The next morning when Dean woke up he walked past Sophia's room and saw Sam getting her dressed for the day. He smiled to himself as he watched Sam with his daughter. He never thought he would see the day where Sam was a father but then again he never thought Sam would be a single father. He tried to protect him from getting hurt all his life but Dean was never prepared for Sam to go through something like the loss of his wife.

Dean headed down the stairs and into the kitchen where Vanessa had breakfast started. He saw her standing in front of the stove in a pair of short pajama shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top humming away.

He bit his bottom lip as he watched her for a second but then he couldn't hold back any longer. He slowly made his way over to her and just as he was about to wrap his arms around her she turned and pointed a wooded spoon at him, "Touch me and I will knock the shit out of you." She warned him.

"Wow someone woke up with PMS this morning." Dean said and walked over to grab a cup of coffee. "What are you doing up this early anyways? It's just after six."

"Well I for one I am here to help so that's what I am doing. I am making breakfast so Sam doesn't have to worry about it."

"Aw how sweet of you." Dean joked, "Trying to suck up a little or just make me look bad?" he asked.

"It doesn't take much to make you look bad." She smiled, "But speaking of sweet, I saw you with Sophia last night. Who knew you actually had a caring side."

"What are you talking about? I couldn't sleep with her screaming so I had to do something." He said trying to keep his sweetness under wraps.

"Whatever you say." Vanessa smiled. "Are the girls up yet?"

"Sophia is but I'm not sure about Marissa." Dean said and sat down at the table.

"Ok so we have a few minutes to talk." Vanessa said and sat next to Dean.

Dean gave her a sexy smirk and leaned in closer, "I knew you wanted me alone but I always thought we would do a little more than talk." He winked.

"Ew no. You would think that. But I want to talk to you about Sam."

"What is it?" Dean asked.

"I was thinking about sending him off alone for a week. Ever since Jessica died he had been taking care of those girls and he hasn't had a chance to mourn yet. That's not healthy. He needs some alone time."

"Ok so? What do you want me to do about it?"

"Me and you are going to take care of the girls and send him off on a vacation."

"We are? Are you crazy?" Dean asked. "What do I know about taking care of kids?"

"Well I guess it's time for you to learn. Do this for your brother."

"Fine but who is going to pay for this tip?"

"I thought we would split it but since I don't have a job yet I say you pay for it now. I know you still have a few fake credit cards so give me one." Vanessa said and held out her hand.

"Hell no! I don't trust you." Dean said.

"Oh come on. We live under the same roof now so if I don't pay you my half then you know where to find me. Now stop being a tight ass and give it to me." She said.

"Well if you say so." Dean said and leaned over to her and she stopped him.

"The card smartass." She said.

"Fine but don't you think we should run this by Sam first."

"Ask me what?" Sam asked as he walked into the kitchen with Sophia in one arm and holding Marissa's hand.

Vanessa smiled and took Sophia from him, "Hello angel." She said. "Are you hungry?"

"I am I am." Marissa said.

"That is because you take after you uncle." Vanessa winked at her and took her by the hand, "I made you some special pancakes just for you."

"Really? With chocolate chips?" Marissa asked.

"I sure did. Come on and I will get you a plate."

"So how did you guys sleep last night?"

"Awesome." Dean smirked as she took a sip of coffee.

"What were you two talking about or do I even want to know?" Sam asked as he took a seat next to Marissa.

"Well me and Dean were talking and we think you need so alone time to get your toughs and feeling in order so we want to send you away for the week." Vanessa said and sat a plate in front of Marissa.

"Guys I don't know about this. I mean I have never left the girls alone before." Sam said.

"They won't be alone. We will be here." Dean said.

"I think he knows that Dean." Vanessa rolled her eyes and looked back at Sam, "you need some personal time and me and Dean will take very good care of the girls. You know that."

"I know but still…"

"I am not taking no for an answer. You need time and we are here to give you that. You are going to have to trust us a little bit if we are all going to make it under one roof. We're family and if you can't trust family then who can your trust."

"Yoda has a point Sammy." Dean said.

"Bite me." Vanessa said.

"I would love too." Dean winked.

"Uh uh. Daddy said no bite." Marissa said.

"And your daddy is a very smart man." Vanessa said. "So what do you say Sam?"

Sam sighed and looked at his little girls. He knew Vanessa had a point. If he was going to be a good father then he was going to have to get away and get his feelings in order. He had to be strong for them but not mourning his wife was killing him. "Well…when do I leave?" he asked.

"As soon as I can book you a flight. I know the perfect place for you to relax. I think you will like it. It was also Jessica's favorite place when we were kids."

"Sounds perfect."

"Ok so I will go take care of everything. You just spend a little more time with the girls and Cujo over there and I will get you packed." She said and walked over to Dean, "Give it to me." She said and once again he smiled at her, "The card."

"You are so ill this morning." Dean said and pulled out his card and handed it to her and looked away.

"Do you think I am that stupid?" she asked. "This is a blockbuster card."

"My bad." Dean said and handed her the right card, "It has a limit."

"Yeah Yeah." She said and walked out of the room.

Dean's eyes were glued to her ass and he let out a low grunt.

When she was out of sight he turned to see Sam staring at him, "What?"

"You know what and I am supposed to leave my girls alone with you two." Sam said.

"Hey there is no harm in looking. Dude give me some credit. I would never."

"Yeah right." Sam said and went back to feeding Sophia.

Dean knew he would hit that again in a heartbeat but there was no reason for Sam to ever know that.


Once Vanessa got off the phone and Sam's reservations were mad she got up and grabbed the suitcase from the closet. When she looked at the tag a tear came to her eye.

Property of Sam and Jessica Winchester

"I think you are the one that got that for us for our second anniversary." Sam said as he walked into the room.

"I remember. I said you needed something besides an old Marine duffle." Vanessa smiled. "It was time to get rid of that thing."

"I think you and Jess both agreed on that one." Sam smiled and watched as Vanessa unzipped the back and placed it on the bed, "Can I ask you something?"


"How do you do it? Stay so calm. You and Jessica were so close. I mean how did you get through it?"

"I am still trying to get through it to be honest with you. I loved her so much. The day she…the day I found out she died I wanted to die with her. I locked myself in my apartment for three days and just cried until I couldn't cry no more. I swear I even saw her a few times. After that third say I knew she would want me to get out and be strong for her family. Not long after that is when you called me. I knew this is what she would want me to do. She knew that you would need help. Not with just the girls because you are a great father but I think she wanted me to help you some other way and that's what I am going to do."

Sam sat down on the bed slowly and wiped a tear from his eye, "I don't think I can do this without her. I loved her so much and every night I go to bed and roll over and she's not there. Sometimes I think she is just up feeding Sophia but I know she's not and it kills me."

Vanessa walked over to him and sat next to him, taking his hand, "She loved you very much. You do know that right?"

"I know."

"This trip will be good for you. Maybe you will somehow be able to connect with her one more time but just because she is dead doesn't mean she is not here. I see her every time I look at those beautiful little girls. You are a lucky man to still have them."

"I know and I want to be the best father I can. They deserve me to be the best."

"And you will be. I want you to go and not worry about a thing. Me and Dean will take care of everything so don't worry. I mean how hard can taking care of two kids be?"

Just as she said that, Dean walked into the room with Marissa hanging on his leg and Sophia in his arms, "Can someone help me please? They won't leave me alone." He said. "And Marissa ate my pancake. It's not fair."

Vanessa shook her head and looked at Sam, "Ok maybe three kids." She laughed.


"Are you guys really sure about this?" asked Sam looking between his brother and sister in law. "I mean I know these two can be a handful, trust me. And Dean I-"

"Everything is going to be fine," said Dean as he patted his little brother's arm, "Trust your big brother for once alright?"

Sam looked at Dean unsure then turned to Vanessa, "Make sure he doesn't burn the house down."


Vanessa laughed and turned to the girls, "Marissa, Sophia! Come say good bye to daddy."

Marissa was the first to walk up to Sam as Vanessa grabbed Sophia.

"You will come back right daddy," said Marissa in a sad face, "Not like mommy right?"

"Of course I'm coming back. I'll never leave you."

"That's what mommy said."

Sam looked at Vanessa and Dean for help. Dean walked up to the two, "Hey munchkin, when your father says he'll be back. He's gonna be back. He's great at keeping promises and being there for the people he loves."

That put a small smile on her face as she looked back at her father, "I love you daddy."

"I love you too."

Marissa jumped out of Sam's arms and back over to the couch. Vanessa walked up to Sam giving him Sophia, "And you…don't grow too much now while I'm gone."

Sophia smiled at him and Sam gave her a kiss on the cheek before giving her back to Vanessa.

"Alright…I guess I'm leaving now." Sam just stood there looking at the two and Dean smirked wrapping his arm around Vanessa and pulling her close to him.

"Don't sweat it Daddy-o. Me and Vanessa will be playing mommy and daddy while you're gone and the kids will be a blast. So we'll keep your bed nice and warm for ya."

"Oh God," said Sam rolling his eyes.

"That won't happen Sam…trust me." Vanessa pulled out of Dean's arms with a glare. "Have a fun and safe trip."

"Be careful!" yelled Dean as Sam closed the door.

Things were quiet until Sophia continued to look at the door waiting for her father to walk back in and she started to whimper and tears fell down her cheeks and then all Hell broke loose. She began to cry and Dean and Vanessa looked at each other.

"I'm gonna go have beer," said Dean with a smirk and as Dean turned and Vanessa was about to protest they stopped seeing Marissa. Their eyes wide at the wonderful artwork on the white walls.

Vanessa and Dean looked at each other and said, "This is going to be a long weekend."