As usual, Chocolat is late from school. She's in a hurry riding her magic broom.

"Right on time!" Chocolat said when she came to her school.

While Chocolat is walking on the corridor, he saw Pierre standing beside the door of her classroom (5-A). "Pierre-kun, what are you doing here?" Chocolat said. Then Pierre immediately replied, "I'm waiting for my Chocolat-chan". Chocolat smiled and blush. "Go inside Chocolat, you're late from your 1st class."

When she entered the classroom, "OHAYO minnasan!". Then she go to her desk with Vanilla and they chat.

Vanilla told Chocolat "Hey Chocolat, how are you and Pierre?". "We're okay, hohohoho" Chocolat replied with a weird laugh.

"ding dong ding dong" – the bell rang.

"Well class, our morning class is over." – the teacher told the class.

"C'mon Chocolat, let's eat at the cafeteria!" – her friend told her. "Okay" Chocolat replied with a sweet voice.

While they're on the cafeteria, "Chocolat! So, you and Pierre are dating?" her 3 friends ask Chocolat. "Uhmm.. yes we are". Chocolat replied to them. "Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh!" her friends shocked.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Ice-san" some guy greeted Vanilla. Vanilla replied to the guy with sweet voice "Ohayo" then she winked. Vanilla used her peek-a-boo glasses. "Pink heart."

She cast her spell "Sugar sugar rune vani-rune. Stick!... Your heart come to me." Chocolat commented on Vanilla "Vanilla, you're so fast." Her 3 friends immediately whisper to Chocolat, "Chocolat, Pierre is coming". A lot of girls are screaming and praising Pierre, and Chocolat saw many pink and orange hearts. "Pierre go!". "Hearts come to me!" – Pierre used his spell to collect the hearts.

Dismissal Time

Pierre is waiting outside the gate of the school. "Chocolat, are you free tonight?" Pierre ask Chocolat. "Yes. I'm free today" Chocolat replied blushing. "Let's eat together okay? I'll pick you up then, we'll go to my house." Pierre said with smile.

In Chocolat's messy room. "Arrgghh! What am I going to where?" Chocolat said. "Just be yourself-kero" duke replied to Chocolat. "okay" Chocolat smiled at duke.

After one hour, Pierre fetch Chocolat in her house.

While Chocolat is riding in Pierre's car, "Pierre, do you really love me?" Chocolat asked Pierre sincerely. "of course I love you my Chocolat-chan" then Pierre look at Chocolat and smiled. Chocolat blushed.

When they arrived in Pierre's house, the couple eat and spend their time singing.

They had a great time~