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The ship pitched and rolled gently on the water. The waves lapping against the black hull of the majestic ship. A woman stood on the deck, both hands resting on the railing as she looked out towards the sea. She grimaced with pain for a second, as she took a deep breath in. She placed a hand on her swollen stomach, soothing the spot the baby had just kicked.

'You be quiet in there.' She chided lightly, as she looked down to her stomach and smiled widely.

After rubbing the soreness away, she looked back up, looking out at the sea. It was completely calm; the colour being the lightest blue Grace had ever seen. She honestly thought the sea was on their side. It was completely calm when they needed it to be; when she was a few days until her due date. She seriously didn't want to give birth to her babe during a storm - like what Jack's mother had to do.

So, yes, maybe the sea was on their side.

Grace was too busy inside her own head, that she didn't hear the footsteps that came from behind her. She jumped when two hands came around her and rested on top of her stomach. She relaxed though, when she looked down and saw the hands were tanned and adorned with rings.

'You need to stop giving me frights… it'll only end in disaster.' She whispered, as she leaned back against his chest.

Jack placed a featherlight kiss just under ear, before he stepped away from her and leaned against the railing, his body still facing her.

'Shouldn't you be in bed?' He asked, grinning at her.

She turned away from the railing and the hypnotising water, and turned towards him. 'It was far too warm. I couldn't sleep. It was suffocating.' She smiled widely at him, her hand coming to stroke her stomach again. 'And besides, she wouldn't stay still. She's always moving. I think she's just like her father that way, though.'

At her teasing, his grin widened and he took a step closer towards her.

'"She"? What makes you so certain it's a her?'

'Just a feeling.' She shrugged, her eyes turning away from him and looking around the deck. It was then she noticed Ellen and Erik, sitting on a barrel next to each other, talking away.

'They look cosy? Don't they?' She nodded over to them, and Jack, after raising his eyebrow, followed her eye line.

'He's supposed to be securing the rigging! What's he doing?' Jack snapped, taking a step to go over to them.

Grace reached her hand out and grabbed his arm before he could pass her. 'Don't break them apart just because he's supposed to be securing the rigging, Jack.'

She pushed him back and turned back to watch her friends again.

'I think it's clear they just want to get back to their little house in England, and live their married life.' She grinned, her hand stroking down her belly unconsciously. 'But once again, she's too stubborn and won't let them leave.'

'They're the idiots that won't leave until the babe's born.' Jack hissed back. It wasn't that he didn't like having Ellen and Erik around, it was just, he thought he had gotten rid of them when they got married. They had asked to be dropped off in England again, and had bought a house together and were living there… until Grace fell pregnant, went and told Ellen, who didn't want to leave her until the baby was born, meaning she had to come with her. And Erik - being the ridiculous whelp that he was - had to come with her.

'Don't be so cynical, Jack. They just want to see their godchild.' She smiled, as she looked away from her friends and looked back down to the hand that was still stroking away on her stomach.

Jack just hummed in response, before he cleared his throat and turned back back to Grace, his face more serious than before. 'Now, you get back to bed.'

'But -'

'But nothing,' Jack cut her off, before turning her around and giving her a soft push towards the cabin. Grace sighed, but said nothing as she allowed him to steer her back to the cabin, and back to her bed.

A few days later.

Loud screaming filled the cabin.

'Grace, you have to push!' Gibbs ordered, looking up at her red, sweat-covered face.

'I can't.' She replied, her voice barely a whisper. 'Where's Jack? I need,' she gulped, 'I need Jack.'

Her head flopped back against the pillow as more tears rolled down her face. She just wanted Jack. He had left as soon as she had went into labour. Saying something like he shouldn't be there. She couldn't quite remember; she was too busy gasping in pain.

'I'll get her lovely.' Ellen replied, moving from her place at her side and walking over to the cabin door. She opened it and stormed out, moving straight towards Jack who was standing at the railing, watching the peaceful water.

'Get in there and help her.' She hissed as soon as she was close enough.

He opened his mouth to reply, but Ellen cut him off. 'I don't want to hear it! She needs you, Jack! Stop being a selfish bastard and get in the cabin!'

She grabbed his arm, and started to pull him towards the cabin. As soon as he was inside, he went straight to Grace's side, brushing her hair that was plastered to her forehead away.

'Right, Grace, you need to push! One more push and that's it.' Gibbs encouraged, and Grace turned to meet Jack's chocolate brown eyes. She searched for his hand and when she found it, she gave it a tight squeeze and smiled at him, before the pain overcame her again and she turned away from him, letting out another loud scream.

Another kind of cry filled the room as Grace's died down. Everyone turned their head to Gibbs, who was cleaning the baby in the tub that had been filled just for this occasion. He then wrapped a blanket around the babe, and turned back to Jack and Grace, 'It's a little girl.'

He walked over and placed her into Grace's arms with a wide smile.

'What're you calling her?' Ellen asked, looking at the baby with awe.

'I don't know. I haven't really thought of girl names.' Jack replied, and Grace chuckled.

'I was thinking… about Deborah. Deborah Sparrow. Don't you think it goes nice?'

'It does.' Ellen nodded, before she signalled to Gibbs and they both left the cabin, leaving Jack and Grace alone with their little baby, Deborah.

'The adventures of Captain Deborah Sparrow, it sounds promising, doesn't it, darling?' Jack asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and looking down at the peaceful face of his baby girl.

'It certainly does, Jack.' Grace replied, her voice a mere whisper, as a tear of happiness trailed down her cheek.

Jack leaned down and kissed it away, before he moved a pressed his lips to hers.

'She's going to be one spoiled little lady.' Grace smiled as she tucked the covers around Deborah.

''Course she is. She's my daughter, she deserves the world.'

'You'd give her the horizon, wouldn't you?'

'Of course. If she wanted the horizon, I would bring it to her.' He replied, as her reached out and stroked a thumb across Deborah's cheek.

'And what if I wanted the horizon? Would you bring it to me?' She joked, as she turned away from the mesmerising sight of her daughter, and turned to the equal mesmerising sight of her love.

'You know I would, darling.' He grinned back, leaning down and capturing her lips in a passionate kiss that spoke volumes of how much he would do for her.

The End.

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