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Chapter Ten: It's Cold.

"Where are we now? It doesn't look like Shaia anymore." Sanada asked the short blonde. They had been flying for an hour now, only he, Tezuka and Lan were still awake.

The Rial spy didn't answer right away; she pushed some buttons on the control panel and then checked the masking devices before swirling in her chair to face the teen. "Right now we're still in Shaia, the unpopulated part of to be precise. It's the dead land." She sighed, "The land that Shaians destroyed for the sake of science."

"It wasn't for science. It was for experiments with chemical weapons. For killing." Tezuka corrected her, not taking his eyes away from the map hanging on the metal corpus of the ship.

"Whatever." Lan turned around to face the control panel once again, "All that matters is that it's the dead land, still in Shaia. We're taking the road across the ocean, since the borders between the two nations are heavily guarded."

Sanada wrinkled his forehead and hmm-ed to himself. If his memory was correct then 'that part of the world' was between Rial and Shaia, and the nations went practically around it so… "Why can't we just fly over that part? The boarders aren't guarded there." He asked aloud, turning away from the spy girl and turning his eyes to the map.

His lover, Tezuka, sighed and it almost looked like he rolled his eyes. But he probably didn't, Tezuka never did that. "Genichirou, I expected something like that from Keigo, not you of all people."

"What? It was a normal question." Sanada was confused. It was as simple as that, fly over that part and they're in Rial.

Lan rolled her eyes, even the most stoic men could sometimes ask questions that are considered foolish and stupid, but that's what's so cute of them, supposedly. Still, she felt a pang of pity towards the teen; if he were called to army then he would have died in the first days, surely. "Why do you think no one can get in that territory and yet don't guard the borders with it?" she waited a bit, but since only silence followed she continued, "It's because it's completely sealed. Whenever anyone tried to get into it or fly over it they died, just like that. It's impossible to get in there."

"That's why, we have to go over the ocean. Because of that force field." Tezuka added, pushing up his glasses a bit, "Still, it's dangerous. Won't the trackers notice us?"

"Don't underestimate our masking devices, idiot. We might not be as advanced as your nation, but we can still create machines that can stand of the same ground as the ones in Shaia. Or they would have destroyed us a long time ago, during the Third World war and Unification." The blond spy girl became quiet then, flashes of the pictures that commander had shown her, flashing before her eyes.

Nothing could compare to the massacre that had taken place then. The death and cruelty that a human being showed during the war went beyond anyone's imagination. Those that fought were no longer human; they were monsters, beasts that had finally awakened from their slumber. The pictures that Ryuuzaki showed them at the training centre were a sore reminder that it is surprisingly easy to lose your humanity and all that makes you sane.

Whatever else that Sanada wanted to ask was left unsaid. The only other noise beside the soft hum of the engine was the wind outside the ship.

"FAILURE! You insignificant, utter idiot!" Sakaki banged his fist against the desk. Papers flew off of it, scattering on the floor. "I even thought that you, unlike the rest of those damned fools, could do this, but oh how wrong I was. What can be easier that catching a half-dead mutant and five rich snobs? HUH!"

Kawamura bowed his head low. He knew that failing a mission and thus making the commander angry wasn't a good thing to do. It always came with a price, the price being your life. Just like Number Eight yesterday, today some other protector or even a BCW might put an end to his miserable life. It no longer matter just how many missions he had done perfectly, or fixed the mistakes of others, before this. In this world, all it took was one mistake and you're a dead man.

There was no forgiveness.

Sakaki sighed and ran his hand though his hair. He glared at the BCW before his feet and then tch-ed. Filthy thing. The commander turned around and walked back to his chair, taking some of the documents from the table along the way. "Since you are one of the best," he said sitting down, "I won't dispose of you just yet."

Kawamura tensed at this. Sakaki never gave second chances. Never.

"You get into Rial, get that damned key, get back here and I spare your pathetic little life, got it?" Sakaki leafed through his documents, "Kill the damn brats while you're at it and I might even give you a bonus, or something like that. After all, you want to talk just so badly, don't you?" the last part was said in this sickly sweet tone that made shivers run down Kawamura's spine.

The BCW stared at the commander of Shaia's military unit with wide eyes. Was he serious? It was next to impossible for a BCW, not even talking about a mutant like himself, to get into the enemy territory. No matter what the leaders of Shaia say, that Nation has developed strong security technologies, which include finders for biological weapons like Kawamura and the bunny girl. Getting in there… That would be next to impossible.

"But that's the point you stupid piece of shit." Sakaki laughed, as if he had read Kawamura's mind, "That's your only way of getting forgiveness, trash. Now get lost, I don't want to look at your ugly face anymore." He ordered, returning to his paperwork.

The mutant quickly left the office, before the commander changed his mind, and headed down to the underground workshops. He needs some maintenance since he's been out looking for the damned rich kids and the presumed key all night. He used three bottles of SHY, which was a good thing since he usually went through ten bottles per mission, but still the side effects were there and as painful as always. Now it's either you one takes more SHY or gets a cleaning.

Kawamura stopped in the middle of a small corridor, just before the stairs that led to the underground rooms. There was no way he will be successful in this mission. Even if he managed to get into Rial's territory unnoticed and undiscovered, he will either get lost in the jungles that have taken over most of the territory, or get found out at one of the cities.

A loud bang echoed through the metal rooms when Kawamura's fist connected with the cold metal wall. He gritted his teeth and growled low in his throat, eyes almost glaring holes in the floor beneath his feet. Sakaki was sending him into sure death. He was to die either way; he didn't have the luxury to choose over his own death after all.

If he could, then right now would be the moment when the brunette yells so loudly his lungs start to hurt.

The cat boy awoke from the loud hum of the engine. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking a couple of times to shake the sleep out of them, and yawned, small teardrops sliding down the sides of his face as he did so. Only when he was half way to being fully awake did the child notice the warmth he was embraced in.

He shot up the moment he had noticed this, his whole body alert and fully awake now. The golden eyes took in his surroundings, noticing the three teens that were sleeping next to him first and then the small room he was in. it was nothing like the posh and elegantly decorated room that he had fallen asleep into.


This room was small, cold and bare. If one looked closely, he could see the wounds on the walls, left by those who had been here before. The blanket, that was now only covering Ryoma starting from his waist down, was the only thing that provided some warmth. The two bodies in either side of the boy weren't that close to him to give away some of their warmth, they only took it from the blanket that they were wrapped into.

Ryoma wasn't sure, but he thought that the one on his right was Keigo, so that would make the two on his left Syuusuke and Seiichi. But he couldn't say which was which, so he stayed at that. The other two were missing, or probably at another room, or so Ryoma thought.

He looked around again. He was in another place he didn't know, in a room that reminded him so much of the cage at 'Gardenia', the auction house. Fear slowly took over him. But the sleeping teens were next to him, so maybe.. maybe this wasn't another one of those auction houses or laboratories?

"*Kuģis." The cat boy quietly said to himself after his ears caught the low hum of the engines. He crawled to the edge of the small bed, careful to no leave any of the other three without a blanket, and then placed both of his feet on the cold metal floor. He shivered from the sudden coolness, but soon got used to it. "Tātad, mēs lidojam." He concluded.

He padded over to the door and then looked back once. They were still sleeping. He quietly opened the door and slid out through the small opening that had been made. Once he was in the small hallway, dark and cold, he leaned against the doors and shivered. He was only wearing a slightly over-sized shirt and shorts, the cool air licked against his exposed flesh making goose bumps show up on his skin, making it rough. The blackness around him was eerie and whispered about invisible threats that might come from it, attacking and harming the child.

And then there was a faint murmur of voices, slightly familiar and yet so foreign to the BCW. Ryoma took a few deep breaths and then headed in the direction of the voices. His feet were freezing and every small sound of the ship made him jump and make himself smaller, desperately clinging to the wall for support. Still, he wanted to do this, even if his body hurt and feet were freezing and he was scared.

"…ou mean, can't reach them? You did just fine before we left." The speaker wasn't angry, more like worried. Ryoma knew that this was the one that had played the piano before; he recognized the way the male spoke.

There was a clatter of things, like metal, a lot of it, had fallen down from a high place and landed on the floor. Ryoma covered his ears and sat down in a crouch, his body shivering from the noise. A female voice mutter strings of words that the child didn't understand and then there was the sound of a kick to one of the walls.

"Because before we left Shaia wasn't trying to block signals, now they are." She sighed, "Well, we'll be over waters soon, they can't do anything there." She was tired, Ryoma could tell.

There was a shuffle of feet and an awkward silence; the cat boy watched the shadow play of the humans in the room on the wall in front of him. One was crouching down, picking something up, other was just standing and the woman was pacing around the room. A theatre with no sound and real actors.

"It's cold." The crouching shadow spoke, as if reading Ryoma mind.

A small, quiet laugh and then a sigh, "You can't be picky, not everything always goes as you want it to. This ship for instance. Someone damaged it while I was at your house, so the heater isn't working." The woman had stopped pacing around, "I'll give you blankets."

"Thank you, that would be nice." The piano man thanked her, the shadow bowing its head slightly.

Ryoma whimpered a little and then turned around, his cat ears pressed to his head. He was cold and confused, but he knew that these people won't hurt him, probably. He might be still scared of them, but only because they were so kind towards him. No one had ever been kind to him, understanding and caring. No one until now.

So maybe, he thought as he crawled back into the bed, his feet hurting slightly from the cold, maybe it would be nice to trust someone again. He slid under the blanket again, wrapped it tightly around his body, bringing his legs close to himself. Humans were scary and yet, so was he.

Fuji opened his eyes slightly and smiled to himself; the small cat boy had retuned back to the room.

He was a light sleeper, so when the blankets and the bed shifted slightly as the child next to him was moving around, Fuji woke up. But he didn't show that he was awake already, it would have scared the child, surely. And it was better for the kid to explore a bit and then come back, that way he would have the feeling of safeness, knowing that there was no one around, except for those that he already was slightly familiar with.

And the child came back.

Fuji wrapped his arm around the sleeping bundle of body and blanket and shifted so that Ryoma's head was touching his stomach slightly. It will be warmer this way, both for him and the cat boy.

*Kuģis = a ship. Tātad, mēs lidojam = So we're flying.

A small lesson in Latvian words, yay! So, when I use the word ship (in Latvian of course) the thing I am thinking about it the 'row, row, row your boat' kind of ship, not the flying technical miracle kind of ship. So.. I don't know what I really wanted to say with this, probably the fact that I couldn't think of a more appropriate word, not that you can understand it anyway. I'm sorry for this.

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