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The strawberry suddenly grabbed his boyfriend's small wrist, "Don't go… It's only a regular Hollow alert. Can't you just this once let someone else handle it?"

"You know I can't, Ichigo." The captain of the tenth squad said as he tried to pull away from the larger male's grip.

Ichigo's grasp only tightened more, he knew that it was the only thing still keeping the petite captain in his office and not charging out onto the battlefield. "Why can't Rangiku handle it? You have been going on non-stop missions for weeks now." Ichigo whined.

"It is my duty as Captain… my squad is out there fighting. I can't just abandon them." Toshiro turned around to face the strawberry and Ichigo could see the regret in his beautiful teal eyes. "I'm sorry Ichigo…" Toshiro lowered his head only to have Ichigo wrap his large arms around the small body and hold him close in a tight hug.

Toshiro didn't pull away; instead he buried his face into the folds of Ichigo's shihakusho inhaling his boyfriend's scent. Surely, he could take just a moment to feel safe and secure in Ichigo's embrace before departing. "Ichigo…" Toshiro murmured after a few moments. "I…I need to go."

Ichigo released Toshiro only to lean down and cover the smaller shinigami's face with butterfly kisses. "Don't keep me waiting too long, kay? And promise me that once this mission is over you will take some time to relax." Toshiro smiled up at Ichigo returned the kiss and right before he pulled away he whispered, "I will. I love you, Ichigo."

"I love you too, Toshiro."

The two shinigami finally broke apart and the smaller of the two left the room, leaving the other alone in the large office. Ichigo continued staring at the spot where Toshiro had just been a few seconds previously and made his way to one of the couches in the office. As Ichigo laid down he started to hear the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof of the office. It's starting to rain; I hope Toshiro doesn't get stuck in a big storm while on his mission tonight. With the help of the calming sounds of the rain falling on the roof, Ichigo soon found himself drifting off to sleep.

Toshiro quickly arrived at the location where he had been told his division was exterminating hollows. Everyone was being pushed back by the overwhelming numbers of hollows. There seemed to be no end in sight and slowly the shinigami's numbers were decreasing while the hollow's numbers seemed to swell. As if that wasn't bad enough already, it had also started to rain and soon the rain was coming down heavier and heavier with each passing minute.

Almost immediately, one of the seated officers sensed their captain's arrival and shouted out in relief, "Captain! You made it!" Another squad member sensed Toshiro's presence and came running over to greet the tenth division captain; and another, and another. This chain of events repeated until there was a small group of tenth division member gathered around waiting to hear what their captain was about to say.

"How is the squad holding against the hollows?" Toshiro firmly asked of his subordinates. There was a frenzy of voices attempting to fill in the captain on the current situation all at the same time.

"No matter how many hollows we kill, their numbers aren't decreasing!"

"We keep losing men and if this continues our troops will be completely wiped out!"

"What should we do Captain Hitsugaya?"

All eyes were on Toshiro and he was silent for a moment as he tried to analyze the situation quickly in his mind and work through all the possible outcomes determining which would have the highest possible success rate.

"Where is Rangiku?" Toshiro asked his division. The silence that followed could only be described as an awkward uncertainty. No one shinigami really wanted to answer their captain, because well, none of the shinigami really knew how to answer. Toshiro was about to ask again but just as he opened his mouth his third seat finally broke the suffocating silence.

"The lieutenant disappeared quite some time ago… she said something about ending him once and for all… none of us had any idea what or even who she was talking about, and she ran off before we could even think to ask her about it.

Toshiro suddenly froze and turned to look directly at his third seat, his face tense. "Can you handle things here for just a little longer? There's something that I need to do if any of us hope to escape this ordeal alive."

Toshiro could see the fear in his subordinate's eyes. It was understandable as well as expected. He had just arrived and they had expected him to kill all the hollows and save the remaining members of the division. Now he was leaving them… but… he was only leaving them so he could save them. Surely they would understand if they knew the whole story.

"Go on ahead captain; you must have a reason for having to leave. I trust yo- we trust you. We will hold off the hollows till your return!" It started out as a whisper but once the third seat had started speaking he was urged on by the supported cries of the other tenth division shinigami.

"Thank you everyone," Toshiro knew that there were many skilled shinigami here and they should be able to handle themselves. "I will return as soon as I have disposed of whatever is the cause of all these hollows." Toshiro quickly disappeared with the aid of shunpo in the direction that all they hollows seemed to be originating.

As soon as Toshiro was out of sight the shinigami that had gathered near him dispersed all in different directions to inform the rest of the squad of their captain's orders.

"Dammit, I should have realized sooner that hollows don't have the capacity to work together and attack shinigami in such a large and organized group while avoiding slaughtering each other in the process. There must be someone pulling the strings behind the scenes! Could it be Aizen? Toshiro quickly thought, No… Aizen was dead; he and Ichigo had made quite sure of that. But if not Aizen… then who could it be?

Thinking about Aizen prompted Toshiro's thoughts to wander back to his strawberry boyfriend waiting for his return in the tenth division office. It was right then that Toshiro wished that he was still back in his office, warm and secure, not to mention dry, curled up next to Ichigo on the couch. As opposed to on a mission in the middle of no-where, soaked to the bone from fighting hollows in the pouring rain. He usually hated being warm, it was to be expected from the wielder of the most powerful ice zanpakuto in all of Seireitei. But with Ichigo, it was a welcoming warm that filled up and comforted him as opposed to suffocating him.

A huge burst of spiritual pressure pulled Toshiro suddenly from his thoughts, and from Ichigo. It wasn't far from his current location and the pressure felt familiar, but strange at the same time. He quickly arrived at the location at which he had sensed the burst of spiritual pressure and the sight that met him was so shocking that he almost lost his balance after landing his most recent shunpo.

Ichigo awoke from his sleep surprised and a little alarmed that his small boyfriend was not lying safely beside him. Oh right, he's out on that mission… The strawberry sat up and looked around the deserted tenth division office while scratching his head. What's this weird feeling I'm having? Toshiro's a captain for god sakes, he can take care of himself. Ichigo shook his head and tried to force the thought of something bad happening to Toshiro to the back of his mind with only a little success. Maybe I should have gone with him... another shake of his head, I need to stop thinking like this… there's nothing to worry about. Toshiro will finish his mission tonight and tomorrow it will be like nothing ever happened.

Ichigo hauled himself up off the couch and decided that the best thing to calm his nerves would be to make himself a hot cup of tea. That's what he always did when he thought that Toshiro was getting overly stressed. The carrot top was just about to exit the office and make his way towards the kitchen down the hall when a voice sounded from the other side of the thin office door and quickly slid it open.

"Ichigo Kurosaki! You're presence has been requested by the head captain, Shigekuni Genryūsai Yamamoto! Please report to the first division barracks at once, the matter is of the utmost importance!"

"Tell the old man that I'm on my way." The messenger nodded and disappeared. Ichigo had been about to ask the messenger if he had any details on the reason for the sudden meeting, but then he realized that he would be able to get the full story faster if he got to the first division barracks as soon as possible. With his tea completely forgotten, Ichigo began to run as fast as he could towards the first division barracks.

Ichigo arrived in no time at all at the massive door with the large symbol of the first division displayed boldly on its front. "Ichigo Kurosaki: substitute soul reaper, reporting in." As soon as he said his name the door opened and inside was not only the head captain but all other captains that were not currently away on missions.

"So… what's this thing that was so important you needed me to come here right away?" Ichigo asked confused as to why all the captains were here in addition to the head captain.

Not a soul moved, spoke, or showed any sign that the strawberry had said anything and Ichigo was starting to get annoyed. He had been called here with such urgency and now no-one seemed to want to tell him anything. Suddenly, the strong and commanding voice of the head captain rang throughout the meeting hall.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, have you heard anything recently from Squad Ten Captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya?"

Ichigo's heart dropped. What happened to Toshiro? Did something go wrong with the mission? If anything bad happened to the white haired captain Ichigo didn't know how he was going to live with himself. With much difficulty Ichigo managed to find his voice and answer.

"I… uh- I was with him a few hours ago, right before he left on his mission. He didn't say much except for that he couldn't abandon his division… after that he left and I haven't…" he paused, "I haven't heard from him…" he finished awkwardly.

Yamamoto stared down the substitute soul reaper daring Ichigo to say he was lying. A few minutes of silence passed in which Ichigo wanted to disappear from Yamamoto's presence, also wishing that someone would actually tell him what happened to his lover. The head captain seemed to hear his silent plea and continued.

"Precisely one half hour ago the tenth division returned from their mission to eradicate a large number of hollows that were gathering in one of the northern Rukon Districts. All seated officers were accounted for; except for the captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya."

Ichigo felt like he was going to be sick; he thought his legs would give out at any moment and they might of if Captain Unohana had not stepped out of line to put a hand comfortingly on Ichigo's shoulder. Instantly Ichigo started to feel just a bit better, he was still scared shitless for Toshiro but there was something about Unohana that always exuded comfort and strength.

"Calm down Ichigo." Unohana said in her usual calm voice, hand still resting on Ichigo's shoulder. Ichigo was about to protest but Unohana held him back and shook her head. She calmly pointed towards the entrance of the hall and it slowly began to open. Two shinigami entered; both were of the tenth division and also soaked, with blood staining their shihakusho. One was the lieutenant of the tenth division, Rangiku Matsumoto, and the other Ichigo realized was the tenth division's third seat, Yutai Futaki.

Ichigo had seen Yutai around the tenth division a lot because he would come into the office a lot to talk with Toshiro. Sometimes they would talk paperwork and sometimes they would talk about different combative techniques. He always was so cheerful and eager to learn from his captain. But looking at the person in front of him right now he never would have thought that this was the same third seat he saw so often; only regret showed on his face.

"Tenth division lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, and third seat, Yutai Futaki, please tell the captains gathered before you what you experienced before you lost contact with Captain Hitsugaya." Both shinigami nodded. Yutai talked about when Toshiro had met up with the squad and that he didn't stay long because he rushed off to find Rangiku while the rest of the division held off the hollows.

"About 40 minutes after our Captain left us to deal with the hollows, they all suddenly disappeared and only about ten minutes after that we met up with the lieutenant."

Now that Yutai had finished telling his side of the story, all eyes shifted towards Rangiku. "You encountered Captain Hitsugaya as well Lieutenant Matsumoto?" The head captain inquired.

"Y-yes…" Rangiku stuttered unable to make eye contact with the head captain. "When I was fighting with my division I felt a spiritual pressure that I hadn't felt in a long time and I went to investigate. I soon found myself face to face with my old friend and the former captain of squad three… Gin Ichimaru."

Whispers and quiet murmuring started to fill the meeting hall before the head captain hit the floor firmly with his long staff. "Silence!" he yelled.

All voices died out instantly and the hall was silent again; all expect for one voice belonging to a certain strawberry.

"How can you just sit there and do nothing? Especially, when you know that someone like Gin Ichimaru is involved?" Ichigo was beyond furious now. If Yamamoto continued to refuse to take any action then he would leave this pointless meeting and go bring back his small boyfriend himself.

"Ichigo Kurosaki!" the head captain boomed and Ichigo nearly jumped out of his skin before looking back up towards the old man. "Do not allow your personal feelings get in the way of looking at this situation logically. It is essential that we gather all the facts before we can decide on the proper course of action." When Ichigo said nothing the Yamamoto turned towards his attention back towards Rangiku. "Please continue Lieutenant Matsumoto."

She nodded nervously taking a deep breath before continuing her story, "Gin was about to kill me when my captain arrived and saved me at the last moment."

Rangiku couldn't believe that her life was about to be ended by the person who had saved her when she was a young girl starving on the side of a road. Maybe it was better this way… Rangiku waited to feel the cold metal pierce her flesh and put her out of her misery, but instead of the sickening sound of metal cutting flesh, she heard the distinct clash of metal on metal. But how…? Rangiku opened her eyes and saw a flash of white and was able to barely make out the form of her small captain.

"C-captain…" Rangiku whispered.

"Don't talk Rangiku. You need to save your strength. Once I kill this bastard we'll get you back to Seireitei so squad four can treat your wounds." Rangiku wasn't able to hang onto consciousness any longer and soon her world fell into complete darkness.

Rangiku awoke next when he was forcibly pulled to her feet by some unknown force. She could still feel the cold rain running down her body… so she must still be in the forest.

"Welcome back Ran-chan. Yer just in time ta witness the defeat of tha small captain ya care fer so much." Gin! But if Gin was the holding her… then where was her Captain? The strawberry lieutenant had to squint but was able to make out her captain's small form through all the sheeting rain. He didn't seem injured, so what was Gin talking about? Then she felt the cold steel of Shinso press up against her neck making it hard to breathe.

"So little captain… are ya prepared ta witness yer entire division fall before yer very eyes?"

"NO! Ichimaru don't!" Toshiro yelled desperately.

"I gotta have my fun wit someone, and yer whole division just happens ta be right here, ripe for tha takin" Gin's smile widened as he saw the look of sheer horror grow on the ice captain's face.

"Take me then! I'm the captain. I'm… I'm more valuable than all of my subordinates put together..." Toshiro didn't know what else to do… he was backed into a corner and this was the only way to ensure the safety of his division.

Gin's grin grew even more, he had the boy right where he wanted him, and now the real fun would begin.

"I will completely surrender myself… on one condition." Hitsugaya growled his voice losing his usual cold and icy tone.

"I don't think yer really in tha position ta be bargainin, but I'm a reasonable man. What do ya propose Shiro?" Gin teased, being sure to drag out the nickname he knew the small captain hated.

"You can do whatever you want to me… as long as my entire division goes free." Toshiro dropped his sword and he fell to his knees on the wet, muddy and not to mention bloody ground, his head bowed down in defeat.

"Captain! Don't do this! I'll be fine… the division will be fine!" Rangiku yelled desperately but Toshiro didn't even lift his head to acknowledge his lieutenant's frantic cries.

"That's all I remember…" Rangiku looked up as she finished her story waiting for Yamamoto, or anyone for that matter, to say something, anything. Nothing. "Please Head-Captain! You must send a rescue team! He saved not only my life but everyone's in the tenth division!"

Ichigo decided to use this moment to his advantage, "Head Captain, I will go save Toshiro and bring him back with me to Seireitei." Ichigo had just turned to leave when he heard something that made him freeze.

"You will do no such thing! I will not permit this."

Ichigo grinned. "No disrespect Head captain, but I'm not technically part of the Gotei 13 so I am not bound as tight to the laws of soul society as everyone else is here."

"There is a huge storm raging through soul society right now; this will only decrease the odds of you being able to find Captain Hitsugaya making the task at hand very difficult, if not impossible. I cannot on good conscious allow you to go out in this kind of weather, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"I don't care old man! I refuse to sit here helplessly when there's the slightest chance I can save Toshiro. Nothing you can say or do will prevent me from leaving this place and rescuing him."

Yamamoto merely stared at the determined face of the orange haired teenager. He knew deep down the boy would stay true to his word and nothing that he could say would keep the carrot top from going after his lover. Finally, Yamamoto simply nodded and Ichigo ran out into the storm without even so much as a backwards glance.

Ichigo… please bring the captain back safely… Rangiku prayed softly as she watched Ichigo disappear into the distance.

The rain was starting to come down harder than ever, if that was even possible. It had also started to thunder and there were frequent flashes of lightning which illuminated the battle between the two captains. Although, it wasn't really right to call it a battle considering that only one party was really attacking.

"If ya continue to lay on tha ground there captain your gonna get yer captain's haori all dirty."

"Tch… getting my haori dirty is the least of my problems right now…" Hitsugaya hissed as he looked up to glare at the fox standing over him.

"I've been waiting fer this moment fer so long Shiro… I'm gonna take my time with ya. Kill ya nice and slow. By the time I'm done wit ya, yer gonna beg me to kill ya." Gin started to walk slowly towards where Toshiro was lying. It might have looked like he was done for, but Toshiro wasn't the captain of the tenth division for nothing, he still had a few tricks up his sleeves.

Toshiro waited till Gin was within a few feet of him and then very quietly muttered, "Hado 31, Shakkaho!" A large red ball of energy materialized in the small captain's hands and then flew straight at Gin's approaching figure. The fox captain had to take his eyes off Toshiro for the slightest second to avoid the kido spell, but those few seconds were all the opportunity that Toshiro needed to push himself shakily to his feet as he made a mad dash towards his zanpakuto a few feet away. Toshiro managed to grab Hyourinmaru and was just about release it when Gin beat him to it.

"Ikorose, Shinso."

The extended blade of Shinso raced towards Hitsugaya's chest and would have gone straight through his heart if he hadn't been able to use Hyourinmaru to deflect the ensuing blade.

"I don't believe I gave ya permission to draw yer sword Shiro." Gin smirked at the boy.

"I don't give a shit what you say." Toshiro spat ready to charge at the ex-third captain.

"Need me to refresh ya of our deal? Ya gotta do whatever I say Shiro… I held up my part of tha bargain. Bout time you held up yers. Although… I might go back on ma word if ya don't hold up your end… and that might spell disastrous consequences for yer division…"

"NO! Don't…" Toshiro pleaded as he glared at Gin with pure loathing and gritted his teeth before growling, "… I'm sorry..."

"Hmm… I don't think tha a simple sorry is gonna suffice Shiro…" Toshiro's head bolted up and stared in shock at the look on Gin's face. It was a deranged look, the look of a man that was intent on causing as much pain as he possibly could.

"Drop yer sword… Now." Came Gin's stern voice, he had had enough of the insolent little captain's attitude. It was time for him to learn some respect.

Toshiro froze; he didn't want to be separated with Hyourinmaru again after just being reunited with the dragon such a short time ago.

"If ya don't wanna be a good boy an' drop yer sword of yer own free will, I guess I have no choice but ta make ya drop it by force." Gin said as he disappeared for a split second before reappearing right beside Toshiro and grabbing his sword arm with one hand and the hilt of Hyourinmaru in the other. As his grip tightened Toshiro let out a gasp of pain which made Gin let out a small chuckle. "Does it hurt Shiro? Simply let go of Hyourinmaru and I can make it stop."

"Bastard…" Toshiro wheezed as the pressure increased.

"Guess its gonna be tha hard way then…" Gin sighed and started to use both hands to pull Toshiro's hand from Hyourinmaru's hilt.

"What are you-" Toshiro gasped as he felt Gin pulling harshly at Hyourinmaru. Toshiro fought to keep hold of his sword but after a few minutes of struggling Gin won and was able to pry the zanpakuto from it's wielder's grasp. The ice captain's eyes widened as Hyourinmaru was flung into the air and landed on the other side of the field.

"Now ta make sure that ya won't be causing trouble with that sword of yers…" Gin sneered.

Toshiro didn't know what to make of what Gin was saying at first. But when he felt Gin increase the pressure on his arm even more he came to a frightening conclusion. He can't possibly think to be…H-He's not going to… Oh my god… he is! He's actually going to break my arm! The fox kept squeezing the small arm, increasing the pressure more and more until… Toshiro's fear was realized and there was a loud crack and Toshiro screamed in agony. Gin finally let go of Toshiro's small arm only to have it fall limp to his side. His arm was now useless and any kind of movement or touch brought an intense flash of pain.

"F…Fuck you…" Toshiro rasped out, his teeth clenched in pain as he tried to suppress the tears that now filled his eyes threatening to overflow and fall down his already soaked face.

"I commend ya for having enough strength ta remaining standing Shiro. But for how fer much longer do ya think yer gonna last? Are ya expecting fer someone ta come save ya? Could that be tha reason why ya won't accept death? Don't worry; I'll be sure ta kill ya before anyone has a chance ta save ya." Gin assured the smaller captain, an evil glint sparkling in his eye as he advanced on Toshiro while unsheathing Shinso.

Ichigo had been searching for Toshiro for over an hour and had absolutely nothing to show for it… It was times like these that being Ichigo had its advantages. One of them being that he refused to give up; on anything. He would search for however long it took till his petite boyfriend was safe in his arms and they could head back to Seireitei together. Ichigo had already concluded that looking anywhere and everywhere he could find obviously wasn't going to help him find Toshiro anymore than sitting back in Seireitei would. How in the world and I supposed to find him? Ichigo had always sucked at sensing spiritual pressures and whenever Toshiro tried to teach him kido… well, let's say it wasn't pretty. So, both of those options were completely out of the question.

Please… Toshiro… I need to know where you are. Send me a sign… anything that might help me find you. Ichigo continued to pray for any kind of sign that might help him locate his missing lover. At one point Ichigo was so frustrated that he turned his head to the dark and stormy sky and yelled as loud as he could, "TOSHIRO! WHERE ARE YOU?" hoping for the small chance that he was close enough so that the white haired captain might hear him.

Ichigo never thought in a million years that he would instantly take all that hoping and praying for a sign back if he could; but he did, almost instantly. Why? It most likely had something to do with the fact that at the very moment that Ichigo had yelled into the seemingly empty forest he thought he heard his boyfriend's voice yell back. Was he so desperate to find his little icy captain that he was starting to hear things? Another moment passed and then he heard it again… but this time there was something more, it was full of pain, fear, and desperation. He couldn't be imagining it, and if those screams were indeed real, that meant that Toshiro was in serious trouble and Ichigo had no time to lose.

The strawberry headed in the direction that he heard his boyfriend's voice faster than he had done anything in his entire lifetime. Hold on Toshiro! I'll be there soon and you won't have to suffer any more, just please… hold on!

Ichigo had been running for a few minutes and was starting to get anxious, not that he wasn't already. Had he wasted his one chance to find Toshiro? Just then, a large clearing caught his eye and he slowly crept up to the edge of the forest and stopped when he saw there were two figures in the middle of the clearing. One was tall and thin but he couldn't really tell anything about the other because they seemed to be lying on the ground.

The body on the ground started to shift and the figure started to slowly rise and it seemed like they were going to run away from the larger man, but as soon as the smaller figure rose to his feet he collapsed almost immediately onto the wet muddy ground again.

"Awe. Ain't it adorable that ya still think that you can get away…? But cha gotta know that that leg of yers isn't gonna be able ta do much of anythin right now."

The smaller figure ignored the others taunts and attempted once again to rise, but the same thing happened and as soon as his left leg had the slightest amount of pressure on it, it crumpled as though it were made of paper and the boy came crashing down with a loud thud.

Gin…! What is he doing here? Shouldn't he be dead? Or did he run off somewhere after Aizen was defeated? So many questions raced through Ichigo's mind when he heard the familiar drawl of the sly fox.

The figure that was right in front of Gin was attempting to rise again, but the result was the same. However, this time the figure's back was facing towards Ichigo and suddenly a huge flash of lightning lit up the field and the strawberry was finally able to get a good look at who the second figure was.

Ichigo saw a flash of white and red, and then the shredded remains of a captain's haori. He could just barely make out the small, torn symbol of the tenth division on the figure's back. Ichigo kept his gaze feverishly on the figure and his eyes drifted up towards the disheveled white locks that could only belong to one person...

Before Ichigo knew what was happening he found himself lunging at Gin Zangetsu raised, ready to rip this man to shreds for what he had done to his tiny boyfriend.

"Gin… you bastard! You're going to regret ever touching Toshiro!" Ichigo snarled. He was so angry his fury was radiating around him and it was so thick it was almost palpable.

"Hmm…" Gin paused as he easily deflected Ichigo's first attack. "Yer a bit earlier that I would of expected. I was hopin' to have killed yer pretty little boyfriend before ya got here."

Ichigo's first thought was to just get in, get Toshiro, and get out; but he knew that Gin would never just let them run off and escape unscathed. Ichigo had no other choice; he had to end this as quickly as possible so he could get Toshiro safely back to Seireitei before it was too late.

The strawberry quickly ran over to the bloody mess that was Toshiro and gently shook his shoulder trying to stir the boy back from the brink of unconsciousness.

"Toshiro… baby, please… stay with me." Ichigo whispered into the small boy's ear. "Just bear with me for a little. I'm going to kill Gin for what he did to you and then I'll take you back to Seireitei so that Unohana can fix you up."

Toshiro looked up into his boyfriend's concerned face and managed a weak nod, "I-Ichigo…"

Ichigo placed his fingers on Toshiro's lips, "Shh… don't talk. You need to save your strength, kay?" He gently stroked the smaller's face in an attempt to comfort his lover if only a little.

Toshiro nodded his head again. "I…I'm g-g-g-glad you're h…here…" he stuttered in a barely audible whisper.

Ichigo managed a small smile. "Of course, I've been looking for you all night, and I'm not leaving without you." Ichigo said gently as he kissed Toshiro's thoroughly drenched forehead. The strawberry quickly took off the top layer of his shihakusho and placed it over Toshiro's frail form in an attempt to shield him, if only a little, from the relentless onslaught of the icy cold rain.

A huge grin had made its way back onto Gin's slender face as Ichigo stood up shielding his lover from the fox's malicious stare.

"I guess it's too bad you weren't able to kill Toshiro before I arrived; because now that I'm here you won't be able to lay a finger on him." Ichigo glared at the ex-captain that stood before him. How he hated the traitor captain; Ichigo had hoped they had heard the last of Gin Ichimaru when he and Toshiro had killed Aizen during the winter war not long ago. But here he was in the flesh; and Ichigo was about to make sure this time that the ex-captain would not be able to come back.

"I won't be able ta lay a finger on him ya say?" Gin said almost laughing as he disappeared from in front of Ichigo and was about to shunpo to where Toshiro was still lying motionless, but Ichigo had been expecting the fox to try something dirty and stopped Gin in his tracks with Zangetsu pointing directly at the traitor's throat.

"I see yer lil' boyfriend ova theres been busy teachin' ya some new tricks since I've been gone." Gin smiled in amusement.

"Yeah. He trained me just in case something like this ever happened, and now, because of his training I have the skills to protect him and defeat you." It was now Ichigo's turn to grin. "Bankai!"

Ichigo was momentarily engulfed in a flash of black and red light and when he emerged he was holding the slender black blade that was Tensa Zangetsu.

"Ooooh… Gettin' a lil' feisty now are we?" Gin sneered in an attempt to feed Ichigo's anger.

"Shut the hell up!" Ichigo yelled as he started to run around Gin so fast it looked like there were a hundred Ichigos surrounding him. "How's this for feisty?" Ichigo shouted as he thrust his sword towards the fox's unprotected chest. Gin easily avoided the attack by jumping backwards up into the air.

"Missed me."

"You think so?" Ichigo grinned.

"Whadda- " Gin started to ask but was cut off by Ichigo.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Ichigo screamed as loud as he could, the wave of condensed spiritual pressure hitting Gin square in the chest.

Gin quickly recovered from the attack; his shihakusho was now slightly charred at the edges. "Awe, yer so mean Ichigo… this was mah favorite robe. Now ya've gone and gotten it all burned; what am I gonna do wit ya?" Gin playfully shook his head before continuing, "I might as well leave since ya seem to wanna ruin all ma fun." Gin started to slowly walk away when he paused to look back at Ichigo who was still watching the fox meticulously expecting him to fly at him with a barrage of attacks at any second.

"What the hell! You're just going to up and leave…? Just like that!" Ichigo shouted "Get back here you bastard! I told you, I'm going to kill you for what you did to Toshiro!" Ichigo shouted at Gin's retreating figure, just as confused by the fox's actions as he was angry with them.

"Instead of worryin' about killin' me, dontcha think ya should be more concerned with yer precious little boyfriend? I doubt he has much time left, ya know? Think he can hold on?" Gin paused then let a small chuckle pass his lips, "I guess I tend to play a lil' rough when I'm excited, ah well…" another chuckle. "Catch ya later, Ichigo." Then, Gin disappeared from the forest without a trace.

Ichigo couldn't figure out why Gin all of a sudden disappeared like that, but when he glanced over at his lover still limp on the ground he realized he didn't give a shit how or why Gin left, all that mattered was that he was gone.

"Toshiro!" Ichigo yelled his voice thick with worry as he ran over to where he had left the small boy. Toshiro hadn't moved an inch since Ichigo had begun his fight with Gin. He gently shook the smaller one's shoulder trying to rouse him from his semi-consciousness. "Toshiro… baby, please wake up. You don't have to try and move, just give me a sign that you're still with me."

Slowly, a pair of teal eyes opened but they lacked their usual strong and icy shine. They were dull, exhausted and as defeated as their owner. "I-Ichi…?" Toshiro managed in a strained whisper.

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