupid.

She's known what would happen since she was a child. She's known what went on in her home. She's know about the inter-workings of the Hyuuga. She's known it all from the very beginning.

She's acted. She's acted since she was five years old. Acted weak. Acted useless. Acted shy.

She was proud when she developed a stutter. Proud when she barely passed her genin exam. Proud when she failed her first mission.

She was happy when her father stopped training her. Elated when he was told about her crush on Naruto. Thrilled when he started paying more and more attention to Hanabi.

All because she's always known. Known what was going on when Hiashi had two girls. Known what they were talking about when they said the word seal. Known what she was doing when she failed.

That's why she's not surprised when her father calls her into his office, to tell her she is disowned and will be sealed. Because she's always known. Because ever since her sister was born she's been playing a role. A role in a play that she's been directing. A role in a play where she's always known the ending. A role in a play that ends in her sealing.

What happens after that was anyones guess, but as far as Hinata was concerned it didn't matter. She had kept her promise to her mother. She had kept Hanabi safe.

So she smiled. She smiled when they drew the symbols. She smile when they spoke their lines just the way she knew they would. And she smiled, when she felt the pain on her forehead, knowing the curtains were closing on a play that no one ever knew was going on.

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