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The Graveyard shift

Maura Isles is the Chief Medical Examiner for the Boston Police Department. Her primary shift is during the day when all the big wigs are there; when they want answers, she needs to be there to give them. So they found it odd, when she requested a temporary change to graveyard shift.

She told them that she felt it pertinent to work all shifts for a stint, to familiarize herself with everyone in the department. Since she pretty much worked with everyone at some point, she said she wanted all of the officers and detectives to be comfortable with her. She couldn't believe it, when the chief agreed to it.

She was ecstatic at this turn of events, little did anyone know that the reason she wanted to be put on the night shift, was there was this detective that she wanted to spend some time with, to get to know. Her name was Jane Rizzoli.

She was the epitome of gorgeousness, she was tall with long wavy hair, and the most stunningly deep chocolate eyes anyone has ever seen. She exudes confidence, poise, and total sexiness and she swaggered in like she owned the place; and when she did, all heads turned to admire her. She heard the guys around the office and even some of the girls talk about this woman and how they would love to gain her attention; the only problem was everyone was in agreement, that she didn't date...anyone...ever, and outside of work she was antisocial, several people had tried, but her answer was always a polite no thank you.

They had only interacted a few times, and it was always over a dead body and the interaction had always been extremely short and Jane always acted like she was in a hurry to leave. The few times she was actually there late enough to run into her, she always seemed to just miss her. Her partner would always say that she had just missed her or she was right her a minute ago; so she never got the pleasure.

On her first official night, she had found out that the brunette's shift was 9-5am, she found that strange because everyone else was 10-6am. When she inquired as to why, no one really could say other than that had always been her shift and she left at exactly 5, even if they were in the middle of a case. She passed it onto her partner and she'd be gone.

She got to the station at the start of Jane's shift hoping to run into her. She saw her heading towards the cafeteria; it was down the long hallway that traveled behind the offices in the back of the precinct. She got about twenty feet behind her when she noticed the brunette walking faster, she called out to her, but apparently she didn't hear her. Jane cleared the doors and turned down the extended hallway; when Maura passed through the doors, she was nowhere to be found. This puzzled her, the hallway had no outs other than the one leading to the cafe at the end of the hall.

She walked hurriedly to the only place Jane could have gone, she knew that was impossible for her to have cleared the hallway that fast. She timed herself to the cafe, it took her 16 seconds to get there; when she did, she was the only in there, she looked for Jane but never found her; it was a virtual ghost town. While she was there, she poured herself a cup of coffee. She had the strangest sensation that she was being watched. She gracefully looked around again, there was an almost ominous feeling in the air and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Looking around one last time, she decided to leave. She had never been in the cafeteria at night, alone; she decided she didn't really care for it and left.

She went back to the bull pen and found Jane's partner, "Hello Barry" She said politely.

"Hi Doc." He smiled.

Maura always liked Detective Frost, he was a very nice man and seemed willing to help anyone out. The only problem was she knew he had a weak stomach around death. Unfortunately, she witnessed it a couple of times.

"I was looking for Detective Rizzoli, have you seen her?" She inquired.

"Yeah, she roaming around here somewhere."

"When she comes back, would you please ask her to come see me, I wanted to officially meet her. We've run into each other several times at crime scenes but never actually met."

"Sure doc." She thanked him and returned to her morgue.


Jane strolled into the pull pen fifteen minutes after she left, she could still smell her. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She smelled the vanilla body spray that hung in the air. She opened her eyes when she heard Frost.

"The doc wants you to go see her." He said not looking up from his computer.

"I'll go down later." She said as she sat down and started pulling up files on her computer.

Tonight was a slow night, they got no calls so they pretty much played solitaire all night.

"I'll be right back." and she was gone.

Ten seconds later, Maura walked in looking for Jane.


Jane had successfully avoided the M.E. for the last two days. Last night she had convinced Frost to ride around the city for lack of anything better to do. Of course, she had only suggested this after her partner had again told her the doc had just come looking for her. She still wanted to meet her.


Tonight was going to test her, even more than she realized. They got a call about a body being found in an alley outside of a nightclub. When she stepped out of the car, she froze; she sensed that the blonde was already here. Frost shoved her forward and told her to stop being a baby, that she had to get this over with, she knew this was coming. He also told her that she could and would be able to handle this.

Frost was the only one that could get away with speaking to her like that, she liked Frost so much that she trusted him with her life and her secrets. Of course, she didn't voluntarily tell him, he accidentally found out but swore it didn't bother him and he would die keeping it, which she then told him, yes he would, if he didn't.

She rounded one of the dumpsters when her eyes set upon the M.E. hunched over the body. Maura had that feeling again that she was being watched and her head turned as far around as she could still holding the body when their eyes met.

"Hello" she said sweetly. "Would you please come here, you might want to see this."

Jane strolled over as Maura never took her eyes off of her. When they were face to face, she did a double take of the brunette's face; her eyes were blacker than the dead of night, not the deep chocolate she remembered. Her gaze was as hard as stone, and Maura could tell she had clinched her jaw. She also noticed that when she spoke to her directly, the responses were short and to the point. Frost was the one who actually answered her questions.

Jane looked at the body without touching it, when she saw the blunt rectangular impression in the victim's forehead, she said to her partner "Frost, were looking for a two by four" as she stood up and walked over to where he was standing.

"Like this" he pulled up the object that was barely hidden behind the other dumpster.

"Frost, were looking for an idiot." She said as serious as she could be.

Maura giggled quietly to herself, but not quiet enough. Jane turned around when she heard her and just stared at her. Maura was puzzled at why she was staring to intently at her. There was no way she could have possibly heard her.

She noticed that the detective kept her distance from everyone, she was in her own world gathering evidence, bagging and tagging it.

There were still processing the scene and getting the body into the van when Maura heard a distinct beep. She looked around and saw where it was coming from. It was the detective's watch, she observed the tall one as she strutted over to Frost, said something to him, then turned around and walked away.

Maura thought something might be wrong, so she followed her, she got within thirty feet of her as she called out her name as Jane disappeared around the corner. She ran to catch up with her, only to find no trace of her, once she cleared the corner.

"OK, this is becoming weird." She thought to herself as she looked at her watch, it was 5 o'clock in the morning.

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