(aka inside the heads of the wolf pack).


Note: Hello it's been a long while. Too long some of you might be thinking and I kind of agree with you all and I am hoping to get back to writing this story and other stories after I move once again in June. My life has been crazy lately with my parents splitting up and my father getting married a year after the divorce was finalized. Then just this year my little sister married her boyfriend of two year, so yeah crazy times for me on top of college. Anyways I want to think you all for waiting and reviewing and just plain loving this story even though I told you all at the beginning this story would be awful and have really no point at all and was a big test to see if I could even write a crossover.


Jacob: She has beautiful blond hair and those blue eyes look so dreamy…(stares)

Seth: I'm going on a date! (Jumps up and down in excitement and accidently turns into a wolf. Then begins to chase his tail while Leah glares at him for acting like a puppy.)

Paul: (Thinks to himself) what's the best way to corner someone who's afraid of you? Hmmm…I wonder …(stares at Neville). This worked for the vampire so maybe it will work for me…(Continues to stare.)

Leah: I can't believe I imprinted on someone…it's the end of the world! The sky is falling! Hell is freezing over! Damn is he cute.

Sam: I am not gay. I am not gay. I like his eyes. I think green is now my new favorite color. Damn it I'm not gay!

Harry: Why is Jacob and Paul copying the emo vampire?

Luna: He likes me. (Shrugs)

Harry: O-okay than…

Ginny: Luna! Help! (Drags Luna away.)

Harry: (Blinks) right. That's totally normal.

Neville: Harry, you have to help me. He's creeping me out. (points to Paul and hides behind Harry).

Harry: Final the right response to being stared at! (Throws hands into air.)

Paul: (glares at Harry for hiding Nev.)

Leah: Soo when will the blond be back.

Harry: Not sure probable when Ginny's ready for her date.

Leah: Not the girl blond. The boy blond. (Annoyed).

Harry: (blinks) Do you mean Draco? (Shrugs) hopefully never.

Leah: Growls and storms away to pout or cry or something.

Sam: Be normal. Be normal. Be normal. (Smiles weakly at Harry.) Hello again.

Harry: (Smirks) Hi sexy nice abs.

Sam: (looks down to realize he is not wearing a shirt. Then looks at the other pack members to realize none of them are wearing shirts.) Crap. Why are you all half nude! (All wolf pack stares at him in a duh way). Um…bye. (Runs away.)

Harry: (Shrugs and grabs Nev and walks away as well.) How about lunch?