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Chapter 57: Epilogue

Naruto took a deep breath as he paced back and forth. He was nervous and it was evident, not only because of the pacing, but also because of the expression on his face. Kiba watched as he paced back and forth in the brunette's small apartment that he and Suigetsu had bought a year earlier. He found the blonde's actions amusing, which just frustrated Naruto even more. "I just don't know how to ask," Naruto finally said.

"You know he'll say yes, what's the issue?" Kiba asked as he continued to watch the blonde. He couldn't even believe that Naruto was worried, it seemed evident to him that there was no way Sasuke would say no.

"It's just a big step you know?" Naruto asked. "I know he doesn't like change," he then said hating the anxiety it was causing him.

"Naruto, Suigetsu and I got an apartment, I'm sure Sasuke will get one with you. I mean the guy's in love with you," the brunette said, trying to calm his friend down. "Just grow some balls and ask already," Kiba added as he sat up on his couch.

"Just because Suigetsu agreed doesn't mean that Sasuke will, they're two different people," Naruto said as he stopped his pacing and sat down next to Kiba. He ran a hand through his hair as he leaned back on the couch, trying to calm down.

"Dude, Sasuke is probably wondering why you haven't already asked him. Stop being a moron and ask him already," Kiba said in his own blunt encouragement.

"We're going out for dinner tonight, I planned on asking him then, I just don't know if it's too soon," the blonde said, his frown deepening.

"You've been dating for almost two years, I really don't think it's too soon," Kiba said. "It doesn't hurt to ask, all he can say is no. It's not like asking him to move in will make him break up with you," he pointed out. "And if he does, it's a really stupid reason," the brunette said, wanting the conversation to be over already.

"I know," Naruto said. He hated feeling unsure about something. He didn't really understand how Kiba could be so sure that Sasuke would say yes.

"Besides, he practically lives with you already anyways," Kiba pointed out. It was his last attempt to convince the blonde, if that didn't work then he didn't know what would.

"How do you figure?" the blonde asked. He was confused by Kiba's statement, he knew that he and Sasuke shared a dorm room but that wasn't exactly the same as buying an apartment together.

"You share a dorm room and every break he stays at your house with you," the brunette said, feeling as if he'd made his point.

Naruto's face took on a look of realization. "I guess that's true," he'd never thought about the breaks as them somewhat living together, but it really was. It was currently the end of Summer break and Naruto knew if he were going to ask he should do it soon so that they could inform the school that they didn't need a dorm that year.

"If he can put up with you all semester in the dorm and then go with you when we have breaks, he'd be willing to move in with you," the brunette said as he got up and walked into the nearby kitchen for a soda. "You want one?" he asked before walking back to the living room.

"No thanks," the blonde mumbled. He continued to think over what Kiba had said in silence as Kiba sat back down. "Alright, I'm going to do it," Naruto said finally.

"Thank you," Kiba smiled in relief, he was just happy that the conversation was over. "Now lets watch some TV before you change your mind."


Sasuke and Suigetsu were walking to a store near the light haired man's apartment. Suigetsu was looking for a movie that came out quite a few years ago. He loved the movie so he wanted to buy it because Kiba had never seen it and he was going to make the brunette watch it with him. "What's on your mind?" Suigetsu asked as he looked at his best friend.

"Naruto's been acting weird lately," Sasuke said. He didn't know any other way to describe his boyfriend's recent behavior. He knew it was off, he just couldn't tell what about it was weird.

"Weird how?" the other man asked. He could tell that Sasuke looked confused by his boyfriend's behavior so he hoped that he could help.

"Well, he asked me to go to dinner with him tonight, but it wasn't his normal confident way of acting. He seemed nervous about something and I have no idea what. I mean what could he be nervous about?" the raven asked.

Suigetsu had a feeling that he knew what it was. He and Kiba had moved in together about a year earlier and so he figured that Naruto was finally ready to take that step. He knew Sasuke wanted to ever since he and Kiba had got an apartment, even if he didn't say anything. He didn't mention the idea though; he didn't want to get Sasuke's hopes up. "That is weird," was all Suigetsu said.

"I usually can tell what he's thinking just by the way he acts, but for once I have no idea," he sighed in frustration. The raven hated not knowing what was going on, he hoped whatever the blonde was nervous about would be resolved that night.


Sasuke and Naruto sat in a nice restaurant, they had just finished eating dinner and the waitress was giving them time to see if they wanted a dessert. It wasn't too fancy of a restaurant, but it wasn't fast food either, it was a nice medium. "What's wrong?" Sasuke finally asked.

"What do you mean?" Naruto played coy about the situation. He knew what Sasuke was talking about, he just didn't want to make it seem like anything was wrong. He wanted to be confident when asking not a bundle of nerves.

"Don't give me that, you know exactly what I mean," Sasuke said. He had that look on his face that said, "You better tell me right now."

'Okay Naruto, you can do this. Just ask, the worst he can say is no,' Naruto thought to himself. He was so nervous he felt as if he were proposing. The blonde knew that asking someone to move in with you shouldn't be so difficult. "I've been nervous," Naruto admitted.

"About what?" Sasuke asked, hew as confused as to what the blonde could be nervous about.

The blonde took a few moments to think about how to phrase it. "I just have been fighting in my head if I should ask you to move in with me," Naruto finally said. "I know it's a big step but," Sasuke then cut him off.

"Shut up," he said and that was when Naruto thought that the answer was going to be no. "Is that seriously why you were nervous?" the raven asked, trying to hold back a chuckle as he leaned back in his chair with a small smile on his face.

"Well, yeah," Naruto said, confused by Sasuke's reaction. "I know it's a big step so I wasn't sure if it was too soon," he added, trying to explain his anxiety.

"I practically already live with you, what would make you think that I'd say no?" Sasuke asked. "Hell, I've been waiting for you to ask for the past year," he admitted to the blonde.

Naruto grinned at Sasuke's words. He felt a wave of relief take over his body as Sasuke said yes. "Well, then I guess we should start looking for a nice apartment," he said.

"I guess we should," Sasuke smiled. As with everything they did, it was hardly romantic whatsoever, but it suit them. After a moment Sasuke smirked as he said in a low, almost lustful voice, "Why don't we go back to your place and celebrate."

Naruto grinned once again at Sasuke's words. "Check please," he then said, wanting to get out of the restaurant and to their celebration.

The End.

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