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She finds it hard to act naturally around him now that she knows what she knows, now that she knows what he becomes.

She wonders how this transformation takes place and she tries to get Simon to open up about it, but he won't tell her anything. He's so fucking mysterious; it annoys her like hell and as much as she enjoys being with him, she wonders if she will ever grow to trust him.

He wants her to let everything take its course, but she doesn't know her part in it. How much should she talk to him? Does she do anything to bring him out of his carefully-crafted shell? It's all really fucking with her head.

Sometimes she has to catch herself before she touches him, not only because of her power, but because Alisha wouldn't touch Simon. And it's not only because she forgets that he isn't the man that she sleeps with almost every night, it's increasingly becoming because she's starting to see who he really is behind all that awkwardness and insecurity. He's sweet and he cares about all of them, and she realizes that despite what he had said that she was a bitch for not noticing before.

The Simon from the future assures her that no matter what she wouldn't have paid him any notice. He'd done a good job of blending in and hiding amongst the shadows before. She finds it funny that now that he is no longer invisible he hides himself behind a mask. It seems that no matter what incarnation he is, he will always be a mystery.

One day she says fuck the consequences. She pulls him close and unbuttons the top button on his shirt and ruffles his hair a bit. The whole time his piercing eyes are locked on hers; he's shocked, but he also doesn't pull away. When she's done, she backs up a bit and offers him a smile.

"You'll turn the heads of some girls now," she quips, and he gives his signature tiny smile back, the one that sends her heart aflutter.

And when she lies with the Simon from the future that night, she ruffles his hair in just the same way, and he smiles wide because he knows that today was the day. The day that everything changed.

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