Title: Falling Rain-REWRITING

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Pairings: Neville/Luna, Jacob/Luna, Leah/Draco, Seth/Ginny, Paul/Neville, Edward/Bella, (rest of the Cullens the same as in the books), Harry/Sam

Beta: DGM otaku

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Evan Riley pushed open his silver SUV. He looked around the school parking lot with a sigh. He really didn't want to be here. But Luna told him every teen should be in school, even if that said teen is Harry Potter and liable to get into more trouble than he's worth. Harry shook his head and told her there was no way in hell that he would go back to school, especially after going through it once already. But it couldn't be helped. Thanks to Voldemort, Harry would ever look a teenager. Luna had chosen the name Evan James Riley, and set everything up in America so Harry could hide away from the wizarding world. She'd been looking out for him since Lupin's death.

Evan grabbed his tan book bag and pocketed his keys. He shut the door with a sigh and leaned against it while shouldering his bag. God, he so did not want to go into that building. His eyes swept over the nearly filled parking lot and back to the building once again. It was a lot smaller than Hogwarts but that was to be expected. He looked up at the cloud covered sky and smiled slightly. He hoped it would rain.

Pushing away from the SUV, he began the walk to the front double doors all the while praying for something to hit him so he wouldn't have to enter. He laughed softly to himself, Here I am worried about a muggle school when I've fought and won more pressing things than stupid muggles. Evan thought sadly.

He stepped inside dodging students as he walked to the door with a white sign with bright red letters which spelled: "Front Office". He was almost there when he heard a girl cry out and he stepped on something, causing him to loss his footing. The world tilted, and Evan winced as his head hit the hard floor. He blinked trying to clear his vision.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" a voice cried. Evan looked up to find a girl with pale skin, brown hair, and equally brown eyes looking down at him. "Are you alright?" she asked with caution.

"I'm fine." He winced again as he sat up. The girl clutched his shoulder, helping him up.

"You must be new," she said softly with a slight blush. "I'm sure I've never seen you before." She turned away from him to pick up a water bottle and some books that were kicked all over the hall.

"Yeah, I am." He looked at the girl then to the office; that's when he noticed what she was doing. "Are you being picked on?" Evan asked looking at the books and caused her to laugh.

"No," she said, "I'm just really clumsy."

Evan pushed himself up and helped collect the rest of the books before helping her to her feet. She smiled through her eyelashes only to blush and say, "I have a boyfriend." Evan raised an eyebrow. Her blush deepened and she pulled her hand away. "I have a boyfriend," she repeated again.

Evan laughed. "Good for you; mine dumped me when I had to move out here," he said.

Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him, "You're gay!" she blurted out loudly. He laughed and turned his back on her, walking away and heading towards his destination. He entered the office, never taking notice of the teen that appeared at the girl's side like out of thin air. Though he felt the change in the air pressure, Evan just figured someone opened the double doors.