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AknankanonxAmara(no shipping)

There is also YamixTea(Revolutionshipping), but that doesn't last past the first chapter.

I've also borrowed the character Jaden from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Summary: After Tea walks out on him, Yami is left to raise their infant son alone. When Yami runs into Yugi, Yugi offers to help him. As they share a home, Yami begins to reconnect with the people that he had lost touch with. As they share a house, feelings start to develop between the two. With a little push from their family and friends, the two may just end up together.

Warning: yaoi, lemons, mpreg, slight Tea bashing

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot!

Chapter 1- One Leaves, One Arrives

Yami was at home with his one-month old son, Terrance Sennen. He had just gotten off work from his crummy job, and he had come home to his crummy apartment dead tired.

Yami let out a sigh. 'I hate my job, and I hate my apartment, but at least I have my son and my girlfriend. That's all I need.' Yami thought. He walked into the nursery and found that Terrance was asleep.

Terrance had dark hair with crimson eyes. He favored Yami's looks more so than his mother's looks.

Yami Sennen was twenty-four years old. He worked at a bar for little money, but it was all that he could afford to do as far as work. He made barely enough to keep them housed and fed, but he was glad that he was able to provide for his family.

Yami had been with his girlfriend, Tea Gardner, for the last six years. He had started dating her when they were seniors in high school, so they had been together for a long time.

However, Yami was bugged by the fact that Tea had refused to marry him. He had asked her to marry him several times before and after they had found she was pregnant, but Tea had said that she wasn't ready to get married each time, so Yami had simply accepted that.

Yami heard the door open and close, so he knew that Tea had gotten home. He walked out to greet her. "Hi, Tea." Yami said.

Tea looked over at her boyfriend although she didn't smile or greet him back. "Yami, I've got some news." Tea said.

"What?" Yami asked, a little concerned.

"I got a letter from Julliard in America. They've accepted me." Tea said

"They have? That's great, Tea!" Yami said. He knew that it had always been Tea's dream to go to Julliard, so he was happy for her.

Tea, however, didn't smile. "Yami, I'm leaving on Friday." Tea said.

Yami frowned. He didn't like the way this was sounding. "Tea, what are you getting at?" Yami asked.

"Yami, I want to be a dancer, so I can't have anything distracting me from it." Tea said coldly.

Yami then understood. "So, you're leaving me." Yami said.

"Of course. This has always been my dream, and I can't pass it up. Daddy has said that he will pay for me to go." Tea said.

Yami knew Tea's father had never liked the idea that she was with him, so he knew that her father must have said he would pay for it to get her away from him. "What about Terrance?" Yami asked.

"What about him?" Tea asked.

"Tea, you're his mother. Are you just going to walk out of your son's life like that?" Yami asked.

"I never wanted the kid, Yami. You did. I wanted to have an abortion, but since you were so happy, I decided to have him." Tea said.

Yami was stunned. "You didn't want your own son?" Yami asked.

Tea scoffed. "If you would learn how to use a condom right, I wouldn't have to worry about it." Tea said.

Yami grew angry. "So this is my fault?" Yami asked.

"Of course it is! I wouldn't have anything tying me down if it wasn't for you!" Tea snapped.

"So, you care more about dancing than your own family." Yami said.

"You knew how much I loved dancing! I lost nine months of dancing because of you!" Tea growled.

Yami clenched his fists. "As I recall, you were begging for me." Yami said.

"Well, I don't need you anymore. I should have listened to my father and never gotten involved with you in the first place." Tea said.

"You were the one who told your father that you wanted nothing to do with him if he wouldn't accept me. You made that decision." Yami said.

"Well, I'm changing it! I'm going to Julliard, and there's nothing you can do to change that!" Tea said angrily.

Yami's heart was breaking because he had deeply loved Tea. He couldn't believe that she was doing this.

"I'm leaving Friday. I'm going to get my things and go to Sally's for the rest of the week." Tea said.

"What about Terrance?" Yami asked.

"What about him?" Tea snapped. She thought that he understood that she wanted nothing to do with him.

"If you leave, then you are signing full custody of him over to me before you leave." Yami said.

"Fine! Give me the paper, and I'll sign it! I don't want anything to do with him!" Tea snapped. She then stormed into their bedroom.

Yami clenched his fists tightly. 'I can't believe her. How could she do this to me? I gave up so much to be with her.' Yami thought.

Yami's parents, Aknankanon and Amara Sennen, had not liked Tea at all, and they had not liked the thought of their son getting involved with her. It had led to many fights between Yami and his parents. They were now estranged since Yami knew they would never accept his relationship with Tea. Yami hadn't spoken to them since he graduated high school.

Yami's twin brother, Atemu Sennen, had not liked Tea, but he had supported his brother in his relationship with Tea. The two didn't keep in touch like they would have had Yami not become estranged from his parents, but now that Atemu's husband, Heba, was pregnant, they had contact even less.

Yami had given up his family to be with Tea.

Now, all he had was Terrance.

Yami walked over and picked up the phone.

There was someone who would make sure that Yami kept Terrance.

"Hello?" a soft voice said.

"Ryou, its Yami. May I speak with Bakura?" Yami asked.

"Of course, Yami." Ryou said. Ryou then said, "Bakura, phone for you. It's Yami."

A moment later, a gruff voice said, "What do you need, Yami?"

"Bakura, I have a problem, and I need your help as a lawyer." Yami said.

"What?" Bakura asked.

"Tea's leaving for Julliard Friday." Yami said.

"And she's leaving you." Bakura said knowingly.

"Yeah. I need you to get papers ready before Friday for her to sign full custody of Terrance over to me. She says that she'll sign them." Yami said.

"Sure thing." Bakura said.

"The problem is that I can't-" Yami started.

"Yami, don't you dare think of paying me. I'll help you. We've been friends since we were kids. Don't worry about a thing." Bakura said.

"Thanks." Yami said.

"I should have the papers by tomorrow evening." Bakura said.

"Thanks." Yami said before he hung up.

Tea then came out with her bags.

"Bakura will have the custody papers for you to sign tomorrow evening." Yami said.

"Good. I'll sign them." Tea said.

"Just so you know, don't come back." Yami said.

"I never planned to. I don't have a reason to come back." Tea said before she left the apartment.

Yami let the tears fall down his face now that Tea was out of the apartment. He sank down and covered his face. He had loved her, and she had just broken his heart for her dancing career. 'Why would she do this to me?' Yami asked himself.

After crying for a while, Yami got up and walked into his son's room.

Terrance was still asleep.

'I can't believe Tea thought about having an abortion. I love Terrance more than anything.' Yami thought. He was glad that Tea hadn't gone through with it.

~Two Days Later~

Yami walked out of Bakura's office along with Tea.

Without glancing at Yami, Tea walked off and down the hall.

The two witnesses to see that Tea had signed over custody of Terrance to Yami without a fight left the office as well.

Bakura placed a hand on Yami's shoulder. "You okay?" Bakura asked.

"I really don't know." Yami admitted.

"Yami, I hate to say it, but I think that you're much better off without her." Bakura said.

"The problem is that I really loved her." Yami said.

"I know you did, Yami." Bakura said.

Yami sighed. "Thanks for helping me with this, Bakura." Yami said.

"Anytime." Bakura said.

Yami gave him a strained smile. "At least I know she can't take Terrance from me if she ever changes her mind about him." Yami said.

"I know." Bakura said. He didn't voice the opinion that he didn't think Tea would ever be back.

"I'd better go." Yami said.

Bakura nodded.

Yami then left.

Bakura ran a hand through his hair. 'Yami is going to have it rough from now on.' Bakura thought. He had known that Tea would dump Yami the second she was accepted to Julliard if it ever happened. 'I hope he'll be okay.' Bakura thought.

Yami arrived home to find the woman baby-sitting him watching TV. "Thank you, Mrs. Harris." Yami said.

"Yeah. Whatever." Mrs. Harris said.

Yami paid her and she left.

Yami walked into the nursery and found Terrance asleep. "I guess it's just you and me now, little man. We're going to have to get used to it." Yami said.

Yami wasn't sure how he was going to make it. His job didn't pay well, although it would be easier with one less mouth to feed. He knew he would have to find a baby-sitter to watch Terrance since Tea wasn't there to help watch him anymore.

'I'll find a way to make it. I'll do anything for Terrance.' Yami thought.

Bakura walked into his house. "Ry, I'm home." Bakura said.

Ryou walked out of the kitchen. His stomach was rather large, indicating that he was pregnant. "Hi, Kura." Ryou said.

Bakura walked over and kissed Ryou on the cheek. "How's my baby?" Bakura asked, rubbing Ryou's stomach.

"Which one?" Ryou asked.

"Both." Bakura answered.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired. And our little princess is healthy as can be." Ryou said.

Bakura's eyes lit up. "Princess?" Bakura asked.

Ryou smiled. "We're having a girl." Ryou said.

Bakura hugged Ryou. "That's great, Ry." Bakura said.

Ryou's smile then turned serious. "How did things go with Yami?" Ryou asked.

Bakura growled. "That bitch didn't even fight it. She was glad to sign over custody to Yami. I don't think she wanted Terrance in the first place." Bakura said.

Ryou shook his head. "Well, Tea was always a bitch in high school." Ryou said.

"No joke. Yami never saw that side of her, but she was a total bitch. She never cared about anyone but herself, just like her parents." Bakura said.

"We all knew she'd leave Yami in a second if she had a chance at Julliard." Ryou said.

"I found out that her father's paying for her to go." Bakura said.

Ryou looked at his husband worriedly. "Do you think her father is paying so she would leave Yami?" Ryou asked.

"Well, you know that he never liked Yami in the first place. It wouldn't surprise me if he did." Bakura said.

Ryou sighed. "That's so sad for Yami." Ryou said.

"I know, and with him estranged from his parents, Yami doesn't have many people to turn to." Bakura said.

"What about Atemu?" Ryou asked.

Bakura shook his head. "Atemu and Yami didn't have much contact once Yami moved to that apartment with Tea. After Heba got pregnant, I hate to say it, but the contact became nil. I don't think Atemu meant for it to happen, but it did." Bakura said.

"Yami has too much pride to ask any of them for help." Ryou said softly.

"I know. That's why I'm worried." Bakura said.

"We can't do anything." Ryou said.

"I know. I just wish Yami had found someone who would love him like he deserves." Bakura said.

"Maybe he will one day." Ryou said.

~Three Months Later~

Yami wasn't sure what he should do.

Terrance was running a fever, and he was crying nonstop.

It was the first time that Terrance had gotten sick, so Yami was at a loss as to what he should do, and he was about to panic.

Yami finally realized what it was that he needed to do. He picked up Terrance and bundled him up the best he could before he left the apartment.

There was a clinic a few blocks away, so Yami headed for that clinic. It was the dead of winter, so Yami knew that it wasn't good for Terrance, but there wasn't much else that he could do. He had to get his son there.

Once at the clinic, Yami headed to the reception desk.

The woman at the desk looked up at Yami and said, "May I help you?"

"My son is sick, and he needs to see a doctor." Yami said.

"All right, sir. Fill out these forms, and the doctor will be with you as soon as possible." the woman said.

Yami nodded and took the forms. He sat down and filled them as best he could. He then handed them in.

Yami sat holding Terrance until he was called back. He had to wait in a room for a few minutes.

The door finally opened, and the doctor walked in. "I'm Dr. Mutou." the doctor said.

Yami was stunned at who he saw. "Yugi?" Yami asked.

The doctor looked up and was surprised. "Yami?" Yugi Mutou asked, taking his glasses off.

"What are you doing here?" the two asked at the same time.

"I'm a doctor, and I volunteer here three times a week." Yugi said.

"My son is sick, and I needed to get him help." Yami said.

"Okay, Yami. I'll look at him." Yugi said. He put his glasses back on. "How long has he been running a fever?" Yugi asked.

"A few days. It got so bad that I was scared and brought him here." Yami said.

"Okay. Let me see him." Yugi said.

Yami handed Terrance over to Yugi, and Yugi started to examine the four-month old.

Yami and Yugi had been good friends since they had met in their freshmen year of high school. The two had become very close. After Yami started dating Tea, the two rarely saw each other. Yami spent all his time with Tea, so the two had grown apart and hadn't seen each other since they had graduated from high school.

Yugi finished his examination. "Well, I believe that he will be fine. I can prescribe some antibiotics that will help him get better. Other than that, I don't see anything to worry about." Yugi said, handing Terrance back to Yami.

"Good." Yami said. He was worried about how to pay for the antibiotics.

"Yami, I did notice something. He's a little underweight for his age." Yugi said.

Yami bit his lip. "I do the best I can." Yami said.

Yugi watched his old friend for a moment. "Yami, sit down." Yugi said.

Yami nodded and sat down.

"Yami, how do you do? Honestly." Yugi said.

"Yugi, I-" Yami started.

"I'm asking as an old friend." Yugi said.

Yami looked up at Yugi. "Not good. I don't have a good job, and I can barely pay the bills. Neither of us eats like we should. I do what I can." Yami said.

"And your home?" Yugi asked.

"A bad apartment. The same one I've been in for five years." Yami said.

"I see." Yugi said.

"I really do the best I can, Yugi. It's just not easy." Yami said.

"I know that, Yami. It's not easy being on your own." Yugi said.

Yami was worried that Yugi was going to call social services. "Yugi, please don't do anything. We'll be fine." Yami said.

Yugi smiled. "Yami, I'm not calling DSS. I would only do that if I thought it was intentional malnutrition or abuse. I wouldn't do that." Yugi said.

Yami was relieved.

"But you do need to get a better place. With it winter, you need it warm for Terrance and for yourself." Yugi said.

"This is the best I can afford." Yami said.

Yugi watched Yami for a moment before he pulled out a notepad and scribbled something on it. He tore the sheet off and held it out to Yami. "Here." Yugi said.

"What's this?" Yami asked, taking it.

"My home address. Yami, I want you to come live with me." Yugi said.

Yami looked at Yugi in shock.

"You need a better place to live, Yami. For Terrance's sake as well as your own." Yugi said.

"But-" Yami started.

"I'm not arguing over this, Yami. You need a better place, especially with it winter time." Yugi said.

"Yugi, I can't accept charity." Yami said.

"Yami, this isn't charity." Yugi said.

Yami looked up.

"This is a friend helping out a friend. I'm doing this to help out an old friend." Yugi said.

Yami seemed hesitant.

"Yami, if not for your sake, then do it for your son's sake." Yugi said.

Yami knew that Yugi was right, but he had a lot of pride.

However, Terrance meant more to Yami than his pride did, and Yami trusted Yugi. "Okay, Yugi." Yami said.

"Tell me where you live. I get off in an hour. I'll come get you." Yugi said.

Yami nodded. He gave Yugi the address.

"I'll be there in an hour." Yugi said.

"Okay, Yugi. Thank you." Yami said.

Yugi smiled. "What are friends for?" Yugi asked.

"After what happened in high school, I didn't think you would consider me a friend." Yami said.

"Yami, we'll always be friends." Yugi said.

"Thank you." Yami said in a whisper, beyond thankful.

Yugi nodded.

Yami then left.

Yugi sat down. 'I can tell that things for Yami are worse than he's letting on. He needs help, and I'm going to give it to him.' Yugi thought.

Yami arrived back at his apartment to find that there was an eviction notice on Yami's door. He had two weeks to move out.

Yami walked into the apartment. "Well, it's a good thing that we have somewhere to go, Terrance. Daddy has a good friend." Yami said. He set Terrance down in the living room and went to pack what little he had.

In the end, there were two boxes of things for Yami and two for Terrance plus a playpen.

As Yugi had said, he was there in an hour.

"I appreciate this, Yugi." Yami said, very grateful.

Yugi smiled. "It wasn't a problem, Yami. I have a house that's a little too big for me, actually. The company will be nice." Yugi said.

Yami nodded. He was surprised that Yugi had a car seat in his car. "Yugi, you didn't have to buy a car seat." Yami said.

"I didn't. That's Jaden's car seat." Yugi said.

"Who?" Yami asked as he put Terrance in the car seat.

"Jaden is my adopted son. He's seven months old." Yugi said.

"I didn't realize you had a son." Yami said.

Yugi nodded as he slid into the driver's seat. Yami got in on the passenger side. Yugi then headed for the better part of town.

"There was a teenage girl who had considered having an abortion that came to the clinic. I had been thinking about adopting at the time. We started talking, and she agreed to have the baby if I would adopt him. I ended up paying for all her doctor bills, but she gave full custody of her son to me. It worked out for both of us actually." Yugi said.

"Oh." Yami said.

"You'll meet him when we get to my house." Yugi said.

Yami was surprised when they pulled up to a house that was two stories. It had been painted white and had a garden and a fenced in backward.

There were two cars in the driveway. One was a silver Chevy Cobalt. The other was a red Toyota Tacoma.

"Whose cars?" Yami asked.

"The Toyota is mine. The Cobalt is my sister's car." Yugi said.

"Mana?" Yami asked.

Yugi nodded. "She baby-sits for me." Yugi said. He and Yami went inside.

"Hi, Yugi!" Mana said as she hugged her brother.

"Hi, Mana. You remember Yami, right?" Yugi asked.

Mana smiled. "Hi, Yami. It's been a while." Mana said.

Yami smiled. "Yes. It has." Yami agreed.

Mana noticed Terrance. "Who is this?" Mana asked.

"My son, Terrance." Yami said.

"Oh, he's so cute!" Mana squealed.

Yugi shook his head. "Mana, where is my son?" Yugi asked.

"In the living room." Mana said. She then headed in there.

Yugi followed.

Jaden had brown hair and brown eyes. He reached for Yugi the moment the saw him.

"Hey, Jaden." Yugi said, picking him up.

Mana then turned to Yami. "How are you, Yami?" Mana asked.

"I'm fine." Yami said.

"Yami's going to stay with me for a while, Mana." Yugi said.

"Cool. Does that mean I can see Terrance, too?" Mana asked.

"That's up to Yami. Now, get home before Mom calls and starts chewing me out for you being late." Yugi said.

Mana giggled. "Right. Bye, Yugi. By Jay-Jay." Mana said, kissing Jaden's cheek. She then turned to Yami and said, "I'll see you later, Yami." She then left.

"Still energetic." Yami remarked.

"Yeah." Yugi said.

"How old is she?" Yami asked.

"Seventeen. She's in her junior year of high school." Yugi said.

"Does she baby-sit for you a lot?" Yami asked.

"Yep. Every chance she gets, actually. She'll watch Terrance for you, too, if you want." Yugi said.

Yami nodded.

"Let's get your stuff, and I'll show you your room." Yugi said.

Yami nodded.

The two babies were left to play in the floor while the two got Yami's things.

Jaden was handing Terrance one of his toys when they got back.

"I think they've become friends already." Yugi said.

"Yeah." Yami said.

The two then headed upstairs.

"You can take this room, Yami." Yugi said.

Yami looked in and was surprised to see a crib. "Yugi, is this Jaden's room." Yami asked.

Yugi laughed. "No. When my parents found out I was adopting, they bought me a crib, and Heba and Atemu did the same as did Grandpa. I ended up with three. I gave one to Heba when I found he was pregnant. That left me with two. I put this one up for when Atemu and Heba come over, but you can use it." Yugi said.

Yami noticed the bed. He turned to Yugi and said, "Thank you. You don't know what this means to me."

Yugi smiled. "Glad to do it." Yugi said.

Yami nodded.

Yugi then walked off.

Yami started to unpack what little he had.

Yugi returned with a box of clothes. "Here, Yami. These are for Terrance." Yugi said.

"Yugi, you don't-" Yami started.

"Yami, Jaden wears 6-9 months now. These are all 3-6. I don't need them, so they might as well be put to use." Yugi said.

"Thanks." Yami said.

"Anytime. I actually have some clothes you'll fit." Yugi said.

"Me?" Yami asked.

Yugi shrugged. "My parents hoped that I would get bigger, but it never happened." Yugi said

"Oh." Yami said.

"And I got the antibiotics for Terrance downstairs in the refrigerator." Yugi said.

"Yugi, you didn't-" Yami started.

"I wanted to, Yami." Yugi said.

"You're too kind." Yami mumbled.

Yugi smiled. "Yami, I'm glad to help." Yugi said.

"But won't this put a burden on you?" Yami asked.

Yugi laughed. "Yami, I actually live in luxury. I have a private practice, so I make good money. Plus, I dabble in the stock market, and I've done well." Yugi said.

"Oh." Yami said.

"I'll enjoy the company." Yugi said.

"Thanks." Yami said.

"Come on." Yugi said.

The two headed back down, and Yugi got out the medicine for Yami.

Yami took it and gave it to Terrance.

"Yami, I don't want you to think that you're taking advantage of me because you're not." Yugi said.

Yami smiled. "Yugi, I would feel like that regardless of who it was, but I do need help." Yami said.

"Good. Because you aren't paying me anything." Yugi said.

Yami started to protest.

"I'm doing this because I want to, Yami. No one is forcing anything on me. You don't owe me anything, and there is no limit to how long you can stay. You are welcome here for as long as you need." Yugi said.

Yami nodded.

"Now, how about dinner?" Yugi asked.

Yami smiled. "Thanks." Yami said.

Yugi nodded and started making something. As he made it he said, "Does Terrance eat baby food yet?"

"Um, I haven't tried." Yami admitted.

"Well, there's some in the cabinet to your right. Get a jar and try to feed him." Yugi said.

Yami had finally learned not to protest. He knew that Yugi could be really stubborn. He just got the food and a spoon and started to feed him.

Terrance ate it willingly.

Yugi smiled. "I think he likes it." Yugi said.

"Yeah." Yami agreed.

Yugi had made a simple dinner of soup, but it was the best meal Yami had had in years.

"Yugi, may I ask when you work?" Yami asked.

"I work in my office Monday through Friday. I work eight to five except for Fridays. We close at two on Fridays. I volunteer at the clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays." Yugi said.

"What type of doctor are you?" Yami asked.

"I'm certified in general surgery, but I'm actually a pediatrician." Yugi said.

"You've done well." Yami said.

"I know. I just love kids and I always wanted to be a doctor, so I combined the two." Yugi said.

"That's good." Yami said.

Yugi wanted to ask Yami about his job, but decided against it. Instead, he asked, "When do you work?"

"I work nights." Yami admitted.

"Okay. I can watch Terrance for you since I'm here at that time." Yugi said.

"Yugi-" Yami started.

"No arguing." Yugi said.

Yami sighed. "Okay." Yami said.

"Good." Yugi said.

"Thank you. For everything." Yami said.

"I don't mind, Yami." Yugi said.

Yami smiled. "You really are a great friend." Yami said.

"Yami, helping each other is what friends do." Yugi said.

Yami nodded.

Before long, Yami headed upstairs with Terrance to bed.

"Terrance, Daddy has a really good friend." Yami said. He looked through the clothes Yugi had given him and found a pair of warm pajamas, which he put Terrance in before laying him down.

Yami then changed into a pair of pajamas he had before he climbed into bed.

It was the softest, warmest bed he had had in a long time.

'I have a great friend.' Yami thought before falling asleep.

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