In the northern continent there lies a grand duchy known as High Lagaard. Legends say that the central city of Lagaard is home to Yggdrasil, gateway to the floating castle. The residents of that metropolis have discovered a labyrinthine dungeon within the legendary tree. High Lagaard's Duke is currently researching the Labyrinth to find the truth behind the floating castle. The castle and the Labyrinth drew adventurers to High Lagaard from far and wide. But none of them were able to master the Labyrinth and find the truth of the ancient legends. Deira was among the legions of explorers eager to penetrate the Labyrinth's mysteries. Her quest was to find the floating castle and make her fortune, the City of Lagaard awaits!

Stepping quietly out of the carriage that had taken her from the distant port to the bustling capital Deira took a look around the square and found the city was full of life and activity. Various persons in heavy armor or with large weapons strapped to them were moving around the square from one place to another. Gathering supplies, she assumed, for ventures into the Labyrinth she had heard so much about. Deira was handed her bag by the man unloading the rack of the carriage, she paused to check its contents. With her meager supplies still safely in her possession she proceeded to the Explorers Guild to register a new group of explorers to help with her latest challenge.

Entering the guild hall she was overwhelmed by the amount of explorers milling about, initially she was unsure whom to approach. That was until she saw the imposing figure in full plate armor standing near a table piled high with paperwork and scrolls. Deira approached the man and was spoken to before she could say anything, "Hm? I haven't seen you before. Perhaps you ware with the guild I heard was coming to our fair city." He looked at Deira for a long moment, which made Deira uncomfortable as she could not see the man's eyes behind his heavy plate helm. "Graphein, was it? We've heard of that guild many times before but I was expecting more people to be with the leader of the guild."

"My comrades did not survive the final battle." Deira said a hollow note in her voice. The Guild Master shifted as if slightly unsettled by Deira's simple statement.

"So you are with Graphein? That means you are here to explore the Labyrinth, I assume. Guild Graphein, the legendary explorers who saved the town of Etria…. That only one remains is surprising to say the least. You are welcome to use the name you are already known under. I'm sure many explorers would be eager to sign up with such a prestigious guild. But that only one of you has come, such a famous name could be a burden. You may choose a new guild name if you so desire. To be unknown is sometimes a boon. Either way makes no difference to me. I must record your formation on this beautiful day, the 1st of Emperor. Now tell me, what is the current name of your guild?"

"Chartis," Deira said firmly.

"Very well, from henceforth you shall be known as Guild Chartis. May you do your best to achieve high renown, as a new guild, not of Etria, but of High Lagaard." The Guild Master pointed to a paper on the table in front of him and indicated what needed filling out and where to sign. Deira wrote on the paper and signed carefully at the bottom. "Now, you need to induct some explorers into your guild. You may only have 30 guild members at any given time, and only a party of five may enter the Labyrinth at once, no more, no less. The Duchy gave me this to award your guild should you actually arrive here. I was told a guild of your renown deserved it, even if there is only one of you… Take this and good luck." Turning to a chest on the floor behind him the Guild Master pulled out a delicate golden crown, and handed it to Deira. "Form a strong guild and may your luck here be as good as it was in Etria." With those words he indicated the 11 scrolls on the table and told Deira each was a list of unemployed explorers from the 11 classes recognized in High Lagaard. She could look through their qualifications, interview them or do both before signing them into her own guild.