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Chapter 1 – A Week til London

"Edward," Bella sighs, sounding exasperated, "please, sit and talk to me."

"Give me a minute," I mutter. I look over to see her sitting on the edge of the sofa, nervously wringing her hands and biting down on her bottom lip. She looks up at me and her sad eyes are begging me to come to her. My stomach clenches and my heart feels like it's going to split in two. "Jesus, Bella, I just walked in the damn door," I groan as I walk into our bedroom wanting to completely avoid this conversation as long as possible. I kick my shoes off towards the closet. They both haphazardly miss the open closet door and clunk loudly into the wall, leaving two black scuff marks on the light beige paint. I strip out of my suit and set it on our bed and then get in the shower.

I know she wants to talk to me, but I just can't face her right now. It just hurts too damn bad. I know what she needs to say… she has received a promotion of epic proportions, but with a life-changing caveat: she has to move to London and she has to be there in a week. Emmett let it slip today while we were working out at the gym. Apparently, Bella confided in Rosalie a few weeks ago. Not me, but Rosalie and that really fucking stung because I thought she and I meant more to one another… why didn't she come to me first?

I shake my head in frustration and walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I immediately get in before the water even has a chance to warm up and let the cold water pelt my face and my chest, the temperature causes goose-bumps to quickly rise all over my body. As the water slowly warms and I turn and put my arms up on the cool tile wall and rest my head on my crossed fore-arms, letting the now hot water beat down on my back and neck.

I know what I have to do and it's breaking my heart. My jaw clenches and I swear my heart is being torn to pieces. Tears are filling my eyes and I let them come, not bothering to wipe them away as they stream down my face. Just the thought of letting her go is crushing me… just the thought. I can't imagine having to say the words… I can't imagine having to watch her go.

My body feels heavy and I quickly sit down on the floor of the shower before I fall over. I prop my arms up on my knees and rest my head in my hands. I don't feel the warmth of the water or the chill of the cool tile floor beneath me. All I feel is loss and she's not even gone yet.

"Edward?" I hear Bella ask quietly.

I look up and see her worried expression through the glass shower door. "Are you okay?" she asks quietly. I can't speak so I just shake my head no. Bella slowly slips out of her white button down dress shirt and then lets her gray pin-striped pencil skirt fall into a puddle on the floor. She is beautiful as she gracefully eases out of her flesh-colored satin bra and matching boy shorts. Her long brown hair frames her face, but she quickly pulls it back and ties it up in a bun on the top of her head, to keep it from getting too wet in the water. She opens the shower door and steps in and then quickly over to me. She kneels down beside me and the water begins to bead-up on her porcelain skin. She looks directly into my eyes, and seeing my pain she winces. "You know?" she asks in a whisper.

I nod.

She looks up at the ceiling and I see I tear stream down her cheek and down the side of her throat. Bella looks back into my eyes and I can see that she's trying not to break down, too. "I'm sorry," she murmurs and her voice cracks as she continues, "I should have come to you first."

There's so many things that I would like to say… so many things that I need to say. But, my heart is in throat and I can't find my voice. I shift so that I am turned towards her and she reaches forward and gently cradles my face in her hands. I close my eyes let myself lean into her touch and I feel the tears pool in my eyes and eventually make their way down my face. I take a deep breath trying to relax, trying not to break down into a sobbing mess. Before I can exhale Bella's lips come to mine in a sweet caress.

The kiss begins sweetly, but then quickly turns passionate and I am instantly hard for her. I kiss her with all that I am: nipping at her bottom lip, begging entrance into her mouth and when she quickly gasps I thrust my tongue into her mouth and begin working her tongue with my own. Her hands quickly slide into my wet hair as I wrap my arms around Bella's impossibly small waist and trap her roughly against my chest. I feel the pebbled nipples of her perfect breasts push against my chest and I quickly move her around to straddle my waist. I take my heavy erection in my hand and slowly guide her down on to me. Our kisses slow and begin to match the pace of our love-making. It's slow and languorous, as if we have all the time in the world, when in all reality every moment we have is numbered.

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