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Pairing: OT6 (Fuji/Atobe/Tezuka/Sanada/Yukimura/Echizen)

Side pairings: Unknown

Song of reference: Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment

Chapter One: Please, Buy (Save) Me!

The darkness surrounded the small, terrifyingly thin and trembling body. His wounds hidden under the articles of clothing that barely hid the pale, bruised skin and made the pain sting more ferociously. He was cured up in a ball, hands over the sensitive ears; a weak try to block out the noise of the people taking part of this cruelty.

He whimpered and few tears ran down his face. He uncurled his body and crawled closer to the bars that were imprisoning him in this cage, decorated with glitter, feather and animal fur, and wrapped his fingers around those ice cold metal bars, dragging himself up a little bit.

Whining from the numbing loudness he forced himself to listen, trying to hear voices under the booming music and yells of other, tortured beings just like himself. His eyes were closed shut, ears straining to hear. His hold on the bars got stronger; his body didn't stop trembling from the cold. The short puffs of breath, that colored white when mixed with the cold air, glided past the metal and out the cage he was locked in, arms and legs chained to the four corners of it.

And then the curtains started to move, sliding up and disappearing into the darkness up at the high ceiling, light slowly crawled in the room, the cheering and the pleased laughs, as yet another was being tortured for the sake of their entertainment on the stage, became head splitting. Someone came in and after giving all the caged things a long, full of disgust, look started to push and pull the cages.

"And now, ladies and gentleman, the main event of the night! Just for your entertainment, something that does not happen in any other part of the town, something that will surely please all! Let the auction start!"

Keigo walked through the maze of tunnels, his face twisted in a mix of disgust and hatred, as he followed his father. Their steps were soon overpowered by the music and voices of the highest part of the society. He once again twisted his face as he saw all the money and power-hungry people acting like a bunch of perverts.

The ladies wore dresses that barely covered their fake, filled with implants, breasts and revealed far too much skin for the teen's liking, looking like cheap sluts that will spread their legs for money, and as for the gentleman… They were just as disgusting, walking around with two surgically beautified monsters under each arm and, if they were sitting somewhere, then also between their legs, the tuxedos long since lost the elegance they once possessed.

"Let's go Keigo. We should find the best places, closer to the stage." His father was already walking away from the entrance and into the crowd.

The teen silently followed, secretly glad that they had to wear masks for this disgusting parade. Some of the women tried to hit on him, hoping to get him onto their bed and have some fun. He just rejected them all, too busy with trying to keep up with his father. Just as they finally found the seats that his father deemed as god enough and sat down, the lights got brighter and someone got out on the stage.

The black cylinder was a bit crooked to one side and the long blond locks of hair fell over his face, the face that was covered by a mask just like the guests. He was wearing a red ringleader's suit together with the high-heel boots and a whip that was hanging from his hip.

"And now," His voice boomed through the crowd," ladies and gentleman, the main event of the night!" His hand moved to where the big, red, velvet curtains were slowly sliding up,"Just for your entertainment, something that does not happen in any other part of the town, something that will surely please all!" a man came out, pulling a cage with him, "Let the auction start!"

One after another half humans, half animals were shown to them, all caged and in shackles, pale and obviously not eaten for a long, long while, Keigo could see dried and fresh blood, badly hidden on the tortured bodies, as they were shown to them while the ringleader shouted out the price for each of them.

He regretted listening to his father and coming here, only to see the ignoble high class people and the ignorance of value to a life, so proudly shown on that blood dirtied stage. But then, when the last cage was pushed out of the dark room, all decorated with feathers and animal fur and glitter and what-not, he scooted closer to the stage, eyes frozen on the pitiful beast.

A boy, not older than fourteen or fifteen, with jet black hair that shone with green undertones and dull golden eyes, dressed in a weak attempt to hide the badly treated body was sitting in the cage. The cat ears that were pulled close to his head, his body trembling from pain and tail wrapped around his body that was cured up in a ball. His hands were hanging from the chains, wrapped around the top bars of the cage, so that he couldn't cover his face. The tears were sliding down the bruised cheeks and the hands trembled, as the blood circulation was cut off.

He stood up from his seat, the chair falling backwards and tumbling on the ground. His father and the few people around him that weren't in highs of ecstasy from all the drugs and sex either jumped back from surprise or just gave him a weird look, even though their eyes were hidden behind the richly decorated black and white masks.

Even the beast that seemed close to death already, managed to focus his eyes on Keigo. It was as if he was pleading the human to just kill him already, stop the humiliation and pain. But Keigo couldn't even force himself to think about killing something so beautiful, yet pitiful at the same time.

He jumped on the stage and with quick steps got closer to the pleading beast, not caring about his father or all the people that were looking at his back, either glaring or marveling his potential as a future sex partner. The beast enchanted him; he wanted to see this creature when he looks at him with clear eyes, touches with chain free hands and uses his voice to call out his name.

Keigo wanted the beast.

"I'll buy him." He crouched down, so that they both were on the same eye level, "How much?"

The chains clinked as the cat creature tried to move, even if it seemed impossible at his condition. Once the space between their faces was so small that Keigo felt the boy's hot breath on his lips the other whispered something out. Something not in human tongue.

The ringleader blinked a few times and then whispered out a question: "Are you sure dear guest? There are others, more worthy of your money than this, so you can just-"

"I want this one." Was Keigo's answer, his eyes never leaving the now unconscious creature that was hanging in the metal chains that bound his hands. "Let him out of there. The money will be transferred to you until tomorrow morning, is it ok?" he watched the man flinching as his father came on the stage too.

Once the elderly man was by his side and gave the creature that was now in Keigo's arms a look he asked: "Are you sure? He might be gone before we get home."

"I know." Keigo said, standing up "But I still need to have him."

"What about them? I don't think they will support this." The man followed his son, both ignoring everything around them and moving out of the auction hall.

Keigo though carefully about his answer, but still didn't waver in his decision. "We'll see. But, I don't think they will be against it, since I will not use him for that purpose." He glanced over his shoulder and at his father, "Unlike you."

After that no words were spoken between them. Neither knew what to say, so they just stared out of the window as the sceneries flashed past the speeding car, light morphing together and turning into colorful blurs of light, together with everything around them.

A/N: This was meant as an oneshot at the beginning. But… Somehow turned out to be a long term story, I think. I don't know… Just, I felt like I need to write this out. Yeah..