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Vic saw Helena the moment he walked into the room. She stood out from the black-clad dignitaries in a deep purple dress, with a slit along the side cut tantalizingly high. He watched her for a while, relishing her beauty, her elegance, her grace. She glided across the room holding a slender flute of champagne. Mingling with the other guests, one would never believe that she spent most of her time viciously beating up criminals or grading papers in the crustiest pair of sweats Vic had ever seen. Her long, dark hair was arranged carefully on her head, leaving her long neck bare. The eyes of every man in the room (including his) were pulled almost magnetically to her, taking in the swish of her hips as she sashayed across the room, the teasing glimpses of leg her dress revealed and above all, the fact that a man was now wrapping an arm around those perfect shoulders and planting a wet, sloppy kiss on an angular cheekbone.

Vic was in shock. Across the room a hideous blonde man who had the features of an angel and the build of Superman had his slimy hands all over his girlfriend. In the places that were meant for his hands only. And Helena wasn't even reacting. She hadn't broken his legs or arms, not even a wrist. Instead she was giggling and blushing and rubbing up against him. The slimy toad was whispering into her ear and his hands were travelling lower and lower and lower, reaching for her-

'Helena!' he yelled.

The entire room started and looked disapprovingly at the red-headed man with the camera and voice recorder. Helena ignored him and continued to gaze into the blonde ape's eyes. Vic stormed across the room and planted himself right in front of her, barely suppressing the urge to murder the blonde pig whose hands seemed to be cemented to the curves of Helena's body.

'Helena, what are you doing here?'

What was she doing here, indeed? It had been the question on his mind ever since he'd seen her. Attending black-tie mixer party for Russian and American dignitaries was hardly the way Helena spent her Friday nights. Vic had been in darkest Peru proving his latest conspiracy: that alpacas were the cause of all global warming, due to their abnormally high body temperatures. Spending three weeks living undercover on an alpaca farm with no electricity, gas or even running water had caused the Question to become somewhat out of touch. He'd given up on his theory after discovering that there weren't enough alpacas in the world to significantly alter the global temperatures. An incident involving an angry, spitting alpaca hadn't helped either. Just 4 hours ago he'd teleported to Helena's Gotham apartment hoping to find Helena there. In his day dream, she'd greet him with a kiss and pull him close into her soft yet strong frame. She'd smother his lips with hers and drag him into her bed and pull him inside her. They'd stay up into the wee hours of the morning making up 3 weeks of not being in each other's presence. Instead he'd been greeted by an inch of dust on every flat surface and half of Helena's wardrobe littered across the apartment. Then Vic's boss had called threatening to fire him if he didn't write an article by Monday. 'And it better be damn good, Sage. You don't turn up to work for weeks and you haven't written an article in months. Whadaya think I'm running, a goddamn charity?' The mixer was virtually the only event that didn't already have a journalist covering it. No one wanted to get stuck in a room full of boring old men whose comments were always 'no comment'.

His question echoed through the ballroom and Vic was suddenly aware of roughly a hundred pairs of all glued on him and the scene he was single-handedly creating. Helena was looking at him with a look he'd never had directed at him before. It was a mix of contempt, disdain and pity.

'Valerie?' The blonde buffoon asked, wrapping his arms around her even tighter, 'Is there a problem?' He was shooting daggers at Vic with his eyes.

'No, sweetie,' said Helena, disentangling herself from his arms and taking a step forward. She was standing inches from him. 'There's no problem.' She looked Vic straight in the eye and asked, 'Do I know you?'

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I have no idea if any of the stuff about alpacas is true. I made it all up.