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She really was weak.

Hinata flinched as she ran the damp rag over her tender body.

After all these years of acting, of faking, she had acheived an actors greatest dream; she had truly become her role. It may have been an actor's dream, but it was her worst nightmare.

It was only ever supposed to be a role. A character she played. But now, after so long, she had become her character. She had become weak.

She had planned on showing them how wrong they had always been. She was going to prove that she was strong, that she had only been feigning weakness. She was excited. This was the next scene in her life and she couldn't wait for the curtains to rise.

So when she was pitted against Neji, she wasn't afraid. She was confident, that even though she had never tested her strength, that she would be strong enough to her wayward cousin. She had written this script too after all.

She was wrong though. Oh so very wrong. She had forgotten her lines. Someone had re-written her script.

Neji did not hold back this time. Though she was still only twelve, she was no longer the heiress, and this lifted all the protective barriers that surrounded her before. Needless to say she lost horribly, having all her organs affected and almost stopping her mobility. It was mortifying.

That was two days ago and she was still having difficulties moving.

'This is no longer my play,' She thought, 'I'm not in control anymore, I don't know what anyone is going to do, this wasn't how it was supposed to go!' She was getting panicked now. 'I don't have a character to play anymore, I'm just Hinata. But who is Hinata? Surely not the weak child I made up? Have I really become what they all think I am? No. That girl is a phony. A cartoon. A character. She doesn't exist and she is not me.'

Hinata took a deep breath, "S-she i-is n-not m-m-me." she frowned, "S-she i-is n-not m-m-me. S-s-she i-is n-n-not m-m-me. S-s-s-she i-is n-not m-m-m-me! S-s-s-she i-is n-not m-m-m-me!"

She couldn't stop. Her mind wouldn't let her. The stutter was getting worse the more anxious Hinata got. She kept chanting these words, but she knew they were useless. Hiashi's weak daughter and Hinata Hyuuga were one in the same now.

'But she was never supposed to be real! She was a means to an end, a way to ensure the safety of Hanabi. This weak, stuttering girl was a role that I made up, she serves no purpose anymore. I don't need her!'

Hinata turned her head to the mirror in the bathroom and walked toward it, 'But I am her aren't I?'

'No. No no no no no! We are not the same person. Hiashi's daughter was simply weak, unable to do anything correctly. I am Hinata Hyuuga, I am simply lacking training. Hiashi's daughter stuttered because she was afraid of everything. I stutter because it is a habit. There are differences, we are very similar, but that can change. I can change. I will make a new role, a new character, and I will become that girl.'

"I w-will b-become H-hinata Hyuuga. I w-will b-become Hinata Hyuuga. I will become Hinata Hyuuga." She smiled.

Hinata Hyuuga was her new character, she smiled wider, and she would have a good time deciding just who Hinata Hyuuga was.

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