'The Only Water In The Forest Is The River'

The Doctor ran down the ditch and came to a halt in front of a stream of some sort and lying motionless in the very shallow water was River. The liquid was only a couple of inches deep and it only just covered parts of River's legs and her curly hair floated on top of it. He knelt down beside her and lifted her head in his hands.

"River, speak to me... River I know you're stronger than this!" he whispered into her lush golden curls. "Please be ok..."

'Let the River's Song be sung, so the curse can be undone.'

There was a voice whispering to him in riddles. His dark eyes scanned the area for anything, anyone that could help.

Now it was personal, they had River and they done something to her, this was too far.

The Doctor thought for a moment about the message, that tune he kept hearing throughout the whole time he was there must have some significance. River being there too, there must be a reason for that after all she was taken on purpose. The song was the song of plea, help and hope for all of those lost souls and he finally understood why it was calling out to him.

"Ah-ha!" The Doctor beamed as he was struck by an idea. "If I keep hearing that song, and it's supposed to be heard here then what better way to play it than to share it with River? The hope in these spirits needs the song to save them and River is the beacon."

He pulled her closer to him and pressed her forehead to his. He concentrated hard, the song played in his mind and he linked to River's so she could hear the song. Tears started to roll down his cheeks as he hoped, no prayed that it would work and save River. If he hadn't found her then in a matter of time she would be a lost soul like all of the rest that hadn't been saved.

The clear blue liquid that surrounded River started to glow as the song had reached her, many familiar faces were mingled in with the liquid, and they were the faces of those lost souls at Zero Point. The song was rippling the water-like substance in the stream as it grew louder, like it was connecting to River's mind that was connected to the Doctor's.

The blue liquid slowly rose from the ground and started to float around a few inches in the air around the Doctor and River surrounding them in a stream of cerulean. As the liquid flowed around in the air the Doctor opened his watery eyes and saw all of the faces, still saddened and lost.

"It needs to be stronger." He pondered as his voice trembled.

He thought deeply, his mind going a hundred miles a second until an idea formed, an idea that needed to boost all of the positive energy or Light-Eco's power so it can drain the Dark-Eco fire. That idea which could save the world is a kiss, a kiss filled with love, passion and meaning from the Doctor to River Song has more positive energy than anything else in the universe.

The Doctor pressed his lips to River's and he kissed her passionately and lovingly. As their lips caressed against each other, the music played louder and the water-like liquid rose and expanded. The faces in the liquid were now full of hope as they flew out across the forest and put out the fire almost like water.

There was a cloud of grey-purple smoke that erupted from the Dark-Eco fire as it was extinguished. The smoke engulfed the air and impaired any sight of anything else, it lingered for a few moments then started to clear and the surrounding area had changed.

Now, there were fewer trees with no Haemo-Goths roaming around, and the river was an actual river of water instead of souls. The souls that were the river rose out of Zero Point and roamed out into space back to where they belonged.

Meanwhile, the Doctor continued kissing River until for a split second he could swear he felt a response. He pulled away and looked at her still lying in his arms. "River..." he whispered. His hands stroked her cheek then he leaned into her again and kissed her to see if he could get another response and he did but, this time it was more energetic.

He felt a pair of hands wrap around his neck to keep the kiss going as a tongue licked his bottom lip before entering his mouth. Both of his hearts skipped a beat as he knew she was better, full of life again.

He pulled away from the kiss and saw her bright twinkling emerald eyes gazing at him again. Those eyes, he missed so much as he longed to be hypnotised by them again.

"Welcome back." He smiled down at her.

"What'd I miss?" she asked with a laugh.

"You, River, just saved the universe."


"By being amazing..."

He stroked her cheek with his hand and rose to his feet pulling her up with him. Around them seemed quiet, peaceful and less sinister. The energy source seeping through had disappeared and it felt like any other planet.

"Let's go home..." the Doctor said holding River's hand as he guided her to the actual TARDIS, he knew the illusions had faded once the Light-Eco had spread. "...And never return." He mumbled as he and River stepped into the TARDIS. He took one last look around the enigma that is Zero Point.

Had the Doctor solved the mystery of Zero Point? Not even he knows the only way he can find out is to wait and see...

A/N: End! I'm not sure if it's the best ending but, the Christmas special did ruin my initial ending and I just wanted to change it anyway so now it's a chapter shorter and I was just making this ending up as I went along, and to be honest it's better than what I thought it would be and I hope you enjoyed it!