I noticed that I wrote Paul biting Bella twice. Please ignore him biting Bella in the second chapter.

Previously: We made it to the bonfire with 3 minutes to spare. Time to face the music.

(Paul POV)

I was tense.

Should I tell her about the imprint or not?

I was brought out of my thoughts when

Jake picked my Bella up and swung her in circles.

I couldn't growl at him,

not after I heard Bella's happy laughs.

It was at that moment I began to fear.

What if she chose Jake instead of me?

The imprinted could choose to ignore the imprint.

The thought made my heart ache.

I guess I'll just have to find out.

"Everyone settle down. It's time to tell the legends"

Bella grabbed my hand and pulled my so I sat to her right,

Jake on her left.

The pack all looked at us, puzzled.

I chuckled.

I would be to.

Bella listened to the legends,

squeezing my hand when Billy mentioned 'The Cold One's'

oh yeah she used to be with a bloodsucker.

I tightened my grip on her hand and

she unconsciously leaned against me.

Jake frowned and

Sam was watching us with a calculating expression on his face.

'we need to talk'

he mouthed to me.

I nodded to show him I understood.

"I need to talk to Sam"

I murmured to her.

She kissed my lips quickly then let go of my hand so I could get up.

I followed Sam further down the beach until he abruptly stopped.

"What's up with you and Isabella Paul?"

like he didn't know.

"I imprinted on her"

if he was trying to intimidate me he might as well give up now.

"And why wasn't I informed of this?" Sam demanded.

"I can show you better than I can tell you"

I told him before walking into the forest so we could phase without being seen.

I showed him the last two days,

ignoring his growl when Dickward tried to attack Bella.

So you see I haven't had time to tell you I thought to him

Very well, go back to the bonfire. You have to tell her. Tonight.

Sam phased back and dressed

"I mean it Paul"

he gave me a stern look,

turned and walked back to the bonfire.

I did the same after a few minutes of trying to calm myself.

I took my place next to Bella who immediately grabbed my hand

"Did your talk with Sam go okay?"

she asked me.

How did I deserve an imprint like Bella?

So sweet and caring… until the door is closed then she is feisty and dominant.

So different yet the same.

Sam brought me out of my thoughts

"Everyone there seems to be a new imprint in the pack"

I squeezed Bella's hand as everyone looked at us.

I ignored them and turned to Bella.

"I imprinted on you Bella"

not the most romantic way to tell her but it'll have to do.

"You imprinted on me?" she said is slowly as if she couldn't understand.

(Bella POV)

"You imprinted on me?"

I said slowly, I couldn't believe it.

Paul imprinted on me. Then I remembered something,


I was walking down the each with Jake,

he was explaining imprinting.

"So it's like love at first site?"

I asked with a shake of the head.

Love at first site in a load of bullshit.

"No, it's stronger" Jake replied

"Imprinting is where you find your soul mate.

You look at them and you know,

nothing else matters but her or him in Leah's case. The wolf will do anything or be

anything to make his/her imprint happy

even if it means staying away from them.

The imprinted decided whether her/his wolf

is a friend a lover or a brother/sister"

I sat there in silence.

*end flashback*

At first I was shocked.

Then I was pissed

"Why didn't you tell me before?"

I asked him angrily.

I can't believe he would keep this from me

He knew what I meant by 'before'

"I didn't until after"

He swore.

I looked into his eyes,

He was telling the truth.

"Which time?"

We've had sex twice.


He admitted

Then I noticed something.

Jake hadn't spoken.

At all.

I glanced at him

And wished I hadn't.

His expression was heartbreaking.

I saw he had tears in his eyes.


I began but he shook his head.

I tried to put my arms around him but he shook me off.

Then, all tears were gone and he glared at Paul

"Why Paul?"

Jake's voice was flat, emotionless.

"Jake you know I can't control it"

Paul tried reasoning with him.

Jake snarled, it was a very animalistic sound.

Then he lunged for Paul.

They both fell off the log and Jake punched Paul in the face.

When I started to run to them Embry caught me

"Let me go!"

I yelled the words but he just held me tighter

"Let them fight I it out. Jake is hurting right now"

Those words made me freeze.

I knew Jake would be hurting

But to have them said to me was a different thing.

Embry thinking I had given up let me loose slightly.

I took a chance and using all my strength,

Ripped myself away from him.

With speed I didn't know I had I ran to Paul.

I don't know what happened but at the last instant Jake's paw came down on my left arm.

My vision blurred, I felt… light.

A howl rippled through the air.

Then I blacked out.

(Paul POV)

Oh no.

I phased into human form and ran for Bella.

I dropped to my knees at her side.

"Bella. Bella. Bella" I chanted as I held her to my chest.

Tears rolled down my face as I heard her whimper.

Someone tried to move me and I growled at them.

Moving back with Bella I looked at said person.


"Paul we have to get her to the hospital"

My wolf was howling to not let anyone near his mate but my human side was screaming to let him help.

In the end my human won but I would not hand her to Sam.

"Tell me where to take her"

Sam sighed, seeing I wasn't going to let her go

"My house. Emily can tend to her" I nodded and started to run.

I pushed myself and ran faster than I ever have as a human.

I kicked open Emily's door

"Oh my" she placed a hand to her chest.

I laid Bella on the couch.

"Fix her" I pleased and my voice broke.

Tears still ran down my face as I thought of never seeing my Bella again.

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