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Divinity: A question of Honor

Chapter one hundred and one

The girls were having tea in the kitchen, the day had been incredibly calm even for them but after the long talk they had with their princess they supposed she was still upset with them.

"She won't talk to us again…"

The girls widened their eyes and turned to Jupiter, who had both elbows on the marble table, her dark green eyes were fixed on her tea; Mercury frowned "She will, do not say that…"

Jupiter blew the steam off her tea but still kept looking at it "I do not think so…"

"She is just upset for what Venus told her" Mars took a sip of hers, while Venus choked on hers "What?!" her voice went a decibel up as she turned to look at the raven haired senshi. Mars turned and narrowed her eyes "Is there another reason?"

"She has to understand…"

"She won't talk to us again…I can feel it" Jupiter said again.

"She has to understand, I repeat" Venus took a sip of her tea "This situation does not makes me feel any good either, it breaks my heart…"

"How long do we have to stay away anyways?" Jupiter asked.

Venus sighed "I thought she would need to have some time on her own"

Mars put her cup aside "And now what, you will encourage her to marry the General?"

Venus frowned "Agh…I do not want to talk about that…or him for that matter"

Jupiter let out a sarcastic chuckle "Is he really her only option? Can't she choose somebody else?"

"She can but Queen Serenity thinks he is the best for her since he is the leader of the army…" Venus said; Mercury sighed "They did a pretty couple…"

Venus turned to look at the bluenette "The General with our Princess?"

Mercury widened her eyes and shook her head "No, the Prince and our Princess…"

"He is gorgeous…there is no doubt about it" Jupiter said slowly "And has an enchanting voice"

Mars arched her brow "You sound like you feel attracted to him…I thought you were attracted to the dark haired soldier…"

Jupiter widened her eyes "I…we have to admit that the Prince is very handsome…or am I wrong? And no Mars, I do not feel…attracted to any of them…specially Nephrite…"

Venus sighed "Of course you are…"

Jupiter blushed and lowered her head "He is such a gentleman…" she said in a defeated tone "Nobody ever treated me with so much respect before…he does not see me like a giant or a female version of Hercules…"

"Well…yes, you are right, the Prince is very attractive" Mercury said softly "…And very smart…"

The three girls widened their eyes and turned to look at the blunette; Mercury blushed and took a sip of her tea "What? He is…"

Venus sighed tiredly "We will have to give our Princess some time to assimilate things…she eventually will have to understand…this time"

"Maybe we should go and see if she is alright…maybe she needs something" Mars said softly.

Jupiter let out a soft sigh "What if she does not ever speak to us again?"

"Don't think like that…she will" Mercury said softly and turned to Venus "Right, Venus?"

Venus put her cup down after taking a sip and looked away "I wish you could give me some advice…Kunzite" she thought. Mars pursed her lips and lowered her gaze "They fear the same thing…" she turned to Venus before the blonde could say anything "Darkness is coming near us…he has seen it too"

"Yes, but he mentioned a star" Jupiter said.

"The star of Leo" Mercury said softly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Jupiter frowned.

"They said it was their Prince's star…" Venus said "I said to Princess Serenity that the Prince was dangerous but is he, really? Does that star have to do with him?"

"Then the one that protects Princess Serenity is really the General…" Mars trailed off "We will have to deal with that…" she bit her lower lip and looked at Venus hoping she could say something to her that will contradict her thoughts but nothing from her came out. The four girls looked to each other sadly and continued having their tea in silence.


The sound of the soft and cool wind startled Serenity as she walked with Endymion back to his chambers, the prince turned to look at her and smiled softly "Don't worry…it's the wind that is bringing the clouds"

"Bringing the clouds?" Serenity asked puzzled, Endymion nodded and held her hand "Look" he walked closer to the window of the hallway and since it was an open corridor they could feel the cool breeze and see the cloudy sky "It will start raining any moment now"

"Raining…" Serenity said softly.

Endymion smiled and continued walking; he opened the door of his room and moved aside to let her walk in first and closed it behind him. The lunar princess walked to his balcony doors in the living room and looked at the dark grey clouds in the sky "What is that you call rain?"

Endymion smiled again, walking towards her, he opened the balcony doors and walked outside with her "You will see…" he leaned on the balcony rail and sighed softly catching Serenity's attention "Is something the matter?"

The prince shook his head and kept looking away, Serenity walked over to him and ran her arms around his waist and leaned her head on his chest "Your mother is a very beautiful lady…I am glad I had the opportunity to meet her"

Endymion looked at her "I wanted you to meet her…"

"She knew about me?" Serenity asked softly and blushed as soon as she saw him nod "She knew there was somebody special in my life but the time was not the appropriate to tell her everything about us…" he looked down at her and moved her bangs aside allowing him to look into her eyes "…What did you talk about?"

Serenity always felt like she could drown in those deep blue eyes and never actually get out, the way he always looked at her made her feel like the only woman in the universe, special, loved and protected. She gave him a soft smile and reached for his face and traced the line of his jaw "About you, of course…" she whispered.

Endymion blushed slightly "I hope Mother said nice things about me…"

Serenity continued caressing his jaw with the tip of her index finger; her smile faded "Why is she sick?"

Endymion sighed and looked away, pursing his lips he tried to find the right words to say. He lowered his gaze and stayed silent for a few seconds "That is something I do not know Beautiful…" his voice was low but Serenity could sense an air of sadness, clearly it was something that affected him very much. The prince raised his gaze and looked at the distance "…Her heart just started to become weak…and even though I have tried to find a cure for her, it has been useless…" he took a deep breath and let it out again "…She gets tired very easily…I know she is also tired of being ill…she is not a woman who likes to be depending on others to do whatever she wants to do…her pride goes against it"

Serenity leaned her head on his chest again and sighed "She is very beautiful"

Endymion smiled and bent a little so his face could be at the same height as Serenity's "You are very beautiful" he rubbed his nose against hers and kissed her softly on the lips; Serenity blushed and closed her eyes losing herself in the kiss but minutes after she opened her eyes and parted, breaking the kiss.

"Is something the matter?" Endymion asked puzzled.

Serenity widened her eyes "I could have sworn I felt something on my face…"

Endymion arched his brow "Something like what?"

"I don't know…something…" Serenity was trying to find the right description to it when she felt it again "Ah! It happened again!"

Endymion widened his blue eyes, looked up and smiled as soon a rain drop fell on his face as well "Raindrops" he looked at her at her again "You are about to see what rain is like"

"What?" Serenity widened her eyes when she started feeling many droplets of water fall from the sky and turned to Endymion with a surprised face; Endymion smiled and nodded, letting the lunar princess experience rain for the very first time in her life.

Water started to fall seconds later with much more force crashing against Serenity's skin; she widened her eyes and extended her hands trying to catch some of the thick and fat droplets. A big smile was formed on her face as she looked all around her and was amazed by the scene of water falling from the sky.

Endymion chuckled and held her hand, after staying a few more minutes under the rain. He could notice it was not going to stop anytime soon "We should get inside before you get sick" he squeezed her hand softly and walked back to room right in time before it started to pour with an uncontrollably force outside. The sound of water dripping and crashing against the roof was something that was keeping Serenity in awe.

The prince went immediately to the hearth to light the fire as soon as he felt it was going to get very cold; Serenity looked at herself and touched her damp dress taped to her skin and rubbed her hands, she turned to the balcony doors and went to close them when suddenly a roar caught her by surprise making her scream in fright. Endymion widened his eyes and turned immediately to look what happened "Bunny!" he went over to her and saw her trying to hide behind the curtains; the prince held her hand "Bunny, are you alright?"

Serenity looked at him scared "Did you hear that?"

"What?" Endymion looked at her worried when the sound of strong and loud thunder came again; Serenity widened her eyes and tried to hide again but this time Endymion pulled her closer to him "It's alright…" he put his arms around her "Calm down"

"What is that?" she asked with fear.

Endymion rested his chin on her head "That is the sound of thunder…"

Serenity turned to the balcony and looked outside when another thunder was heard and this time she saw with wide eyes the lighting breaking across the sky, scaring her even more. Endymion went to close the curtains and went back to Serenity "It's alright…" he whispered "It's just a thunderstorm…"

Serenity tightened her grip on Endymion's jacket and shut her eyes when another thunder was heard "I do not like that sound…please…make it stop"

Endymion held her close and tried to calm her down "I wish I could Bunny…but I can't…nothing is going to happen, you are with me…it's just thunder and it's happening outside"

Serenity could feel her eyes filling with tears, the sound was decontrolling for her, even though she wanted to believe Endymion's words she could almost feel as if the sound could trespass the walls and hit her. Endymion frowned as she felt her shake uncontrollably and noticed her clothes were just as damp as his and parted from her "You are soaking wet…let me go get a towel for you"

Serenity widened her eyes "No…don't leave" she said in a pleading tone; Endymion smiled at her "Bunny…nothing is going to happen…you are shaking and if you stay in those damp clothes you are going to get sick"

"Yours are wet too" Serenity said softly "I won't get sick…I promise but please don't leave…" she held her hands and sneezed; Endymion shook his head "You are about to…come on, let's go light the hearth in my room, it's starting to feel cold"

Serenity held his hand and walked with him to his room and went to sit on his bed; Endymion lit the fire on his room as well and went to his closet and walked back to his room with a towel in his hands, extending it he put it all over Serenity's shoulders and sat next to her while rubbing the soft towel against her back trying to absorb the excess of water from her clothes; Serenity looked at him and saw water dripping from his hair "You are as wet as I am…"

Endymion pushed his damp hair back and looked at her "Now you officially know what rain is and feels like" a sound of thunder rumbled again scaring Serenity "…And thunder" he finished; his hands touched her skin and it felt very cold, without saying a word he stood up and went to his drawers again and went back with a dry cotton shirt "Here" he said softly, handling her the shirt; Serenity frowned "Why are you giving me this?"

"You need to change your clothes…you are soaking wet"

Serenity watched Endymion pushed his damp hair back several times and widened her eyes when she noticed he was not as wet as her but even more as she watched how much water roll down his jaw and down his neck; without hesitation she turned to look at him and wiped one side of his face gently with the towel he gave her moments ago. Endymion smiled warmly at her and took her hand "I hope they don't get to see you like this…"

Serenity moved closer to him and intertwined her fingers with his, she lowered her gaze for a moment, looking at their hands together and something in her sparked; she looked at his hand and caressed it softly with her fingers, barely touching his skin, then brought it close to her chest and closed her eyes for a moment. Even when she felt cold she could feel some kind of warmth coming from him, that energy that always made her feel protected and safe; she opened her icy blue eyes and looked at him "They won't…"

Endymion frowned slightly and tightened his grip on her hand "What do you mean?"

Serenity moved closer to him until her face was only inches away from his and ran her hand through his damp hair "…Let me stay here with you…" she whispered; Endymion leaned his forehead on hers, his eyes never leaving hers "Stay with me always" he whispered back.

Serenity closed her eyes for a brief moment and nodded; Endymion noticed how the thin fabric of her dress stucked to her skin revealing even more her enchanting curves. He always thought that under those shimmery gowns was a beautiful body and he finally knew it for sure; he looked at her this time more closely and saw the way her hair was no longer in her usual hairstyle but mostly down because of the weight it had because of the water on it, she glowed with the light of the fire and the moist that still was on her skin made her look even more beautiful than she already was to him. Her lips were slightly parted, always inviting his to kiss them and her eyes always showing great love and for him.

The same was happening to Serenity as she watched him in silence and thought that no other man has ever made her feel the way he did, never in her life had experienced that feeling of joy and fulfillment, never have ever felt so happy and complete. She was deeply in love with the man before her and she had so much in her chest she wanted him to feel as well as she looked into his eyes she felt her cheeks flush and how much she could not hold the urge to move closer and kiss him again.

Endymion was taken by surprise as she captured his lips with hers and then let her take control of it; it was a sweet kiss, tender and from time to time she would nip his lower lip with hers gently, a move that nearly made him lose control over himself.

The kiss continued for a little while longer before she parted from him and opened her eyes, he opened his seconds later and looked at her while moving closer to her and began kissing her neck very softly; his lips barely touched her skin but still she could feel his breath on her ear making her moan a little. The lunar princess looked at him again and put her hands on each side of his face "Your eyes…they have that color again…" she whispered "What are you trying to tell me Prince of Earth?"

Endymion looked at her and pushed her bangs aside, moving closer he nipped her earlobe gently making her close her eyes "I love you…" he whispered "I love you so much I can barely control myself"

Serenity moved her face and locked her lips with his again, her hands played with his hair making it even more intimate. They stayed like that for a couple of more minutes before Endymion parted, stood up and moved away, letting out a deep breath; Serenity looked at him with worry "Endy? What is the matter?"

Endymion ran his hand through his hair and shook his head, not saying anything which worried Serenity even more "Is something wrong?" he shook his head again, still not saying one word. The princess pressed her lips together and lowered her gaze "Did I do something wrong?"

Endymion looked at her and frowned "You didn't do anything wrong…"

Serenity looked at him "Did I do something that made you feel uncomfortable?"


Serenity bit her lip "What did I do then?"

"You didn't do anything wrong…" Endymion said again.

"Then what happened, why did you stop and move away from me?" Serenity asked with confusion "Endy…"

"I do not trust myself Serenity…" Endymion interrupted her and looked away for a moment and then turned to look at her again "…You make me feel things I have never felt before…you make me lose my mind and if I do not stop, then I won't be able to keep controlling myself…"

Serenity looked at him "You…" she trailed off; she did not blushed or felt intimidated, this time she knew what he meant, they talked about that before and came to realize something; standing up she walked towards him and put her hands on his face "…What if I do not want you to stop?"

Endymion widened his eyes "What?"

"What if I do not want you to keep controlling yourself?" she whispered and looked into his eyes, Endymion looked at her startled "Serenity…" he said softly.

Serenity stood on her tip toes and wrapped her arms around his neck "Forever yours…I am, forever yours" she whispered.

She looked at him in silence for a little while before she began twirling her fingers in his hair; Endymion wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer to his body in a strong yet gentle move startling her and bent his head down capturing her lips with his in a deep kiss. She could feel his strong arms holding her making her feel safe and how she wanted to be nowhere else but there with him.

She closed her eyes and responded to the kiss, his hands started to undo whatever was left of her buns letting it go lose and down her back like a silver cascade. Serenity opened her eyes slowly looking into his when she felt the warmth from his lips started to fade away and there it was, that deep and mysterious shade of blue that drowned her into that feeling she yet could not explain but felt so right. This time, she knew what his eyes were saying to her, a mix between desire and passion; passion and love and it was all for her.

She could not stop looking into them and as if she was hypnotized by him, her hands started randomly and slowly to unbutton his jacket not really sure if she was doing it right or wrong. Serenity felt his hands roaming on her back, loosening her dress. Endymion bent again and started to give her butterfly kisses on her cheek and went down to her neck sending shivers all over her body making her moan softly as she moved her head to the side allowing him to kiss her down to her collarbone.

Serenity finally managed to unbutton his jacket and started to pull it away with a little of his help and let it fall to the floor, she opened her eyes a while he was still kissing her neck with tenderness she ran her hands from under his cotton shirt feeling the cold water that was still trapped between his skin and the now cold fabric of his undershirt moving them down to his lower back; while doing it she could feel a tingling sensation all over her body and her cheeks flushed slightly. Her fingers traced the muscles of his back and waist still feeling a little shy; Endymion started caressing her bare back with the tips of his fingers in a circle motion as he let her dress fall slowly from her.

Serenity felt the contrast between the coldness of the room and the warmth of his hands, she could feel them roam slowly and with such tenderness from her shoulders and down her back making her feel more need and desire for him with each stroke. Her heart started pounding a little faster and felt like she could not take it any longer, taking his shirt off it was revealed to her eyes what she always imagined and never got the chance to see.

Endymion felt a new wave of desire that started to take control over him; his body started to react while he could not take his eyes off the woman in front of him. The feeling of her bare skin against his bare chest sent him shivers down all over his body realizing he had come to a moment where he just couldn't stop touching her; the feeling of her soft silky skin, her sweet scent, her warmth, everything in her drove him to a state of nearly losing all control.

His lips caressed her face and down her neck again while he felt her soft hands caress his chest. Her soft moaning against his ear ignited his desire of whatever she wanted him to do, at this moment he was at her mercy.

He felt her hands go slowly down his waist and stop when he knew they reached his pants; opening his eyes he looked at her and smiled softly at her shy expression and held her hands while helped her unbutton them. As soon as she unbuttoned them he ran his arms around her waist and carried her to his bed, putting her down slowly he looked at her while his hand caressed her face; his eyes looking straight into hers.

Serenity blushed as she realized she was with any clothes except for her underwear and blushed even more when she saw him in the same condition as her. Endymion watched her bit her lip and frowned slightly "Is something wrong?" he asked softly; Serenity bit her lip again and looked at him shyly "It is the first time somebody looks at me this way and vice versa…"

Endymion caressed her face with the back of his hand "Do you want me to stop?" he asked softly, looking at her. Serenity traced his jaw line with her finger and shook her head "No…" she whispered, moving closer to him capturing his lips with hers in a kiss that soon became more passionate and intense.

His lips nipped hers from time to time, while his hands caressed her body reaching down to her thighs, pulling down the last remaining piece of clothing on her and threw it on the floor; as he moved closer to her again he bent down and kissed her again, this time softer.

Serenity opened her eyes as soon as she felt he moved his face inches away from hers and looked into his eyes.

"Are you sure?" she heard him ask her; her heart beat fast in her chest and the shyness she once had disappeared. She nodded her head slowly and let herself go as he began to kiss her again; she let out a soft moan and then opened her eyes at the new sensation her body was experiencing; they both got lost in their world, their bodies reacted to their touch and their passionate kisses and warmth made them forget all their problems and everyone who opposed their union.

Serenity opened her eyes slowly and watched him doing the same; his hair was disheveled from the many times she intertwined her fingers on it as she continued feeling what she could not describe but felt with intensity and tenderness at the same time when suddenly felt a wave of heat all over her body, letting out a soft moan she could not even try to control. The energy between them intensified and they continued loving each other and soon gave herself completely to him as she let her mind take over her body and began to move with his.

Endymion was being gentle and tried his best to not try to make her feel uncomfortable; at first she felt pain but soon her body started to react to his finally becoming one. Their breathing fastened; their touch became stronger and their kisses rougher. Serenity no longer felt foreign to the action and intensified her movements making him lose his mind completely. He looked down at her; his eyes were dark, like an ocean in the middle of a storm; lowering his face he kissed her ear "I love you…Serenity" he whispered.

Serenity wrapped her arms around him and held him tight as she felt his hand roam down her leg "Endymion…my love…I love you…" she whispered back and kissed his neck. After some time they both reached their peak, Serenity was feeling for the very first time a wave of incredible sensations running all over her body, engulfing her with many sentiments and a strong feeling of pleasure and completeness, letting go a deep breath. Endymion's heart was pounding strong inside his chest, his breathing was short and fast as he kept his eyes closed for a little moment and felt her hands caress his back softly. He was about to move to the side when he felt her arms around his waist tighten, stopping him from doing so.

She looked beautiful, he thought. Her hair cascaded around her like a silver aura and her cheeks had a rosy tone; her lips were parted as she breathed, slowly coming back to reality. Serenity pulled him closer to her, making him rest on his forearms; smiling softly he wrapped his arms around her waist and turned over so she could be on top of him "I'm forever yours" she whispered in his ear; Endymion kissed her cheek "My beautiful…"

Serenity smiled and watched him let out a soft sigh catching her attention "Is something the matter?" Endymion shook his head and yawned "No…"

She noticed how much he tried to stay awake and even though his hand caressed her arm, he could not hold his eyes open any longer and yawned again "You're sleepy…" she said softly.

Endymion opened his eyes slowly and turned to look at her "I am…" he smiled softly "You aren't?"

Serenity smiled widely and shook her head "No…I could talk all night"

Endymion yawned again "Alright, I'll listen…"

"No...how am I am going to speak all by myself, I'm going to look insane…" Serenity pouted her lips.

"…You little cheater" Endymion let out a soft chuckle.

Serenity tilted her head, blinking several times "Why?"

Endymion chuckled again "You took all my energy my dear" his hand caressed her cheek and moved her bangs away from her eyes; Serenity widened her icy blue eyes "I did?... Did I do something wrong…?" she asked worried, startling him. Smiling, Endymion shook his head "It happens love, you didn't do anything wrong…"

Serenity narrowed her eyes and poked him on the ribs "You have experienced it before…don't you?" she rolled down next to him, Endymion widened his deep blue eyes "What?"

"You have slept with other women…" her voice lost some of its sweetness and pursed her lips, yes, she was jealous. The prince put his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him "Serenity…"

"Ah!…so you have!" Serenity widened her eyes "…I caught you!"

Endymion frowned "Serenity…" he looked at her "Why are we even discussing this? It doesn't matter…it makes you look like if you were…jealous"

Serenity frowned "Pfff! Jealous? Me? No… I was just commenting…please…" she waved her hand and covered her face while mumbling something under the covers. The prince sighed softly "Bunny…it doesn't matter, why are you so upset? I'm with you and nobody else"

Serenity pushed the covers away from her eyes and looked at him "…But I am not your first…"

Endymion widened his eyes "What?"

Serenity sighed and moved the rest of the covers away from her face and bit her lower lip for a moment "…You are the only man in my life…you know…like that… and I am not the only women in yours…"

Endymion looked at her "Serenity…" he sighed softly again "What makes you think you are not my first?"

"You have said it before…" Serenity said in a childish tone, pouting her lips.

Endymion arched his brow "Because I said being sleepy was normal?"

Serenity sighed softly "That and because you have said it before…you have slept with other women…"

Endymion shook his head "Bunny… you are the only woman I have ever loved, the first in my bed, the first in my life, the first in my heart; the first I ever made love to… you are, the woman of my life"

Serenity blushed "The woman you ever loved"

"You are the woman I love" Endymion said again "It happened a long time ago…I was young and stupid and it did not mean anything"

Serenity bit her lower lip "You were what?" she asked, her tone changing to a warmer and playful one; Endymion caught it right away and smiled "What?"

"You were…what?" Serenity asked again and smiled, knowing how prideful he could be to have heard him say he was stupid was like finding a four leaf clover in the middle of a forest. A one in a million occasion.

Endymion knew where she was going and chuckled, rolling his eyes "Stupid…I was stupid…"

Serenity giggled "Aaaaaand…who is your only one?"

"You are"

Serenity blushed "Forever mine?"

Endymion pulled her closer to him, making her blush even more as she remembered they did not have any clothes on "Forever yours…Serenity, I swear my life when I tell you that you are the only one, my first one and only love"

Serenity ran her hand through his dark hair "I love you Endymion, so very much…" she whispered.

Endymion turned on his side and snuggled in her chest, his arms tightened around her waist, Serenity smiled when she heard his breathing become slower and how she could barely hear him snore.

The white princess giggled softly "It is true what you said about taking your energy…amazing..."


Serenity widened her eyes "Endy?"




She moved her head to confirm if he was really asleep or if he was half asleep, half awake like he usually is but she never got a reply from him. Smiling, she continued combing his hair with her fingers but when she least expect it she started to feel very tired and relaxed and without even realizing it she was already deep asleep as well.


The door opened and Aurea walked in with a tray in her hands. She pushed the door with her foot and closed it behind her and continued walking straight to the royal bedroom where she knew the queen was already preparing herself to sleep; and just like she imagined, she saw her brushing her hair and cleared her throat, letting her know she was there.

Gaia turned and smiled at her "There you are"

"I brought you some herb tea, to help you sleep" Aurea smiled and put the tray on a small round table near one of the windows and began pouring the hot liquid into a small porcelain cup.

"I was starting to wonder where you were…"

Aurea walked over the queen and handled her the cup of tea "I was doing my rounds like always…and had dinner with Leonidas"

Gaia smiled; Aurea sighed softly and sat on a chair near her "…Besides, I didn't want to interrupt your social memento"

Gaia's smile widened a little and took a sip of her tea; Aurea frowned slightly "What? Why are you so happy?"

The queen put down the cup and looked at her brunette friend "She is the one"

Aurea sighed softly and rested her face on her hand "What do you mean?"

Gaia looked down at her tea for a moment and nodded; she bit her lip and then turned to Aurea again "You know what I mean…she is the one…"

"The one?" Aurea arched her brow "Gaia…you have always said that only a goddess could be the perfect match, the 'one' for Endymion…what made you change your mind?"

Gaia smiled "Didn't you look at her carefully?"

"She is pretty, very beautiful if that is what you want to hear…"

Gaia shook her head "She is absolutely beautiful…but that is not what I meant"

"Then what?"

Gaia rolled her eyes "How can you be so dense sometimes?…I'm surprised"

Aurea blew her long bangs "Gaia…You always said that you wanted…" she trailed off and widened her eyes "…Oh…" she turned to look at the queen who had a big smile on her face, Aurea shook her head in shock "…No she is not..."

Gaia nodded "She is"

Aurea's eyes widened even more "How…why…who…?" she could not formulate a straight question. The queen put her cup of tea on her vanity and rested her hands on her lap "And do you know who that beautiful woman is?"

Aurea stayed silent for a moment and then shook her head "…I am still confused and surprised…"

"She is not just any Goddess…she is a special one…" Gaia said softly "A very special one"

Aurea frowned slightly "Who is she?"

Gaia looked at her "Don't you remember that hairstyle? You have seen it before…I know you remember…"

Aurea bit her lip "I don't know… I have never met any god or goddess before…well, except for the one that came to fight you and your…" she widened her eyes again "…Friend…"

Gaia nodded "She is my friend's daughter, Serenity"

Aurea stood up and covered her mouth with her hands in shock "It cannot be…" she mumbled, surprised "Are you positive?"

Gaia smiled "Yes I am… she is as beautiful as her mother, has the same way of speaking…well she is a little more adventurous…but her eyes hold the same kindness…and of course, share the same name"

"But…" Aurea trailed off "…How did they meet? How is that possible?"

"Destiny…" Gaia said softly "I can only think in Destiny…"

"Did you talk to her?"

"Yes, of course…"

Aurea widened her eyes "You told her the truth then, you told her who you are"

Gaia frowned and shook her head "No…of course not"

"But you just said…"

Gaia's frown deepened "I said I talked to her to get to know her better and see why my son fell in love with her, I needed to make sure he loved her because of her heart and not only because of her beauty and vice versa and I was very happy and pleased to see she is much more than I ever imagined for him…she is educated, passionate, kind and with so many dreams…she is a dreamer…and that is what makes her unique…her mother raised her beautifully"

Aurea frowned and crossed her amrs "You didn't tell her the truth…"

"What did you want me to say to her?" Gaia shook her head.

"Well…something like how friends you are with her mother, who you really are…who Endymion really is for instance…" Aurea crossed her arms "You sure are stubborn"

Gaia sighed "Telling her won't make the situation better, but the contrary…it would be more difficult than how it is already…"


The queen stood up slowly and began to walk around the room, wrapping her arms around herself "Because Aurea…their romance it's already too dangerous…and my past should not interfere with their lives…"

Aurea let out a sarcastic chuckle "Like if hasn't happened already…"

Gaia turned and frowned "Aurea"

"We are not only talking about your true self and your past Gaia…we are talking about Endymion's. Don't you think she has the right to know?"

The terran queen leaned on the wall "I understand their love…but it is very dangerous…" she turned to Aurea "For both of them…Serenity would be devastated if something happens to her daughter…if she loses her"

"Maybe this time it is different" Aurea said softly.

Gaia shook her head "The gods are not going to let this happen again…" she sighed and moved closer to the balcony doors as she watched the pouring rain outside "…She makes him happy…" she said softly "…You should have seen the way he looks at her…she is the one, he is in love with her"

Aurea sighed sadly "What is it going to happen then?"

Gaia looked over her shoulder "I cannot break them apart…but I can't help them either…" she turned again and put her hand against the cold window "…I am too weak, too sick…I cannot do anything in this state of mine…"

"Does it mean then that they will have to break apart?" Aurea asked with sadness.

Gaia closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh "No…it means, that they will have to fight for their love…" she opened them again "If they want to be together…then they will face very difficult moments…and too many trials that will fall upon them…"


The sound of rain could still be heard outside as it dripped from the roof and windows like a sweet and gentle melody, its sound was constant and abundant and surprisingly tranquilizing until a loud thunder crashed across the sky, rumbling with fury. Serenity immediately opened her blue eyes and turned to the window, the light emanated by the lightening filtered the thick curtain scaring her; she brought the covers closer to her body and closed her eyes in fear hoping there was no more rumbling sounds like those.

As strong and loud as the last one, a new one came, scaring her even more. Not sure of what to do, she was about to hide under the covers when she felt Endymion's arm tighten around her waist "Nothing is going to happen…" he said with a raspy voice.

"I do not like that sound…" Serenity whispered and closed her eyes when she saw the light filtering the curtains again "It's evil…"

Endymion watched her cover her face with the blankets with desperation "Hey…" he sat on the bed, his hand rubbed her back in soft circles "…It's alright…nothing is going to happen" he pulled the covers away from her and searched for her face "Bunny…" he whispered. Something in his voice soothed her, opening her eyes she looked up at him and blushed softly "Silly me that I want to be a fighter…I know…"

Endymion smiled and caressed her neck "You are a fighter"

Serenity frowned "How am I going to be a fighter when I am afraid of those sounds?"

The prince slid back into the covers and caressed her bare shoulder with his fingers, sending her shivers down her spine. His smile was comforting and reassuring "You are a fighter"

Serenity narrowed her eyes "You are being sarcastic…right?"

Endymion chuckled and shook his head "No Bunny…"



Serenity frowned "Yes, you are being sarcastic"

Endymion widened his eyes "What makes you think that?"

"When it comes to sarcasm…you are a natural" Serenity pursed her lips; Endymion tried to hold his chuckles with all his might "You are a fighter" he repeated. Serenity narrowed her eyes again "What makes you think that?"

"You are fighting with me right now, apparently for no reason" the prince gave her a boyish look. Serenity blew her bangs and pouted her lips "I am being serious…I am never going to be a fighter"

Endymion's smile faded, his face turning serious. She was meaning all her words, she did want to be a warrior surprisingly for him; since the moment she asked him to teach her how to fight with a sword caught his attention but never really imagined it meant so much to her. Crossing his arms he let out a soft sigh, his eyes staring at the ceiling with slight confusion and what it could be interpreted as anointment.

His memories as soldier weren't the best. In fact if he could choose to erase something from his mind it would be exactly that; the faces and cries of suffering and help from all the people he couldn't actually help when he was young. He closed his eyes and frowned "Why is it so important to you? Besides the amazement it causes to you…"

Serenity turned to him and widened her eyes "Amazement?" she whispered.

Endymion opened his eyes "Is it really what you want? To be the ghost of a person you used to be...?" the coldness in his voice and maybe the hollowness made the white princess frown "Are you saying you are the ghost of a man you used to be?"

"I am saying, even suggesting you many other ways to protect and support your family and your kingdom" his voice maintained the same low tone. Serenity frowned again "Then why did you continue even when you knew the consequences of it all? When you knew there were other ways?"

"Because…" he trailed off, he blinked several times slowly trying to verbalize what he was feeling at that precise moment and frowned when he realized she had a point "…You are going the say I am being ridiculous…" he mumbled; Serenity arched her brow, exactly the same way he always did. It seemed that the papers had turned, like in an alternate universe where she was the serious, collected and stoic one and he, the one confused and with a rush of feelings flowing through his chest towards his head.

"I am already thinking you are being ridiculous for not telling me"

Endymion let out a deep breath and hesitated a couple of more minutes "I knew the consequences, I always did…but it was something I felt I needed to do, like a calling…"

The word calling caught Serenity's attention but stayed silent and let her lover continue; Endymion pursed his lips as he tried to find the right words that would not make him sound too corny but apparently, there was not a single expression that could actually make him look less cheesy and gave up "…I felt the need to become a soldier since I was little, I always felt that was my destiny, my mission in life…to be a protector...some kind of guardian, a warrior"

Serenity frowned slightly and sat on the bed, covering her nude body with the dark silky sheet, pressing it against her body like a second skin "Like a calling"

Endymion turned to look at her; his hand slid from under the sheet and caressed her stomach "Exactly" Serenity blushed at the feeling of his fingers caressing her skin but then realized that more intimate than that they could not be, they gave themselves to one another, they were now one body and soul.

"I respect your wishes and I understand your desire but there are other ways of fighting, my destiny was to be this kind of soldier…yours is different, you are different"

His voice made her look at him again and widened her eyes "Different…" she said softly, the prince nodded "I do not want your hands be covered in blood like mine already are…I do not want that for you, ever"

Serenity's eyes softened, it still impressed her how many things the man next to her held in his heart, it still marveled her the kindness of his words and the way he looked after her all the time; she could feel the love all around her while she was with him, his touch was always warm, his lips always tender, his eyes always passionate. She smiled softly, making her look like an angel to his eyes, her hand slowly went to touch his well toned chest and put it right where she could feel his heart pounding so steady and strong "…You are different as well…" she said softly.

Endymion frowned slightly and then let out a soft chuckle "Well…yes I am, I am a mortal, and that makes me different from you"

Serenity pursed her lips and tilted her head "That is not what I meant"

Endymion arched his brow and smiled "Oh? Then what?" his hand kept moving, this time caressing her waist. He just could not get enough of her, her skin was like touching perfumed silk. Serenity kept holding the sheet close to her body with her free hand and moved a little closer to him "You used to play in the mud and loved to leave dirt marks on the carpets"

Endymion widened his eyes with her comment "What?"

Serenity grinned "…You used to hide so nobody could ever find you and you hated to take a bath…"

Endymion blinked a couple of times, then realized where that information came from "Mother…" he smiled softly and shook his head; Serenity giggled and tilted her head "Mischievous boy"

Endymion narrowed his eyes "You make it sound like if I were a grumpy person…"

Serenity put her finger on her chin in thought "Well…you are…" she trailed off and sat straight "…All serious, all the time" she tried her best to imitate his deep voice. Endymion arched his brow and held his urge to laugh "What are you doing?"

"I am you" she continued talking like him "I am all so serious and a Prince"

Endymion pressed his lips together while looking at his petite lover imitating him "What does being a prince has to do with all of this?"

"I am serious because I am a Prince. I am no longer playful and mischievous because I am all grown up"

Endymion widened his eyes and cleared his throat, trying his best of not to laugh "Bunny…I do not sound like that"

Serenity pouted her lips and frowned "Of course you…I mean I do" she said again, in 'his' voice.

Endymion could not hold it any longer and broke into laughter, bending his head back. This was probably the first time Serenity watched him laugh with so much effusivity, even though she heard him chuckle, she never thought his laughter could be so adorable and contagious. It was warm like his voice, but constant and fluent; it wasn't scandalous or exaggerated but incredibly sweet.

Serenity tilted her head "You do realize you are laughing at yourself…right?" she widened her eyes "Oh no, wait…" she sat straight again, crossed her arms and arched her brow the same way he does "You do realize you are laughing at yourself…right?"

Endymion watched her and widened his eyes "Now what are you doing?" he said between laughs.

Serenity pointed her nose up "I am you, so I do not joke or laugh. I am always serious" she said again, trying to imitate his voice again "I am no longer playful because I am a soldier and have to be serious all the time"

He continued laughing but soon stopped when something in her words made him realize something; how right she was. True, he was serious most of the time but because he had to, he did not have the time to just being himself with nothing pulling him back; he came to notice that this was probably the first time he laughed so hard in so many years.

She was so magical she even managed to break that frozen part in him. A long forgotten but very familiar feeling took control of him and gave her a grin she probably hadn't ever seen before; Serenity looked at him and widened her eyes "What?"

Endymion looked at her, still with a smile on his face reached for the sheet pressed against Serenity's body and pulled it down in one swift move, making her widen her eyes and gasp in surprise "What are you doing?!" she asked softly.

The prince smiled widely at her "Nothing" he said in a boyish tone.

Serenity blushed and tried to get some sheet to cover herself again but Endymion moved his hand away "What are you doing?"

"What?" Serenity asked "Give me that!"

Endymion chuckled "No"

"Why not?"

"Because…" Endymion said still with a boyish tone "It's mine…if you want it you will have to come and fight for it"

Serenity pouted her lips "That is not fair!" she moved forward and extended her arm trying to reach the fabric but soon lost her balance and fell on top of him and stayed looking into each other's eyes, their faces were only millimeters away; Serenity blushed and bit her lip softly "I'm cold…" she whispered.

Endymion moved her bangs and hair away from her face very gently and caressed her cheeks with the back of his hand; he moved his free arm and covered them with the silky sheet one again "Better?"

Serenity blinked slowly as she felt a warm wave of comfort and protection engulfing her again; she moved her face closer to his and caressed his lips with hers. She soon ran her fingers through his hair while intensifying the kiss, this time she followed her heart not really thinking about anything else but in her own feelings and the man underneath her. Endymion closed his eyes as soon as she locked her lips with his and responded immediately; his hands went from her back down to her hips and then to her thighs, she knew how to make him lose his mind without even trying too hard, he felt how she pulled his hair and her lips traveled down his neck, this time being her the one in control.

Serenity opened her eyes slowly, moved her face and kissed his chin, then his jaw "I amo te…Endymion…" she whispered in his ear and just as if her words were the key to his desire he wrapped his arms around her waist and kept her close to him.

He looked at her with those deep azure eyes of his "Pulchra Serenity…I amo te…"

Serenity smiled softly and kissed the tip of his nose "See? I can speak Latin"

Endymion smiled and trapped her lips with his; immersed on their feelings and desires they disconnected themselves from their surroundings, their reality and became one, once again.


Alone in his room, Athamas looked at the nothingness with eyes full of rancor. In his attempt of formulating a new plan to fulfill his own wishes and achieve what he had planned for so long had a few drinks but nothing really came to enlighten his troubled mind.

He had loosened his sandy blonde hair and took off his uniform jacket, his shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his well defined chest and abdomen; the man was very handsome but also very dark. He had in his hand another round of what could be whisky, that strong, amber colored drink he always had when he spent his nights alone thinking in one thing: Serenity.

The question of who might be the one taking his place constantly haunted his mind, drifting him from his duties as soldier in the silver millennium's palace. He thought about the first time they met, how they were introduced, how her light blue eyes gleamed with excitement and loving, how she bit her lips nervously and how she could say anything just to get his attention.

He fidgeted in his seat, close to the hearth in his room. The memories of those moments came from time to time, and all that happened back then; his relationship with his mistress back in Andromeda, his wishes to become a soldier and then…the voice.

That voice he could not explain or even understand, with an ancient sound, sultry notes that filled his mind like an echo, ordering him, guiding him to what it says it was the future. It constantly filled him with a satisfying sense of triumph, the way it pictured a future with power, strength and a beautiful woman by his side, he liked it. He never imagined that the strange advice coming from the back of his mind would take him so far; then, the sound of soft laughter interrupted his thoughts.

He frowned and sighed "The sound of your voice…" he whispered and looked up "I no longer know what I am doing anymore…"

The image of her smiling at him melted his heart; closing his eyes he put a hand on his face. Then another image, when he said she was going too fast and he wanted to focus on his duties as soldier. Athamas opened his green eyes and frowned. He was starting to realize that beyond his desire for marrying her and taking control as king of the silver millennium he cared for the princess, he missed her laughter and kind eyes, he missed the feeling of having her close, he wanted to be the man that could hold her every night and every day for the rest of eternity; he wanted to be that man…and he wanted to kill the one taking his place.

It didn't matter how much the senshi tried to cover him the truth, he was certain Serenity was seeing somebody else, even when she was still the woman he met a year ago, something in her changed. She was stronger, more secure of herself and was not afraid to confront him; more than any other thing in the universe, that is what he hated the most. Standing up, he walked over to the window and looked outside. With the glass of whisky in his hand, he soon took a sip and made a face of disgust, thinking how he should be taken control over the planet before him by now.

As he watched the blue mixed with the greens and browns it made his blood boil in his veins. He knew about the myth of a hidden soldier in the universe, the one with the power to destroy everything in its path and took a vow to be stronger than him. Then, he joined the army and listened to more rumors about it, nurturing even more his desire to unmask that soldier and take its place.

There was no guarantee that the soldier he always wanted to destroy was in the blue planet but many theories he started to formulate and many times he investigated made him think he actually was there.

"The hidden soldier…" he muttered and took another sip of his drink.

"Ti…tir…tired…ti…tired of…waiting…I'm tired of waiting…"

Athamas frowned and closed his eyes, he brought a hand up to his head and shook it "Tired…"

"Unleash the true power…it's time…it's time for our glorious time to come…"

The blonde soldier let go of the glass in his hand and crashed in million pieces on the floor; bringing his other hand to his head, he felt like a thousand blades hit him, causing him tremendous pain "What…what should I do?"

"Kill everyone in your way…destroy everyone who opposes you…unleash the true power…it's time…it's time for our glorious time to come…"

Athamas fell on his knees not realizing a big piece of glass was cutting the skin of his arm, making him bleed. The blonde soldier shook his head and in between breaths he tried to stand up again, raising his head he looked at the blue planet in the distance. His eyes went darker, with nothing in them else but pure rage.

"Everything is mine and I am tired of waiting…If I want things to be done, I will have to do them myself…I will unleash the true power…it's time…it's time for our glorious time to come…and then, I will make her mine"


"I am going to check up on her"

Jupiter watched Venus stand up from her seat "Do you think we should? She is probably asleep by now…"

Venus sighed and pursed her lips; Mars yawned softly "Jupiter is right…"

Mercury turned to the girls "Yes, maybe she needs to be left alone for today…"

"She has been in her room all day…" Venus said "I'm worried…"

"We all are, what is happening is something that is affecting her greatly" Mercury said "What is going to happen now?"

Mars let out a soft breath while kept stirring her spoon on her tea "I am not sure…"

"The General will make his move" Jupiter said, catching the attention of the girls; Venus frowned "What?"

"It is the most logical thing I can think right now…without any more obstacles, he will make his move to try to win our Princess' heart again; he has all the support from our Queen…" the amazon reassured.

"I'm scared…I'm worried" Mercury said softly, then felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned and saw Jupiter smiling at her "Don't be…everything will be alright…we are here to protect our Princess"

Mercury nodded and looked at her cup of tea, now cold "I really liked him…I really thought he was perfect for her…they were perfect for each other"

Venus lowered her gaze and thought about the white haired general with sadness; they all wished this situation wasn't as difficult as it was now that obviously they all grew fond to the prince's guardians. Mars turned to look at her and studied her face "It was something that was needed to be done…"

Venus turned to her startled for a moment and then nodded "Yes…I know…" sighing, she pushed the stool back to its place and turned to look at her fellow guardians "I will go to my room…"

"Are you going to be alright?" Mercury asked soflty; Venus nodded and responded her with a smile. Turning on her heel she began to walk away, none of the girls say a word until she was no longer around.

"This is too much for her" Jupiter sighed and turned to Mars "If she continues suppressing her feelings, she will explode"

"There is not much she can do as a matter of fact…" Mars responded "She has a very large, very heavy weight on her shoulders…"

"Don't we all have the same responsibilities?" Mercury frowned.

"She is our leader" Mars responded.

"Yes, but…she is letting this entire situation affect her" Jupiter said.

"She cares for our Princess, very much. We all have known how close they were since the very beginning…but now that we've grown, our duties and responsibilities have become more serious. We must look after her and protect her, she is the leader of us four…if anything happens to her, it will affect her first…" Mars said and lowered her gaze "…It has been something that has been tearing her apart, it is not like she dislikes the fact Princess Serenity loves that man, what is hurting her is to know she is the senshi of love and being the reason of their rupture…she is not being the friend she wished she was…none of us are…"

Mercury pushed her cup to the side and rested her chin on her hands "I wish there could be something that would allow them to be together…I understand your point and I too feel guilty by all this…"

Mars pursed her lips and turned away "But…this…premonition…is coming stronger with each night…"

Jupiter frowned "Mars…I thought we all agreed where to send her in case something happens in this place…we talked about it and we agreed we would send her with him…why are things changing now?"

Mars turned to Jupiter and hesitated for a moment while letting a soft sigh "Because…this dark and powerful energy, seems to be coming from Earth…" Jupiter widened her green eyes and stayed in shock, worry and disbelief. Was war really going to happen then? She thought; Mercury closed her eyes and prayed with all her heart that this madness could be stopped in time, the picture Mars portrayed was not pretty and it seemed that not even the mere gods could fight it.

The four girls were trapped in their thoughts and in silence hoping everything they were living was just part of a long and bad dream.


Queen Serenity was standing close to the large window in her bedroom; with her arms close, hugging her lean body, looking at the outside. Her lavender eyes, full of wisdom and caring love watched the stars dance across the sky soon to be covered by Diana's veil of the night.

It had been a calm and very quiet day, not too much to do and not too much to really analyze. She knew what was happening, just like the other gods. She had been present in several meetings and audiences with all the monarchy around the universe at the great hall in Olympus.

She sighed one time "Danger…"she said softly and closed her eyes; she felt a chill traveling all over her body and frowned when she remembered the events that happened earlier.


The sound of her heels against the marble floors echoed in the corridor, her pace was fast and steady as she hurried to get as soon as possible to the large room, where an audience with the high gods was going to take place.

A woman with light blonde hair turned and widened her eyes as soon as she watched her coming closer, turning to the people to whom she was talking, she excused herself and walked over to her.

"Serenity…" Aphrodite said "…You received that letter as well…"

Queen Serenity pursed her lips and nodded, looking around at the rest of the crowd and then turned back at the blonde goddess in front of her "Have you heard anything? Why did they call us all?"

Aphrodite shook her head "No, the letter does not explain much…but it has to be something very serious…" sighing she bit her lower lip "Ares haven't mentioned anything?"

The white queen shook her head "No…I haven't seen him in quite a long time…and I haven't being able to schedule a meeting with Chronos either…"

Aphrodite sighed "How is my daughter doing?"

"She is doing very well…she is a marvelous guardian" Serenity smiled softly at her friend "I won't deny how worried she is…she takes her duty very seriously"

The blonde goddess smiled softly "Must be difficult, considering her bubbly character…"

Both queens turned when the room's large doors opened revealing two tall guards, indicating it was time for the meeting. Queen Serenity pressed her lips together while Aphrodite arched her brow "I believe it's time…"

All gods and goddesses started to take their usual seat at the enormous room, soon Queen Serenity found her seat and turned to her side to find the one next to her, empty, her lavender eyes looked at it with melancholy and traced the golden symbol graved on its back "Dear friend…I miss you terribly…"

"It is still not the same without her…even after all this time…" a male voice interrupted the queen's thoughts, making her turn. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw Ares standing next to her "Ares" Serenity said with slight surprise. The blonde god smiled softly at her and kissed the top of her hand "I am so sorry for not visiting as often as I would like to…"

"I understand…you are a very busy man"

Ares shrugged his shoulders "Apparently I am…how are you little flower?"

Queen Serenity let out a soft sigh "Confused…concerned…do you know why we are here?"

Ares took a seat next to her and looked at her with serious eyes "You know why. But they want to make the official announcement so all can be prepared…"

Serenity frowned "Prepared for what?"

Ares sighed "What it is about to come…"

"…And what is that?"

Ares patted her hand still on his "…We need to let Gaia know…"

Queen Serenity widened her eyes "Let her know what Ares?" this time, her voice showed more concern that it did before "What is that she needs to know?"

Ares looked around so nobody would hear and sighed again; then turned back at Serenity "That just like us…the life of her planet is in danger…"

Queen Serenity froze in her seat "…Gaia no longer holds any power…that is why we have to help her Ares…"

Ares watched the golden chair next to Serenity's silver one "That is against the law little flower…we are tied by our duties…"

"Then how do you dare to tell me we have to warn her…?"

Ares looked at her "Because, the one that has that immense power and the one who should occupy that seat lives with her…"

"How are we going to let them understand?" Queen Serenity looked at him with teary eyes. Ares sighed and lowered his gaze "They are not going to…"

The lunar queen frowned "What?"

Just when Ares was about to tell her something, the high gods made their appearance one next to the other and took their respective seating at the center of the large room. The blonde god turned to Serenity and patted her hand softly "I have to go…"

Queen Serenity looked at him sadly and watched him leave and take his seat next to Chronos, who was already there with a serious face. The air in the room felt dense and cold, Aphrodite took her seat next to her where Ares was sitting just minutes ago "Are you alright?"

"There is no surprise why you were asked to be here today. Many of you have been wondering what is happening but we made sure to keep this a secret until now" Zeus said; his voice loud, authoritative and very clear "It would be no surprise for you to tell you there is a strange and evil presence coming our way…"

The room was started to fill with the sound of murmurs; Zeus locked his gaze with the lunar queen and extended his arm "We joined our forces and trust to Selene's daughter's Alliance, which have kept us safe all this time but now that this treat is approaching us, we must be prepared…the Alliance must be strengthened"

"What is that evil presence you are telling us?" one of the gods in the back asked.

"If it is evil…we know the nature of the treat" Hades said coldly.

"I thought that problem was solved many years ago…" another god said.

Hades crossed his arms and closed his eyes "That problem will not be solved until we eliminate everything that is linked to it"

Chronos turned to look at him "Hades…"

"That problem could have been prevented, but many of the ones present here with bland and weak hearts thought love could solve everything…" Hades said dryly and opened his dark grey eyes "I believe we all know who we are talking about…"

Ares frowned "We are still not sure if what is happening has to do with it…"

Hades turned to look at him "You will defend it, just because he is your beloved's relative…" his voice was low, being the ones on that stage the only ones to hear it. Chronos frowned and turned to Hades "You are crossing the line and missing the point"

Zeus frowned and turned to Hades "I asked Hades to put more security in Tartarus…"

"What is going to happen then?" Hera asked, slightly annoyed "Hades is supposed to guard those gates…it is his territory after all"

Hades growled and tried to stand up but Chronos stopped him. Zeus turned his head to where his wife was seating and frowned "The gates in Tartarus are sealed. This treat seems to be coming from another place...You must be prepared for anything…if we are not careful, disaster will fall upon us"

Queen Serenity widened her eyes "What about Earth?"

All stares where now on the white queen, who was still seating on her silver chair. Aphrodite widened her blue eyes and held her hand "Serenity…" she whispered.

Chronos looked at her with sad eyes [Little flower…] he thought.

Poseidon let out a sarcastic laugh "What about it?"

"What are we going to do? How are we going to protect it?" Queen Serenity asked; murmurs started to fill the room once again "The blue planet is part of our galaxy…it deserves to be in the Alliance just like any one of us…"

Zeus annoyed by the sound of murmuring growled and threw a thunder at the ceiling, startling everybody "Silence!" he then turned to the white queen "We are not going to do anything"

"But it is part of our Galaxy… part of this universe…" Queen Serenity said.

"That planet and all of its inhabitants are forbidden to even think about the possibility of crossing the line to this realm" Zeus said; he knew of the queen's kind and loyal heart and so the importance of her friendship with the goddess of that planet "It's protector broke the law"

"Earth has a new protector…" Queen Serenity said "One that can do magnificent things to improve the Alliance"

Poseidon frowned and laughed again "Are you being serious?"

Hades turned to the white queen "One that comes from a legion of criminals. You want to bring an assassin to this realm, not really caring the damage that could cause"

"I am sure he is not raised to be an assassin. She was fair, she was strong and admirable…she could have never, ever, raise her own child to be an evil being" Queen Serenity stood up.

Hades frowned and stood up "How dare you to even think we will consider them? That protector you say Earth has is nothing else but an assassin bastard. The fruit of that horrendous relationship is not one of us…that bastard is a great treat to all of us and must be sent to Tartarus where it belongs…" his eyes were fixed on her "He has killed our kind as well...he has ripped souls from living bodies and sent them to the underworld…"

"He is protecting his people, his planet…and his mother" the queen responded quickly.

"He is a murderer!"

Zeus frowned "A sentence was put on them…we are not doing anything. If darkness approaches them…then, its protector will ha to find a way to solve it…that planet is banned from our reign, any contact with them is forbidden and anyone who dares to do it, will have the same luck its previous protector had"

"We are supposed to look for each other…" Queen Serenity said softly "That is the point of the Alliance, to help us all"

"We are not here to discuss that matter, we are not here to try to redeem her faults and forgive her for her treason. The problem we are trying to solve is more important and it is coming close. The sun is being covered by darkness, affecting Helios' powers. The outer senshi are being prepared, warned and are ready for battle, the inner senshi must be as well" Zeus said determinant.

"They are prepared" Ares said and looked at Serenity "The Silver Crystal must be guarded. If it falls in the wrong hands we are all doomed"

"Now that you are warned, proceed and alert your commanders and soldiers…The Silver Alliance must strengthened and its army must be ready to fight" Zeus said and turned to leave, indicating the audience was finally over. Queen Serenity watched everybody leave the room while she could not even think about the possibility of leaving her friend fight that evil being alone.

Aphrodite stayed there with her and held her hand "Serenity…I wish there could be something I could do to help…"

"Why are they so blind?" Serenity said softly.

"Because, they like to believe they are always right" Aphrodite patted her hand "Come with me, let's leave this place…"

"Queen Serenity, Goddess of the Moon" a guard addressed the white queen, catching her attention "Yes?"

"Your presence is required at the main office"

Aphrodite frowned "Why?"

Queen Serenity squeezed her friend's hand "Isn't that obvious?" she shook her head. The guard stood there and turned to Aphrodite "I was not required to tell you why Goddess Aphrodite, but only to call Goddess Serenity"

Serenity stood up and turned to Aphrodite "I will be fine…do not worry"

The blonde brought the lavender haired queen close to her with a hug "Please, call me if you need anything…anything Serenity"

The lunar queen smiled and nodded "I will. I promise" she moved, breaking the hug and soon followed the golden dressed guard. They walked in silence until they were standing outside the majestic office doors, one of the guards standing outside opened one for the queen and bowed his head in respect "You are being expected, Goddess"

Queen Serenity nodded and walked inside, soon the doors were closed behind her and took several steps forward and soon saw Chronos, Zeus, Ares and Hades standing in front of her "Why are you doing this?" Zeus asked with a soft voice, very different from what everybody was used to hear.

"Because, the Alliance has a mission and that is to bring all the planets and guardians together so we can protect the galaxy" the white queen said.

"Do you realize the fear you install by mentioning them?" Hades asked this time, his dark eyes watched her with anger "Have you forgotten what she did?"

"She did nothing wrong and you know it" Serenity said and turned to Zeus "You know it…I know you do…"

Zeus sighed and crossed his arms "We have rules and we have to follow the law…otherwise it would be a disaster"

"This place already is a disaster Zeus…we forget there are other feelings than competition and hunger for power…since when love is a crime? She fell in love…and gave birth to a child with an amazing ability to protect…"

"What you call ability to protect is nothing else but danger. His nature is other, he comes from a family of warriors…feared by all, you are too blind to even think that bastard is going to help us…to believe he is kind. He is just like him" Hades said coldly "What makes you think he is different?"

"I trust his mother" Serenity said.

"His mother betrayed us all, she committed treason…fell for a mortal and broke the rules of our existence, she tainted our pure legion. She was admirable yes, a superb warrior but she failed us all…just like her brother did" Hades responded.

Queen Serenity turned to Chronos "Do you really want to leave them unprotected?" she turned to Ares, then to Zeus and Hades "Is it even fair? She did not kill anybody…you do not know what she had to go through…you did not see her cry when she was given the responsibility to protect a planet she was not supposed to look after until a certain age, she was asked to follow her brother's legacy by being the first senshi to become a polemarchos…she gave up the fact of being a girl, she forgot how to play, how to enjoy her time…all she did was train and fight. Her dreams were shattered the moment she held that sword…the moment the crystal chose her, she was no longer seen as Gaia the Goddess but Gaia the trophy...when she met him, she felt free…and for the very first time in so many years…she was happy"

"It was exactly because of the Goddess she was, she could not break the law that way…she was not even supposed to have children" Zeus said.

"You agree then that he is a miracle" Serenity said.

Zeus sighed, Queen Serenity looked at him "Do you?"

"My thoughts and sentence won't change if I say I do believe it" Zeus sighed "I know how important she is to you…even after all this time, but you have to accept it. Danger is approaching us an if we don't do anything to stop it could the end of too many things…if not everything"

"If there is something we are certain about this enemy is that, it knows us well and know how to play its cards" Ares said, bringing the attention back to the meeting subject.

"That is why you thought it was coming from Tartarus"

Chronos walked closer to the lunar queen "Your daughter is in danger"

"Serenity is being guarded by the inner senshi" the queen said quickly.

"Your daughter is guarded by somebody stronger, but what I am saying is that…if this enemy attacks us, she might be affected by all of it" Chronos said "She is the heir of the Silver Millennium and the one who can control the silver crystal…if it falls in the wrong hands it will be over…if that happens any of us will have any chances to win…not even Zeus…"

Queen Serenity lowered her gaze "That is why Athamas is with us, he is doing his best to protect her and so the senshi"

Ares crossed his arms "About that…" the white queen looked at him again; Ares frowned "I have read the reports...they are not complete…and I would like to understand why"

"I do not see where are the missing parts, I have read them as well…I am no warrior but I do know what they have to say…" the queen frowned "Artemis is working on it as well…but Athamas has never failed to any of my orders or suggestions, he has been doing a very good work"

"Then why Ares is saying otherwise?" Zeus asked "Have you ever considered anybody else for that position?"

"Yes I have, but, he is not available at the moment" Queen Serenity said, not really wanting go into details. Zeus arched his brow "Who is he?"

The white queen hesitated for a moment but knew what it meant to speak her thoughts "Somebody very capable, very prepared and strong but as I said, he is not available at the moment"

"He must be a very good soldier" Zeus said.

"A Polemarchos, actually" Queen Serenity said; surprising everybody in the room "Have you spoken to him?"

"Sort of, a long time ago" Queen Serenity said.

"If he is not available for the position you should keep insisting, we all know how difficult is to find a warrior with that caliber to be in our army…" Zeus sighed and then widened his eyes "Me included"

Chronos watched her nod and remain silent. The way she said she knew of one warrior perfect and available for the current commander's position gave him the thought of who she was talking about. She turned to look at him as if she was reading his thoughts and nodded, reassuring him what if fact, she knew he was thinking the same thing as her.

End of flashback

Tears started to pour from her eyes as she gazed the blue planet in the distance, close but at the same time far away from her. She brought a hand close to her cheek and wiped the moist off of them with delicacy "You will regain your rightful place in this galaxy and the entire universe, somehow, someday…but in the meantime I will look after you…my dear friend…"