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"Merlin, he told you not to go after him." Gaius repeated for the hundredth time.

"Since when did I start listening to what he said?" Merlin replied and stuffed further clothing into his tiny bag.

"Arthur can handle a hunting trip, he is the Prince after all."

"He's a prat and has been gone for too long. He was meant to be gone for only a few days, it's been a week. I won't just sit here and pretend everything is okay."

"You don't even know where he went Merlin, think about this before you go galloping after him and get lost yourself. It would be highly embarrassing if he turned up tomorrow and I had to tell him you just went in search of him."

"Then pretend you didn't see me leaving." He was heading for the door now and a hand grabbed his wrist to stop his movements.

"Wait a few more days Merlin, he could come back."

"He could be dead in a few more days. What if Morgana has done something? I would never forgive myself if anything happened to him because I didn't go with him."

"You were ill, you still are! I don't even know how you're up and about, you should be in bed with a fever."

"My health doesn't matter. I'll return when I find him."


He had one more stop to make before he left in search of his prat of a Prince. Morgana's room.

Merlin found her sat at the window, casually running a brush through her hair and gazing out across the grounds. There was a small smile on her face that had appeared constantly when she had something planned, at first he hadn't noticed it, now it was as clear as day.

She had the appearance of a woman who would do anything for Camelot. Morgana knew exactly when to smile and how to get Uther to do anything she wanted with the flick of a hand, if Merlin hadn't confirmed it for himself, he would have believed the King under a spell. How could someone so powerful be so blind at the same time?


"What do you want?" Her piercing green eyes stared at him with hatred and Merlin shivered inwardly, finding it hard to believe they were ever friends. Those days were long gone.

"I want to know if you can help me. Arthur has been gone too long and I intend to find him, any ideas where he could be?"

"Why on earth would I know?"

"You may have the King fooled Morgana but you know as well as I that things have changed. You no longer wish to see Arthur become King and I'm betting the only way that happens is if he isn't around. Ergo you might know why he hasn't returned home from a simple hunting trip."

"How could I do anything? I've been here the entire time."

"That somehow doesn't convince me of your innocence. I'll be back with the Prince in a few days."

"Such confidence in yourself Merlin. If the Prince hasn't returned what makes you think you will?"

"Because, my lady, it is my destiny to see him become the greatest King Camelot has ever known and I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens."

"Then you better hurry before you're too late," she said smugly and took her seat once more. His presence now ignored.

"Oh and Morgana," she looked over at him briefly. "If he's dead and I find out you're responsible, I won't be held accountable for my actions."

"Is that a treat?"

"No. It's a promise." With that hanging between them, Merlin left Morgana sat there with her mouth slightly parted, shock written across her face that what she thought was a mere servant had threatened her.


Arthur looked around at the bars surrounding him, many times he'd attempted to break one and had failed. He was sat on a small bed that had been set up for him and a tiny window at the top of his cell allowed light to spill into the room, not that it was much comfort. It didn't stop the dampness he constantly felt and the silence that haunted him at night. There was a single sound not made by him.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been trapped in here or why. Every morning and every evening some masked person brought him a plate filled with food, enough to feed three people and Arthur often found he became suspicious they'd put something in it. However after a few days he'd taken the risk as hunger emerged and luckily found the food to be fine.

There was no word on what had happened to his men. One moment they had been crouched in the bushes, staring at a doe that was eating silently in the field in front. The next moment a band of men had attacked, with no warning and little weapons to fight, his men stood barely any chance. Arthur had been knocked unconscious from behind before the fight had truly begun and had woken up here.

Nothing had happened since.

He'd attempted to question the person who brought him food but they simply ignored him, finding him not to be a threat. Even when Arthur told them who he was. Then again he suspected they knew exactly who he was.

The only thing that troubled him at the moment was the fact the usual luck he had on his side when he was attacked hadn't been there. No branches had fallen on the attackers, they hadn't dropped their swords claiming the metal burned, not a single bandit had tripped over nothing and instead his men had been the ones falling.

Arthur could only think of one difference and it made no sense. Every time this person had ended up lying on the floor or hiding behind a tree, a fearful look across his face. Yet the one time he hadn't been there everything had all gone wrong.

"Merlin …" he muttered and put a hand to the scarf around his neck. Merlin had told him to take it for luck since he had been too sick to come. He had even appeared saddened at the thought of not going with Arthur and Arthur had simply told him a scarf couldn't bring him luck. He had been right of course. Arthur only wore the scarf now to keep his neck warm. The only thing it was good for was reminding him how much he wanted to see that goofy smile Merlin often did and that if he were here Arthur wouldn't feel so alone.


"Where are you going Merlin?" A feminine voice came from behind his horse and Merlin turned in the saddle to see Gwen gazing up at him with her big brown eyes.

"Nowhere really," he lied. "Thought I'd visit home since Arthur isn't around to boss me around."

"Oh … I thought, well it doesn't matter."

"You thought what Gwen?"

"I thought you might be going in search of Arthur."

"As if, that prat can look after himself, he doesn't need me to look after him."

"I think he needs you more than you think. Aren't you worried about him?"

"If I worried about him every time something happened, I'd never have any time to for my own thoughts. I'll be back soon, stay safe."

With that Merlin rode out of the square and his horse galloped across the bridge. Taking him from Camelot and his home. Determination written across his face.

Unknown to his mentor he'd already cast a spell to locate Arthur. There had been a reason Merlin insisted Arthur took the scarf with him, even if it was simply in his bag and now it had come in use. Merlin could now use that scarf to find the Prince without having to search for days.

What he expected to find he didn't know. All he did know was that he would get Arthur back no matter what. Morgana may believe she had power in the kingdom but she had no idea who she was dealing with. When she threatened Arthur she threatened him and Merlin wasn't feared by name for no reason. He could kill with a single spell and if she crossed the line when hurting Arthur, there would be nothing to stop Merlin from keeping his promise to her.