Lily Evans quietly sneaked down the stairs from the first year girls' dormitory. She normally wasn't one to break the rules by sneaking out after hours but this was a special occasion. It was January 9th, and had been for the last hour.
"You know, you really shouldn't be out wandering abut, you're going to get in trouble." The fat lady exclaimed when Lily exited Gryffindor tower.
Lily spun around, "Shh!" she shushed. The fat lady shrugged indignantly, but quickly nodded back off to sleep.
The redhead kept walking, she was still in her pajamas, she had already planned out an excuse if she was caught. She would say she had been sleepwalking. Maybe she could avoid getting in trouble then.
She ran down a hall and stepped through the door out onto the grand staircase. She quietly ran down the steps. Lost in her own thoughts. There was only one person in the world she would sneak out for. Only one person she would risk getting detentions for. And that person, was hiding behind a tapestry as she walked past, having reached the ground floor.
Lily spun around. "Who-Who's there? Peeves if that's you- you better not pull anything."
An arm shot out and covered her mouth. "Lils, shh. It's just me." Severus Snape stepped out from behind the tapestry and into the dim light of the nearby torches.
She pushed his hand away. "Sev, I've told you not to startle me!" she whispered angrily.
He smiled at her, "But you'll forgive me today right? Because it's my birthday?"
She glared at him for an instant then the anger melted off her face; and she suddenly remembered the small package in her left hand. "Happy birthday, Sev!" she said, hugging him quickly. She had never really hugged him before and wasn't sure if he would mind. He didn't really seem like the touchy feely type, and so it surprised her when he hugged back. She pulled away after a moment and held out the package to him.
"Here's your present."
Severus looked at the package. Lily had given him presents before, just small things, a handmade card, or homebaked cookies, but nothing wrapped. He had never really gotten many presents that were all wrapped and looked, well, present-y.
Lily swayed back and forth from her heels to her toes. "Are you gonna open it?"
He looked up, "Oh, right." He nodded back toward the tapestry, "Let's go back in here in case somebody comes."
Lily nodded and followed him. When they had sat down behind the tapestry, Lily pulled out her wand and muttered "Lumos."
By the light of Lily's wand, Severus began to peel back the dark green wrapping paper. Underneath the wrapping was a dragonskin-bound book.
"What is it?" he asked, picking it up.
Lily blushed lightly, "Well, it's um, it's a journal, for potions. So you can write down your own potions." she grabbed it from him and flipped to the back of it. There was writing on the last few pages. "And the back has the properties for a lot of potion's ingredients. I thought you could use it."
Severus was quiet. Lily's face turned a deeper red, "If you don't like it, I can return it and um, I can get you something else."
"No!" he yelled, then covered his own mouth. "I mean, no. I like it. I really do. It's- It's perfect. Thanks Lils."
Lily smiled as he took back the book and flipped through it. "Now, I expect that whole book to be be filled by the time we finish our seventh year." she informed him.
He smiled. "Okay, Lily. I promise it'll be filled by the time we finish our seventh year."
"Pinky promise?" she asked, holding out her pinky.
Severus's mouth curved up in a small smile. "Okay. Pinky promise." he replied, wrapping his pinky around hers.
Lily Evans smiled. "Happy twelfth birthday, Sev."