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Chapter 2:

"Wait up Quinn, we've got to get together to finish the biology project. Is tomorrow all right with you?" Blaine asked as they were project partners, in their Biology AP class

Quinn smiled and chatted animatedly with him, discussing their schedule and project angle, as they made their way out of school. Blaine couldn't help but wonder at the difference in her when Jesse wasn't around. Jesse was absent from school today as he had a meeting to attend with the Ohio Glee Selection Committee with regards to this years' entrance and performance regulations. Quinn was more like her usual self.

"How are you going back? I can give you a lift. Would you like to go for a burger before heading home?" Blaine ventured to ask

He saw the indecision in Quinn's eyes and then a small affirmative nod and a smile as she said, 'Not the golden arches please…I think I've had enough of that place" remembering her midnight cravings for a Big Mac and Vanilla Thick Shake during her pregnancy. "But you don't have to send me back, I live in Carmel now. It's out of your way"

There was a fiery red 2011 Mercedes SLS idling at the entrance of the school. The car was getting curious looks from the students but as he was about to comment on how great it'd be to own such a car, he saw that Quinn had paled and stopped talking.

She looked worried as she turned to speak, "I'm sorry Blaine. I have to go. A rain check?" as she tried to temper her change of plans with a wobbly smile.

And she quickly ran out to the waiting car. As she reached it, Blaine saw Jesse getting out and opening the passenger door for Quinn.

"I see you got yourself a knight in shining armor to escort you today, "Jesse said evenly, as they drove away, not once glancing Quinn's way.

"Blaine was just discussing our biology project, Jesse…you know there's nobody else but you"

Jesse flicked a glance at Quinn's pale face and said" It's just that I love you so much Quinn. I'm afraid you'll be bored with me and find somebody else. I don't know what I'd do if you left me"

On cue, Quinn laid her hand on his arm and reaffirmed her love for him. Jesse gave himself a small self satisfied smirk, knowing full well that Quinn meant what she was saying.

The practice session was grueling, the Glee kids, with the exception of Rachel, were groaning, when Jesse insisted they start the repertoire once again from the top. The dance moves were the most complicated New Directions had ever done to date. Jesse insisted that Vocal Adrenalin were winners because not only could they sing but they executed elaborate dance sequences that wowed not only the crowd but also the judges, leaving their competitors in the dust. Will was desperate for a win and eager to beat Vocal Adrenalin, thus letting Jesse dictate the sessions.

The twirls and semi pirouettes were difficult to begin with and the more they practiced the worst they became. There were many missteps and minor tumbles and even Quinn, with all her early gymnastics and cheerleading experience took a tumble. Blaine was partnering Tina, but when Quinn fell, he was quick to respond. He knelt next to her and with one arm around her, supporting her upper body, his other hand massaged her ankle. " Are you ok Quinn?" Quinn looked dazed, probably the combination of tiredness and the sudden slip.

"Let go of her" Jesse literally hissed to Blaine. Blaine looked up in shock at Jesse "I'm just trying to help her," Blain stuttered, his arms still around Quinn. Jesse looked as if he were itching for a fight.

"I've told you, let go of my girlfriend. Do I need to repeat it?" Jesse didn't shout but his intonation was menacing, none the less. Blaine let go of Quinn and fell back, palms held up, placating. Jesse was still shooting daggers at Blaine. The auditorium went deathly silent. Everyone was shocked at the unexpected and unfounded confrontation between Jesse and Blaine. Quinn's face was flushed with embarrassment, "Jesse, can you please help me up? I think I hurt my foot" she quickly said to diffuse the tension. Jesse scooped her into his arms, kissed her forehead and carried Quinn off the stage.

Once they were out of the auditorium, there was virtually a collective release of breathe. "Can somebody please tell me what the hell that was about?" Mercedes said to the group in general.

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