A/N: This is my new story and basically I've read a lot about series 6- rumours, news, spoilers, teasers and such so in each chapter I've written a teaser in the title and formed a story using several of them. This is purely based on the teaser titles and my own imagination, no corfimation of any of the events in the story are true but the teasers are authentic! (Any teasers mentioned in the contents of the story are also in bold.) Enjoy...

'Some Lies Are Just Too Much For The Psychic Paper...'

The Doctor, in the TARDIS, alone- and he's bored out of his mind! He's just recently dropped Amy and Rory off on their honeymoon and now he has nothing to do.

He started to pace the control room of the empty TARDIS flipping the odd switch here and there and stopping every now and again. His mind started to wonder away, to a point of no return- to River Song.

So many questions that he needed answered about her- who is she? How does she know him? Are just a few to start off...

He kept looking around the room for someone but then he remembered that he was the only one there and that made his hearts fall. Maybe if he went to find River, he could get her to come along with him somewhere and keep him company, she seemed good at that and keeping him on his feet.

But that was all compromised when the Doctor felt an energy surge and a warm spot in his tweed pocket. He rolled his eyes, probably nothing important or just someone trying to annoy him... His hand rummaged around until he picked up the brown leather wallet that had the Psychic Paper inside. He opened it up confused and read what was being written.

'Zero Point, URGENT!'

He had no idea what the message meant or who it was from. He read it again, then realised what Zero Point meant. Zero Point is the most mysterious place in the universe, those who go there never return...

Many unusual things happen at Zero Point and they change for every new soul who enters. It is referred to as 'The Zero Point' as many give up hope on those who enter the cloud of no return, the bizarre energy that lingers around Zero Point creates an unusual feeling for the soul and lures them into the unknown...

It is located at the co-ordinates 000-0000-000 in the universe and it is a cloud of dust that shrouds a planet of some sort with a bizarre energy pulse. The darkest corner of the universe where few fear to tread, it seems practical to place it there.

The Doctor was unsure whether this was a joke, or trick or... real. He never expected someone to tell him to go to 'The Zero Point.' It's a death-trap, he knows it and he's smart enough to stay away from it. So, that's where things got interesting...

'The Bones of the TARDIS lye in Zero Point...'

Whoever sent the notes sure knew how to irritate someone. 'The bones of the TARDIS? Ha!' he thought in disbelief. The Doctor just placed the Psychic Paper back in his pocket when all of a sudden, the TARDIS started to rumble and quake. He was thrown off the seat he was on and hurtled to the floor.

'Time-Lord hither the call, come to Zero Point for the Song plays louder in your soul.'

The third note said. This one was more of a riddle, a confusing riddle that really got the Doctor curious and annoyed.

He tried to stabilize the TARDIS when he received one last note and this time it was in different writing:

'Silence Will Fall!'

The Silence? They have been following the Doctor around for some time now and he still had no idea who or what they are. As he read the note, he heard a bizarre hissing noise through the rumbling of the TARDIS, it only hissed when he read the note for no longer after.

This had him, he had to go to Zero Point and find out what the Silence is, who kept sending him the notes and solve the mystery of 'the point of zero return.'