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Now or Forever.

Chapter I.

Off On The Wrong Foot.

A woman stood by herself in a busy tavern.

Her green eyes that were staring at nothing in particular, were glazed over as she thought of things that were long gone in her life.

She thought of her fiancé, Erik, who loved her dearly. She thought about what he said about their future. She thought about all the time they spent together.

She smiled slightly.

However, it soon fell off her face when she thought about when one of his crew told her that he wouldn't be back. That, on their journey they were attacked by pirates. He said that Erik fought brave and strong, but he was no match for a cunning pirate who pulled out his pistol and shot him.

A single tear slowly fell down her cheek.

What was she supposed to do without him? She had lived with him in the house that he had bought for her, and now that he was dead, she had no right to stay in it. According to his family anyway, who didn't like her. They didn't want her in a house that their money had spent.

They didn't approve of her, she wasn't in the right class, but Erik didn't care. He loved her, and that was enough for Grace.

Yet after his death, she made her way through life; she went to Tortuga, the only free dock in the Caribbean. She tried to get a good job but she only found one ... selling herself.

She wouldn't do it, she told herself she wouldn't do it, but she needed to. With no money, no food, and no life.

Suddenly, she was knocked sideways but she managed to regain her balance before she fell on the ground. She tucked a lock of her wavy black hair behind her ear, and smoothed out her dress.

Then, a man came up from behind her.

'Free right now, love?'

He was going bald, and only wearing a shirt and a pair of breeches.

She knew that she should really say yes, as she hadn't made enough money already, but she shook her head. She really couldn't be bothered, so she lied. 'Sorry, I am waiting on someone.'

The grin fell off his face. 'Oh well, maybe some other time, eh?'

He started to grin again, and before he left he slapped Grace's backside. She yelped loudly, and she heard him laugh as he went to find another whore.

She turned back to the front, and saw one of her friend walk up to her. Another smile spread onto her lips, and she extended her arms, once her friend was in front of her.

'Grace, how are you, babe?' The blonde woman asked, wrapping her arms around Grace.

'Ellen,' she greeted. 'I'm fine, what about you?' Grace asked as she released her.

'Oh, you know the normal, but I am getting pestered by this man, so I think I'm going to turn in and go to sleep. If you want I'll take your money and put it in your room?' She asked, and Grace smiled in agreement.

She reached into her chest and brought out her purse. She proceeded to open it, and bring out the money she had earned, pressing it into Ellen's palm.

Ellen looked at it. 'Is this all you've made?'

'Yes, I've been a little distracted. I'll see if I can pull a couple more, then I'll turn in as well.' She answered, her body crawling at that statement.

She pulled Ellen back into a hug, one to say goodbye, and when she released her, she turned and walked away.

'Poor girl, she doesn't deserve this kind of life.' Ellen muttered, shaking her head as she left the tavern and went back to her room.

Grace began scouting the room for someone who would want her company, but she didn't think it would be hard; the men in Tortuga were uncaring savages. She had made herself a rule; she would never go looking for a client, they would come to her, she wasn't going to be that kind of girl. But sometimes, she had to be that kind of girl.

She was walking through the crowd when someone bumped into her and sent her to the ground.

'Sorry, love.' A husky voice said, causing her to look up. The man who had spoke had tanned skin and black dreadlocks.

'Maybe you should slow down and look where you are going!' She exclaimed back to him; he had extended his hand to help her up but she rejected it, and got up by herself. She faced the man who had a grin on his face.

This pushed her over edge, he was laughing at her misfortune, that was the last thing she wanted.

'If you'll excuse me, I have a job to do.' She said sternly and went to pass him, but he grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him again.

'Wait there, what kind of job?'

'What the hell do you think? Isn't it obvious? I am a woman in Tortuga.' She spat at him, pulling her arm out from his grasp. 'Now if you will excuse me this time, I want to go back to my room.'

'I thought you had a job to do?' He asked his grin widening.

'Yes, well I am not sure I am in the mood anymore, you just put me off.' She snapped back and when his face fell, it was her turn to grin.'Bet you've never heard that before, have you mister?'

'Captain Jack Sparrow, actually.' He answered, and she laughed.

'Is that supposed to make a difference, Captain? I bet you've never heard that before, but your little "captain" title isn't going to make a difference to me, so give up.' She hissed, as she yanked her hand free from his grasp.

The captain's face fell even further; he had never met a woman who had denied him what he wanted.

Grace stalked away from Jack, and was at the door when she was blocked by a figure. As she looked up, she noticed it was the same man who had asked her for her company earlier.

She gulped.

'Ye've no left this place, the person ye were waiting on never turned up, did he? Or was there even someone?' He asked, and from the tone in his voice, Grace knew just how angry he was. Just to confirm this, his hand reached out and wrapped itself around her neck.

Grace had a plan, but before she could put it into action, something stopped her. A voice.

'Is there a problem mate?' It asked, and Grace closed her eyes wishing it wasn't him, but when she opened them again, Jack was standing next to her.

She closed her eyes again, and sighed.

'Well?' Jack questioned again,

'What is it to ye?' The drunk asked.

Jack grinned again and said, 'I just don't think it's nice to lay hands on a lady.'

He then grabbed the man's hand, and managed to pull it off of Grace's neck. Once she was free of his hand, she gasped to get air into her.

Her eyes widened as she looked at Jack. First impressions could definitely be wrong; she didn't think he looked strong, yet he was.

The drunk man looked dismayed, but decided it was better not to argue. He then stumbled off, giving up on Grace.

'Are you okay?' Jack asked Grace, but she just glared at him. '

What?' He asked when he noticed her look.

'Was there a need to do that? Did I ask for your help?'

When he didn't answer she continued.

'No, I didn't! So excuse me!' She stalked away and he followed after her.

She walked all the way to the brothel where she stayed, knowing that Jack was following her. Yet, she didn't look back, not once. Just as she opened the door, she felt something grab her arm.

She turned back to Jack with a sharp turn.

'Why don't you like getting help?' He asked, not going to let her go without getting an answer.

She wanted to tell him where to go, yet as soon as she met his eyes, she couldn't. She didn't know why, but there was something there that made her tell him everything.

'I had a fiancé. I was so dependant on him, but when he died, I didn't know how to look after myself! I was kicked out of my home, and the only place I had to go was here ... Tortuga. I've only just got my independence back, and I don't want to get rid of it! So I don't accept any help. From anyone!'

'I'm sorry about that love.' Jack spoke softly.

'It's not like it is your fault.' Grace answered in the same tone, turning back to the door and pulling her wrist from her grasp. She opened the front door to the brothel, and walked in and up the stairs to her room.

She closed the door behind her and sighed.

He was the first person that she had told the truth to that she didn't know that well. She didn't know whether that was good or bad, but she would probably soon find out.

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