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A Trip To Spain Could Only End In...



"Hey Lovi~"

I exhaled deeply and looked up from my luggage that I had been meaning to unpack for the last four days now.

Damn, everything was so wrinkled and...Gah! Had I really been too hysterical to fucking fold my clothes before I packed them? The truth was, yes, I had been...b-but I didn't want to think about that dammit.

"Lovi~?" I heard Antonio's voice drifting in from down the hall and I glanced towards the door, contemplating whether or not to reply. In the end I figured it was more entertaining to just sit back and watch while I worked on this luggage problem.

Yeah. I'm evil. Mwhaha~

"Lovi your house is too big! There are so many rooms! Who needs this many-" Finally Antonio pushed open the door to my bedroom and immediately stopped yelling and instead put on a bright smile, "Ah! There you are!"

"Here I am..." I mumbled, turning back to the suitcase so the bastard couldn't see the corners of my lips twitching into a hesitant smile.

I suddenly felt his arms wrapping around me from behind and his chin rest on my shoulder. He hummed quietly to himself as he looked over my disaster of a bed.

"That's a mess." he said bluntly though I could tell he was smiling by the way the atmosphere remained light.

"Yeah, and whose fault do you think that is?" I grumbled, tossing the clothes onto the floor which would be thrown in the wash later.

"Um..." Antonio pondered for a moment before shrugging, "I don't know. Whose fault is it?" I turned my head a bit to see him biting the inside if his cheek, looking genuinely puzzled.

"Never mind." I sighed again, "It doesn't matter anyway." I tried to slip out of his grip but Antonio kept his arm hooked tightly around my hips, allowing me little movement. I frowned.

"The hell? Let go bas-"

"Was it me, Lovi?"

I paused, not knowing exactly what to say. It had been four days since I left Spain and things had finally been calming down for the first time in months.

I was back in Rome with Antonio, Feliciano and (sadly) Feli's extremely German boyfriend (blonde hair, blue eyes, muscles, the whole frickin' package), Ludwig.

A fucking potato bastard was what "Luddy" (because that was the vomit-inducing nickname Feliciano constantly called him by) was. Okay sure, he hadn't actually done anything suspicious since getting here or given me a reason to kick his German ass back to Berlin BUT I'm sure it wouldn't be long dammit.

Besides having to deal with my supposed "future brother-in-law" (because Feliciano was always going about how much he loved his precious potato and that they're going to be married someday and I had to constantly remind him that they had only known each other for two months. And of course by "reminding" I mean that I had to literally beat it into his pathetic mind.) things had actually been decent.

For one, though Antonio missed his nationals game to come see me in Rome, his team managed to pull through a tough match and come out with a victory. Ricardo had been top scorer and put on the "Nation All-Star Team" for his efforts. Alonso on the other hand had been kicked off the team the day before the match for being caught with illegal drugs in the glove box of his car and was currently facing 90 days jail time.

Apparently Francisco had been the one to tell Antonio that I was leaving to Rome, having heard me when I had let it slip earlier that same day. I still didn't like Francisco. I don't think I could ever like Francisco after what had happened but I had to admit, if it hadn't been for him I might have never gotten back together with Antonio. For that I'm just a bit grateful. But just a little dammit!

I had been keeping in contact with Elise every day since returning to Rome and found out that she had gotten herself a boyfriend back in Belgium. I could just tell by the way she talked about him in the phone that she really loved him. I'm not a fucking girl so I didn't squeal or some shit like that but I was happy...really happy for her. Elise had helped me out in so many ways, not only with Antonio but with other things as well. She had been my first real friend and...she just deserved to be happy dammit!

And Isabella. I hadn't heard anything about her until Francisco had actually called to tell me she was in the hospital. The story goes that she had been hiking during a date with one of her boyfriends when she had walked a bit too close to the edge of a shallow cliff and fallen. Though she lived through the incident, she fractured her right leg, both arms, four ribs, and her collar bone.

...So she had actually fallen off a cliff in the end.

It's not that I was happy that she had been so critically injured, just surprised.


Pffffffft who the hell was I kidding?

What can I say?

Karma's a bitch.

But anyway.

After things had finally begun to go right again, the last thing I wanted was to bring back the past. Damn Antonio. Why did he even have to ask that?

I shook my head, "N-No." Damn my stuttering. I should really get some help for that.

"Lovi..." I groaned inwardly. The bastard was using "that" tone again. It was the kind if tone that pretty much meant "Dammit Lovino I know you're not being honest so just suck up your pride and say it outright already".

Or at least that's how I interpreted it.

I eventually nodded slowly and almost immediately felt Antonio bury his head in the crook of my neck, taking a deep breath.

"I'm sorry..." he mumbled, his arms only pulling tighter around my waist, pulling me into him. I groaned and made another half-assed attempt to remove myself from his grip.

"Dammit Antonio! Do you think I really care anymore?" Antonio lifted his head, angling his head to look at my reddening face.

"But you just-"

"Well I don't okay?" I huffed, crossing my arms and determinately looking anywhere but the bastard's face, "I love you dammit! Didn't I make that clear?" I leaned forward enough so I could proceed to roughly throw the dirty clothes onto the floor, "I wouldn't have let you into my house if I didn't like you, idiot! Christ, you can be so thick sometimes!"

Suddenly I was spun around and a pair of lips descended on my own. Caught off guard, it took me a moment to respond before I kissed him back, arms sliding around his neck. (And I did not look like a girl! It was just an illusion dammit!)

Antonio grinned against my lips and pulling back, pressing our foreheads together, "Ah, I love it when you say 'I love you'!" I blushed redder and huffed, averting my eyes from the embarrassing bastard, "It's just so cute~ I wish I could kiss you all day long! Wouldn't that be amazing~?"

I wonder if I blushed hard enough if it could leave a burn on Antonio's forehead?

"D-Dammit Antonio! That's fucking embarrassing!"

"But true, Lovi! All true!" As he leaned in to kiss me again I managed to slap a hand over his lips and push back his assault. It's not that I didn't want to kiss him but I felt like I wouldn't want to stop if I did and I didn't particularly feel like doing it in my room mid-morning with the rest of my family around.

Hell no.

Maybe later.


Did I really just think that?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck...

"D-Didn't you come up here for a reason, bastard?" Antonio looked puzzled for a moment before his eyes brightened with realization.

"Oh yeah that's why I came up! It wasn't just to kiss your cute face~" I was about to kick him in the shins but luckily (for him, that is) he continued, "Your brother, Feli, wanted us all get together on the porch so we could all get to know each other!"

"Like hell!" I spat, turning irritable once more, "I didn't like that fucking potato bastard from the first time I saw him!"

"Aw come on, Lovi~" Antonio whined, putting on his own pout face, "I really want to get to know your brother! He's so cute~"

I was about to speak up but Antonio abruptly leaned down and planted another quick kiss on my lips, efficiently stopping me.

"And I'm sure that Ludwig isn't as bad as you think he is. Also-" I made the mistake of opening my mouth again to interject and Antonio kissed me again, this time longer and deeper than before and had me breathless by the end of it.

"I could do this all day, Lovi~" Antonio breathed, flashing all his white teeth.

"F-Fine dammit. I'll go with you to talk to Feli and that potato bastard but don't think I'll like it for a second!" Looking satisfied with my answer, Antonio's lips met the crown of my ear and he whispered,

"I'll make it up to you later if you'd like~"

"S-Shit..." I breathed, feeling suddenly light-headed, "Just let go so we can leave. Feli will come looking for us after a while dammit."

"Oh okay, Lovi~" Antonio's arms finally left my waist and I swiftly turned towards the door, not even waiting for the other to catch up before I was descending the grand staircase and walking to the back foyer and onto the spacious porch. I could hear Antonio stumbling behind me but I didn't particularly give a shit.

"Oh, there you are fratello!" Feliciano looked over the back of his chair as I exited onto the porch and approached him, "Toni did get you!" I mumbled something in reply and looked over Feliciano's head to glare daggers at the blonde bastard sitting beside my brother. Ludwig looked a bit alarmed at my expression and glanced over his shoulder for good measure.

No I'm looking at you, you potato sucking-

"Come on, Lovi! Sit down~" Somehow appearing out of fucking nowhere, Antonio pressed his hand to the small of my back and pushed me towards the two other empty chairs. I jumped and instinctively slapped his hand away and huffed, frowning.

It wasn't long after Antonio himself had sat down that Feliciano started asking rapid fire questions at said Spaniard. Damn I thought this was going to be a get together not a fucking interrogation.

I glanced over at Ludwig who looked content watching my brother shoot off his mouth, icy blue eyes glancing from Feliciano to his drink and back.

I hope Feli didn't expect me to ask the potato bastard questions like he was to Antonio. If he really expected me to exchange a fucking sentence with the German creep then-

"And what about you, Fratello?" I blinked a couple times and turned my head back to the conversation to find all three heads turned towards me, "Are you going back to Spain soon?"

I paused and looked to Antonio. He had already told me he was leaving for Spain next week. He still had school to finish and he had to meet the team and properly celebrate with all of them, "I don't know..." I replied stubbornly.

Antonio smiled, "Hopefully soon, right Lovi?"


They say home is where the heart is.

Well, my heart happens to be with this smiley bastard in front of me.

So really, flying to see Antonio won't be a trip to Spain but more like returning home.


In fact, I was already planning my trip to Spain.


My trip home.

Until next time,

-Rae (ForeverTwin611)