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Summary: They were just two people who both happen to be unlucky in love. They met, had a one night stand, and it led to so much more.

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It Just Happened

Chapter One: Heartbroken


"Why?" His voice came off as desperate as it could possibly sound. In front of him was the love of his life in this secluded street, kissing another guy.

"Athrun!" The woman, caught red-handed, instinctively pushed the other guy away from her and was on the verge of tears. "I can explain!"

"I just saw everything with my own eyes. You don't need to explain." The sweetness of his voice, which she always loved, disappeared. His tone was now so cold. She never heard him speak to her like that ever. He started to turn around and walk away from this scene. He wanted to be far from here as possible.

"Dude, hey! At least let her explain!" The guy who caused the trouble held on to Athrun's shoulder, preventing him from leaving.

Rage rushed to his entire body with that sudden contact. The very man that he wanted the ground to swallow alive was actually pleading him to listen to their lies? His vision was starting to blur as he turned to face the two of them. "Don't touch me!" It seemed that his fist moved on its own, as he found it implanted on the man's face just moments later.


The man landed to the ground with a large thud, leaving red-headed girl to run to his aid and ask him if he was alright. Auel, as she called out to him a while ago, gave her a nod to tell her that he was all right.

This broke his heart even more. Why was he even watching this?

He finally was able to turn away from her. But she was stubborn as she ran to him and caught his shoulder. "Wait, Athrun!" It was now her turn to sound desperate. "Please don't get mad at me! In truth, that was only a goodbye kiss." Words were now carelessly leaving her mouth.

He wanted to laugh at everything that she was saying to him. He wasn't that stupid to think that she wasn't lying to him. That was how she was. She would always lie during the times like these, even when she's already caught guilty.

"A goodbye kiss, you say?" He couldn't even believe that he was even here, listening to her lies. "That 'goodbye' you're talking about, it's a goodbye to our relationship."

Horror was evident in her face when he said that. "No-no! Don't break up with me! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" Tears were now flowing from her eyes freely. "I really didn't mean to! You went to Malaysia for almost a month and I was really lonely that I wasn't able to be with you! I thought you were already with another woman. And he…" She paused to look at the guy on the ground, wiping blood on his mouth. "He was there for me!"

He was getting really angry. For a moment she was begging him not to leave her, seconds later, it seemed like she was making it sound like it was his fault that she cheated, that he was the bad guy and she did nothing wrong.

"Meyrin, that was just a business trip for Pete's sake! I kept calling you didn't I?!" He shouted back. He was losing his cool. "You should have told me that you were! I would have gone back home immediately or bring you with me if you just told me."

"That's why I said I'm sorry!" She grabbed a hold of his arm and refused to let him go. "You know that you're the one I love!"

He was silent at this. He wanted to forgive her, but this was the second time.

"Athrun I love you. I love you. I love you." Her arms held him tight as she sobbed continuously.

A part of him wanted to hug her and wipe her tears.

But another part of him didn't have the heart to give her another chance. The more that he thought about it, he didn't want to be in this kind of relationship anymore. Whatever love he had left for her, it was too small to even make him reconsider.

"Let go." His refused to listen to her further, his voice becoming cold and indifferent all the while.

"Don't Athrun. Please."

"Let go."

But she didn't. She refused to let go.

"I said let go!" Athrun managed to break free from her grasp; she wasn't really strong enough to begin with.

"Athrun please!" She let her body drop to the floor and cried like crazy.

He turned to her one last time, his eyes filled with sadness. "You did this to me once, and I forgave you. But you did it again… You were my only one and you broke my heart, again." He said, emphasizing the 'were'.

He looked up to the dark grey sky so that his tears wouldn't fall. Inhaling deeply, he finally had the strength to walk away. "Goodbye Meyrin." He left her to the comfort of that guy that he wanted to punch senselessly.


"Let's break up."

"What?" Her amber eyes widened with confusion. She didn't know if she was just hearing him wrong, or he was just joking with her.

"You heard me." He responded, without any hint of hesitation. "I'm breaking up with you."

"Why?" She couldn't believe this. He was really serious? But they just had a nice date yesterday! They even kissed when he drove her home! And now he was breaking up with her? She desperately tried to reason out with him. "Why Shinn? Did I do something to make you mad?"

"You didn't do anything, really." He refused to even look at her, which hurt her more.

"Then why?" She felt her eyes filling up with her tears.

"I'm seeing someone else." He bluntly said, his face remained apathetic. "So yeah… That's why I want to break up with you, so we can be an official couple."

Everything around her started to spin. It suddenly became harder for her to breath and to see straight.

"Since when did you start seeing that girl?" Her voice was barely a whisper, but it was demanding for an answer.

"About a year." Seconds later, a loud slap was heard. It was her palm, making contact with his cheek.

"How could you do this to me?" She didn't stop the tears from falling down her face. She was devastated and she wanted to slap him again and again, if she could.

"I'm sorry Cagalli." The look on his face contrasted with his apology. It didn't seem like he was sorry at all. In fact, he was glad that he finally got to break up with her.

With that, she gave him another slap on the cheek and ran away. She didn't know where her feet was going to take her, but she was certain that she didn't want to be anywhere near Shinn.


It just so happened that when her feet gave up on her, she ended up in front of a bar that she saw for the first time. She looked around and was foreign to the surroundings. Now where exactly am I? She thought to herself.

Shifting her attention back to the bar, it didn't look special or exciting at all. Rather, it looked especially dull, unlike the others bars that she had been to.

Its name, FUN Bar was the exact opposite of what it looked like, boring and solitary. It seemed like the letter 'N' was busted, so one could mistakenly read it as FU Bar. FU Bar as in 'Fuck you' Bar? She almost laughed at the joke that she made to amuse herself. But if this bar were supposedly 'Fun', then perhaps it would make her feel even a bit happy.

She decided that it was best to forget her problems.

Entering the bar, she was surprised that there were only a few people inside. It wasn't like the ones that she had been too, where the bars were jam-packed with dancing and drunk people. What happened to all the fun?

But she thought that this would be better. No one would be talking to her, asking her to dance or offering her a drink. With the sad aura that the bar was radiating, she'll be able to sulk in one corner.

She sat in one of the stools and ordered a Margarita. While waiting for her drink to arrive, she thought of calling Lacus to pick her up, but then again, there was a high probability that she was being all lovey-dovey on her date with her brother, Kira. Just by showing her dejected self to them, she would definitely spoil their date.

Besides, Kira, being the protective kind of brother that he was, would certainly try to convince Shinn to make up with her, or worse, beat the shit out of him. Neither was a good option at the moment.

"Here you are, miss." The bartender handed her the drink.

"Let's break up."

Before she could even drown herself in the alcoholic beverage, her tears were falling again.

"I love you, Cagalli Hibiki."

Stupid Shinn! She screamed to herself. She never even thought that Shinn would do this to her. He was always so gentle and loving. He always wanted to be with her. He always liked to kiss and cuddle her. He always told her that he loved her. Always. Always. Always.

But he just broke up with her.

Never in her wildest dreams did she think that this would happen to them, that they would end this way. They were so in love with each other for years, now he ends everything? Does love really face throughout the years? She was unable to believe any of this.

"I'm seeing someone else."

She couldn't help but remember those words that stung her deeply. Although she tried to take it out of her mind, somehow, it just doesn't! Geez! The alcohol wasn't working.

"Sir, I'll have another Margarita please?" She told the bartender, handing him her hard-earned dollar bills all the while.

That's why he's always spacing out on our dates lately!Now she realized why he had been unaffectionate to her these past months. He didn't cuddle her like he used too, and didn't kiss her as much as he did in the past. When they started dating he never wanted to be away from her, but recently, she felt like he was pushing her away.

The nerve of him to date someone and still kiss and hug me like nothing's going on!She was completely grossed out on the idea that his lips made contact with 'whoever that bitch is' while kissing her. Maybe he had sex with her too?

How could I be so stupid? Cagalli you are so stupid!

"Are you okay?"


Fun Bar.

Athrun knew this was the best place to be all 'emotional'. People that would like to party all night long would be in the bars in the city. But he also wondered why it was called a 'Fun Bar' when all the kinds of people who went there just vented out their frustrations in life. This should be called 'Emo Bar'.He thought to himself.

He went inside and proved to himself that he was right, they all looked like they were at the worst moment of their life.

Nearing the bartender, he saw a girl around his age, sitting in one of the stools. Her back wasn't facing her, but from the way that she was sitting, he could tell that she was also here to sulk.

He took the seat beside her. Taking a quick look at the blonde girl, he was surprised to find that she was a lot prettier now that he was able to see her face. Her amber eyes were so full of emotions, her cheeks were rosy and her lips seemed to be soft. Although she seemed so depressed.

Wait a damn minute, why was he checking out the girl beside him? He was supposed to getting drunk for what Meyrin had done to him today!

He never thought she would cheat on him again! The first time, he caught her kissing another guy in a bar. It seemed that she was too drunk. He really beat the crap out of the guy for violating his girlfriend. It turns out that they were flirting with each other for hours, as the bartender said to him.

When she came to her senses the following day, she immediately asked for forgiveness, telling him that she only kissed that guy in the bar because she was drunk. Even though it really hurt him a lot, he still forgave her because he wanted to believe that she wouldn't do it again, that she loved him.

But she did it again. How could she even have the guts to face him while she was seeing another guy? He thought that men were most likely the one that cheats in a relationship, but he never did. He swore his own life to that.

Maybe that was why she had been so secretive about stuff lately. Whenever he asked her: 'How was your day?' or 'Who was with you?' she could only answer: 'It was okay', 'I don't want to talk about it' or 'It's really not a big deal'. How could he be so stupid for not noticing that? For being so dumb for believing that everything between them was okay.

He ordered his drink and glanced again at the girl beside him. She was crying so hard! He couldn't help but ask. "Are you okay?"


She turned to where the voice came from and met with a dazzling pair of green eyes. She had to admit that he was very good-looking, a model perhaps. If she weren't so sullen and mad with the world, she would have even blushed that a guy like him was talking to her. But all that she could respond to his concerned question was, "That was a very stupid question."

He blinked, realizing that it was a stupid question indeed. She was crying, of course she wasn't okay. "I'm sorry." He couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

She wiped her tears with her fingers before she replied. "I believe that I was as stupid as that question."

So she's heartbroken too huh? He gave her a half-hearted smile. "Me too."

"You?" She couldn't believe him. Was he lying so just he could just sympathize with her? "How can you, a good-looking man be dumped?" She asked him as she drank her Margarita.

"I'll take that as a compliment. But I did the dumping." His drink arrived and he took a sip before talking again. "It was just that, I was the one who was cheated on."

"Lucky you." She fiddled with the lime on her glass. "I was dumped and cheated on."

"I wouldn't call it lucky…." He took a big gulp on his drink. "Would who just broke up with her girlfriend be called lucky?" His hands fumbled the glass.

She didn't reply to what he said and finished her second glass. "Nice talking to you. I'll be going then." It'll be difficult to get a cab if it gets any later so she stood up and left a few dollar bills on the table.

Before he even realized what he did, he already got a hold her shoulder.

"Don't go just yet."

He wanted to talk to someone about this. Not with his friends, for he'll get pissed with their 'comforting words'. He knew that they would talk him into getting laid with another girl or tease him about the fact that he got cheated on. He was in no mood for that. Besides, it was nice to talk to girl for once.

"Why not?" She raised her eyebrows. What could this good-looking guy want from her? Furthermore, she was a girl that was just dumped by her boyfriend of six years. She wanted to go home and cry her heart out.

"Let's talk." He simply answered her.

Talk? She wondered. This guy wanted to talk with her? What a solitary guy. Maybe he didn't have friends to talk to.

She said nothing and sat back down. This brought a smile on his face and ordered two more drinks. "I'll treat you since you're so nice to stay and talk to me."


Hours have passed and more empty glasses were beside them. They talked about their break-ups at first, but they ended up talking about other random things that just came up. Cagalli was surprised that this gorgeous man was cheated on. He was like the son of Venus with his perfect features. She also learned that he was into sports and had a very promising career, according to what she learned from this chat with him. Whoever that girl was, she was insane. She replaced this handsome creation with another man that she presumed couldn't even be at par.

Athrun, on the other hand, thought that she was really interesting. He felt her honesty in every word. She told him that she liked spicy food, doesn't care if her hair is in disarray, and disliked girly things and dresses. But she was wearing one, a light green one to be exact. It was too bad that her ex-boyfriend broke up with her. It was his loss. A girl this beautiful shouldn't be in tears. She doesn't deserve that douchebag she called her 'ex-boyfriend'.

It was silly that they were talking about petty things and were laughing their hearts out. As if the emotional break up with their lovers didn't happen. They were really looked perfectly okay, comfortably laughing with each other as if they have been long time friends.

As much as she wanted to stay and talk with him, it was really getting late. She knew that if it got any later, she would be walking to her house. Worse, get mugged or raped on her way home. "It was nice talking to you…" She smiled at her new friend. "But I really should be getting home now." She grabbed her bag and stood up.

"Wait." He held her arm yet again and she looked impatient as she turned back to him. "Look, it's really getting late. Plus, we've talked about almost everything." True, they have been talking for hours and learned a lot about each other.

"No. It's not that." He chuckled. "I'll drive you to your house. It'll be dangerous taking a cab in this hour."

"And agreeing to a stranger isn't?" She was being sarcastic, but then again when she thought about it, letting this guy take her home would be a lot safer than riding a cab at this time.

"You're tipsy." Athrun said. True enough, she couldn't walk straight. Her feet felt wobbly. Even though she was still sane enough to be aware of the surroundings, will she be strong enough to defend herself? She was never violated before, and she certainly didn't want to be violated. "Someone might take advantage of you."

"Are you sure you want to take me home?" She asked him, unsure if it was okay. "It's pretty far away from here."

"Of course." He gently smiled at her and she felt herself heating up, with just that. "It's the least I can do for a person who listened to my problems."

"Okay then." She agreed. At least she was getting a free ride and more time to spend with him.


As they walked to his car, Cagalli couldn't help but notice how he looked far more attractive in her eyes now than when they were inside the bar. She couldn't help but to have a good look of his body now that he stood up. He even held her by the waist to assist her while she walked. For some reason, she liked that feeling that she was safe when she was with him. She clung on to him to, just in case. Forget Shinn! This guy was way better than him anyway!

She didn't know why, but she started to feel some sort of sexual tension arise within her. Even the simple gesture of opening the car door for her was sexy in her eyes. Oh no, her hormones were doing their work.

He didn't start the car immediately but he turned to take a good look at her, smiling at that. His sexy smile, plus his stare was burning her, but here she was, locking her eyes on him as well.

It was like there was an electric current that passed through their bodies.

After a while, she decided to finally look away. Dangerous. That was too dangerous. He was being too damn attractive. Look away Cagalli, so you don't have to stare at his gorgeous eyes.

"So where do you live?" He asked her, not tearing his eyes away from her.

She tried not to look at him, but it was rude not to. His eyes were just so mesmerizing to look at. She found herself lost in his eyes yet again at before giving her reply. She felt him draw his face closer to her, and she couldn't even believe that she was doing the same. Her mind was shutting down. "I live in-" She was cut off by the contact of Athrun's lips with hers.

Just like that, the two of them were kissing. They were kissing! Closing her eyes, she couldn't be happier that he was the one that initiated it. She didn't know if she could control herself any longer if he hadn't. She was longing to kiss him even when they were still seated inside that boring bar.

Everything else was a haze, including her break up a few hours ago; all she could focus on was this warm and pleasurable sensation he was giving her. She couldn't help but be impressed. This guy was good! No scratch that. This guy was insanely good. An expert! As expected from this attractive guy that was oozing of pheromones!

She was just dumped and now she was now making out with a stranger in a car.

Their kiss deepened before they knew it. His tongue was already clashing with hers. Even though she already had a hard time breathing because they have been kissing for so long, she didn't care. When she let go for a millisecond to catch her breath, he instantly could claim it again with his mouth, and she didn't even complain. Her hands even made way to touch his face so to pull it even closer to hers. She shivered as she felt his exploring her body, caressing her shoulders and rubbing her back.

She was starting to feel weak at his touch, becoming too much submissive.

He finally found the zipper of her dress and was starting to undo it. Finally, rationality struck her when she heard the sound of the zipper as it unzipped.

"Wait..." She gasped for breath. "I can't…" She wasn't even able to finish what she said as he lunged at her mouth again to stop her from hesitating. But really, there wasn't the least bit of hesitation in her system.

Using all her strength, she managed to push him away from her, zipping her dress back up. "Not here." It was hard for her to do that, since it was very addicting. But at the same time, she knew what this would lead to so she was having a fight with herself, whether it was the right or idiotic thing to do to push him away.

"I'm sorry." He apologized to her and held her close to him. "I just couldn't help myself.

She let herself be hugged by the stranger. "It's okay." Why the hell was she enjoying all this?

He didn't want to stop kissing her. But seeing that she was uncomfortable with the situation they were in, he drew away and looked at her straight in the eyes. "My condo unit is nearby."

"Wh-what?" She blushed. She couldn't believe that this guy was inviting her to his place already! This was all happening to fast! But when she looked at his eyes, she saw utter desire. Utter desire for her. He completely misunderstood what she said. When she said 'not here', it was 'Not here. Not anywhere.' "You don't-"

"Since you're uncomfortable here, I figured it would be a bit better if we went to a place more private." He said while trying to claim her lips again.

"Mhmm-" She couldn't help but feel pleasured by the kisses that he was giving her. She was almost at her limit. She pushed him away for the second time, but now she was determined, determined to stick to whatever was on her mind right now. "Drive to your flat. Hurry." She panted as she sat properly and fastened her seatbelt.

Without any warning, he stepped on his accelerator. It would have sent her flying to the back of the car if she didn't put her seatbelt on. But she didn't mind how fast he was going, what mattered was that they should get to his place already.

He pulled over and told her that they arrived at the parking. It was all happening so fast, he was already pulling her out of the car. And when she was out of the car, her back was in contact with the car door as he was hastily kissing her again. "We... mhm.. should go… mhm… inside." She managed to say in between kisses.

She swore she squealed a bit when Athrun carried her like a sack as they went inside the elevator. He put her down when they were finally inside and couldn't help but kiss her yet again. She didn't even try to control herself, and clung to him like a lifeline and returned all his kisses. She was glad that it was late and that nobody, other than them, were inside.

When the elevator finally opened to his floor, he reached for his pocket and skillfully unlocked the door to his unit even while they lips were still locked with each other's. She didn't even have time to observe the interior of his condo because seconds later, she was shoved in his bed. All that she could focus on was this gorgeous man, as he positioned himself on top of her and kissed her sensuously yet again.

As he moved from her lips to her neck, she let out a loud moan. Too. Much. Bliss.

"Wait…" She managed to whisper.

"What is it?" He stopped what he was doing and cupped her face.

"Please remove my dress." It was so embarrassing, but she couldn't help it. The intake of a lot of alcohol a while ago wasn't helping either.

She saw a playful smirk across his face, contented that she gave in. Swiftly removing her light green dress, and her undergarments, she felt bare in front of him. He marveled at the sight that beheld him, but for some reason, it was okay, she didn't mind being too much exposed to him.

His clothing was also removed and tossed to the floor along with her clothes. She was also in awe. His body was built and it suited her preferences. It surprised her when her hands made its way to his naked body, stroking, touching, nuzzling.

She knew that she was going to regret this tomorrow morning. But what the heck? The night was still young. Tomorrow morning was still a few hours away. Or was it that today was tomorrow? She didn't care. She'd regret later. Right now, she wanted him. She wanted him so bad.

There were still a few hours before morning.


She woke up to the bright rays of the sun. Before she could appreciate the brightness that sun gave, an unfamiliar pain that she felt, stopped her. Her head was throbbing so badly. Just how many glasses did I even drink? She massaged her temple to lessen the pain, but to no avail. She reached for a pillow to cover her whole head and to lull herself back to dreamland.

But it was strange; the pillow was in a white pillowcase. Didn't she change her pillowcases into a flowery design three days ago?

That reminded her, how did she even land on her bed?

Wait a minute, how did she get home anyway?

Did that guy manage to drive her home?

Wait, didn't they make out in his car and went to his condo?

Oh darn.

She bolted up the bed and panicked as it dawned her that she wasn't in her room. Of course, she wasn't! How could she even be when she accepted his invitation to go straight to his place to continue what they were doing!

Oh gosh. That guy.

Slowly darting her eyes to the left, her stomach dropped. Beside her was the sleeping form of the man of last night, his blue hair covering a bit of his eyes.

If he was sleeping beside her… that only meant…

She then realized that her clothes were sprawled all over the floor.

"Please remove my dress." She recovered a hazy memory from last night.

Oh no she didn't.

She didn't have sex right?

But then her clothes were on the floor including her underwear.

So she did?

She couldn't. She wouldn't.

But she did anyway.

"BLOODY HELL!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, waking the sleeping guy beside her.

"What, what?" He shot up the bed, looking alert, but with the hint of sleepiness.

The blanket dropped from his upper body, managed to cover the lower part, which she presumed also didn't have any clothing that covered it. "I slept with you?" She asked him in disbelief, covering herself and her shame with the blanket.

"Now that's a stupid question." He laughed while he yawned. "Go back to sleep." He tried to pull her back to bed but she released herself from his grip. She got up and collected her clothes, draping the blanket around her naked form. "I have to go." She was in a hurry to get out of his condo.

"Why are you in a hurry to leave? It's a Sunday." He asked her as if it was normal to have a stranger sleep in his house and him exposing his naked self to her since she pulled the blanket to wrap around her body.

"Are you kidding me? I just broke up with my boyfriend." She said in disbelief as she was putting on her clothes.

"So did I." He yawned for the second time. "But it was my girlfriend that I broke up with." He tried to make a joke but it made things worse.

She blushed as she remembered what happened the night before. "In any case, I should go now!" She zipped up her dress and went out the room.

He was still in a daze to figure out what was happening, he snapped out of his thoughts when the blonde re-entered the room. "Forget this ever happened!" With those last words, she stormed out of his condo.

"Wait!" He called out to her, but he heard the sound of the elevator, he gave up trying to catch up to her. Besides he was naked. Why was she in a hurry to leave anyway? Did she have an important appointment that couldn't wait until later? Or was it just because she found it so wrong to be sleeping with a guy that she just met?

"I don't even know your name…" He chuckled as got the blanket on the floor and he lay back down his bed.


"Taxi!" Cagalli called out to the cab when she finally exited his the building.

"Where to ma'am?" The cab driver asked him when she entered the car.

"To Orb Plains."

She leaned on to the cab and sighed. She did regret it in the morning. That was dangerous. She shouldn't have done it anyway. But a part of her felt so good. But wait? What was she thinking? She didn't even know the name of the guy for Pete's sake! She didn't expect this kind of behavior from herself.

But she couldn't help but wonder if she'll ever meet him again.


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