Eh. It sucks, but I really felt like writing something, and this seemed to be it. Probably AU, or OOC, or something, too. Not sure. Review and let me know what you think. This is a target to flame to your heart's pleasure. :3

The world was spinning. Severus Snape was very, very dizzy. Severus Snape was only dizzy, not sad, nor angry; not regretful, even. And he was not happy, either. He felt nothing; just dizziness, and he wished the world would just stop spinning, it was making him horribly sick, the churning starting in his stomach and raising up to his throat. He begged silently, closing his eyes tight.

Don't get sick, don't get sick, don't get sick. You're stronger than that.. you are.

No you're not. He flinched; he wasn't, and he rolled over and heaved.

Distantly, he wished he had a toothbrush, just to scrub the disgusting taste of sick out of his mouth. But his (great, dark, wonderful, evil, lord would never do such a kind thing for a (simple, worthless, stupid) servant.

He rolled onto his back, shaking. Nagini's bite had hit him exactly where it should have; and that was not a good thing, not a good thing at all. It was a very, very, very bad thing.

He paid attention to how the ceiling swirled around and around, and he felt like giggling. (giggling! How stupid. Severus Snape did not GIGGLE!)

His eyes stayed open wide, because he knew what would happen if he closed them.

He would die.

Simple as that.

He didn't know if somebody would come and try to save him. It would be a horrible failure, if somebody did. But nobody would, because he was (evil, stupid, worthless, simple, a waste of time, slow-minded, a FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE) a Death Eater.

He closed his hand slowly, his eyelids fluttering, and he almost gave into the sensation but his eyes snapped open.


He wanted to die, he did. But at the same time, he didn't. Because that meant never seeing Lily again, because he'd go to (the evil place where demons roamed, because he was a worthless, stupid, filthy demon) hell, and Lily would never go to hell, because she was an angel. She always was.

But then he couldn't fight the tingling, strangely warm sensation. He expected it would be cold, unwelcoming, cruel, tight.. but it was warm, not too tight, but tight enough, and like Lily.

He hesitantly opened his eyes to blinding white and Lily, Lily, Lily. And her (sweet, precious, caring, warm, -everything he was not-) scent.

She smiled, a welcoming, sweet smile, and hurt did not linger in her eyes. She did not glare at him like he expected and she did not hiss at him to leave her alone for the rest of his pitiful afterlife. She simply stood there, waiting.

"Lily." He said... he thought he did, but he soon realized he had just mouthed it, he was too dumbstruck to speak.

"Severus." Her warm voice washed over him like a sea breeze, and he stepped forward, unbelieving.


Her smile grew wider.


And then he fell into her arms, tears stinging at his eyes mercilessly. LilyLilyLilyLilyLily was all he could think, as he breathed her scent in. He didn't care about James Potter, or Harry Potter, or Voldemort, all he cared about was Lily..

He was home.