Just playing around with other character perspectives. I thought I'd post this even though it's just a little writing exercise. I'm trying to find my writing muse again. Not surprisingly, this is a one shot. ;)

Character's aren't mine.

"Korsak, you seen Janie?" Frankie called out as he walked into the squad room.

"Haven't seen her in while. Last I heard, she was headed down to the morgue."

"You ought to know by now that she's down there if she's not up here or working a case." Frost chuckled from his corner of the office.

"Yeah, I know. I just thought she might actually be working for a change." He plopped down in his sister's chair. "What is she doing down there anyway? I mean, you guys aren't working a case right now, are you?"

"Nope." Korsak shot a quick glance over to Frost who simply shook his head.

"Hey, come on. You two don't think I can see that. What was that all about?"

"If you don't know, we're not about to go there." Frost pushed back from his desk. "There's no way I'm getting in the middle of that." He grabbed his jacket and walked out of the room.

"Korsak, what is he talking about?" Frankie crossed his arms and stared at the detective.

"Well, you know, Jane and Maura… they got a special kind of relationship."

"Yeah, like they're best friends. Everyone knows that."

"Sure, best friends," the older man nodded.

"What are you not telling me about my big sis, Korsak?"

"Look, whatever Jane's got going on, she'll tell when she's ready or if she wants to. Now, that's all I'm saying on it."


"Frankie, what goes one between your sister and Dr. Isles is none of our business."

"What goes on… hey, wait a minute. Are you saying that my sister and Maura Isles are an item?" Frankie leaped out of the chair.

"I didn't say that all. I said that whatever it was, it was none of our business. Jane hasn't said anything and neither has Dr. Isles. I think we should just leave them alone. Jane's been happier since the two of them started hanging out together more. You remember how she was after… well…"

"Yeah, I remember."

"You can't deny that she's better. Do you want to start snooping around and go and mess it all up?"

Frankie sighed. "No, not really." He walked over and leaned against Frosts desk. "But, why wouldn't she tell us if they were… you know? I mean, Ma and Pop don't care as long as she's happy."

"What about you?" Korsak narrowed his eyes.

"Truthfully? I'd be a little bummed. I always wanted to as Maura out, but I get it. I mean, she's hot and smart. What's not to like? If Janie got to her first," he shrugged, "I guess it's my own dumb fault for not moving faster. But, I love my sister. I want her to be happy. Just don't tell her I said that."

"He won't have to." Jane walked across the room to stand in front of the two men. "Why are you two talking about me?"

"I was just asking Korsak where you were."

"And I was telling him you were with Dr. Isles. By 'with' I mean you two were together… in the morgue… um… in the morgue together…"

"We were actually at the coffee shop." Maura said brightly as she handed Korsak a cup of coffee. "We brought a cup back for you. Hello, Frankie. If we'd known you would be here, we would have gotten a cup for you as well."

"Hi, Maura. Thanks, but I should probably get going anyway. See you later." Frankie quickly made his exit.

"Korsak, what's gotten into you? Did Frankie catch you watching kitten home movies again or something?" Jane threw her jacket over the back of her chair as she spun it around to sit down.

"What? Oh… well, you know… I just don't think too good without my first cup of coffee in the morning. Thanks for picking one up for me."

"Of course, but, if you are that addicted to the caffeine, perhaps you should consider cutting down lest you start developing withdrawal symptoms?"

"Thanks, Doc. I'll keep that in mind."