Just a short little thing inspired by the heroes in the Bat Family.

"Robin get to the cave," Batman says into his com.
"Me?" two voices answer back.
"Robin get in here," Batman answers.
Damian walks into the cave, Batman rolls his eyes. "Red Robin get in here," Batman clarifies.
Damian shrugs and goes back to what he was doing and Tim comes into the cave. "What do you need Dad?" Tim asks.
"Where are the schematics?" he asks.
"I gave it to Batgirl so she could have Oracle make a copy," Tim says.
"Okay, Oracle did you make a copy?" Batman asks.
"Yeah and I gave the original to Batgirl to give to you," Oracle tells him over the com.
"Alright, Batgirl!" Batman shouts into the gave.
Steph and Cas both somersault out of the darkness and land near him. "Yes," they both say.
Batman looks at Tim, "Alright which one did you give the schematics to?" he asks.
"Cas," Tim answers.
Batman looks at Cassandra, "Alright I'll take the schematics now," he says.
"I don't have them," Cassandra answers.
"Well what did you do with them?" Batman asks.
"I gave them to Oracle," she answer.
"I know that, then she gave them back to you," Batman says.
"No, she gave them to me," Steph interjects.
"Alright so what did you do with them?" Batman asks.
"I gave them to Batman," Steph answers.
Batman looks at her confused for a second until Dick's voice comes over the com. "Hey does anyone know what I'm supposed to do with these schematics?"

Like it, don't, tell me what you think.