Lights Out: Naruto and Sasuke hated each other in high school. What happens when in college they are roomed together? How about when the power goes out and one is afraid?

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Chapter 1: Home Life

Sasuke Uchiha was packing to go to college. The university that he decided to go to was a mere thirty minutes away, and yet he had decided to live in the dorms. He wasn't the only student to live in the dorms from their town, but just the other students had other reasons. Sasuke did it to get away from his guardian.

When he was eight years old, he had seen his parents die in front of him because of a car crash. He tried calling for help, but no one came and by the time anyone did, it was too late. He and his brother were put into foster care and soon Orochimaru adopted them. Orochimaru was abusive, though when his brother was there he'd protect him. Itachi could only protect him for so long as he was a genius and got through school quickly which meant he went away to college much earlier than he should have.

Sasuke sat on his bed looking down at the floor, his dark hair falling in to his face. He couldn't believe he was finally getting out of the house. 'Don't screw this up, get a job, save money, start renting an apartment when the semester is done and you'll never have to come back to this stupid place,' he thought to himself. He hated leaving the Uchiha manor in such hands, but he refused to come back when Orochimaru was there. The truth was, it was his decision to move out, he may be young, but he was eighteen and that meant he was an adult so Orochimaru couldn't stop him anymore.

He rubbed his arm from where he'd been held too tightly the previous night as he was thrown against the wall. He was sure that his back was covered in bruises, but he didn't dare lift his shirt to look, rather he just made sure that he wore shirts to cover them. He sighed as he thought about it, about how the older man always hurt him, yet was careful enough never to send him to the hospital. Orochimaru loved to punch and leave bruises on him, he loved to throw him against walls, but he would never break a bone or break him enough so that Sasuke would need to go to the hospital. He would always say, "Toughen up, its just a few cuts and bruises," every time Sasuke showed him any weakness.

The dark haired teen shook his head, wanting to stop thinking about it. He went toward his things, pulling out a checklist to make sure that he had everything. 'Clothes, check, some books, check, money, check, journal, check' he thought to himself as he started going through the list to make sure he had everything. 'Nightlight,' he thought as he looked around for it, panicking a little. Ever since the death of his parents, he hadn't been able to sleep without it, which was only amplified when Orochimaru appeared. His nerves calmed when he found it, realizing it was already packed safely. The thought that he may have to go buy a new one was a little embarrassing. 'What will I say to my roommate?' he wondered, knowing it couldn't be the truth. He frowned and started thinking of an excuse.

Once he was packed, he started taking his things down to his car. The parking pass for resident students was already on his window. As he was loading up the car, Orochimaru came down, "Sasuke, you know you could just stay here." He could feel his intense eye on him as he put his things in the car.

"Hn," was his only response. He refused to look him in the eyes; as if he did then Orochimaru may attack.

"Look at me when I talk to you," the older man ordered. His voice gave off a creepy aura that made Sasuke spine shiver, and not in a good way. Sasuke ignored him, but knew it would be okay because there was light and he never hit when there was light and certainly not when they were in public.

"Leave me alone," Sasuke mumbled as he finished packing the last of his things into his car. He hated feeling so weak against the man in front of him, but he couldn't help it since the man had been abusing him more and more since he took him in.

Sasuke had three years until he'd get his trust fund that his parents left for him when they died and then he'd know he's truly free of him. He came from a wealthy business family; the Uchiha Company was taken over by a family friend, Kakashi when his parents died. He tried to also get the boys, but lost because he was single and running a business. However Kakashi kept in contact with Sasuke and Itachi telling both the boys that the business what theirs once school and training was complete. Kakashi took good care of the family business, as well as still gave money to the business school that all the Uchihas went to, as well as making sure each of the boys got a car for their sixteenth birthday. However, not being their guardian, there wasn't much else that he could do. After all, it wasn't as if he and Orochimaru got along.

"You'll be back," Orochimaru said with a glare on his face. Sasuke took one last look at Orochimaru's snake-like yellow eyes. As he watched the older man's dark hair blow in the wind, he knew he didn't want to see him again. Orochimaru stood tall, proud, and looking as scary as ever. Sasuke wouldn't give in though. He knew what he was after; he wanted part of the Uchiha fortune and thought he could break him to get it. The teen knew he also felt good holding power over him, as if he got off on it. "Even if you aren't, you'll still see me again. After all, you see me every time you close your eyes, don't you?" Sasuke wished he could smack that smirk off his face, but instead he just remained silent as he closed his trunk and got into his car. Without looking back, he drove away, hating the feeling Orochimaru's last words brought him.


At ten o'clock Naruto Uzumaki opened his eyes, waking up peacefully. He let out a yawn, stretching and then looked at his clock, at which point he fell out of bed. "Crap," he yelled. He quickly picked himself off the floor as he realized he still needed to pack his things and that he meant to get up a few hours earlier, however he was never and early riser.

"I told you to pack last night," teasing voice from behind him said. He turned a second to glare at his brother, Kyuubi, and then hurried his packing. Packing was more throwing a bunch of things into suitcases in an unorganized fashion. There was no checklist to make sure everything was there. He just figured he'd drive the half an hour to get the things he needed if he forgot anything.

"Shut up Kyuubi, I really don't need to hear any more I told you so, today," he said as he hurried to get packed. The school had it organized so that students could only pick up their room keys by a certain time; otherwise, they'd be on lunch or closed. This meant that if he wanted to get into his room today, he'd have to wait until one or do it before twelve. He really wanted to get out his house, so he hoped to get there before twelve. Today was the first day of people moving in, as they were doing it all week, so hoped some people would wait to move in.

Kyuubi just sat there watching him run around in a panic. He was sure his brother was getting some twisted form of joy out of his pain. However, that was all he could expect from Kyuubi. His brother had chased off every foster parents that they had since their father died. He was too young to remember his father's death and Kyuubi wouldn't talk about. He knew that Kyuubi blamed himself. He knew his mother died while giving birth to him, but his father's death was a mystery. Kyuubi always said, "Don't worry about it" then frowned.

"Kyuubi, can't you just help me pack," Naruto asked as he tried shoving everything in his suitcases.

"Nope, this is more fun," answered Kyuubi as he ate chips as if he were watching television. He laughed at Naruto's attempt and it made Naruto think about why the two of them were called the Uzumaki monsters. He sighed as he thought about how much trouble they got into as kids with little or no supervision. It mellowed out as they got older, but they still sometimes pulled pranks on people.

"You're going to miss me," Naruto smiled. He knew his brother picked on him a lot, but he also knew they stuck together and helped each other. Kyuubi just rolled his eyes. Naruto felt it best not to say anything else. He knew sometimes Kyuubi could have mood swings and he didn't want to provoke one. They may get along sometimes and Kyuubi may not have hurt him but he's hurt people in the past. Naruto had seen what Kyuubi could do to people and he knew it was the main reason people left them alone.

Kyuubi walked over to Naruto as he finished packing. The redhead ruffled Naruto's blonde hair and said, "Good luck in college."

"Thanks," he smiled as he took his things to his car, which he had worked for since he was sixteen. It was nothing special, but it was his baby because it was all his. He had his parking sticker already and knew that all he needed was his room key and he'd be set. He shoved his things into his car. "See you later," he smiled to his brother before getting in his car to go school.

He was excited to get out of his house, to make a new name for himself. He wouldn't be looked at in fear or hatred because he was Naruto, Kyuubi's brother. He would show that he was nothing like his brother.


End Note: Should I continue? As I said, I'm writing with no real outline...This is just the first chapter that gives and background of each of their chapter they will get to college